Seesala Veera Venkata Raghunaath

Seesala Veera Venkata Raghunaath

Lions Club of Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4 Coordinator, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh.


Seesala Veera Venkata Raghunaath is a well-known Person in the Eluru and Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4, Andhra Pradesh. 


On the 21st of December 1975, Seesala Veera Venkata Raghunaath was born to the couple Mr Seesala Vayunandana Rao and Mrs Seesala Sulochana in Vijayawada and raised in Eluru in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

In 1989-1990, Venkata Ragunaath acquired his Secondary Board of Education from SKPUU Hindu High School at Kothapet in Vijayawada and completed Intermediate Course from SAS Junior College at Vijayawada from 1990-1992.

He graduated Bachelor of Arts from Sapthagiri Degree College at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh from 1992-1995 and finished his Post Graduation of Indian Heritage and Cultura from Acharya Nagarjuna University(ANU) at Namburu, Guntur from 1995-1997.


Role in Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4:

Veera Venkata Raghunaath was highly inspired by the work performed by the Late Pagadala Shyamala Yeti Raju ( the former President of Lions Club Vijayawada East Gem) and in the year 2000, Veera Venkata Ragunaath joined the Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4 as a Club Member and started rendering services to the people.

For his work and dedication, he was promoted as the Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4 Treasurer in 2002 and continued his services to the people with the assigned position till 2004.

And then, in 2004, Veera Venkata Ragunaath was designated as the Coordinator of the Lions Club Vijayawada East Zone and carried out his responsibilities while looking after the welfare of the people living in the locality of Vijayawada.

Art of Living:

Being continuously serving the people through the Lions club, Veera Venkata Ragunaath joined the Art of Living Foundation, which was established in Banglore by the Pandit Sudarshan Yoga Karma and Pandit Sri Ravi Shankar.

Since the day of Joining, In 2012, Veera Venkata Ragunaath has been serving as a Member of the Foundation to empower him to fulfil his obligations and tackle the issues.

Role in Gosamrakshana Samithi:

Gosamrakshana Samithi was established in 1927 at Vijaywada 01st Town to preserve the cows in India. “GoSamrakshana” refers to “Cow Protection.” According to Acharya, the protection of cows is a dharma that may be practised by members of any community in the world. In all Vedic ceremonies, it is customary to recite.

“Gobrahmanebhyahshubhamasthunithyam” translates to “May cows and Brahmanas always be happy.” The cow is mentioned first here. If the cow is contented, everyone will be delighted. Several Puranas and other sacred writings mention the significance of protecting cows.

GOVEDA focuses primarily on cows’ local breeds, again in steep decline. According to a source, India has several varieties of cows (about 30 main breeds and several subbreeds). Unfortunately, cross-breeding is getting famous for producing large volumes of milk. Therefore, our original origin cows are threatened with extinction, and immediate action is required to conserve them.

For the Protection of Cows in society, Veera Venkata Ragunaath has been serving as the Member of Gosamrakshana Samithi  in 2015 from the 4th Generation in his dynasty and focusing on preserving and propagating Indian traditional agricultural and farming practices presenting next-generation farmers.

GOSAMRAKSHANA is focused on preventing the extinction of Indian (original) breed cows.

Ramana Ashramam: 

Even though Raghunaath has several roles and duties, he decided to expand his volunteer work in 2021 and became a Member of the Ramana Ashramam. This organisation was established to improve the Sadhu’s level of life by supplying them with food and other essentials once a month and at the time of Pournami.

Family Participation in Society:

Venkata Raghunaath his Grandmother Late Pagadala Syamala Yetiraj was President of Lions Clubs in Vishakapatanam.

Awards & Recognition: 

In the year 2004, Veera Venkata Raghunaath was honoured as the “Best Treasurer” of Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4 by International Director Chigurupati Varaprasad(Ex.MLC),Directior of Krishnaveni educational Instustries.

Venkata Raghunaath and his family members worked as volunteers at the Kalachakra programme, which was held in Amaravathi in the year 2016. This programme was held throughout the world every year. They were also given the “Best Volunteer Award” for their outstanding service and dedication.

Activities Performed:

  • Being a Social Activist, A Career Guidance Program created awareness among the school children.
  • Veera Venkata Raghunaath organizes Bhagavad Gita Classes at ISKON( International Society for Krishna Consciousness) at Rajahmundry.
  • He extended his hands extensively, conducted Mega health camp, made all kinds of tests available to the people to prevent health issues, and provided medicines to the needy.
  • As per Organ donation, Venkata raghunaath along with his wife Seesala Naga Kanaka Durga donated the organs on december 21st, 2014.
  • In 2012, when he was a Sanchalak in RSS He Participated in the Maha Sammelan program in Guntur Opposite Anu Campas as the volunteer of Nambur in the year 2013.

H.No: 3c-7-5, Western Street, Andhra Hospital, Bendapudivari Street, Landmark: RR Peta, Town: Eluru, Mandal: Eluru, District: Eluru, Constituency: Eluru, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pincode: 534002.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 95734 98425, 79955 98892

Bio-Data of Mr.Seesala Veera Venkata Raghunaath

Name: Seesala Veera Venkata Raghunaath

DOB: 21st of December 1975

Father: Mr. Seesala Vayunandana Rao

Mother: Mrs. Seesala Sulochana

Education Qualification:  Post Graduation

Profession: Social Activist

Present Designation: Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4 Coordinator

Permanent Address: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh

Contact No: 95734 98425, 79955 98892

“A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.”

Recent Activities

ఈ-వ్యర్థాలను అందజేత

క్లబ్ సభ్యులు Ln. కొల్లి శ్రీధర్, ఎల్ఎన్. గొల్లపెల్లి త్రినాధరావు గారు, ఎల్ఎన్. జాస్తి నవీన్ గారు, మరియు Ln. జాస్తి ప్రసాద్ గారు విజయవాడలోని గవర్నరుపేటలోని లయన్స్ జిల్లా కార్యాలయానికి వెళ్లి జిల్లా గవర్నర్ ఎల్ఎన్ సమక్షంలో ఈ-వ్యర్థాలను అందజేయడం జరిగింది.

సీత రాముని కల్యాణ మహోత్సవం

శ్రీ రామ నవమి సందర్భంగా శ్రీ సీత రాముని కల్యాణ మహోత్సవంలో పాల్గొన్న వీర వెంకట రఘునాథ్ గారి కుటుంబం .

స్కూల్ అంకుల్ డే కార్యక్రమం

స్కూల్ అంకుల్ డే కార్యక్రమానికి ముఖ్య అతిధిగా విచ్చేసిన వీర వెంకట రెడ్డి గారు.

సన్మానం కార్యక్రమం

విజయీభవ వార్షికోత్సవ జిల్లా కన్వెన్షన్ ఆధ్వర్యంలో సన్మానం కార్యక్రమం ఏర్పాటు చెయ్యడం జరిగింది.

లయన్స్ క్లబ్ సమావేశం

Honor Ceremony

Social Activities


Born in Guntur

of Andhra Pradesh


Studied SSC Standard

from SKPVV Sindu High School, Kothapet


Completed Intermediate

from SAS Junior College, Vijayawada


Attained Graduation

from Sapthagiri Degree College, Vijayawada


Finished Post Graduation

from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur


Club Member

of Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4



of Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4

2004-Till Now


of Lions Club Vijayawada VRK Nagar Apoorva District-324-C4



of Art of Living Foundation



of Gosamrakshana Samithi



of Ramana Ashramam