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Thaticherla Rahaman

MPTC, Veparala, Rayadurgam, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh


Mr. & Mrs. Thaticherla Rahaman is an Indeed Indian Politician of YSRCP Political Party & MPTC from Veparala of Rayadurgam Mandal in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh.


Mr. Rahaman was born on May 25, 1979, to Mr. Thaticherla Jajateersah and Mrs. Thaticherla laxmimabegam. He was raised in Veparala Village, in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

In 1996, Rahaman completed his Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Zilla Parishad High School in Veparala.

He extended his studies by acquiring an Intermediate from Government Junior College situated at Veparala of Andhra Pradesh State.


Rahaman was influenced by many Political leaders, among them are Late Sri. Rajiv Gandhi and Sri Late YS. Rajasekhara Reddy is prominent. Rahaman is an ardent follower of the late Chief Minister of AP Sri YS. Rajasekhara Reddy.

In the year 2010, Rahaman commenced his Political career by joining the Indian National Congress Party (INC), which is ruling under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi.

He exposed his leadership skills by serving as the INC Party Activist and working all the time for the welfare of humankind comprehensively. As a part of INC, Rahaman expressed keen interest and performed every activity to recognize the respective party.


Later, Rahaman joined the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP), founded by the currently designated Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and President of YSRCP, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Since joining, he has been working incredibly as a YSRCP Party Activist, working hard for the welfare of the people, constantly striving for the development of society, and has rendered desperate services to society.

His constant attention and pure dedication to service led to his promotion to the MPTC of Veparala from YSRCP to promote the proper focus on the need for effective and comprehensive expansion in people by doing his part to overcome the hardships faced by the people.

Since the beginning of his career as a politician, he has worked extensively for the success of the village, fully committed to the party’s and society’s prosperity and devoting passionate service to society through his roles.


Rahaman has been accustomed to leadership qualities since childhood, as his ancestors worked in politics. As he has a respectable level in politics, Rahaman ’s family has been ideal for him to provide continuous services to the people.

Mrs. Thaticherla Madyuna, the Wife of Thaticherla Rahaman, was the MPTC of the YSRCP Party and has served with gratitude and perpetually worked hard for the well-being of society.

Mr. Thaticherla Laxmimabegam, the Mother of Mr. Thaticherla Rahaman has an extensive political career and Contested Independently from YSRCP Party as a Sarpanch and Gained the Position with the majority of Votes. She demonstrated his commitment to the people by continuously working for their well-being and college development and striving hard for their benefit.

Party Activities-

  • In the assembly, Rahaman expressed his desire for the development of three regions as part of the decentralization of governance, for his work his portrait was anointed in honor of this aspiration.
  • In initiatives such as Gadapa Gadapa YSR, Rajasekhara Reddy has always been at the forefront of the people, confronting problems and working for the party’s advancement.
  • He fought for the issues related to Handicapped Pensions, Widow Pensions, Old age Pensions, and also the problems of Ration cards and Health cards for the villagers.
  • Rahaman fought over every issue raised in the town and persistently worked to solve the issues.
  • Rahaman and the YSRCP Party Leaders, on Leaders Birth and Death anniversaries of liberation warriors on their birthdays and death anniversaries each year. They are grateful to them for their sacrifices to the nation.

Village Development Activities-

  • He carried out his responsibilities while looking after the welfare of the people in the village and zone. He financially assisted the poor people in the town and helped them in all possible ways when needed.
  • Rahaman has performed many social activities in the village, such as providing food to the Old aged and Orphan Children, Mineral water to the Villagers, and has performed many social movements in the town, such as giving food to the Old aged and Orphan Children, Mineral water to Villagers.
  • Many service activities were organized, such as providing blankets for beggars, clothes for the poor, and food for orphaned children, and they helped a lot financially for the migrant workers and the poor. Free meals were provided to orphans and the elderly each year.
  • He provided financial assistance to the village’s needy inhabitants and served them in other ways when necessary. His services were not limited to the village’s people but extended to the district’s population.
  • He expanded his efforts by supporting poor individuals who have been badly affected by the assassination of their families, as well as by providing a set sum for the well-being of death-stricken families.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic Covid-

  • Rahaman sneaked toward helping those impacted by the lockdown by distributing vegetables and fruits to villagers, the destitute, and Municipality personnel while abiding by the precautions.
  • He distributed masks, sanitizers, food to the impoverished, and financial assistance.
  • An awareness demonstration was held to raise awareness about social distancing and the need to adopt prudent measures to avoid the Corona Epidemic.
  • During the worldwide lockdown, Rahaman assisted people by providing meals to them by following specific preventive measures.
  • For the village people’s protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to exterminate the corona infection.
  • During the Corona pandemic, he helped the poor by freely distributing masks and sanitizers. Rahaman supported the families, who died accidentally in the village and helped them get financial assistance from the Veparala Village.

HNO: 24/1, Land Mark: Saibaba Temple, Opp. Water Tank , Village: Veparala, Mandal: Rayadurgam, District: Anantapur, Constituency: Rayadurgam, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pincode: 515768

Mobile: 9441122244, 9494456786

Biodata of Mr. Thaticherla Rahaman

Thaticherla Rahaman | the Leaders Page | MPTC | YSRCP | Veparala | the Leaders Page

Name: Thaticherla Rahaman

DOB: May 25, 1979

Father: Mr. Thaticherla Jajateersah

Mother: Mrs. Thaticherla laxmimabegam

Education Qualification: Undergraduation

Profession: Politician & Social Activist

Political Party: Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP)

Present Designation: MPTC

Permanent Address: Veparala, Rayadurgam, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Contact No: 9441122244, 9494456786

Recent Activities

భూమి పూజ కార్యక్రమం

భూమి పూజ కార్యక్రమంలో పార్టీ నాయకులతో కలిసి ఎంపీటీసీ రెహమాన్ గారు పాల్గొన్నారు.

బహిరంగ సభ

వైస్సార్సీపీ పార్టీ నాయకులతో కలిసి బహిరంగ సభలో పాల్గొన్న ఎంపీటీసీ రెహమాన్ గారు.

జయంతి సందర్బంగా

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర మాజీ ముఖ్యమంత్రి స్వర్గీయ డా. వైస్ రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి గారి జయంతి సందర్బంగా వారి యొక్క విగ్రహానికి పూలమాలను వేసి ఘన నివాళి అర్పించడం జరిగింది.

పుట్టిన రోజు వేడుకలు

ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర ముఖ్యమంత్రి వైఎస్ జగన్ మోహన్ రెడ్డి గారి పుట్టిన రోజు సందర్భంగా పార్టీ నాయకుల సమక్షంలో రెహమాన్ గారు కేక్ కట్ చేసి వేడుకలు ఘనంగా నిర్వహించడం జరిగింది.

ట్రోఫీ అందజేత

గ్రామంలో క్రికెట్ టోర్నమెంట్ నిర్వహించి విజేతలకు ట్రోఫీ అందజేయడం జరిగింది.

Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Program


Born in Veparala

Rayadurgam, Anantapur


Studied Schooling

from ZP High School, Veparala


Attainedd Undergradaution

from Government Junior College, Veparala


Joined in INC


Party Activist

from INC


Joined in YSRCP


Party Activist

from YSRCP



from YSRCP, Veparala, Andhra Pradesh