Uppalapu Lingam Raju

Uppalapu Lingam Raju

TRSV Constituency General Secretary, Gajagatlapally, Chinnashankarapet, Ramayampet, Medak, Telangana, TRS

Uppalapu Lingam Raju is the TRSV Constituency General Secretary. He was born on 14-04-1987 to Uppalapu Ramulu and Sathamma in Gajagatlapally village. He completed his schooling at ZP high school in 2003 and  Intermediate from Srinivas junior college in 2005.

In 2003, He started his political journey with the Telangana Rashtra Samiti(TRS) party and selected as TRSV Mandal President, Chinnashankarapet. He served as TRSV Constituency General Secretary from Ramayampet constituency in 2010. He participated in every party meeting of TRS. Conducted Student’s Programs.

From 2017-2018, he worked as Vidya Committee Chairman of ZP High School, Gajagatlapally. In 2019, He elected as Ward-Member of 7th Ward, Gajagatlapally from the TRS party.

Recent Activities:

  • Lingam Raju has participated in the “Telangana Movement” along with K.T Rama Rao, Balka Suman. Also participated in “Chalo Hyderabad”, “Chalo Tank Band”, “Bike Rally” “Vanta-Varpu”.
  • He gave Scholarships, Fee Reimbursement to the students, provided infrastructure in all the schools, hostels in their constituency. He fought on every issue of the students.
  • He financially helped needy people, provided free service to the people who need Surgeries, and the whole of the hospitals. He has developed many activities, solved drainage problems, water problems, laid roads, sanctioned pensions, lent loans in SC Corporation, and BC Corporation fought for funds.
  • Participated in “Haritha-Haram”, “Swachh Bharath”, Palle Pragathi, Pattana Pragathi Programs. Solved every issue in the village by telling the MRO’s and collectors.
  • Lingam Raju is a Social Activist. He provided financial assistance to the families of the deceased. He distributed Stationary things to the students, constructed Toilets, financially helped Schools. When Y.S Jagan came to Gajagatlapally village the village people not allowed to come to this clash Raju went to jail.
  • He distributed Masks, sanitizers, Vegetables, Rice to village people in the time of COVID-19 lockdown, and conducted Awareness programs to prevent COVID-19, financially helped to COVID-19 Victims.

Gajagatlapally (Village), Chinnashankarapet (Mandal), Ramayampet (Constituency), Medak (District), Telangana (State)

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number:9908315694

Recent Activities

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Born in Gajagatlapally


Joined in the TRS


TRSV Mandal President




from Srinivas junior college


TRSV Constituency General Secretary

from Ramayampet


Vidya Committee Chairman

of ZP high School, Gajagatlapally


Ward-Member of 7th Ward



Party Activist


Social Activist