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Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar

SC Morcha State Secretary, Telangana, BJP


Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar is an Indian Politician and current SC Morcha State Secretary from the BJP Political Party in the Indian State of Telangana.


On 02 of August 1993, in Nerella village of Dharmapuri Mandal of Jagtial district from Telangana state, he was born into a rural middle-class household as a treasured son for the couple Mr. Oraganti Indaiah & Mrs. Oraganti Laxmi.

He was never a believer in a pretentious education. He came from a simple educational background, as do most people. In the year 2010, he studied Secondary Board of Education from ZP High School located at Nerella, Telangana.

In 2012, he finished his undergraduate from SKNR Boys Junior College situated at Jagtial, Telangana. Later, he acquired graduation with a degree from NSV Degree College situated at Jagtial, Telangana, and accomplished it in the year 2015.

Later he holds LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law) from Padala Rami Reddy Law College situated at Ameerpet, Telangana, and finished it in the year 2020.


He strongly believes that education is the only way to eliminate social evils and uplift society and that it is the only way to reach out to deserving students from the most backward parts of society and provide them with opportunities to not only complete their education but also to transform into confident people.

In 2010, he joined the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) which is registered in the form of a student organization and worked constantly as an ABVP Member by solving the issues of Students till the year 2011.

He improved his work ethic in the year 2011, as a Town Prerana Incharge from Jagtial to promote the best approach towards the need for balanced and integrated development in Society.

His unwavering commitment and sincere determination towards service made him upgraded to the Jagtial Town Zonal Incharge from ABVP in 2012 to promote the appropriate viewpoint on the need for holistic and sustainable development in people by alleviating their problems.

For his tenacity, in the year 2013, he was elevated as the Town Secretary from ABVP at Jagtial, Telangana, and vowed to fulfill his responsibilities only for the betterment of the public, without jeopardizing the party’s faith in him.

In addition to his primary responsibilities, in the periods between 2013-14, he was appointed and served as the Bhag Convenor from ABVP to ensure that the initial and subsequent tasks run smoothly.

In view of the efforts being made for the development of the society, in the same year i.e. in 2013, Chandra Shekar has been offered the post of ABVP State Executive Member from Telangana and discharged his duties by being very cautious during performing the activities till 2015.

In the year 2017, Chandra Shekar debuted into the Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) Party founded by Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Former Prime Minister of India) Lal Krishna Advani(Former Deputy Prime Minister of India).

He exposed his leadership skills by serving as the Party Activist and working comprehensively all the time for the welfare of humankind. As being a part of the BJP, Chandra Shekar expressed a keen interest and performs every activity for the recognition of the respective party.

He upholds the trust that the people have placed in him and maintains his service, in the year 2017 Chandra Shekar was selected as the BJYM District General Secretary at Jagtial in Telangana by concentrating on the welfare of the people at the moment and dealing with the activities up to 2021.

For his work humility towards the growth and the welfare of the people, he was appointed as the SC Morcha State Secretary from BJP in Telangana and provided services to the people by satisfying the requirements of everyone who appealed to him for assistance till now.

From the beginning of his political career until the present, he has worked relentlessly for the welfare of the people, continuously fighting for the party’s and society’s growth, and giving desperate service to the society via the posts he has been assigned to.

Telangana Movement-

Chandra Shekar actively participated in the Telangana movement for the separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh and to form the Telangana as a separate State and He lent great support to the Telangana Statehood Movement by providing intellectual support.
During Telangana Movement, Chandra Shekar played an active role and fought for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India.
He organized and was involved in Rasta Roko from a distance of the Jagtial District.
Maha Dharna was held at the Clock Tower Center for the separate state of Telangana.
As being a part of the fight for the state of Telangana, Chandra Shekar has been organized Padayatra and fought for Telangana State along with party members.
Under the auspices of the Telangana movement, non-stop protests were held for 25 days.
He set up a Vanta Varpu during the period of Rasta Roko and in programs of Sakala Jamula Samme, Bahiranga Saba, and many more dharnas and rallies were held in continuous movement.
Chandra Shekhar participated in the Telangana Student Maha Padayatra with 200 students from Shathavahana University to Osmania University in 2012, at the behest of the ABVP.

Social & Welfare Activities-

  • In the year 2015, by notifying the issues in the village, he solved many issues and gave Pensions like -Widow Pension,old-age pensions, Handicapped Pension, and also dispensed White Ration Cards for 40 Members in the Nerella village.
  • Chandra Shekhar served the elderly and needy people in the community by supplying them with the necessities of life and by assisting them through times of financial hardship.
  • Many service activities, such as blankets for beggars, clothing for the destitute, and meals for orphaned children, were planned during the event.
  • He fights for the people’s concerns and the welfare of the people, and many of the colony’s development plans have been a resounding success as a result of his efforts.

Services Rendered during Pandemic COVID-19-

  • Chandra Shekhar sneaked away to assist people who had been affected by the lockdown by giving vegetables and fruits to the people, the homeless, and Municipality employees while following the procedures in place.
  • He helped the poor by distributing items such as masks, hand sanitizers, and food, as well as monetary assistance to the people who came from Maharastra.
  • An awareness demonstration was performed in order to raise awareness about social distance and the need of taking precautionary steps in an attempt to eliminate the Corona Epidemic from occurring.
  • When the coronavirus was finally exterminated, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed across the whole village to ensure that the villagers were not exposed to any harmful effects.
  • News reporters and police officers were honored and given shawls by Chandra Shekhar as a token of appreciation for their efforts in keeping the great news rolling while not jeopardizing their own lives throughout the epidemic and lockdown.
  • The Covid Immunization Drive was organized in response to Prime Minister Modi’s plea in order to increase awareness among the general population about the need of acquiring a free corona vaccination.

HN0: 2-9, Street: SC Colony, Village: Nerella, Mandal & Assembly: Dharmapuri, District: Jagtial, State: Telangana, Zip Code: 505454

Email: [email protected] 
Mobile: 9908385052 

Bio Data of Oraganti  Chandra Shekar

Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page

Name                                    : Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar

Father                                   : Mr. Oraganti Indaiah

Mother                                 : Mrs. Oraganti Laxmi

Qualification                       : Graduation from NSV Degree College, Jagtial, Telangana. 

Political Party                     : BJP (Bharatiya Janatha Party)

Present Designation           : SC Morcha State Secretary

Religion & Nationality       : Hindu- Indian

Permanent Address            :HN0: 2-9, Street : SC Colony, Village: Nerella, Mandal& Assembly:

Dharmapuri, District: Jagtial, State: Telangana, Zip Code: 505454

Recent Activities


బాబాసాహెబ్ అంబెడ్కర్ గారి వర్దంతి సందర్బంగా, బీజేపీ రాష్ట్ర కార్యాలయంలో మరియు ట్యాంక్ బండ్ వద్ద ఘన నివాళులు అర్పించడం జరిగింది.

నామకరణ మహోత్సవం

ఆత్మీయ సోదరుడు బీజేవైయం జగిత్యాల జిల్లా కార్యదర్శి కర్నె రాజేందర్ రెడ్డి గారి కుమారుడి నామకరణ మహోత్సవనికి కార్యకర్తలతో కలిసి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది.

BJP Political Party Activities

జిల్లా కార్యవర్గ సమావేశం

బీజేపీ జగిత్యాల జిల్లా కార్యవర్గ సమావేశంలో పాల్గొన్న ఎస్సీ మోర్చా రాష్ట్ర కార్యదర్శి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు..

రాజ్యాంగ దినోత్సవ వేడుకలు

సంవిధాన్ గౌరవ అభియాన్ పేరుమీద నవంబర్ 26 నుండి డిసెంబర్ 6 వరకు దేశవ్యాపాతంగా 70 పై చిలుకు కేంద్రాలలో రాజ్యాంగ దినోత్సవ వేడుకలు ఘనంగా నిర్వహించి రాజ్యాంగ గొప్పతనాన్ని తెలియజేసిన ఎస్సీ మోర్చా రాష్ట్ర కార్యదర్శి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు మరియు బీజేపీ కార్యకర్తలు..


పెద్దపెల్లి మాజీ MP వివేక్వెంకటస్వామి గారు, బీజేపీ జాతీయ కార్యవర్గ సభ్యులుగా నియామకమైన సందర్బంగా, హైదరాబాద్ లోని వారి స్వగృహంలో బీజేపీ SC మోర్చా రాష్ట్రఅధ్యక్షులు కొప్పుభాషా గారితో కలిసి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు శుభాకాంక్షలు తెలియచేయడం జరిగింది.


హుజరాబాద్ నియోజకవర్గం జమ్మికుంట మండలం కోరేపల్లి గ్రామంలో BJP అభ్యర్థి ఈటల రాజేందర్ గారి గెలుపు కోసం ఎస్సీ మోర్చా రాష్ట్ర అధ్యక్షులు కొప్పు భాష గారు, శ్రీ ఓరగంటి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు మరియు తదితరులు కలిసి ప్రచారంలో పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది..

సమావేశంలో భాగంగా

బీజేపీ రాష్ట్ర కార్యాలయంలో ఏర్పాటు చేసిన ఎస్సీ మోర్చా పదాదికారుల సమావేశంలో పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది.

ముఖ్య నాయకుల సమావేశం

భాగ్యనగర్ జిల్లా దళిత మోర్చా ముఖ్య నాయకుల సమావేశంలో మాట్లాడుతున్న ఎస్సీ మోర్చా రాష్ట్ర కార్యదర్శి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు..

రైతు పోరు దీక్ష

కాలేశ్వరం ప్రాజెక్టు (అన్నారం- సుందిళ్ళ బ్యారేజి) వలన ముంపుకు గురైన పంటలకు ప్రభుత్వం నష్టపరిహారం చెల్లించాలని డిమాండ్ చేస్తూ మంచిర్యాల జిల్లా చెన్నూరు నియోజకవర్గానికి చెందిన రైతుల రైతు పోరు దీక్షలో పాల్గొన్న ఎస్సీ మోర్చా రాష్ట్ర కార్యదర్శి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు..

ప్రజా సంగ్రామ యాత్ర

బీజేపీ నాయకులతో కలిసి, బండి సంజయ్ గారు నిర్వహించిన ప్రజా సంగ్రామ యాత్రలో పాల్గొన్న ఎస్సీ మోర్చా రాష్ట్ర కార్యదర్శి చంద్ర శేఖర్ గారు మరియు తదితరులు..

అవగాహన కార్యక్రమం

BJYM జగిత్యాల జిల్లా ప్రధాన కార్యదర్శిగా నరేంద్రమోడీ పథకాలపై ధర్మపురి అసెంబ్లీలోని మద్దూనూర్ గ్రామంలో అవగాహన కల్పిస్తున్న సందర్భంలో.

BJP Political Party Activities

కలిసిన సందర్భం

ప్రజా సంగ్రామ యాత్రలో బీజేపీ రాష్ట్ర అధ్యక్షులు బండి సంజయ్ గారిని గౌరవప్రధానంగా కలవడం జరిగింది..

Election Campaign

Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page
Sri Oraganti Chandra Shekar | SC Morcha State Secretary | BJP | the Leaders Page

Born in Nerella

Dharmapuri, Jagtial


Studied schooling

From ZP High School, Nerella


Finished Undergraduate

From SKNR Boys Junior College, Jagtial


Acquired Graduation

From NSV Degree College, Jagtial


Attained LLB

From Padala Ramireddy Law College, Ameerpet


Joined in the ABVP


ABVP Member


Town Perana Incharge

Jatial, Telangana


Town Zonal Incharge

Jatial, Telangana, ABVP


Town Secretary

Jatial, Telangana, ABVP


Bhag Convenor

Jatial, Telangana, ABVP


State executive Member

Jatial, Telangana, ABVP


Joined in the BJP


Party Activist

From BJP

Since - 2021

SC Morcha State Secretary

From BJP, Telangana