Vanamula Naganna

Vanamula Naganna

Nandikotkur Constituency Incharge, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh, BSP


Vanamula Naganna is an Indeed Politician of BSP Party and current Constituency Incharge from Nandikotkur of Andhra Pradesh State.


On the 05th of June, 1981, Naganna was born to the couple Mr Vanamula Chenniah and Mrs Vanamula Rathnamma and raised in Sangameswaram Village of Nandyal district in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

In 1997, Naganna obtained his School of Education from Gandhi Memorial High School at Nandikotkur and completed his intermediate course at APSWR Junior College, Brahmamgari Matam, Andhra Pradesh, in 1999.

He graduated from Sai Ram Distance Degree College with a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Arts from Nandikotkur and completed it in 2016.


In 2001, Naganna entered politics with a passion for serving the people by joining the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad(ABVP) as an Active Member to promote the proper perspective on the need for holistic and sustainable development in students.

Upon Joining, he was designated as the ABVP Ananthapur District Vice President from ABVP in 2001 to serve the people and tackle the issues raised by executing his tasks effectively and adhering to the party’s policies and guidelines.

Because of his commitment, enthusiasm, and selflessness on behalf of the people of the state and the requirements of the people in the state, In the year 2009, Naganna was given the position of State Purchasing Committee Member of Andhra Pradesh. In 2014 he was designated as Project Manager for doing his part to mitigate the difficulties experienced by people.

His constant attention and pure dedication to service in the year 2012 led to his promotion to the World Organization Incharge of the World Organization to promote the proper focus on the need for effective and comprehensive expansion in people by doing his part to overcome the hardships faced by the people.


During the period of elections in 2019, Naganna contested for the position of Councilor from the 23rd Ward of Nandyal, but the contested position was defeated as he gained 02nd Place.


During his tenure in education, Naganna was greatly influenced by RS Praveen Kumar, the party’s founder and Secretary of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, for his passion for service and enthusiasm for the people.

In 2021, Naganna debuted in the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) a national-level political party in India that was formed to represent Bahujans, referring to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes, along with religious minorities.

He won the people’s admiration by using the responsibilities, duties, and powers assigned to him so that he was honoured as the Nandikotkur Constituency Incharge from BSP from the Indian State of Telangana in 2021 for the good of the people without compromising on the trust placed in him.

Since then, he has expressed a keen interest in performing every activity for the recognition of the respective Society.

BSP Party Activities

  • Naganna has been working on the idea of Dr B.R Ambedkar, and many of the party’s programs were successful under the guidance of former Telangana IPS officer R. S. Praveen Kumar. Many of the programs under their direction were successful.
  • Many party development programs were carried out in the village for the party’s growth, and he respectably accepted the work assigned by the higher authorities. He is wholly involved in sorting out the issues raised on any topic.
  • Naganna is actively involved in the programs organized by the BSP. He conveyed to the people the greatness of the Party all over the constituency.
  • Naganna also carries forward organizing BSP Cader camps and holding meetings to discuss the functions and Performance of the BSP, and if anyone in the village encounters any problem,
  • Naganna will be at the forefront of the problem.
  • He is not limited to his services to the village but also extends to the people of the entire district; he favours those who work in line with the ideals of Ambedkar and Phule.
  • Naganna collaborated for the welfare of the farmers throughout his reign, despite the high price of the farmer’s crops.

Social Activities-

  • Every Year On the occasion of Dr B.R. Ambedhkar Birth and Death Anniversary, Naganna Celebrates the event by recalling the services he provided to the nation.
  • Due to the incident at the statue of Ambedkar at Amalapuram, Naganna organized a protest and filed a complaint with the Collector and DRO.
  • He carries out his responsibilities while looking after the welfare of the people living in the village and zone by clearing the issues related to Water, drainage, and every minute problem to the individual.
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Naganna with his team donated blood to Blood donation Organized for the needy people in Krishna Nagar of Pamulapadu Mandal.
  • This has started by the Youth Members with the thought that no INDIAN should die with lack of blood and by implementing into reality started a group with countable members and started donating all the blood- Normal groups, Negative Groups, Rare Groups across INDIA with the help of donors.
  • Apart from providing humanitarian assistance to the flood victims in Kurnool, he extended his core of service to compensate the victims affected during the rainy season.
  • Naganna has participated in a variety of community activities in the village, especially on his Birthday he supplies meals to the elderly and orphan children, as well as delivers mineral water to the villagers.
  • He provided financial and humanitarian assistance to the victims of fires in the villages who the fires themselves had assaulted.
  • He fights for the people’s concerns and the welfare of the people, and many of the colony’s development plans have been a resounding success due to his efforts.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic Covid-

  • Naganna sneaked aside to help those impacted by the lockdown by distributing vegetables and fruits to villagers, the needy, and Municipality personnel while abiding by the precautions.
  • He distributed masks, sanitisers, food to the impoverished, and financial assistance. An awareness demonstration was held to raise awareness about social distance and the need to adopt prudent measures to avoid the Corona Epidemic.
  • For the villagers’ protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to exterminate the corona infection.
  • In response to Prime Minister Modi’s call, Naganna organized a Covid Vaccination Drive to raise awareness among the general public about the need to receive a free corona vaccination.


Bridge of Hope is one of the wings of GFA (Gospel for Asia ). Bridge of Hope is the Child Care Project for which they worked in 5 to 17 years old. On this bridge of hope, From the 08th of December 2005 to the 02nd of July 2016, Naganna has worked as a Teacher and concurrently been designated as both the Rayalaseema Journal and the Andhra Journal, extending his services as an Assistant to both Telugu States. In 2009, he was crowned as a State Purchasing Committee Member, after which he returned to the Nandikotkur of Talaka Pamulapadu Mandal, where he worked between 2009 and 2016.

After gaining jurisdiction and executing every action as his responsibility for the wellbeing of the people, he continues his service, thinking for the welfare of the people at the moment and dealing with activities for Society’s development.

On 09th February 2019, he relocated to Chennai, Kerala, and the Rajasthan States to promote the proper focus on the need for effective and comprehensive expansion in people by doing his part to overcome the hardships faced by the people. There are 49 Bridge of Hope initiatives in two Telugu states, with 100 to 250 individuals each project, but they are all closed until further notice.

In 2019 on February 9th, Naganna returned to his native Nandikotkur since the Corona Pandemic had begun.

HNO: 15-302, Land Mark: Maruthi Nagar, Back Side Hanuman Temple, Village, Mandal & Constituency: Nandikotkur, District: Nandyal, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pin Code: 518401

Email: [email protected]  

Mobile: 9441802499 

Recent Activities

కలిసిన సందర్భంలో

ఇండియన్ పోలీస్ సర్వీస్ మాజీ అధికారి, తెలంగాణ సోషల్ వెల్ఫేర్ రెసిడెన్షియల్ ఎడ్యుకేషనల్ ఇన్స్టిట్యూషన్స్ సొసైటీ మరియు తెలంగాణ ట్రైబల్ వెల్ఫేర్ రెసిడెన్షియల్ ఎడ్యుకేషనల్ ఇన్స్టిట్యూషన్స్ సొసైటీకి కార్యదర్శి రేపల్లె శివ ప్రవీణ్ కుమార్ గారిని మర్యాదపూర్వకంగా కలవడం జరిగింది.


బీఎస్పీ నాయకులతో కలిసి నిరసన కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొన్న వనముల నాగన్న గారు..

జన్మదిన సందర్భంగా

ప్రముఖ నాయకుడి జన్మదిన సందర్భంగా, నాగన్న గారు శుభాకాంక్షలు తెలియజేసి కేక్ కట్ చేయడం జరిగింది.


పూజ్యనియుడు గౌరవనియుడు DR B.R అంబేడ్కర్ గారి జయంతి పురస్కరించుకొని సామాజిక విప్లవ జోహార్లు తెలుపుతూ వారి విగ్రహానికి పూలమాలను వేసి వారియొక్క సేవలను స్మరించుకొని కేక్ కట్ చేసి వేడుకలు జరుపుకోవడం జరిగింది. ఈ కార్యక్రమంలో నాగన్న గారు మరియు తదితరులు పాల్గొని నివలుళు అర్పించారు…

వినతి పత్రం అందజేత

బీఎస్పీ నాయకుల ఆధ్వర్యంలో నాగన్న గారు వినతి పత్రాన్ని అందజేయడం జరిగింది.

కలిసిన సందర్భంగా

ప్రముఖ నాయకుడిని మర్యాదపూర్వకంగా కలిసి పూలగుచ్ఛము అందజేయడం జరిగింది.

Mr. Vanamula Naganna with Prominent Leaaders

BSP Party Activites



Born in Nandikotkur

Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh


Studied Schooling

From Gandhi Memorial High School, Nandikotkur


Completed Undergraduate

From APSWR Junior College, Brahamam Gari Natam


Finished Graduation

From Sai Ram Distance Degree College, Nandikotkur


Joined in the ABVP


ABVP Member


District Vice President

From Anantapur, ABVP



From World Organization


State Purchasing Committee Member

From Andhra Pradesh


Project Manager


Joined in the BSP


Active Leader

From BSP

Since - 2022

Constituency Incharge

From BSP, Nandikotkur