Theegala Sainath Goud

Theegala Sainath Goud

BJYM Mandal General Secretary, Botlavanaparthy, Dharmaram, Dharmapuri, Peddapalli, Telangana, BJP


Theegala Sai Nath Goud is the BJYM Mandal General Secretary of Dharmaram Peddapalli district.


He was born on 19-04-1997 to the couple Lalitha and Ashok in Botlavanaparthy village. In 2013, Sainath Goud completed his Secondary Board of Education from ZPHS located at Botlavanaparthy.

From 2014-2016, he earned Veterinary Diploma in Animal Husbandry Polytechnic college later on he received Undergraduate(Intermediate) from Pragathi junior college. Sainath Goud attained his Graduation(Degree) at Gayathri degree college, Peddapalli.


Sainath was a young dynamic leader who has great leadership values. He followed Simplicity, Fairness, and Transparency throughout his life. Sainath officially joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 2008, believing that it was only possible by politicians who could stop corruption, bribery, and many other illegal activities in the society and make the country corruption-free.

In 2014, Sainath was appointed and serving as BJYM Mandal General Secretary of Dharmaram Peddapalli district. On the occasion of his appointment as Mandal General Secretary, Sainath said that he had vowed to uphold the trust placed in him by the party and to be a companion to the people in case of any problem.

He has been successful in solving people’s problems in his political career. He has simplicity, flexibility, and transparency in the people under his leadership. The people of Botlavanaparthy considered the Sainath regime to be the Leadership of the people.


  • He has been celebrating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday and distributes food, clothes to the orphan and poor people.
  • Sainath and party leaders celebrate Independence Day and Republic Day every year and pay tribute to the martyrs who brought independence to our country.
  • He conducts awareness of voting by telling that Exercising the right to vote is one of the most important duties of a citizen in a democracy. He motivates people by saying such things.
  • Sainath has introduced new techniques such as educating the villagers on updated technology and conducting night classes for the elderly.
  • Organized Haritha Haram, Swachh Bharath programs to keep surroundings clean. He made people aware of the effects caused by consuming alcohol.
  • Sainath takes the lead in all the activities that the village does to move in the development trajectory.

         Sainath’s Contributions in Pandemic COVID-19-

Services Rendered During 1st Wave-

  • Sainath rendered his service to the people of the village even during the corona which terrorized the whole country.
  • During the Pandemic Period, he distributed fruits, food packets, and water bottles to the road siders and also distributed blankets to them.
  • He distributed food and rice bags to the migrants and also contributed to them financially.
  • Provided Annadanam program to the Police, Municipal, front-line workers who served a lot during the corona crisis.
  • Conducted awareness programs on the maintenance of Physical distance and following precautionary measures to prevent the epidemic in Corona.
  • He financially helped covid victims by providing vitamin tablets, masks, Sanitizers, and fruits.
  • Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for safety of the village.

Services Rendered During 2nd Wave-

  • Sainath continued to serve during the covid second wave.
  • He distributed vegetables and fruits to the village people and needy people.
  • Masks, Sanitizers were distributed to the village people by Sainath.
  • Awareness camps and seminars were organized on the Covid-19 vaccine and about the effects of the virus.
  • Sainath, who saw the public troubles during the corona, distributed free mineral water to the households.
  • Organized awareness programs on precautions to be taken to prevent covid and said no need to panic.
  • Sainath told the villagers that no need to fear necessary precautions are enough for the prevention of corona.
  • The area infected with the coronavirus has been declared a red zone and people have been given proper precautions and instructions.
  • Delivered food, supplements for the covid victims by home delivery.
  • Arranged oxygen cylinders for the covid victims where they are being treated.

The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things.

He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things

Theegala Sainath Goud

- BJYM Mandal General Secretary

Village: Botlavanaparthy, Mandal: Dharmaram, Constituency: Dharmapuri, District: Peddapalli, State: Telangana, Pincode: 505416

Mobile: 8247450207
Email: [email protected]

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Sirna Ganesh is an Honor to meet an Ramagundam Ex MLA. Somarapu Satyanarayana.

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Sainath Hoists the Flag on Independence Day by commemorating the services of Freedom Fighters.

Welfare Activities

Theegala Sainath Goud | BJYM Mandal General Secretary | BJP | Party Activist | Botlavanaparthy | Dharmaram | Dharmapuri | Peddapalli | Telangana | theLeadersPage
Theegala Sainath Goud | BJYM Mandal General Secretary | BJP | Party Activist | Botlavanaparthy | Dharmaram | Dharmapuri | Peddapalli | Telangana | theLeadersPage
Theegala Sainath Goud | BJYM Mandal General Secretary | BJP | Party Activist | Botlavanaparthy | Dharmaram | Dharmapuri | Peddapalli | Telangana | theLeadersPage
Theegala Sainath Goud | BJYM Mandal General Secretary | BJP | Party Activist | Botlavanaparthy | Dharmaram | Dharmapuri | Peddapalli | Telangana | theLeadersPage

Born in Botlavanaparthy


Completed SSC

from ZPHS located at Botlavanaparthy



from Pragathi junior college



at Gayatri degree college, Peddapalli.


Joined in the BJP

2014-till now

Mandal General Secretary

of Dharmaram from the BJYM


Social Activist

in Botlavanaparthy village