Shoban Babu Bhukya

Shoban Babu Bhukya

MP Aspirant for Mahabubabad, Founder and Chairman of Bhukya Foundation, Mahabubabad, Telangana, INC.

As a son of the soil, born into an agricultural family in the picturesque village of Ayyagaripally, of Mahabubabad District, Telangana, I, Shoban Babu Bhukya, have always felt deeply connected to the land and its people. Armed with a degree in Computer Science Engineering from the prestigious Osmania University and further honed my skills at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, I embarked on a path of entrepreneurship and innovation. Additionally, I completed an Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Beginning my professional career at IBM Software Labs in Bangalore, I immersed myself in the world of software development for three transformative years, garnering invaluable skills and insights along the way. Following my tenure at IBM, I ventured into entrepreneurship by founding 4 Am shop in Hyderabad. Serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, I steered the company towards success, ultimately culminating in its acquisition by the Bangalore-based e-platform, Big Basket (Daily Ninja), in August 2019. Subsequently, I established and led 7 Am Supermarket in Hyderabad, applying my business acumen and strategic vision to establish it as a prominent player in the local retail sector. Additionally, as the Managing Director of Shoban Infra Developers Pvt Ltd (Oneyard) in Hyderabad, I played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategic direction and overseeing ambitious infrastructure projects, contributing to urban development.

However, my passion for bringing about meaningful change in the lives of my fellow citizens led me to traverse the realm of politics. Inspired by the ideals of the Aam Aadmi Party, I found my calling in serving the people of my constituency, Mahabubabad, with dedication. From grassroots activism to assuming leadership roles within the party, I have tirelessly championed the cause of the poor and the needy. Shoban Babu Bhukya, as the State Treasurer for the AAP in Telangana, led proactive efforts to engage potential investors and communicate the party’s vision. Later, as a State Core Committee Member, I expanded party membership and utilized technology for youth engagement, amplifying support for AAP’s policies.

As the Founder and Chairman of Tribal Hub and the driving force behind the Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation, I have attempted to uplift the socio-economic status of the tribal populace and ensure their rightful place in the fabric of our society.

As an entrepreneur and social activist, I have garnered substantial support from the youth and constituents through my professional endeavors. It is an honor to be considered the ultimate choice for the Mahabubabad Parliament, as the people trust in my ability to address unemployment and foster development, both personally and through my foundation, as well as politically dedicating my life to serving the people. With humility and determination, I stand ready to take on new challenges, including the forthcoming elections, where I aspire to represent the aspirations and dreams of the people of the Mahabubabad parliament.

-Mr. Shoban Babu Bhukya …..

As I reflect on my life’s journey, I find comfort in the service I’ve rendered to my society, guided by the principles of compassion and kindness. From humble beginnings to impactful leadership roles, my path has been defined by a relentless commitment to uplifting the marginalized and empowering the voiceless.

-Mr. Shoban Babu Bhukya

Early Life and Childhood:

Shoban Babu Bhukya was born into an agricultural family on July 20th, 1986, to Smt. Sakki Bai and Sri. Chakru Bhukya in Ayyagaripally Village of Inugurthy Mandal, located in the Mahabubabad District of Telangana. Having resided in Hyderabad for numerous years, his upbringing was rooted in the values of rural life, instilling in him a strong work ethic and a deep sense of community responsibility.

Educational Qualification:

Shoban Babu Bhukya holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Sciences from the University College of Engineering, Osmania University. He furthered his academic pursuits with a Master’s in Computer Science Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Complementing his technical expertise, he has completed an Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) under the CMSTEI Scheme at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

These comprehensive educational efforts have equipped him with a robust foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling him to excel in his professional work and contribute meaningfully to technology and entrepreneurship.



Shoban Babu Bhukya embarked on his political journey with a clear vision and a strong commitment to serving the people of his constituency. Joining the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) marked his raid into politics, driven by a primary intention to extend his service to the community through the impactful platform of politics. As a Youth Leader, he swiftly assumed a prominent role in various social and political campaigns, particularly within the dynamic environment of Osmania University. His active participation in crucial meetings and political events underscored his dedication to fostering positive change and inspiring others to pursue entrepreneurship, education, and leadership paths.

Convener for Mahabubabad Parliamentary Constituency

Assuming the role of Convener for the Mahabubabad Parliamentary Constituency in Telangana, Shoban Babu Bhukya spearheaded numerous grassroots programs to engage directly with the local populace. Through these initiatives, he effectively cultivated interest and support for the AAP across diverse demographics, transcending age and gender barriers. His efforts at the grassroots level not only supported the party’s presence but also facilitated meaningful connections with constituents, thereby amplifying its impact and reach within the region.

State Treasurer Responsibilities

Shoban Babu Bhukya assumed the crucial position of State Treasurer for the party in Telangana, elevating his involvement within the AAP hierarchy. In this capacity, he demonstrated proactive leadership by diligently reaching out to potential investors within the state. He played a pivotal role in communicating the party’s vision for Telangana through meticulous efforts such as compiling databases of educationalists, industrialists, and entrepreneurs. His strategic initiatives facilitated financial support and fostered deeper engagement and alignment with the party’s objectives among key stakeholders.

State Core Committee Membership

Shoban Babu Bhukya ’s influence within the AAP continued to expand as he ascended to State Core Committee Member for Telangana. In this role, he played a critical role in augmenting the party’s membership base across the state. Leveraging technology as an enabler, he effectively utilized digital platforms to engage the youth and disseminate awareness about AAP’s policies and ideology. By harnessing the power of technology, he facilitated widespread outreach and engagement, galvanizing support for the party’s initiatives and principles among the populace.

Through these multifaceted roles and responsibilities within the AAP, Shoban Babu Bhukya has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to advancing the party’s objectives and serving the interests of the people of Telangana. His strategic leadership, proactive initiatives, and dedication underscore his pivotal contributions to the region’s politics.

Looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Shoban Babu Bhukya expresses his willingness to contest as a Member of Parliament for the Mahabubabad Parliament under the Congress Party banner. With a steadfast commitment to the welfare and progress of his constituents, he pledges to champion their interests and advocate for inclusive policies that uplift every segment of society.


Shoban Babu Bhukya emerges as a visionary in entrepreneurship, blending forward-thinking strategies with a passion for innovation across diverse sectors. With a solid foundation in technology and a keen eye for market trends, he has successfully navigated various business domains, including Technology, Retail, FMCG, and Defence & Aerospace.

Shoban Babu Bhukya embodies the qualities of a transformational leader, characterised by his amicable demeanor, self- motivation, and commitment to superior human and social values. Known for his personable nature and determined focus, he is an inspiring figure within his teams, adept at fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence.

Software Developer at IBM Software Labs, Bangalore

With a foundational stint at IBM Software Labs in Bangalore, Shoban Babu Bhukya honed his technical sense for three years as a Software Developer. His experience in this multinational corporation equipped him with invaluable skills and insights into software development, laying a solid foundation for his future entrepreneurial ventures.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at 4amshop, Hyderabad

Following his tenure at IBM, Shoban Babu Bhukya ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing 4amshop in Hyderabad. Serving as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, he guided the company towards success, culminating in its acquisition by the Bangalore-based e-platform Big Basket (Daily Ninja) in August 2019. This strategic move underscored Shoban Babu’s prowess as a visionary entrepreneur and demonstrated his ability to identify and capitalise on market opportunities.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at 7 Am Supermarket, Hyderabad

In a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership prowess, Shoban Babu Bhukya spearheaded the establishment and operation of 7 Am Supermarket in Hyderabad. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, he applied his business sense and strategic foresight to establish the supermarket as a prominent player in the local retail landscape. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was evident in the supermarket’s offerings and service standards, further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic entrepreneur.

Proprietor at Shoban Defence And Aerospace, Hyderabad

Diversifying his entrepreneurial portfolio, Shoban Babu Bhukya assumed the role of Proprietor at Shoban Defence And Aerospace in Hyderabad. Leveraging his technology and business management expertise, he ventured into the critical sectors of defence and aerospace, contributing to the nation’s security and technological advancement. Through his leadership, Shoban Defence And Aerospace emerged as a trusted entity, exemplifying Shoban Babu’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Managing Director at Shoban Infra Developers Pvt Ltd (Oneyard), Hyderabad

As the Managing Director of Shoban Infra Developers Pvt Ltd (Oneyard) in Hyderabad, Shoban Babu played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategic direction and operational ambitions. Under his stewardship, the company embarked on ambitious infrastructural projects, contributing to the development and modernization of urban landscapes. His vision and leadership propelled Shoban Infra Developers Pvt Ltd towards sustainable growth and success, cementing its position as a key player in the infrastructure sector.

Leadership in Community Development

Shoban Babu Bhukya has consistently undertaken leadership roles to uplift and reshape tribal and rural communities nationwide. With a fervent objective to empower over ten lakh tribal youth, his vision extends towards making Telangana the exemplary state in India.

Corporate Experience and Industry Engagement

Shoban Babu Bhukya boasts an extensive corporate background, garnering invaluable experience across various sectors, including multinational corporations, retail, e-commerce, real estate, and defense. He has demonstrated remarkable adaptability and proficiency through his tenure in these industries, contributing significantly to their growth and development.


Hailing from a tribal background himself, Shoban Babu Bhukya embodies a deep-rooted commitment to the welfare of tribal communities. As the Founder and Chairman of Tribal Hub, he has established a vital platform for tribal entrepreneurs and community development. This forum not only fosters entrepreneurship but also serves as an active interface between tribal groups and both State and Central governments.

Initiatives by Tribal Hub

Under his leadership, Tribal Hub has spearheaded numerous initiatives to empower Scheduled Tribe (ST) youth. These efforts include organising awareness programs on entrepreneurship at various district levels and facilitating Loan Melas in collaboration with Public Sector Banks, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), and the National SC-ST Hub. Through these endeavors, Tribal Hub provides invaluable support to tribal entrepreneurial aspirants, facilitating their integration into mainstream economic activities.
Through these roles and initiatives, Bhukya Shoban Babu exemplifies a profound commitment to social responsibility and community development, particularly among marginalized and tribal populations.

Supporting Tribal Entrepreneurs through Technological Upgradation

Under the leadership of Shoban Babu Bhukya , the Tribal Hub has been instrumental in providing invaluable support to existing Scheduled Tribe (ST) entrepreneurs and enterprises. Through initiatives aimed at technological upgradation and capacity building, the Tribal Hub ensures that these entrepreneurs can effectively participate in government procurement processes. By facilitating access to modern technologies and industry best practices, the Tribal Hub empowers ST entrepreneurs to enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Mentorship and Support for ST Entrepreneurs

As part of its comprehensive approach, the Tribal Hub offers selected ST entrepreneurs personalized support and mentoring. Drawing upon the expertise of industry professionals, Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs), and business incubators, these entrepreneurs receive guidance tailored to their needs and challenges. Through this mentorship program, Shoban Babu Bhukya and the Tribal Hub foster an environment conducive to sustainable growth and success for ST entrepreneurs.

Empowering ST Youth Through Education and Workshops

One of the cornerstone initiatives of Shoban Babu Bhukya’s leadership is the empowerment of ST youth entrepreneurs. Through workshops and educational programs, over 15,000 ST youth have been empowered with knowledge and skills essential for entrepreneurship. These workshops cover various topics, including government schemes such as Standup India, Mudra Yojana, and the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sampada Yojana (PMKSY). By equipping ST youth with the necessary tools and resources, Shoban Babu Bhukya and the Tribal Hub aim to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and economic self-reliance within the ST community.

Promoting Socio-Economic Development Through Tribal Entrepreneurship

As the Founder and Chairman of the Tribal Hub, Shoban Babu Bhukya is committed to promoting socio-economic development among tribal communities. Through initiatives focused on entrepreneurship development, capacity building, and education, he seeks to uplift and empower tribal entrepreneurs nationwide. By providing a platform for collaboration between tribal groups, government agencies, and industry stakeholders, Shoban Babu Bhukya aims to create sustainable pathways for economic advancement and social inclusion within tribal communities.

President, Telangana State Chapter – Tribal Indian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (TICCI), Hyderabad

In a significant development, Shoban Babu Bhukya has assumed the prestigious position of President at the Telangana State Chapter of the Tribal Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TICCI), headquartered in Hyderabad. In this capacity, he spearheads initiatives to advance the economic interests of tribal entrepreneurs across the region. His responsibilities encompass various activities, including policy formulation, amendment, and implementation.

Acting as a pivotal interface between the relevant departments of state and central governments, Shoban Babu Bhukya diligently navigates the bureaucratic landscape to ensure the effective empowerment of tribal entrepreneurs. Under his leadership, TICCI’s Telangana State Chapter plays a crucial role in shaping policies that foster the growth and development of tribal businesses, thereby contributing to the overall socio-economic upliftment of tribal communities.

The Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation is founded on the belief that serving the needy is synonymous with serving the motherland, and it strives relentlessly to preserve cultural heritage, uplift marginalized communities, and foster social welfare, embodying a commitment to equality and empowerment.


“In serving the needy, we honor our motherland’s essence,

Through compassion and dedication, we alleviate distress’s presence.

Preserving Tribal and Banjara culture, our noble quest,

Empowering communities, ensuring every voice is blessed.”

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation is to serve as a motivation for positive social change, guided by the ethos that serving the needy is equivalent to serving the homeland. Through compassionate outreach and strategic interventions, we aim to ease the suffering of the vulnerable, particularly during times of crisis, and uphold the principles of equality, justice, and empowerment for all.

Vision Statement:

The vision is to create a society where everyone, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to essential resources, opportunities, and support systems to lead a dignified and fulfilling life. The foundation aspires to be a driving force in preserving and celebrating cultural diversity, fostering social cohesion, and promoting inclusive development across communities.
The Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and service, guided by the noble principle that ‘serving the needy is serving the motherland.’ Under the visionary leadership of Shoban Babu Bhukya, this foundation has demonstrated exemplary compassion and dedication, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the crisis, the foundation embarked on a mission to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable by providing essential aid and support.

Over forty thousand poor people were beneficiaries of coordinated food services, ensuring no one in need was left behind. Furthermore, essential commodities were distributed meticulously, reaching thousands of families across the region.

Preservation and Upliftment of Tribal and Banjara Culture

At the core of its mission, the Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation is deeply committed to preserving and uplifting Tribal and Banjara culture. Recognizing the importance of cultural heritage in fostering a sense of identity and pride among marginalized communities, the foundation actively works towards safeguarding and promoting their rich traditions. Through various initiatives and programs, it seeks to empower tribal and Banjara individuals, enabling them to preserve and celebrate their unique cultural heritage for generations.

Social Welfare Initiatives

  • Driven by a genuine desire to serve society, the Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation is a bastion of social welfare activities. During the COVID-19 crisis, the foundation extended a helping hand to over 50,000 families by providing essential food packets and groceries, ensuring their sustenance during trying times.
  • Additionally, recognizing the importance of health and hygiene, the foundation made significant financial contributions and donated essential supplies such as sanitizers and masks to the Telangana Health Department.
  • Furthermore, it actively encouraged community participation in initiatives such as the PM CARES Fund, mobilizing support for national relief efforts.

Empowerment Initiatives for Tribal Communities

In its commitment to social justice and equality, the Shoban Babu Bhukya Foundation undertakes initiatives to empower tribal communities, particularly focusing on issues such as girl-child education and early-age marriages.

By raising awareness about schemes such as “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” and advocating for the rights of tribal girls, the foundation seeks to break barriers and create pathways to a brighter future for the younger generation. Through education and advocacy, it attempts to address systemic challenges and create a more inclusive society where every individual, regardless of background, has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Active Participation in the Telangana State Movement

From 2008 to 2014, Shoban Babu Bhukya played a pivotal and active role in the Telangana State Movement. His dedication and unwavering commitment to the cause were instrumental in galvanizing support and mobilizing communities toward achieving the cherished goal of statehood.

Leadership in Gathering Large Audiences

Possessing a remarkable ability to gather large congregations of individuals, Shoban Babu Bhukya has been instrumental in organizing and orchestrating successful political events. His adeptness at engaging and inspiring audiences underscores his leadership prowess and the depth of his influence within the community.

Support for ST Youth Entrepreneurship

Shoban Babu Bhukya is deeply passionate about motivating Scheduled Tribe (ST) youth to explore opportunities as entrepreneurs in the business and industry sectors. Through advocacy and mentorship, he aims to instill in them the confidence and skills necessary to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s economy through wealth creation.

Commitment to Social Welfare and Community Development

As a passionate social welfare activist, Shoban Babu Bhukya has dedicated himself to elevating the socio-economic status of tribal communities. His compassionate nature and inspirational leadership have driven various initiatives aimed at empowering marginalized groups and fostering inclusive growth.

Active Participation in Elections

Shoban Babu Bhukya has actively participated in the democratic process, demonstrating his commitment to serving the people through his engagement in the electoral process. His involvement in the Telangana Assembly and GHMC elections of 2014, 2018, and 2021 underscores his dedication to representing the voices and concerns of the community at various levels of governance.

Community Awareness Initiatives

In observance of Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti, Shoban Babu Bhukya has taken proactive measures to raise awareness and celebrate the community’s cultural heritage. Through organized awareness camps, he has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of the teachings and values espoused by Maharishi Valmiki, contributing to the cultural enrichment of society.

Festival Celebrations for Social Welfare

Recognizing the importance of fostering goodwill and camaraderie within the community, Shoban Babu Bhukya has organized Diwali Melas to spread joy and support the underprivileged. Through these initiatives, he has facilitated the distribution of sweets and blankets to those in need, exemplifying the spirit of compassion and generosity synonymous with the festival of lights.

Healthcare Outreach

Demonstrating his commitment to addressing the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations, Shoban Babu Bhukya has undertaken initiatives to provide essential medical assistance to women from underprivileged backgrounds. Through the distribution of sewing medicines, he has sought to alleviate the suffering of individuals facing health challenges, thereby promoting the well-being and dignity of all members of society.

Educational Support for the Poor

To promote access to education and empower the youth from marginalized communities, Shoban Babu Bhukya has facilitated the distribution of uniforms and books to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. By investing in their educational journey, he tries to break the cycle of poverty and create pathways for a brighter future for all.



Banjara Ratna Award:

Shoban Babu Bhukya was honored with the prestigious Banjara Ratna Award, recognizing his exceptional contributions and leadership within the Banjara community.

Certificate of Appreciation from Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Gol:

Acknowledging his dedicated efforts towards tribal welfare and community development, Shoban Babu Bhukya was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

Success Story Featured in ETV Yuva Programme:

The remarkable success story of 4amshop, a venture spearheaded by Shoban Babu Bhukya , was showcased on the esteemed platform of ETV Yuva Programme, highlighting his entrepreneurial acumen and innovative ventures.

Media Recognition for Entrepreneurship:

Shoban Babu Bhukya ’s entrepreneurial endeavours garnered significant attention from renowned media outlets such as Sakshi, Eenadu Newspaper, Economics Times, and various other channels, underscoring his impact and influence in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Leadership and Start-up Enabler:

Shoban Babu Bhukya has been consistently honoured at numerous forums for his exemplary leadership qualities and his role as a catalyst for fostering start-up culture and entrepreneurship.

Effective Youth Leader and Spokesperson:

Recognised for his eloquence, vision, and ability to mobilise and inspire the youth, Shoban Babu Bhukya is hailed as an effective youth leader and a compelling spokesperson for various causes and initiatives.

Acknowledgement as a Successful Entrepreneur:

With a track record of successful ventures across diverse sectors, Shoban Babu Bhukya has earned widespread recognition as a dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur, contributing significantly to economic growth and innovation.

Flat No 2112, Sumadhura Acropolis, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-32, Telangana.

Email id: [email protected]

Mobile: 92485 82555



Shoban Babu Bhukya ‘s aspiration to contest as a Member of Parliament for Mahabubabad in the upcoming 2024 elections stems from a profound dedication to serving his community and fostering positive change at the grassroots level.

With a deeply ingrained understanding of the challenges and aspirations of the people of Mahabubabad, Shoban Babu Bhukya envisions himself as a champion of their rights and a voice for their concerns in the corridors of power. His journey from Telangana’s tranquil villages to Hyderabad’s bustling streets has instilled in him a deep sense of responsibility towards uplifting the socio-economic status of his constituents, particularly the marginalised and underprivileged sections of society. Through his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, community development, and political activism, Shoban Babu Bhukya has honed his leadership skills and cultivated a keen understanding of the issues plaguing his constituency, propelling him towards representing their interests at the highest levels of governance.

Furthermore, Shoban Babu Bhukya ‘s decision to contest as an MP for Mahabubabad is fueled by a steadfast commitment to driving the region’s inclusive growth and equitable development. He envisions a future where every individual, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to essential resources and opportunities for advancement.

With a proven track record of spearheading impactful initiatives in areas such as tribal welfare, education, and healthcare, Shoban Babu Bhukya aims to leverage his expertise and passion for service to enact meaningful policy changes and enact legislation that addresses the pressing needs of his constituents. By supporting progressive reforms and championing the interests of the marginalised, Shoban Babu Bhukya seeks to usher in a new era of prosperity and empowerment for the people of Mahabubabad, cementing his role as a dedicated and visionary leader in the political landscape of Telangana.

“I am driven by a dual passion: to innovate in the professional arena and to serve my community through politics. My journey is defined by a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of positive change.” -Mr. Shoban Babu Bhukya

Major Involvement in Party Activities

"Modi Hatao Desh Bachao" seminar

Aam Aadmi Party State Core Committee members Dr. Diddi Sudhakar, Shobhan Babu Bukhya, Burra Ramulu Goud met Telangana State Planning Commission Vice-Chairman and former MP Boinapally Vinod Kumar at Banjara Hills residence in Hyderabad to attend the “Modi Hatao Desh Bachao” seminar. They asked Boinapally Vinod Kumar to participate in the “Modi Hatao Desh Bachao” seminar to be held at the Hyderabad Press Club in Somajiguda and give their valuable message, and he promised to attend.

Illegal arrest

While Aam Aadmi Party was peacefully protesting against Modi-Adani’s black marketing at BJP headquarters in every state, police illegally arrested AAP leaders and activists and took them to police stations.


Voter Meeting

Mahbubabad Parliament (Congress Party) aspirant Bhukya Shobhan Babu along with party leaders as part of the voter meeting.

Join the party

Aam Aadmi Party core committee members under the leadership of state treasurer Bhukya Shobhan Babu, youths joined in party in large numbers.

BJP government is taking education away from poor students

Aam Aadmi Party Telangana State Core Committee member Bhukya Shobhan Babu said that the BJP government is conspiring to deprive the students of the deprived sections of education. Addressing a press conference at the district party office in the town centre, they warned the BJP government to immediately reverse its decision to cancel scholarships for students below class eight. They warned that if the decision taken by the BJP government is not rescinded, the Aam Aadmi Party-led student body cyss, along with the students, will not back down to fight against the BJP government. Aam Aadmi Party Affiliated Student Union District Coordinator Suresh Babu, Leaders Ganesh, Sagar, Naveen, Vishnu and others participated in this program.

Election Campaign

Aam Aadmi Party Telangana State Core Committee Members & State Treasurer Mr. Bhukya Shobhan Babu conducted extensive campaigning by Guguloth Ganesh and Sheikh Shahid of Mahabubabad district as part of the upcoming Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections in New Delhi.

Awareness Meeting

In Govindapuram and Dubbagudem villages of Mahbubnagar District Center Guduru Mandal, a conference was held to create awareness among the people under the leadership of Aam Aadmi Party Leader Shobhan Babu.

Kejriwal's welfare schemes

As part of Aam Aadmi Party’s campaign in Gajula Gattu, Bollepalli and Ramulu Tanda villages of Guduru mandal of Mahbubabad district center, under the leadership of Shobhan Babu, Aravind Kejriwal led by and explained to the people about Kejriwal’s welfare schemes and Delhi administration.

Key Participation in Social Services

Babu Jagjivan Ram's Birth Anniversary

Mahbubabad Parliament (Congress Party) aspirant Bhukya Shobhan Babu laid flowers on the birth anniversary of Freedom Fighter, Dalit Jana Bandha, Egalitarian, Social Reformer, Former Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram.

Rangoli Competition Prize Distribution

Aam Aadmi Party Telangana State Core Committee members organized a mandal level Rangoli competition on the occasion of Sankranthi in Inugurthi mandal of Mahabubabad district under the auspices of the state treasurer Bhukya Shobhan Babu of Shobhan Babu Foundation. Prizes were given mainly to the women who won the competitions.

Tearful Tributes

Tearful tributes to Dr. Prithamma. Even now, the government should form a committee to find out the reasons and take steps to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Sticking 550 stickers on 300 autos

Aam Aadmi Party Telangana State Core Committee members affixed 550 stickers to 300 cars in Guduru Mandal of Mahabubabad District and Nekkonda Mandal of Warangal District under the jurisdiction of Aam Aadmi Party Mahabubabad Parliament under the orders of State Treasurer Bhukya Shobhan Babu. Auto drivers are enthusiastically putting up stickers voluntarily for providing world class free education and medicine under Arvind Kajriwal’s regime.

Bhagat Singh Birth Anniversary

A tribute was paid to the charismatic Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh on his birth anniversary, remembering his services.

Sri Sri Sant Sewalal Maharaj 284 Jayanti

The 284th birth anniversary celebrations of Sri Sri Sant Sewalal Maharaj were celebrated in a grand manner at the district office of Aam Aadmi Party, Mahabubabad. Aam Aadmi Party Telangana State Treasurer and State Core Committee member Bhukya Shobhan Babu, who were the chief guests of this program, participated and paid tributes to Sewalal Maharaj’s portrait by garlanding it. On this occasion, Bhukya Shobhan Babu said that Sevalal Maharaj was the idol of the Banjaras, they said that violence is a sin, drunkenness and smoking are curses, a humanist with truth, courage, care and discipline, a rationalist who fought against superstitions, and an idealist. It was Sewalal Maharaj, the leader who suggested that Gor Banjaras should be set up as special Thandas somewhere in the hills in the forests.

Navigating Leadership Circles: Bhukya Shoban Babu’s Interactions with Prominent Figures

Bhukya Shoban Babu courteously met with D.K Shiva Kumar, the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Telangana State Core Committee Members and State Treasurer Bhukya Shobhan Babu congratulated ” Mrs. A. Shanti Kumari ” of 1989 IAS batch as the new Chief Secretary (CS) of Telangana State Government.

Shri K.C. Venugopal, AICC General Secretary for Organization was politely met by Shobhan Babu.

Manukota Parliament (Congress Party) Lok Sabha aspirant Bhukya Shobhan Babu met Telangana State Chief Minister Enumula Revanth Reddy’s special  Adviser “Shri. Vem Narender Reddy”.

Bhukya Shoban Babu courtes Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi and national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

Karnataka Deputy CM Sivakumar was met with courtesy.

Mahbubabad Parliament (Congress Party) Aspirant Bhukya Shobhan Babu met the Narsampeta Constituency Legislator ” Shri. Donthi Madhava Reddy” politely.

Manukota Parliament (Congress Party) Lok Sabha aspirant Bhukya Shobhan Babu met Telangana State Chief Minister Enumula Revanth Reddy’s special ” Shri. Adviser Vem Narender Reddy”.

Highlighted Newpaper Clippings of Bhukya Shoban Babu

Bhukya Shobhan Babu of Ayyagaripalli village of Kesamudram Mandal in the district has been appointed as the Telangana State Treasurer of Aam Aadmi Party. Telangana state search committee chairperson Indira Shobhan and AAP Telangana state election in-charge Somnath Bharti have issued orders on the orders of Aam Aadmi Party national convener Aravind Kejriwal.

Bhukya Shobhan Babu, who is hoping for a ticket from the Mahabubabad Parliament Congress Party, honored Donthi Madhav Reddy with a shawl as a courtesy to Narsampeta MLAs. On this occasion, Bhukya Shobhan Babu said that he will be in the ring from Mahabubabad Parliament and the leadership responded coolly. He said that he will visit all the constituencies of the Mahabubabad Parliament very soon.

Trible Hub founder Bhukya Shobhan Babu has decided to stand in the Lok Sabha constituency of Mahabubabad. Shobhan Babu, who has completed entrepreneur development programs from Bangalore IIS Masters and ISB, has been conducting extensive service programs under Trible Hub for four years. He has a wide following and relatives in the Lok Sabha and is trying to become the candidate of the Congress party in the next few elections.

Aam Aadmi Party State Core Committee Member Dr. Diddi Sudhakar has requested to attend the “Modi Hatao Desh Bachao” conference and win victory. To this extent, Telangana State Planning Commission Vice-Chairman, former MP Boinapally Vinod Kumar, Aam Aadmi Party State Core Committee members Dr. Diddi Sudhakar, Shobhan Babu Bukhya, Burra Ramulu Goud together at his residence in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad for the “Modi Hatao Desh Bachao” conference. He was invited to attend and do it Success.

Aam Aadmi Party core committee members under the leadership of state treasurer Bhukya Shobhan Babu, youths joined in large numbers. The youth is attracted by the Aravind Kejriwal craze. Hyderabad, Youth in Telangana state are taking steps towards Aam Aadmi Party, Telangana State Core Committee member, State Treasurer Bhukya Shobhan Babu said. Speaking at a meeting organized in Bayyaram mandal, if everyone in Telangana state is to get equal modern medical corporate level education, it is with Aam Aadmi Party. They said it was possible. He said that after coming to power, the Delhi government has done many things which the Telangana government could not do. He said that if corruption is to be eradicated in this country, it depends only on the youth and the students. Later, a large number of youth joined the party, about 50 people. Shobhan Babu said that this is a good development for the expansion of Aam Aadmi Party.

The state government has nothing but words to do in the matter of waste lands. Time is running out without solving the problem. It has been six months since the applications were received and still nothing has been done. Sub-Committee on Waste Lands. It is limited to advertising. Now the farming season has started. Do not do any harm to the tribals who are cultivating in this order. The illegal cases against them should be dropped. Under the Forest Rights Act, 2006, title deeds should be given to the waste lands which have been cultivated for decades. Otherwise, the movement will fail.

Rangoli competitions were organized under the auspices of Bhukya Shobhanbabu Foundation on the occasion of Sankranti festival in Inugurthi mandal centre. Chinnala Kattayya, Malothu Mangyanayak, Ponnam Kavitha, Shailaja, Manemma, Indira, Rajeshwari, Komuramma participated in this program.

Aam Aadmi Party state leader Bhukya Shobhan Babu is happy to contribute to the development of sports in Kesamudram mandal and Mahabubabad district along with Inugurthi, who is the name given to the sport of volleyball in Telangana state. Along with many sports competitions held in Inugurthi, jerseys were distributed at a cost of thousands of rupees to the players participating in the district level Premier League cricket tournament held at Kesamudram mandal center under the auspices of Bhukya Shobhan Babu Foundation. Jerseys worth 50 thousand rupees were given to all the players participating in the Premier League cricket tournament currently being held at Kesamudram mandal centre. On this occasion, Shobhan Babu said that he is giving encouragement to the sportsmen of Kesamudram mandal along with Inugurthi, which is the birthplace of sports in Telangana state, and he is giving jerseys and sports equipment to the sportsmen to help them bring fame at the national level. Bhukya Shobhan Babu Foundation is providing many service programs and incentive gifts to promote social responsibility along with youth sports.

Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Aravind Kejiva said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is worried about the growing public fear across the country, Delhi legislator and AAP South India in-charge Somnath Bharti. Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Aam Aadmi Party has become a challenge to the BJP, which is why they are targeting AAP leaders and sending them to jails with false cases. A Samarabheri sabha was held under the auspices of AAP Telangana branch at RTC Kalyana Mandapam. Somnath Bharti who participated as the chief guest in the program spoke and said that his party is working for the upliftment and welfare of the poor people. He criticized the Prime Minister for selling the country without paying attention to the problems like rising prices and unemployment. AAP State Convener Dr. Diddi Sudhakar presided over the program and Telangana core committee members Shobhan Bookya, spokesperson Vinay Reddy and others participated.

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