Subbarao Godi

Subbarao Godi

Party Activist, Mastyapuri, Veeravasaram, West Godavari, Bheemavaram, Andhra Pradesh, INC


Subbarao Godi is an Indian Politician and current Congress Party Activist from Mastyapuri of Veeravasaram Mandal, West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh State.


On the 05th of May 1986, Subbarao was born to the couple Mr. Godi Sanjeeva Reddy and Mrs. Godi Laxminarasamma and resided at Mastyapuri of West Godavari District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

In 2001, Subbarao acquired his SSC Standard from Zilla Parishad High School at Mastyapuri and completed his Intermediate course from CSN Junior College located at Bheemavaram in 2004.

Later in the year 2010, he acquired B.Ed from GMR College from Thdepalligudem of Andhra Pradesh and completed his LLB from DNR College at Bheemavaram of Andhra Pradesh.


In the year 2000, Subbarao joined in the Indian National Congress Party (INC) which is ruling under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi.

He exposed his leadership skills by serving as the INC Party Activist and working comprehensively all the time for the welfare of humankind. As a part of INC, Subbarao expressed keen interest and performed every activity for the recognition of the respective party.

His constant attention and pure dedication to service in the years 2000-05, led to his promotion to the Sarpanch of Veeravasaram from INC to promote the proper focus on the need for effective and comprehensive expansion in people by doing his part to overcome the hardships faced by the people.

Social Activities:

Blood Donation Camp

  • Subbarao with his team donated blood to Blood donation Organized for the needy people.
  • This has started by the Youth Members, with the thought of no INDIAN should die with lack of blood and by implementing into reality started a group with countable members and started donating all the blood- Normal groups, Negative Groups, Rare Groups across INDIA with the help of donors.
  • Subbarao Conducted many party meetings and development activities for community development. He stood up for the poor and ensured the development of welfare. He always raises his hands to serve the poor.
  • Every year on the birth anniversary of Subbarao, he distributes food and clothing to the Mother Teresa Youth Foundation in Mastyapuri.
  • He supported the farmer’s strike protesting against the agricultural reform. He fought for the discounted price for the crop to farmers.
  • By notifying the issues in the village, he solved many issues and gave Pensions like -Widow Pension,old-age pensions, Handicapped Pension, and also dispensed White Ration Cards for in the village.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic Covid

  • Subbarao sneaked aside to help those impacted by the lockdown by distributing vegetables and fruits to villagers, the destitute, and Municipality personnel while abiding by the precautions.
  • He distributed masks, sanitizers, and food to the impoverished, as well as financial assistance.
  • An awareness demonstration was held to raise awareness about social distance and the need of adopting cautious measures to avoid the Corona Epidemic.
  • During the worldwide lockdown, Subbarao assisted people by providing meals to them on following certain precautionary measures.
  • For the villagers’ protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to exterminate the corona infection.


HNO: 1-21, Land Mark: Church, Village: Mastyapuri, Mandal: Veeravasaram, District: West Godavari, Constituency: Bheemavaram, State: Andhra Pradesh, Zip Code: 534207

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 9493064666

Recent Activities

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Born in Mastyapuri

Veeravasaram, West Godavari


Studied Schooling

From Zilla Parishad High School, Mastyapuri


Completed Undergraduate

From CSN Junior College, Bheemavaram


Acquired B.Ed

From GMR College, Thdepalligudem


Attained LLB

From from DNR College


Joined in the INC


Party Activist

From INC

2000 - 05


From INC, Mastyapuri