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Vince Thomas

Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation, Palani, Tamil Nadu.

Vince Thomas is a well-known Social Activist and the Chairman of the Ayngaran Foundation in Palani, Dindigul District in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Early Life and Education:

On March 19th, 1981, Vince Thomas was born to Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Rosily in the  Chullimada village in Palakkad district of Kerala, and Vince Thomas completed his schooling and higher studies in Palakkad.

Professional Life:

After completing his education, he worked for a private firm with a modest salary and engaged in modest activities. In the year 2020, after a lengthy period of trial and error, I joined the Ayngaran Foundation in accordance with the Foundation Registration Act.

Personal Life:

 Vince Thomas has been truly fortunate to have a loving and wonderful life partner named Vimala Vince Thomas, as well as a daughter named Marin Vince Thomas and a son named Melvin Vince Thomas. Family is often considered one of life’s greatest blessings, and it’s heartwarming to hear that Vince has such a supportive and caring family around him.

About the Chairman:

Ayngaran Foundation is much more than a standard foundation. It is his method of showing appreciation to society for the love and respect it has lavished upon him. He has always considered it his responsibility to give back to society. During the process of setting up the foundation, he met a lot of people who shared his idea of a perfect society and wanted to make real, positive changes.

Ayngaran Foundation:

The Ayngaran Foundation is a non-profit group that was started by Sasi Krishnasamy on September 14, 2020.  The location of the foundation is Palani. It focuses on meditation, education, and research in order to provide claws to families. It includes individuals from the United Kingdom and the United States. On September 14, 2020, the Ayngaran Foundation was registered with the Indian government.

The Ayngaran foundation is situated among Coimbatore’s beautiful greenery. Sasi Krishnasamy, who started the organisation, had worked for other non-profits before he decided to start his own. Therefore, he began this on September 14, 2020.

Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page

However, the foundation was devastated by the COVID epidemic. Thus, the foundation’s functionality was compromised. However, on September 14, 2020, the government gave its permission. The foundation has branches and donors in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Primary Motto: 

Through its services, the charity seeks to propagate Hindu beliefs and good deeds. Its educational programmes enable individuals to learn about and act on spiritual principles and values that are essential to the development of a stable, interconnected global society. So, they decided to feed people who were hungry and help needy low-income families get food. As a result, the enchanting team decided to develop Akshaya Dharma, which has been It supplies groceries, daily meals, and medication to around 10,000 individuals in Tamil Nadu and Kerala each month.

Ayngaran Foundation Aspirations:

Ayngaran collaborates with retreat facilities and worldwide organisations to educate individuals on spirituality and religion. It works with public schools, meditation centers at universities and colleges, and camps that teach people how to be more mindful to bring cognition into education. It trains teachers, psychologists, and social workers in more than 60 countries, and more than a million teenagers around the world are affected by it.


Meditation: fMRI scanners and other brain monitoring technologies have made it possible to measure the benefits of meditation that have been known for a long time. Previously skeptic individuals are now ready to try meditation for themselves.

Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page

It is beneficial to one’s health. More and more doctors and scientists think that meditation is good for the body, especially when it comes to reducing stress and relaxing.

Education: Education is necessary for children’s ability to sustain a stable life. This organisation provides educational resources at the basic level to underprivileged children. Our goal is to make sure that students can always get to the important study tools they need.

Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page

Agriculture: 70% of India’s rural population still depends on agriculture for subsistence. Since so many people work in agriculture, it is important to encourage and support new ideas in the field. Ayngaran is trying to do precisely this. Since agriculture is important to more than half of India’s population, this new NGO wants to work with universities to make big changes in the agricultural sector. This industry’s expansion encourages not just a stronger economy but also a healthier society.

Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page

Donation: Child poverty refers to the condition of children living in poverty. This article is about children from low-income families or orphans who go to school with little or no help from the government. Children who live in countries where the minimum standard of living is not met are thought to be poor.

Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page

Hinduism: Our mission is to propagate Hinduism’s goodness via love, faith, and service. People have questions regarding Hinduism. Hindus worship Bhagwan Ram, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, and other deities at temples. The quality for bogus text in the Tor business has never been greater.

Veda Bodhivanam:

  • At Palani, they have created the Veda Bodhivanam meditation centre. Additionally, the foundation encourages individuals to volunteer and donate if they feel they can assist in bettering society. The Vedas are the roots of Hinduism. It is believed that by following the Vedic precepts, we might earn the blessing of God for our personal and the world’s well-being. The mantras of the Vedas should thus serve as daily instruction for Hindus.

Services performed through the Ayngaran Foundation:

  • The foundation has conducted blood donation camps. It also plans to donate cows to families that are in need.
  • During pandemics, volunteer organisations assist persons in need with food packets, medication, and groceries. While we sit in the luxury of our houses, surrounded by conveniences, there are others living on the streets, in slums, and in other parts of the city who lack access to food and water. Daily wage earners are particularly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak because they cannot afford nutritious meals. Still, some good Samaritans are distributing free food, medication, and other supplies to the impoverished and homeless on the streets of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • In large cities like as Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Palani, Trichy, Madurai, Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Palakkad, and Thrissur, the poor and day laborers get free meal packages and commodities.
  • Ayngaran Akshaya Dharma has assisted low-income and vulnerable individuals in more than 20 settlements in Greater Tamilnadu, where there are over 1,500 households. In the Greater Tamilnadu Districts, we provide daily or weekly minimum wage workers with essential food products. A month’s supply of groceries for a family of five.
  • They provide assistance in two different ways. The distribution of food grain packets including rice, oil, dal, atta (flour), soap, sugar, and cookies is one approach. The second method is to provide the homeless with prepared, healthful, and hygienic cooked meals and fruit.
  • As the COVID-19 issue persists, the Indian government has taken drastic measures to combat it by ordering the whole nation to be quarantined. In this time of need, the Ayngaran Foundation has provided food to tens of thousands of individuals around the state. They do this by collaborating closely with state and district administrations. As of today, they have assisted over 50,000 people in need.

Ayngaran Foundation, a Registered Spiritual Non-Profit established in the Divine & Serene Town of Palani, TamilNadu, is devoted to the development of a new and better way of life for everyone in the earth, based on the fulfilment of the divine purpose for mankind. Its educational activities promote awareness and application of the spiritual concepts and values necessary for the development of a stable and interconnected global society. Mr. Sasi Krishnasamy, the organization’s founder, and Mr. Vince Thomas, its chairman, manage the Ayngaran Foundation.

While Ayngaran has undertaken several comprehensive endeavours, the Veda Bodhivanam is its crowning achievement. Under this initiative, Ayngaran intends to construct meditation centres where individuals would be instructed in Hinduism and meditation for cognitive development. Additionally, the project offers other opportunities, such as Dana (donations), which will be used in project development (development of meditation centres, volunteer work during retreats and in construction, taking part in retreats, using skills in web page development, architecture, construction).

The initiative is accessible to anyone from all around the globe. Volunteers will help participants with visas, accommodations, and other necessities. The programme will be transparent from beginning to finish, ensuring that contributors are investing in excellent causes. Donations may be made anonymously or in person, and donors’ names will be put on a special list after the conclusion of this initiative.

Address: Ayithamattam, Chullimada, Pudussery Central, District: Palakkad, State: Kerala, Pincode: 678621.
Mobile: 86988 46666


Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page

Personal Information
Full Name Vince Thomas
Date of Birth 19-03-1981
Birth Place Palakkad
Qualification Undergraduation
Nationality Indian
Father Name Mr. Thomas
Mother Name Mrs. Rosily
Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation
Marital Status Married
Profession Social Worker
Constituency Kerala
Ayngaran Foundation
Designation Chairman
Permanent/ Residential Address Ayithamattam, Chullimada, Pudussery Central, Palakkad, Kerala
Mobile Number 86988 46666

Recent Activities


కోవిడ్ కాలంలో ఆహారాన్ని అందించడం ద్వారా 50000 కంటే ఎక్కువ కుటుంబాలను ఆకలి నుండి రక్షించిన AYNGARAN FOUNDATION, 21-01-2023న న్యూఢిల్లీకి చెందిన బిజినెస్ కనెక్ట్ నుండి అవార్డును అందుకుంది.

Activities done by Ayngaran Foundation


Born in Chullimada

Since 2020


of Ayngaran Foundation, Palani.



Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page


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Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page


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Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page



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Vince Thomas | Chairman of Ayngaran Foundation | Palani | the Leaders Page


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