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Valluri Tirupathi Rao

Eluru Town Youth Secretary, Eluru, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, Janasena


Valluri Tirupathi Rao is an Indian Politician and current Eluru Town Youth Secretary from Janasena Political Party in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.


On the 16th of July 1986, Tirupathi Rao was born to the couple Mr. Valluri Sathibabu and Mrs. Valluri Rajeshwari and resided in the Village of Eluru in West Godavari District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

In the year 2002, Tirupathi acquired his Secondary Board of Education from KPDT High School at Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, and completed his intermediate course from Government Junior College at Eluru, West Godavari.

Later, he holds graduation with a degree from TRR Degree College situated at Eluru in West Godavari and accomplished it in the year 2009.


In the year 2009, Anand was drawn into politics on joining the Jagadeesh joined in the Praja Rajyam Party(PRP) which was headed by Chiranjeevi.

He upholds the trust that the people have placed in him and maintains his service, concentrating on the welfare of the people at the moment and dealing with the activities that will encourage Party to advance.

In the year2011, Tirupathi joined the Indian National Congress (INC) Party, which was founded by the Dadabhai Naroji and headed by Sonia Gandhi to address the people’s political requirements while also presenting a modest service.

He has worked above and beyond his means as Party Activist to advance the party and improve society by performing his tasks correctly and sticking to the party’s laws and regulations.

After governing the people in the respective party, in the year 2014 Tirupathi joined the Janasena Party which was founded by Tollywood actor and politician Pawan Kalyan.

His unwavering commitment and true effort gained him the position of Town Youth Secretary of Eluru in 2019 and has been constantly working for the people, thinking about their welfare, and gaining immense admiration from the people.

He has been served conscientiously for the prosperity of the people from the party’s inception to the present day, consistently aspiring for the party’s and society’s advancement, and performing desperate service to society and for the goodness of the people.

Social Activities:

  • Tirupathi continues to struggle for the abolition of the concept of caste and religious distinctions in society, as well as for human equality in all aspects of his life.
  • He served the elderly and needy people in the community by supplying them with the necessities of life and by assisting them through times of financial hardship.
  • He played an active role in ensuring that help programs for the poor were in place and that they were able to survive their existence.
  • During the wedding, money was given to the families of the underprivileged to help them financially sustain their families.
  • Tirupathi is fighting with the government to offer suitable jobs to the jobless, who are concerned about finding a good job even after graduating from college or university.
  • Tirupathi offered financial support as well as other kinds of relief to the village’s needy people and will be accessible to the village’s residents during their tough times.
  • He expanded his efforts by supporting poor individuals and orphans who have been badly affected by the assassination of their families, as well as by providing a set sum for the well-being of death-stricken families.

Pandemic Services:

  • Tirupathi acted humanely during the crisis, assisting individuals in distress and providing additional assistance to those afflicted by the lockdown.
  • During the crisis, Tirupathi responded generously, aiding those in need and giving special support to those impacted by the lockdown.
  • He offered masks, sanitizers, and meals to the underprivileged, as well as financial assistance.
  • For the public’s protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to eliminate the corona outbreak.
  • In response to Prime Minister Modi’s call, he organized a Covid Vaccination Drive to raise awareness among the general public about the need of receiving a free corona vaccination.
  • During the pandemic, A door to door survey was organized and raised awareness about the virus covid and provided precautions to be followed.


HNO: 6C-11/8-10/1, Land Mark: Venkanna Tank, Village & Mandal: Eluru, District: West Godavari, Constituency: Eluru, State: Andhra Pradesh, Zip Code: 534001

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 9642556899, 6301911459

A good leader is a person who takes a little more than his share of the blame and a little less than his share of the credit.”

– Valluri Tirupathi Rao

Recent Activities

కలిసిన సందర్బంగా

ప్రముఖ జనసేన సీనియర్ నాయకుడిని గౌరవప్రధానంగా కలిసి మాట్లాడిన ఏలూరు పట్టాన యువ కార్యదర్శి తిరుపతి రావు గారు.


కొరోనా వ్యాధి ప్రబలకుండా కేంద్ర రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వాల ఆదేశానుసారం జరుగుతున్న దేశవ్యాప్త లోసికోడౌన్ సంధర్బాహంగా, అనేకమంది ప్రభుత్వోద్యోగాలు మాత్రం వారి వారి డ్యూటీలను నిరంతరం చేస్తూ ప్రజలకు సేవలనించినందున జనసేన పార్టీ నాయకులూ అభినందించడం జరిగింది.


జనసేన అధినేత పవన్ కళ్యాణ్ గారు కోవిడ్ బారిన పడ్డ నేపథ్యంలో పశ్చిమ గోదావరి జిల్లా ఏలూరు దక్షిణపు వీధి మెర్కుండేయ స్వామి గుడిలో పూజలు, మరియు ప్రత్యేక అభిషేకాలు నిర్వహించిన జనసేన సైనికులు.

మజ్జిగ, లస్సి, ప్యాకెట్ల పంపిణీ

లొక్డౌన్ లో తమ ప్రాణాలను లెక్కచేయకుండా నిరంతరం సేవలందిస్తున్న పోలీసులకు, మీడియా జర్నలిస్టులకు, మరియు ఆశ వర్కర్లకు, పార్టీ నాయకులు మజ్జిగ, లస్సి, ప్యాకెట్లను అందజేయడం జరిగింది.

నిరసన కార్యక్రమం

జనసేన పార్టీ నాయకులతో కలిసి నిరసన కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొన్న తిరుపతి గారు..

చలో వైజాగ్ కార్యక్రమం

పార్టీ నాయకులతో కలిసి తిరుపతి రావు గారు చలో వైజాగ్ కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది..

జనసేన పార్టీ సభ్యత నమోదు కార్యక్రమం

జనసేన పార్టీ సభ్యత నమోదు కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొన్న తిరుపతి రావు గారు మరియు పార్టీ నాయకులు .

Tirupathi Rao with Janasena Leaders

Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page
Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page
Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page
Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page

Newspaper  Clippings

Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page
Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page
Valluri Tirupathi Rao | Eluru Town Youth Secretary | Janasena | the Leaders Page

Born in Eluru

West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh 


Studied Schooling

From KPDT High School, Eluru


Completed Undergraduate

From Government Junior College, Eluru


Finished Graduation

From TRR Degree College, Eluru


Joined in the PRP


Party Activist

From PRP 


Joined in the INC


Party Activist

From INC 


Joined in the Janasena

Since - 2019

Town Youth Secretary

From Janasena