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Roshan Zameer Qadiri

State Masayak Board Ananthapur District President, Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh

Roshan Zameer Qadiri is the Ananthapur District President of the Masayak Board, Ananthapur District


The SMB called as State Masayak Board, plays a crucial role in the development of the Muslim community in the urban district of Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh. Within the state, Roshan Zameer Qadiri serves as the district president for the Masayak Board in Ananthapur district, overseeing initiatives and activities aimed at fostering the growth and well-being of the Muslim community in the region.

Birth and Background of Roshan Zameer Qadiri

Roshan Zameer Qadiri, a notable figure, was born on the 1st of January 1963. His birthplace is Ananthapur, of Ananthapur District within the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. The parents of Roshan Zameer Qadiri are FT Hussain Khan.

Pivotal Role in Masayak Board since 2005 for Muslim Community Development

Roshan Zameer Qadiri became a member of the Masayak Board in 2005, marking the initiation of his involvement in the organization. Since then, he has played a significant role in contributing to the board’s activities and initiatives, particularly in the context of fostering the development and well-being of the Muslim community in Andhra Pradesh’s Ananthapur urban district.

A Decade of Impactful Social Initiatives through Masayak Board in Ananthapur

Roshan Zameer Qadiri, through his association with the Masayak Board, has been actively involved in a variety of impactful social initiatives. His services extend to organizing eye camps and blood donation drives, providing crucial medical support to those in need. Additionally, he has been instrumental in offering financial assistance to the less fortunate, contributing significantly to the well-being of the underprivileged in the community.

Eye Camps:

Roshan Zameer Qadiri, in collaboration with the Masayak Board, has been actively organizing eye camps. These camps aim to provide essential eye care services to the community, including eye examinations and the distribution of prescription glasses. By addressing visual impairments, this initiative significantly contributes to enhancing the overall well-being of individuals within the underprivileged segments of society.

Blood Donation Drives: 

As part of his commitment to social service, Roshan Zameer Qadiri has played a pivotal role in orchestrating blood donation drives. These events not only raise awareness about the importance of blood donation but also facilitate the collection of life-saving blood units. By fostering a culture of voluntary blood donation, these drives contribute to the healthcare infrastructure and help meet the blood requirements of those in critical need.

Health Camps

In addition to eye and blood camps, Roshan Zameer Qadiri has actively organized health camps through the Masayak Board. These health camps serve as platforms for providing comprehensive medical check-ups and consultations. By addressing various health concerns of the community, including preventive measures and health education, these camps contribute significantly to improving the overall health and well-being of the less privileged members of society.

Leading a Decade of Welfare and Development for Ananthapur’s Muslim Community through the Masayak Board,

Roshan Zameer Qadiri has maintained his role as the district president of the Masayak Board in Ananthapur since 2005. Over the years, his sustained leadership has been instrumental in guiding and overseeing the board’s initiatives for the welfare and development of the Muslim community in the district. Basha’s enduring commitment and continued service as the district president showcase his dedication to the cause and his steadfast efforts to bring about positive change within the community.


Pandemic Service:

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Roshan Zameer Qadiri has exemplified extraordinary dedication in his social activities. Through the Masayak Board, he has orchestrated efforts such as distributing essential items like vegetables and ensuring access to necessary supplies for the community. Furthermore, he has taken proactive measures to address health concerns by distributing medicines, immune boosters, sanitizers, and masks. His commitment to supporting the community during these trying times reflects his compassion and leadership in times of need.

H. No: 6-3-770, Street Name: Sangamitra Nagar, Town: Ananthapur, District: Ananthapur, Constituency: Ananthapur Urban, Parliament: Ananthapur, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pin code: 515001

Mobile: 9866383150, 9542435304

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Born in Ananthapur

Andhra Pradesh


Studied SSC Standard

At Ananthapur


Completed Intermediate

From Govt Junior College, Ananthapur


Joined in SMB

 Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh