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Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi

State Youth Congress General Secretary, Telangana, INC


Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi: A Journey of Dedication to Public Service and Community Empowerment

I am Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi, and my commitment to public service and community empowerment is my guiding principle. I was born on March 2, 1992, in LB Nagar Village, Ranga Reddy District, to a humble farming family. My early education at Hyderabad Public School and Fiitjee Junior College laid the foundation for my academic and leadership journey. With a B.Tech degree from MVSR Engineering College and a Master’s in Computer Engineering, I embarked on a path dedicated to societal progress and youth development.

Throughout my tenure with the National Union of Students of India (NSUI) and the Indian National Congress (INC), I have remained steadfast in my commitment to social justice and community welfare. From serving as LB Nagar Zonal Incharge to Ranga Reddy District Incharge, my political journey has been marked by grassroots engagement and advocacy for Telangana statehood. As the esteemed JAC Chairman of Telangana Engineering Colleges, I continue to champion educational excellence and innovative growth.

The establishment of the Jakkidi Charitable Trust, under my leadership, embodies our dedication to addressing societal challenges through education, healthcare, and community development. Our mission is to uplift the less privileged and foster positive change within our community. Join us in our journey towards a brighter, more inclusive future where every individual’s potential is realized, and every voice is heard. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and build a better society for all.

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi
State Youth Congress General Secretary

Early Life & Education-

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi was born on March 2, 1992, in LB Nagar Village, Ranga Reddy District, to Shri Jakkidi Prabhakar Reddy and Smt. Hailing from a farming family, Shiva Charan Reddy began his academic journey in Hyderabad. He attended Hyderabad Public School in Ramanthapur, where he completed his schooling in 2007. He then pursued his intermediate education at Fiitjee Junior College in Dilsukhnagar, graduating in 2009.

For his higher education, Shiva Charan Reddy enrolled at Maturi Venkata Subba Rao (MVSR) Engineering College in Telangana, where he earned a B.Tech degree in 2014. He further advanced his studies by completing a Master’s degree in the US from the University of Houston Clear Lake with a specialization in Computer Engineering in 2016.

Founding Tech Zion IT Solutions: A Visionary Journey

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

After completing his higher education, Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi established Tech Zion IT Solutions, a distinguished firm specializing in technology solutions. The company offers comprehensive consulting, platforms, and solutions tailored for enterprises across diverse industries. With a steadfast commitment to delivering premium-quality technology solutions, Tech Zion IT Solutions utilizes cutting-edge digital technologies to digitally transform enterprises, fostering substantial business growth.

Under Shiva Charan Reddy’s leadership as Founder and President, Tech Zion IT Solutions has created 1000 job opportunities in the IT sector, spanning both India and the USA.

Involvement & Responsibilities in NSUI-

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

During his time at College and University, Shiva Charan Reddy actively participated in organizing meetings and events. His engagement with the National Union of Students of India (NSUI) at both college and university levels provided him with invaluable experience and exposure in the realm of student politics.

Dedicated Service in College Politics and Local Governance-(2010-12)

During his tenure from 2010 to 2012, Shiva Charan Reddy served as an LB Nagar Zonal Incharge from NSUI. His significant contributions extended beyond the realm of administrative responsibilities, reflecting a steadfast commitment to enhancing the well-being and progress of the community. Through his esteemed position, he exemplified unwavering dedication to uplifting the residents and actively engaging in local governance initiatives.

Leadership as Ranga Reddy District Incharge-(2013-14)

During the period spanning from 2013-14, Shiva Charan Reddy took on the pivotal role of Ranga Reddy District Incharge for the NSUI. In this capacity, he led a series of grassroots initiatives aimed at fostering direct engagement with the local community. Through his endeavors, he not only bolstered the party’s presence but also forged authentic connections with constituents, thereby enhancing its influence and outreach in the region.

Dedicated Service and Political Advancement: Shiva Charan Reddy’s Journey within the INC-2010

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Shiva Charan Reddy’s political journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and commitment to public service. Inspired by the leadership of Shri Rahul Gandhi and profoundly influenced by his father, Jakkidi Prabhakar Reddy, who devoted his life to politics, Shiva Charan Reddy officially joined the Indian National Congress Party in 2010.

From the moment he became a member, Shiva Charan Reddy has been tirelessly working towards the development and growth of the party. His father’s legacy of sacrifice and lifelong commitment to the Congress Party instilled in Shiva Charan Reddy a deep sense of duty and passion for political service. This foundation, combined with the inspiration drawn from Shri. Rahul Gandhi’s vision for the nation propelled Shiva Charan Reddy to actively contribute to the party’s mission and goals.

Appointment as Indian Overseas Congress Texas State President (2016-19)-

From 2016-19, Shiva Charan Reddy’s commitment to the Indian National Congress Party was recognized as he was appointed as the Indian Overseas Congress Texas State President. This role marked the beginning of his impactful involvement in shaping the party’s digital presence and communication strategy.

Prominent Roles and Achievements –

In 2022, Shiva Charan Reddy’s exemplary performance and unwavering dedication earned him significant promotions within the Youth Congress. He was appointed as the Youth Congress State Campaign Committee Chairman. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing and strategizing statewide campaign efforts.

Additionally, he was designated as the Youth Congress Social Media State Convenor. He expertly managed the party’s social media presence, ensuring effective communication and engagement with the public.

Furthermore, he was entrusted with the position of Porata Yathra Incharge. In this capacity, he led and coordinated the impactful Porata Yathra movement. These roles underscored his leadership capabilities and his pivotal role in advancing the Youth Congress’s mission.

Continued Leadership as State Youth Congress General Secretary (Since 2023)-

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

In 2023, Shiva Charan Reddy’s dedication to the party was reaffirmed as he continued to serve as the State Youth Congress General Secretary in Telangana from the Indian National Congress, showcasing his sustained commitment to digital outreach and engagement.

Advocacy for Telangana Statehood: Shiva Charan Reddy’s Activism

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Shiva Charan Reddy emerged as a fervent Telangana Activist, prominently contributing to the Telangana Movement with Shri. Muddasani Kodandaram Reddy Sir. His dedicated efforts were directed towards championing the establishment of Telangana as a distinct state, separate from Andhra Pradesh.

Since the inception of his involvement with the movement, Shiva Charan Reddy has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people, consistently striving for the progress of both his party and society at large. His service has been marked by a steadfast dedication to the betterment of society, manifesting in his active participation in numerous social programs. Engaging in events such as the Million March, Bike Rallies, and Dharnas, Shiva Charan Reddy actively advocated for the cause of Telangana’s statehood.

Shiva Charan Reddy holds the distinguished position of JAC Chairman at prominent Telangana engineering colleges. His leadership has been instrumental in steering the institution towards academic excellence and innovative growth. Renowned for his commitment to educational development, he has played a crucial role in fostering an environment that nurtures the talents and aspirations of engineering students.

Strategic Roles Recognitions in Elections -A Timeline of Shiva Charan Reddy’s Leadership-

Leadership in GHMC Election: Mansoorabad Incharge

In March 2016, Shiva Charan Reddy assumed the crucial role of Mansoorabad Incharge in the GHMC Election, where his strategic planning and organizational skills were pivotal in mobilizing party workers and volunteers. Under his leadership, campaign activities were intensified, ensuring effective voter outreach and engagement. His efforts contributed significantly to the party’s electoral success, reflecting his dedication and capability in managing large-scale political campaigns.

2020: GHMC Election Obligations–

Shiva Charan Reddy served as the In-Charge during the GHMC Elections in Mansoorabad in 2016. His dedication and hard work significantly contributed to the success of the party’s endeavors during the election period.

2023: Assembly Election Responsibilities– (Campaigned 18,000 Households)

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

During the 2023 Assembly Elections, Shiva Charan Reddy took on the crucial role of Youth Congress In-Charge and Campaigned through the Telangana State. In this capacity, he was responsible for coordinating youth activities, mobilizing young voters, and ensuring the effective implementation of campaign strategies to support the party’s electoral objectives. His leadership and organizational skills played a vital role in energizing the youth base and driving the campaign’s success in the region.

Shiva Charan Reddy played a pivotal role in the Congress party’s door-to-door assembly election campaign across the state. He personally canvassed around 18,000 households, diligently explaining the Congress manifesto and engaging with residents to garner their support. His extensive outreach efforts significantly contributed to raising awareness about the party’s policies and initiatives among the electorate.

2024: Parliamentary Elections- (Campaigned 9,000 Households)

In the 2024 parliamentary elections, Shiva Charan Reddy played a crucial role in the Gadapa Gadapa campaign by visiting 9,000 households across the state. His efforts involved engaging with residents, discussing the party’s platform, and rallying support, thereby significantly contributing to the campaign’s outreach and impact.

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

At Gandhi Bhavan, TPCC Working President and MLC, Mr. Mahesh Goud, honored Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary, Mr. Jakkidi Shiva Charan Reddy, for his exceptional efforts in conducting the most extensive door-to-door campaigning in the state during the parliamentary elections. The event saw the participation of Telangana State Youth Congress President, Shri. Shivsena Reddy, Telangana State National Incharge, Smt. Surabhi Dwivedi, and other distinguished attendees.

2024 : Karimnagar Elections-

In 2024, Shiva Charan Reddy actively participated in the Karimnagar elections, serving as the Incharge for the region. In this role, he oversaw and coordinated campaign efforts, ensuring a well-organized and effective electoral strategy.

Empowering Communities: The Jakkidi Charitable Trust’s Journey of Compassion and Impact-

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Jakkidi Shiva Charan Reddy, under the guidance of his father, Shri. Jakkidi Prabhakar Reddy, established the Jakkidi Charitable Trust, a philanthropic organization committed to addressing various societal challenges. Jakkidi Shiva Charan Reddy is the Founder of Jakkidi Charitable Trust and this trust was founded with a strong emphasis on social, educational, healthcare, and economic development within LB Nagar Constituency and beyond. Their mission aims to uplift the less privileged through impactful initiatives that foster positive change in the community.

Education stands as a cornerstone of their efforts, reflecting Prabhakar Reddy’s belief in its transformative power. The Trust supports deserving students with scholarships, educational resources, and infrastructure improvements, empowering them to pursue their academic aspirations and build brighter futures.

In healthcare, the Jakkidi Charitable Trust extends critical medical and financial aid to patients in need, ensuring equitable access to essential healthcare services during times of illness.

Beyond these sectors, the Jakkidi Charitable Trust engages in comprehensive community development projects. These initiatives focus on enhancing local infrastructure, sanitation standards, and public amenities, thereby improving overall living conditions for residents.

Social welfare remains a central pillar of their work, evident through initiatives like food and clothing distribution drives that benefit underprivileged individuals, as well as support programs for vulnerable groups such as orphans and the elderly.

Operating with transparency and integrity, the Jakkidi Charitable Trust adheres to ethical practices in collaboration with local NGOs, government bodies, and other stakeholders. This collaborative approach amplifies their impact and broadens their outreach, effectively serving a wider segment of society.

Through its dedicated efforts over the years, the Jakkidi Charitable Trust has become a symbol of hope and compassion in the community, reflecting Prabhakar Reddy’s deep-seated commitment to humanitarian service. Their initiatives have garnered widespread support and participation, inspiring others to join their cause and contribute to the collective welfare of society.

Shiva Charan Reddy initiated a skill development program in Telangana, offering free training to hundreds of unemployed individuals, empowering them with valuable skills.

Major Participation in INC Party Activities –

  • From 2019 to 2022, under the direction of Jakkidi Shiva Sena Reddy, Shiva Charan Reddy actively participated in numerous programs organized by the Youth Congress. During this period, he played a pivotal role in various initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to the party’s goals and values. His involvement included leading campaigns, organizing events, and mobilizing youth participation, all aimed at fostering political awareness and engagement among the younger generation. Through these efforts, Shiva Charan Reddy established himself as a dedicated and influential member of the Youth Congress, contributing significantly to its activities and outreach.

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi | State Youth Congress General Secretary | INC | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

  • Shiva Charan Reddy spearheaded the launch of the TJAC diary, an initiative that marked a significant milestone for the organization. This diary, embedded within the calendar, served as a comprehensive tool for documenting events, milestones, and strategic initiatives undertaken by the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC).
  • Shiva Charan Reddy is deeply involved in the activities of his party, dedicating himself to effectively communicating and advocating for its principles and achievements among the public. With a passionate commitment, he highlights the strengths and successes of the party, aiming to bolster support and trust among constituents. Through his active engagement in party programs, Shiva Charan Reddy strives to ensure that the party’s vision and values resonate strongly with the community, fostering greater cohesion and participation in its initiatives.
  • Shiva Charan Reddy actively engages in diverse party development initiatives within his village, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to community welfare. He conscientiously undertakes responsibilities delegated by senior party leaders, approaching each task with respect and dedication. By focusing on resolving local issues and advancing community interests through these programs, Shiva Charan Reddy strengthens the party’s grassroots presence and fosters a sense of collective progress among residents. His proactive involvement underscores his role as a trusted leader dedicated to improving the quality of life for his constituents.
  • Shiva Charan Reddy vehemently opposes anti-people policies of both state and central governments, leading protests and dharnas to advocate for the rights and welfare of the people.
  • He stands firm against the repeal of beneficial agricultural laws and other measures crucial for the survival and prosperity of farmers, advocating for their rights and well-being.

Jakkidi Shiva Sena Reddy’s Exemplary Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shiva Sena Reddy displayed extraordinary dedication to serving the public and providing relief to those most affected by the crisis. As the pandemic unleashed its devastating impact on communities, Shiva Sena Reddy recognized the urgent need for support and took immediate action to alleviate the suffering of the vulnerable.
  • Shiva Sena Reddy provided crucial support to those in need by distributing groceries and offering financial assistance to individuals suffering from the virus. Demonstrating his deep commitment to community welfare, he spent his own money to help those struggling during this challenging period.
  • First and foremost, Shiva Sena Reddy distributed groceries, glucose, and juices in hospitals. With many people facing job losses and economic hardships due to lock downs and restrictions, his food donations came as a lifeline for families struggling to put food on the table. His efforts ensured that no one in his vicinity had to endure hunger during these challenging times.
  • Shiva Sena Reddy’s compassion extended to those who tragically lost their lives to COVID-19. He took it upon himself to volunteer and perform the last rites for individuals who did not have family members or support in their final moments. His selfless gesture brought comfort to grieving families and offered solace during their darkest hours.
  • In addition to his immediate relief efforts, Shiva Sena Reddy actively participated in various medical aid initiatives. He distributed fruits, gloves, masks, and sanitizers to hospitals and healthcare facilities, ensuring that frontline workers had the necessary protection while caring for COVID-19 patients. By supporting medical staff and institutions, he contributed to the collective effort to combat the pandemic and safeguard public health.
  • Throughout the pandemic, Shiva Sena Reddy fearlessly stood on the front lines, ensuring that his community had access to vital resources and support. His unwavering commitment to public service and genuine concern for the well-being of others served as an inspiration to many. Despite facing challenges and risks, he continued to serve with dedication, empathy, and resilience, becoming a ray of hope in the darkest times.
  • Shiva Sena Reddy’s exemplary service during the pandemic reflects his unwavering commitment to his community and his strong sense of social responsibility. His actions demonstrated the true essence of leadership, as he put the needs of others before his own and worked tirelessly to provide relief and support to those in distress. His contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic stands as a testament to his selflessness and compassion, and his efforts will be remembered as a shining example of how individuals can make a significant difference in times of crisis.

H.NO: 3-9-104, Colony : Central Bank Colony, Village: Mansoorabad, District: Ranga Reddy, Constituency: LB Nagar, State: Telangana, Pincode: 500068

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: 9333763333

Mr. Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi Met Prominent Leaders

Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi had a formal meeting with Telangana State Chief Minister Sri. Anumula Revanth Reddy as a courtesy call.

The Indian National Youth Congress started in Delhi. The President, Mr Jakkidi Siva Charan Reddy, the General Secretary of the Telangana State Youth Congress, met Srinivas BV.

Indian Overseas with Sachin Pilot and Milind Devarala in Australia event.

Telangana State Youth Congress Secretary Shiva Charan Reddy met Government Advisor Mr. Vem Narender Reddy who came along with Chief Minister Mr. Revanth Reddy for the opening of Bairamal Guda Flyover.

Telangana State Youth Congress Secretary Shiva Charan Reddy Formaly met the Ex Cheif Minister of Maharastra “Mr Prithviraj Chavan”

In the special Telangana movement, around 60-70 colleges were visited and met Mrs. Sabitha Indra Reddy, motivating the students towards the Telangana movement.

Telangana State Youth Congress Secretary Shiva Charan Reddy met Ex MLA ” Mr Challa Vamsichand Reddy”

Active Role in Party Activities


Honor Ceremony

In-charge of Telangana State Congress Party, Smt. Deepa Dasmunsi, and Shri. Shiv Sena Reddy honored Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Siva Charan Reddy Jakkidi for playing a key role in winning the maximum number of seats by widely promoting the door-to-door Congress Manifesto and six guarantees of Congress in Telangana State in the 2023 Assembly Elections.

Nomination Process

Shiv Charan Reddy Jakkidi participated in the nomination process of Madhu Goud Yaskhi, Congress candidate of LB Nagar Constituency with a large-scale bike rally with Youth Congress leaders.

Honor Ceremony

Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Siva Charan Reddy honored Jakkidi for his contribution to this important position on the occasion of the appointment of Sri. Pullaiah as the Vice President of Mansoorabad Division Congress Party.

Party Meeting

Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Shiv Charan Reddy Jakkidi participated in the meeting with Youth Congress leaders.

Party Meeting at Gandhi Bhavan

Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Shiv Charan Reddy Jakkidi participated in the meeting of key leaders organized by Telangana State Youth Congress President Shiv Sena Reddy at Gandhi Bhavan.


People need to be aware of the BJP party which is seeking 400 seats as part of the implementation of the secret agenda of anti-social agenda, and the abolition of the constitution of BJP and RSS, thereby lifting the reservation permanently and creating an atmosphere of social instability. In protest against this, Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Siva Charan Reddy Jakkidi participated in a demonstration under the leadership of Malkajgiri Parliament Congress Party candidate Patnam Sunitha Mahender Reddy and campaign committee chairman Madhu Yashki Garla near the statue of Ambedkar in LB Nagar Square.

Protest in Delhi

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi participated in the program to protest the paper leak incident in Delhi. During the protest, he highlighted the students’ problems and demanded action against those responsible. He also expressed his opinion on issues such as efforts to eliminate corruption in the education system.

Campaigning at LB Nagar

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi is campaigning for the victory of LB NAGAR Congress MLA candidate Madhu Yashki Goud.

Participated In The Telangana Victory Yatra.

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi, along with Sri Challa Vamsi Chand Reddy and other leaders, participated in the Telangana Victory Yatra.

Launched The T-Jac Diary.

Prof. Muddasani Kodandaram Reddy launched the T-JAC diary.

Siva Charan Reddy campaigned for the victory of Madhu Yashki Goud

Shiva Charan Jakkidi actively participated in the election campaign for Shri Madhu Yashki’s victory in the LB Nagar Constituency. Along with 100 jeeps, he conducted an extensive campaign involving the youth. During this campaign, activities were carried out, like going to the people to learn their problems, introducing the party’s policies, and rallying support for Madhu Yashki’s victory.

Door-To-Door Election Campaign

As part of the campaign, the party workers went door-to-door and carried out heavy publicity.

Chalo Khammam Telangana Jana Garjana Sabha

In a significant display of support and solidarity, approximately 1,000 individuals, organized into a caravan of 150 cars and participated in a massive rally under the leadership of Erramala Ram Reddy. This impressive procession traveled from Chaitanyapuri to Hayat Nagar, in response to a call from Jakkidi Prabhakar Reddy, the LB Nagar Congress Party in-charge, for the Chalo Khammam Telangana Jana Garjana Sabha. The rally was flagged off grandly, with participants then proceeding towards Khammam. Youth Congress state leader Jakkidi Siva Charan Reddy also participated in this notable event.

Participation in Devotional Activities


On the Occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi

Shiv Charan Reddy Jakkidi visited Vinayaka Mandapam in Lb Nagar Constituency and performed a special pooja with Youth Congress State President Shri. Shiv Sena Reddy.

On the Occasion of Devi Navarathrilu

Telangana State Youth Congress General Secretary Siva Charan Reddy Jakkidi visited multiple Ganesh mandapams in the lb Nagar constituency and performed special pujas on the occasion of Devi Navratri.

Sri Sitaramula Kalyanam

On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami festival, Youth Congress State President Shivsena Reddy and State Youth Congress Incharge Surabhi Divedi, Jakkidi Prabhakar Reddy, and others participated in the Sri Sitaramula Kalyanam at Sri Sri Sri Uma Naghalingeswara Swamy Devasthanam.

Involvement in Social and Welfare Activities


Donation of Food

Shiva Charan Reddy Jakkidi on his birthday donated food to orphan children from the Kaushalya foundation.

Candlelight Rally

On the Occasion of his Birth Anniversary

Jakkidi Foundation Activities

Jakkidi Foundation Services

Jakkidi Foundation in the News

In the News



Born in LB Nagar

Ranga Reddy, Telangana


Studied Schooling

from Hyderabad Public School, Ramanthapur


Completed Undergraduation

from Fiitjee Junior College, Dilsukhnagar


Pursued Btech

from MVSR Engineering College


Finished Masters Degree

from University of Houston Clear Lake, United States


Joined in NSUI


LB Nagar Zonal Incharge

from NSUI


Ranga Reddy District Incharge

from NSUI


Joined in INC


State President

from Indian Overseas Congress Teras


State Campaign Committee Chairman

from Youth Congress


Social Media State Convenor

from Youth Congress


Porata Yathra Incharge


State Generaal Secretary

frrom Youth Congress