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Reddy Sudheer

BC Cell Shetty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee State Director, Andhra Pradesh, TDP

Reddy Sudheer is an Indian Politician of the TDP and BC Cell Shetty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee State Director of Andhra Pradesh.

Early life and Education:

On the 12th of April 1983, Sudheer was born to the couple Mr. Reddy Venkata Swamy and Mrs. Reddy Kusuma Kumari and resided at Mummidivaram Village in Konaseema District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

He studied at the Board of Secondary School Education in Zilla Parishad High School located at Mummidivaram in 1999. After that, he completed his Intermediate at Government Junior College in Koppam. Sudheer acquired his Graduation (Degree) from University in Koppam. 

Political Career:

Since childhood, Mr. Sudheer has been deeply interested in politics. He is motivated to assist the people in his community and to witness their grins as a reward for his service. His early curiosity and persistence have created him a remarkable man with a compassionate heart.

Reddy Sudheer made his political debut in 2005 through the Indian National Congress Party (INC). He believed that the INC was a political party whose aim was to work tirelessly for the welfare and upliftment of the ordinary people.

Sudheer has a sincere interest in the Party and actively participates in every activity as a Party Activist of INC and carried out his obligations in accordance with a code of conduct and for the public exposure of the party.

In 2014, he joined the Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) party as the Party Activist for his effort and humility toward the progress and welfare of the people by offering services to the public by addressing the requirements of everyone.

He keeps the faith that the people have put in him and continues his service, focusing on the welfare of the people at the current time and engaging in actions that would promote the Party.

In 2016, Reddy Sudheer joined in Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and carried out his responsibilities as a Party Activist in accordance with a code of conduct and for the benefit of recognition.

In 2019, he worked under the guidelines of Mr. Puthela Sai he is an Indian Politician from Andhra Pradesh.

A career in Committee:

For his involvement and participation in all the programs and performance in the party development activities, In 2022 Reddy Sudheer Joined the BC Cell Sadhikara Samithi Shetty Balija Committee to serve the people and tackle the issues raised by executing his tasks effectively and adhering to the party’s policies and guidelines.

In 2022, his patience and passion earned him the position of State Director of BC Sadhikara Samithi Shetty Balija Cell. He has consistently worked for the people, considered their welfare, and garnered their utmost esteem.

From the inception of the party to the present day, he has worked diligently for the welfare of the people, always striving for the advancement of the party and society and deeming selfless service to society and the people.

Family in Politics:

Reddy Sudheer Rajani Kumari

Reddy Sudheer | Shetty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee State Director | the Leaders Page

3rd Ward Councilor, Mummidivaram, Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP

Reddy Sudheers wife, Reddy Rajani Kumari, entered the political entry through the YSRCP with a passion for community service.

After entering into politics as a Party Activist she continues her duties as a Member of the Yuvajana Shramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP).

Reddy Rajani Kumari was a great leader who selflessly sacrificed her life for the freedom of her village and the people of her constituency. She constantly served the party and the people. They contributed a lot to the development of the town.

In 2014  Rajani Kumari was elected as a 3rd Ward Councilor from YSRCP with her adorable services to the people in the village and mandal levels.

As 3rd Ward Councilor of YSRCP, Rajani Kumari made her fellow people aware of their rights. And pointed out all the social injustice and crimes committed by those in power.

Praja Sankalpa Yatra:

Praja Sankalpa Yatra was a foot march campaign started by Andhra Pradesh’s former leader of opposition Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, who objected to pitching himself as an alternative to the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh N.Chandrababu Naidu. The campaign was launched on 6 November 2017 with the slogan Ravali Jagan Kavali Jagan (Jagan should come, We need Jagan) subjected to address over 5000 public meetings in 175 assembly constituencies of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Reddy Sudheer and Mrs. Reddy Rajani Kumari Participated in the Praja Sankalpa Yatra in Andhra Pradesh.

Samaikya Andhra Movement:

Samaikya Andhra Movement (United Andhra Movement) was a movement organized to keep the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh united and to prevent the division of the state – separating the Telangana districts of the state into a separate Telangana state.  

Reddy Sudheer | Shetty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee State Director | the Leaders Page

Mr. Reddy Sudheer and Mrs. Reddy Rajani Kumari participated in the Samaikya Andhra Movement in Andhra Pradesh to not separate Telangana District and meetings, Movements were executed to prohibit the sepereate State of Telangana.

Party Activities:

  • They are distributing leaflets from door to door and creating awareness about the party to strengthen their brand.
  • They campaign during elections and stand with those who contest from the party.
  • He organized public awareness programs on how their party could win elections and work effectively as a powerful tool of social service and assistance.
  • He organizes charity programs and camps during the birthday celebrations of senior party leaders and political leaders.
  • He participates in every rally, initiation, and protest program held on behalf of the party. Participated in sit-ins and hunger strikes for farmers.
  • During the general election season, he campaigned as the party’s full-time leader, tirelessly helping incumbents and recruiting more members to ensure the party’s victory.
  • With the slogan of banning the use of plastic, awareness was created in every house in the village.
  • He has conducted many party meetings and development activities for community development. He stood up for the poor and ensured the development of welfare.
  • He provides adequate support to the students and guides them to move ahead.
  • He strongly opposes the state government’s erasing new agricultural guidelines and other suitable components to help farmers survive and establishing awareness initiatives to educate farmers about bank loans and crop yields.
  • He expressed fears that rising fuel, diesel, and service costs will start causing more hardships for the community’s residents. He has collaborated with underprivileged community members to help them develop and get recognition.

Activities as a Councillor:

  • Efforts are being made to give pensions to the disabled, elderly, and widows of the village and to provide adequate assistance to them from the government.
  • He helps Dalit women to create awareness about their development and encourages them to avail government schemes by providing employment to disadvantaged women.
  • He Participated in the Village development activities in the village like laying of CC Roads, Digging Bore wells, Putting up Street Lights, Clearance Drainage systems, and installing CC Cams.
  • By fixing issues with water by installing  Mini Water tanks in the hamlet, and any other minor problems that may emerge, he fulfills his duty while caring for the well-being of the residents of the village and zone.
  • solved many problems and gave Pensions like -Widow Pensions,old-age pensions, and Handicapped Pensions, and dispensed White Ration Cards.
  • He expanded his efforts by supporting poor individuals and orphans who have been badly affected by the death of their families. He also provided 50kg of Bag, a set sum of 5000 rupees for the well-being of death-stricken families.

Social Involvement:

  • He continues to work with the government to provide suitable jobs to the jobless who are concerned about finding suitable employment even after graduating, as well as to fight for eradicating the notion of caste and religious inequalities in society and doing his bit for human equality.
  • He also made them aware of how the various welfare schemes implemented by the state and central governments benefit the people, especially the poor, and how to utilize them.
  • In addition to creating jobs for jobless graduates after finishing their studies, he offered emotional assistance to the locals.
  • During his rule, he worked diligently to alleviate a lot of farmers, and he was rewarded with a sizable payment in exchange for the goods the farmers produced.
  • Reddy Sudheer has taken part in a range of village activities, including bringing food to the elderly and orphan children and bringing mineral water to the locals.
  • Students in government schools were given gifts like books, pens, and exam pads to mark the anniversary of the freedom fighters.
  • By fixing issues with water, sanitation, and any other minor problems that may emerge, he fulfills his duty while caring for the well-being of the residents of the village and zone.
  • He provided the basic requirements for the older and less fortunate members of society and helped them when they faced financial difficulties.
  • He works for the populace’s welfare and worries; consequently, many of the colony’s growth initiatives have been a smashing success.

Services rendered during the Pandemic:

  • He provided financial and humanitarian support to those impacted by the lockdown during Corona’s first and second waves. During the crisis, and responded with compassion, aiding people in distress and offering further assistance to those harmed by the locking down.
  • Reddy Sudheer assisted people affected by the lockdown by giving vegetables and fruits to villages, the homeless, and Municipality employees while following the procedures in place and distributing Covid Kits who were afflicted with the appropriate sickness while in their home quartine.
  • An awareness demonstration was performed to raise awareness about social distancing and the need to take precautionary steps to eliminate the Corona Epidemic.
  • When the coronavirus was finally exterminated, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed across the whole village to ensure that the villagers were not exposed to any harmful effects.
  • The Covid Immunization Drive was organized in response to Prime Minister Modi’s plea to increase awareness among the general population about the need to acquire a free corona vaccination. 7-117, Land Mark: High School, Village: Mummidivaram, Mandal:  Mummidivaram, District: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Konaseema, Constituency: Mummidivaram, Parliament: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, State:  Andhra Pradesh, Pincode: 533216.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9000850085

Biodata of Mr. Reddy Sudheer 

Reddy Sudheer | Shetty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee State Director | the Leaders Page

Name: Reddy Vinaya Gowri Venkatarama Sudheer 

DOB: 12-04-1983

Father: Mr. Reddy Venkata Swamy

Mother: Mrs. Reddy Kusuma Kumari

Spouse: Reddy Rajani Kumari

Education Qualification: Graduation

Profession: Full Time Politician

Political Party: TDP

Present Designation: BC Cell Setty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee State Director

Permanent Address: Mummidivaram,  Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Konaseema,  Mummidivaram, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar,  Andhra Pradesh,

Contact No: 9000850085

There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the most extraordinary Greed.

Recent Activities

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“Leadership cannot just g “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked;

results, not attributes, define leadership.”


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Born in Mummidivaram

from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh


Completed SSC

 from Zilla Parishad High School, Mummidivaram 


Acquired Intermediate

from Government Junior College, Koppam 


Obtained Graduation

 from University, Koppam


Joined in INC



Party Activist

from Mummidivaram, INC


Joined in YSRCP


Party Activist

from Mummidivaram, YSRCP


Joined in TDP


Party Activist

from Mummidivaram, TDP

since 2022

State Director

from  BC Cell Shetty Balija Sadhikaratha Committee, Andhra Pradesh.