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Rathod Sravan

District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association, Adilabad, Asifabad, Telangana.

Rathod Sravan was an Indian Lambadi (Banjara) Tribal Writer and a prominent figure in the literary and cultural scene of Adilabad, Telangana. He was born in a Lambadi family in the village of Sonapur at Narnoor in the Adilabad district of Telangana. He completed his education in Adilabad and went on to become a lecturer in the government education department.

Rathod Sravan was also a District Treasurer of the Government Lecturer Association in Adilabad, which is an organization that represents the interests of government lecturers in the state of Telangana. He was known for his activism on issues related to the welfare of teachers and for his efforts to improve the quality of education in the region.

Early Life and Education of Rathod Sravan

Rathod Sravan was born on August 21, 1972, in Sonapur village, Narnoor Mandal, Adilabad District, Telangana. Raised by his esteemed parents, Mr. Rathod Rathan Singh and Mrs. Rathod Jijabai, Sravan’s early life was imbued with strong values and a commitment to education. This foundational upbringing in a close-knit village community played a crucial role in shaping his character and future aspirations.

Sravan’s academic journey began with excellence at A.P Residential High School (Boys) in Bellam Pally, where he completed his Secondary School Education in March 1989. He continued to excel in his studies, completing his Intermediate Education with distinction in April 1991 at A.P Residential Junior College in Utnoor. His dedication to academics culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree from Osmania University in November 1995, followed by a Master of Arts in Hindi/Political Science in August 1999. Additionally, he obtained a Bachelor of Education in August 1997 from the same university, showcasing his diverse academic interests and commitment to education.

Sravan’s pursuit of knowledge did not end there. He completed a Master’s degree in Hindi through distance education at the G. Ram Reddy Center for Distance Education, Osmania University, in July 2004. In March 2017, he embarked on a Ph.D. program in the Faculty of Arts at Osmania University, focusing on Hindi literature and language. Despite facing health challenges, Sravan remains dedicated to his research, reflecting his unwavering passion for education and personal growth.

Courses Acquired by Rathod Sravan

In June 2012, Rathod Sravan achieved a significant academic milestone by passing the University Grants Commission’s National Eligibility Test for Lecturership (UGC NET). This rigorous examination is a critical benchmark for determining candidates’ eligibility for the positions of Assistant Professor or Junior Research Fellowship in Indian universities and colleges. Passing the UGC NET underscores Sravan’s expertise and readiness to contribute to higher education and research, further solidifying his academic credentials and commitment to lifelong learning.


In July 1996, Rathod Sravan completed his Teacher Training Course (TTC) at the Government District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) sub-campus in Utnoor, situated in the Adilabad District of Telangana. This comprehensive training program provided Sravan with the essential pedagogical skills and methodologies required for effective teaching. It covered various aspects of educational theory and practice, classroom management, and instructional strategies, ensuring that Sravan was well-prepared to foster a positive learning environment and contribute meaningfully to the educational sector. The TTC program was a pivotal step in his journey, solidifying his commitment to education and equipping him with the tools necessary for a successful teaching career.

In November 2003, Rathod Sravan further showcased his academic dedication by passing the Hindi Vidvan Examination in both Prathm Khand and Divtiya Khand through the Hindi Prachara Shabha in Hyderabad. This rigorous examination is a testament to his high level of proficiency and expertise in the Hindi language. The Hindi Vidvan Examination is designed to assess and certify the linguistic skills of candidates, and passing it indicates Sravan’s exceptional command over Hindi. This accomplishment not only highlights his linguistic capabilities but also his dedication to promoting and preserving the Hindi language. Sravan’s expertise in Hindi has been instrumental in his academic and professional pursuits, enabling him to engage deeply with Hindi literature and education.


Rathod Sravan’s research on “Tribalism in 21st Century Hindi Novels” aims to explore how contemporary Hindi literature represents the experiences, identities, and cultural practices of tribal communities. His study delves into the intricate ways these novels depict the complex interplay between tradition and modernity, urbanization and rural life, and the influences of local and global cultures. By analyzing selected novels and other literary works, Sravan’s research seeks to highlight the nuanced portrayal of tribal societies in modern Hindi literature.

This research endeavor not only aims to deepen our understanding of the socio-cultural, political, and economic realities faced by tribal communities but also contributes significantly to the ongoing discourse on diversity, inclusivity, and cultural pluralism in contemporary India. Through his meticulous analysis, Sravan sheds light on how Hindi literature can serve as a powerful medium for expressing the challenges and aspirations of tribal communities, fostering a greater appreciation for their unique cultural heritage and their place within the broader Indian society.

Professional Life

Rathod Sravan began his distinguished professional career as a Secondary Grade Teacher on January 1, 1992, when he was appointed as a Government Teacher at the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) in Utnoor, Adilabad District, Telangana. This role allowed him to make a significant impact on the education of tribal students, fostering their academic growth and development in a supportive learning environment.

In 1993, Sravan expanded his professional horizons by working as a Junior Assistant at the Dakshina Railway. In this administrative role, he provided essential support to his superiors, organized and maintained critical records, and facilitated communication with colleagues and external stakeholders. Despite the valuable experience gained in this position, Sravan’s passion for education remained strong.

By 2002, Sravan had secured a prestigious government position as a School Assistant, a role that required him to support teachers academically, assist with lesson planning, grade assignments, and occasionally deliver classroom instruction. Despite being appointed to this significant role, Sravan chose not to join for undisclosed reasons, a decision that undoubtedly was challenging given the high regard for government jobs.

Sravan’s academic journey continued to flourish as he completed a Master’s degree in both Hindi and Political Science from Osmania University, Hyderabad, in July 2004. Leveraging his advanced knowledge, he began working as a Hindi lecturer, sharing his expertise and passion for the language with students.

In 2012, Rathod Sravan was appointed as a Junior Lecturer at the Hindi Government Junior College of Intermediate Education in Utnoor, following the APPSC/2008 Notification. His responsibilities included delivering lectures, developing course materials, grading assignments, and providing academic support and guidance to his students.

Sravan’s leadership abilities were recognized in 2017 when he was appointed as the Fully Additional Charge (FAC) Principal of the Government Junior College in Jainoor. In this senior role, he oversaw the academic affairs of the institution, including curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, faculty and student support, and institutional planning and development. He held this esteemed position until 2021, contributing significantly to the college’s growth and success.

Rathod Sravan | District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association | the Leaders Page

In 2012, Rathod Sravan was appointed as a Junior Hindi Lecturer through the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission by means of Direct Recruitment. Subsequently, he was relieved through the proper channel and assumed his role as a Junior Lecturer at Government Junior College Utnoor in Adilabad District, having previously held the position of Cadre School Assistant. Sravan served in this capacity from September 2012 to July 2017, where he was responsible for delivering Hindi lectures, developing course materials, and guiding students academically.

In July 2017, Sravan was transferred to Government Junior College Indervelly in Adilabad District. Concurrently, he assumed the Full Additional Charge Principal position at Government Junior College Jainoor in Kumram Bheem Asifabad District. In his role as Principal, he oversaw the academic affairs of the institution, including curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, faculty and student support, and institutional planning and development. His leadership spanned from July 2017 to April 2021, during which he made significant contributions to the growth and success of the college.

Since April 2021, Rathod Sravan has continued to serve as a Junior Lecturer at Government Junior College Indervelly in Adilabad District. In this ongoing role, he remains dedicated to providing high-quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment for his students, leveraging his extensive experience and expertise in the Hindi language and education.

Appointed as a Government Employee

On January 1, 1992, Rathod Sravan embarked on his distinguished public service career as a Secondary Grade Teacher at Ashram High School in Gadiguda, Adilabad. Situated in the heart of the village, Ashram High School is a vital institution under the governance of the government of Telangana, dedicated to providing quality education to students from the local community. Sravan’s tenure as a Secondary Grade Teacher was marked by his commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a conducive learning environment that promoted academic excellence and personal growth among his students.

In 1993, Sravan took on a pivotal role at the Dakshina Madya Railway in Secunderabad, Hyderabad, where he served as a clerk. As a diligent and meticulous clerk, Sravan undertook crucial administrative responsibilities essential to the smooth operation of the railway. His duties included maintaining meticulous records, managing correspondence, and preparing detailed reports that contributed to the efficient functioning of the railway system. This experience not only honed his organizational skills but also provided him with valuable insights into the operational dynamics of a large-scale public service organization.

In 2002, Sravan transitioned back to his passion for education by assuming the position of School Assistant in Social Studies at a Zilla Parishad High School. As a School Assistant, he played a pivotal role in shaping the academic journey of students by delivering engaging lectures, designing comprehensive lesson plans, conducting thorough assessments, and providing constructive feedback to enhance student learning outcomes. Sravan’s dedication to educational excellence and his ability to connect with students on both academic and personal levels made a significant impact in fostering a positive and supportive learning environment within the school.

From 2017 to 2021, Sravan continued his impactful career in education as a Junior Lecturer at the Government Junior College in Komaram Bheem Asifabad District. As a Junior Lecturer, he assumed the responsibility of delivering high-quality lectures and conducting interactive classes at the junior college level. Sravan’s role extended beyond traditional teaching responsibilities to include mentoring and guiding students through their academic pursuits, preparing them for higher education and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields. His tenure as a Junior Lecturer was characterized by his passion for teaching, his dedication to student welfare, and his unwavering commitment to the holistic development of young minds.

Rathod Sravan | District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association | the Leaders Page

From 2016 to 2018, Rathod Sravan served as the Principal of the Government Junior College in Jainoor, Komaram Bheem Asifabad District. In this role, Sravan was responsible for overseeing all aspects of college administration and management, ensuring the academic success of students and fostering the professional development of faculty members. His leadership was characterized by strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing curriculum standards, promoting a conducive learning environment, and enriching the overall educational experience for students. Sravan’s proactive approach to faculty development and his commitment to educational excellence played a pivotal role in advancing the college’s academic programs and extracurricular activities, establishing a strong foundation for student achievement and growth during his tenure.

Positions Held

In 2012, Rathod Sravan commenced his impactful career as a Government Junior Lecturer in Telangana, dedicating himself to the academic development of students at the junior college level. His role involved delivering engaging lectures, guiding students through their educational journeys, and contributing to the intellectual enrichment of the next generation.

By 2022, Sravan’s leadership and advocacy skills earned him the position of District Treasurer of the Government Junior Lecturers’ Association (GJLA) in Telangana, a role he fulfilled until 2023. In this capacity, Sravan played a crucial role in representing the interests of junior lecturers across the district, ensuring their welfare and addressing issues pertinent to their profession. His tenure as District Treasurer was marked by proactive initiatives aimed at enhancing professional solidarity and promoting the professional growth of his colleagues.

In 2008, Sravan took a pivotal step in advocating for the rights of tribal welfare teachers by joining the Tribal Welfare Teachers Union as a Member. His commitment to the cause led to his appointment as the District Vice President of the union in Adilabad. In this leadership role, Sravan spearheaded initiatives to safeguard the rights and improve the working conditions of tribal welfare teachers, contributing significantly to the union’s mission and impact in the district.

Simultaneously, Sravan became actively involved in promoting literary and cultural activities in his community by joining Sahithya Vedhika in Utnoor. As a member of this esteemed literary forum, he engaged in discussions, readings, and initiatives aimed at nurturing local literary talent, preserving cultural heritage, and fostering a deeper appreciation for literature among community members.

In 2017, Sravan’s leadership qualities were further recognized when he was elected as the President of Sahithya Vedhika in Utnoor, Telangana. During his tenure until 2018, Sravan led the forum with dedication and vision, organizing literary events, promoting local writers and poets, and cultivating an environment conducive to creativity and intellectual discourse. His tenure as President underscored his commitment to advancing cultural literacy and community engagement through literature.

In Memory of Sravan’s Father

Rathod Sravan’s father’s passing deeply affected him, inspiring a profound commitment to community-oriented philanthropy and social welfare. In a heartfelt tribute to his father’s memory, Sravan undertook several initiatives to enhance the quality of life for the residents of his village. Among his notable contributions was the provision of additional chairs for the village, aimed at improving the comfort and convenience of the local community. This thoughtful gesture not only addressed a basic need but also enhanced the social interactions and daily lives of the villagers, providing them with a place to sit comfortably during gatherings or while waiting for public transportation, which is often scarce in rural areas.

Sravan’s initiative to supply extra chairs reflects his deep understanding of the fundamental needs of his community. By enhancing the comfort and convenience of the village residents, his actions have significantly contributed to their well-being, fostering a sense of community and support. This simple yet impactful act underscores his belief in the importance of meeting basic needs and improving the quality of life for others, demonstrating his dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of people around him.

Rathod Sravan’s approach to philanthropy and social welfare serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of community service and selfless giving. His enduring contributions continue to inspire those around him, encouraging others to engage in acts of kindness and work towards a more compassionate and supportive community. Sravan’s legacy of generosity and dedication will undoubtedly inspire future generations to strive for a better, more inclusive future for all.

Rathod Sravan | District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association | the Leaders Page

Support to Family

In a poignant display of familial responsibility and compassion, Rathod Sravan stepped forward to support his niece, Vijayalakshmi, after the tragic loss of his older brother, Mr. Rathod Noor Singh. Recognizing the importance of continuing his brother’s legacy of care and support, Sravan took on the role of ensuring Vijayalakshmi’s educational journey remained uninterrupted and supported her pursuit of an Intermediate education in Data Science.

Sravan’s decision to fund Vijayalakshmi’s education exemplifies his deep-seated commitment to family values and his unwavering dedication to their well-being. By providing financial support and access to quality educational resources, he not only honored his brother’s memory but also empowered Vijayalakshmi to excel academically and pursue her aspirations with confidence.

Throughout this period, Sravan’s selflessness and proactive involvement underscored his role not just as an uncle but as a pillar of support and guidance for Vijayalakshmi. His actions not only alleviated the family’s concerns during a challenging time but also instilled a sense of security and encouragement, fostering a strong bond of trust and gratitude within the family.

Mr. Rathod Sravan’s compassionate support for Vijayalakshmi serves as a powerful example of familial solidarity and responsibility. His enduring commitment to his niece’s education and well-being reflects his values of empathy and generosity, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those he cares for. Sravan’s legacy of support and dedication will continue to inspire future generations to prioritize family unity and make meaningful contributions to the advancement of their loved ones’ lives.

About Rathod Sravan

Rathod Sravan is a multifaceted individual hailing from Narnoor Mandal, Adilabad District, Telangana State, renowned as a poet, writer, book reviewer, and Hindi lecturer. His literary contributions have significantly enriched both Telugu and Hindi literature spheres. Notably, Sravan has introduced a pioneering short verse poem style in Telugu literature known as “Proshan Mutyala Haram”. Under the pen name “Gor Naik”, he continues to inspire readers with his poetic creations, weaving together themes that resonate with the cultural and social fabric of his community. Sravan’s dedication to literature and education reflects his profound impact on preserving and evolving the literary traditions of Telugu and Hindi languages.

Career As a Writer

Rathod Sravan stands out as a prolific and insightful writer whose literary works have left an indelible mark on Telugu and Hindi literature, particularly through his profound exploration of the Banjara Lambadi community. His writings serve as a window into the rich tapestry of their daily life, traditions, and cultural heritage, offering readers a deeper understanding of their identity and experiences.

Sravan’s dedication to portraying the Banjara Lambadi community extends beyond mere description; his writings are imbued with a profound sense of empathy and sensitivity. He delves into their challenges, shedding light on issues such as socio-economic disparities, cultural preservation, and the quest for identity in a rapidly changing world. Through his nuanced narratives and vivid storytelling, Sravan captures the resilience and aspirations of the community, highlighting their contributions to the cultural mosaic of Telangana and beyond.

In addition to his exploration of cultural themes, Sravan’s literary canvas encompasses essays addressing pressing social issues. His writings on poverty, education, and healthcare reflect a deep-seated concern for social justice and equity. Sravan uses his platform as a writer to advocate for change, challenging societal norms and calling attention to systemic inequalities that affect marginalized communities.

Sravan’s literary achievements have garnered widespread acclaim, culminating in accolades such as the prestigious Gandhi Sahitya Ratna Award in 2020. This recognition underscores the impact of his writings in fostering dialogue, promoting cultural understanding, and advocating for a more inclusive society. As he continues to write and inspire with his thought-provoking narratives, Sravan remains steadfast in his commitment to literature as a catalyst for social change, empowering readers to engage critically with issues of importance and envision a more just and compassionate world.

Popular Books on Mutyalaharam Process: 


Rathod Sravan | District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association | the Leaders Page

  1. Rathod Sravan, editors of Haritaharan- Mutyala Haram 
  2. Festivals Muthyala Haram. Rathod Sravan 
  3. Children’s Muthyala Haram- Gadwala Somanna Children’s Literary Emmiganur Kurnool 
  4. Muthyala Haram are truths of life-Gadwala Somanna Emmiganoor Kurnool 4) Subhasitalu Muthyala Haram– Gadwala Somanna Emmiganoor Kurnool.
  5. Chennavari Muthyala Haram– Banoth Chenna Rao Khammam 6.Animutyalu Muthyala Haram.. Meesala Sudhakar Janagama 
  6. Vennela Muthyala Haram– Gurrala Lakshmareddy Kalvakurti Mahabub Nagar
  7. Jyoti Kiranas Muthyala Haram. Poet Jyoti Vaidya Adilabad. 
  8. Amma Muthyala Haram- in print ..Kusanuri Bhadraiya Hyderabad, etc.

In this process, 50 Poets wrote Shatakam. Famous poet, Balabandhu, children’s literature writer Mr. Gadwala Somanna for two thousand paichili, poet Kusunur Bhadraya Borabanda Hyderabad for three thousand paichili, famous poetess Mrs. Dr. Maradadu Ahalyadevi garu fifteen hundred, Poet Gurrala Lakshmareddy Kalvakurti Nagar Kurnool more than a thousand, Poet Bharati more than a thousand, Poet Mrs. Makkuva Arunakumari, more than a thousand others Five have completed five hundred satakas. Another four have completed three hundred satakas. The total number of poets who wrote Muthyala Haramof hundred pearls is forty-eight.

Rathod Sravan | District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association | the Leaders Page

Rathore Sravan Writings:

 1) Patriotic Poems 2) Festivals are Muthyala Haram 3) Biography of Banjara Jati Ratnam Banoth Jalamsingh 4) Banjara Bhishma Amar Singh Tilawat. 5) Banjara- Cultural wealth.

The rise of literature: 

Forest’s mother, Adilabad district, is very backward in literature. Adivasis, tribals, and non-tribals living here are multi-lingual. So this agency is Utnuru Sahitya to save the Telugu language in the tribal area.

The effort of the platform is immeasurable. Shri Rathod Sravan is playing an active role in the Utnuru literature platform and is promoting the Telugu language as a WhatsApp platform without expecting a new penny. In the auspicious moment of the emergence of the Telangana state, the children of Telangana have raised the bar of existence with the wealth of language, dialect, and literature.

Poets and artists with renewed enthusiasm Literary writers are engaged in writing new songs, singing, and creating new poetic processes with infinite feelings. Many literary works have emerged in Telugu literature from time to time.

According to the ease of their writing, the poets started their respective processes at each age. Each process entertains the readers well and stands forever in the literature. In the process process “Mutyalaharam” was devised by the former President of Utnoor Sahitya Vedika, Mr. Rathod Sravan. Muthyala Haram process Prashanam The process of pearling begins. The process was born in the lap of Forest District Agency Utnuru Sahitya Vedika’s “Necklace of pearls” this process.

In the evening, ten to fifteen children sang the Holi song Jajiri. Jajiri..! He came to his home singing that the researcher who realized the melody in children’s songs, Mr. Rathod Sravan, sang up to five songs with Jajiri children. Realizing that Antya was singing songs with rhyming words on each foot, they stepped along with them, danced for some time, and imitated the songs to folk jajiri songs. The mahatma of jajiri songs played and sung by the children was the seed to create the Muthilahara process on (18.03.2021).

Mother Language:

Rathod Sravan’s mother tongue is Lambadian, and he is fluent in Gondi, Kolami, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, English, and Mathura languages spoken by the people of the Utnur region. Working as a professional Hindi Lecturer at Government Junior College, Indravelli. Writing under the pen name of Gor Naik, he is a role model for Telugu literature lovers by doing special services in text writing and literature. In the Mutyalaharam process designed by Mr. Rathod Sravan Garu, literati from Telugu states cultivating literature on different topics will be awarded “Sahiti Mutyalahara Puraskar” for writers who have written up to one hundred Muthyala Haramand “Sahasraratna Mutyalahara Puraskar” for literary writers who have written more than one thousand Muthyala Haram courtesy of the designer. Literary anthologies are emerging in the process of pearling. Children learning Onamas in Mutyalaharam and Telugu literature are weaving Muthyala Haram from different angles.

Let us consider the rules of the pearling process:

1) It consists of four padas. 

2) Each pada should have only 10 to 12 matras. 

3) Padas 1,2,3,4 should have an antyanuprasa at the end. 

Main Awards:

 President of Utnoor Sahitya Vedika Shri Jadhav Bankat Lal Garu Garu Kavana Kokila Garu for the poets who have written hundred and adventurous Muthyala Haram in the pearling process from two Telugu states as well as Maharashtra so far. General Secretary Telugu Language Lecturers Sri Munjam Gyaneshwar Publicity Secretary Atram Mothiram Garu and Designer Rathod Sravan and Usave Vavastapaka Presidents, Telangana State Writers’ Vedika Vice-Presidents, Gau Shri Gopagani Ravinder Garu Vavastapaka General Secretary Dr. Mesram Manohar B ED College Principal, Biodiversity Committee Adilabad District Members Mr. Marsakola Tirupati, Usave Past Presidents Mr. Katta Lakshmanachari, Mr. Kondagurla Lakshmaiah, Dr. Indal Singh Usave members with the decision and support of all members of Usave will award Sahitya Mutyalhara Puraskar through the internet. I hope that the process of Mutyalaharam will be enriched in lakhs of letters if there is a lot of publicity in Telugu literature.

Works by Rathod Sravan:

1) Patriotic Poems 2) Festivals are Muthyala Haram 3) Biography of Banjara Jati Ratnam Banoth Jalamsingh 4) Banjara Bhishma Amar Singh Tilawat. 5) Banjara- Cultural wealth Articles published in various journals 1) Muthyala Haram in the field of Telugu literature — Daily Metro morning 2) Short poetic process Mutyala Haram.. Namaste Telugu daily 3) Banjara Women’s Tear Stories. Tribal Culture Telugu Daily 4) Traditions of Banjara Culture… Tribal Culture Telugu Daily 5) Apara Bhagirathu Baba Lakkisha Banjara.. in Namaste Daily 6) Banjara Jati Ratnam Banoth Jalamsingh Jayanti.. Namaste 7) Anda for our love and affection. Namaste 8) Varsedaneri Code Dwali Yadi Tona Mera .. Namaste 9) Chalo Diksha Bhumi Jatara etc.. Tribal culture 10. Aparabhagiratudu Baba Lakkisha Banjara.. Namaste 11. Adivasi God Nagoba Ghan.. Namaste 12. Today is the death anniversary of Banoth Jalamsingh… Tribal culture 13. Preachers of Bhakti movement Sant Sewalal Maharaj. Tribal culture 14. Our temple initiation land Kothapalli.. tribal culture 15. Revolution Tejam. Kumaram Bheem. New Telangana Daily 16. Tribal Culture of Hindi Novel Emperor Munshi Prenchand 17. Satkaram in Telugu Pai Mamakaram Literature..Kavana Kokila Bankat Lal Tribal Culture 18. Vajram Madipalli Bhadraiya Tribal Culture in Telugu Literature, in Molaka Online Magazine 19. Kongu Bangaram Amma Jwalamukhi of Mathura Labana people. Tribal Culture Telugu Daily 20. More than six dozen in literature.. Poet Lakshmana Chari Tapasvi Manorama, Ninadam Telugu Daily 21. Jatoth Thanu Naik, Sun of Lambadi Movements.. Slogan Telugu Daily, Tribal Culture 21. Sant Sewalal Maharaj, a spiritual warrior who shined in the earth…Hindi Daily Hyderabad, Ninadam, Tribal Culture in Telugu Daily Newspapers 22. Lambadi Tribal Culture… Tribal Culture Telugu Daily

About 300 poems were written. Book reviews 1) Children’s Muthyala Haram 2) This Sadguna Shatakam (Sadguna Shatakam) is the knowledge repository. 3)  Muthyala Haram are truths of life 4) Chichara Pidugulu Nerallapalli Budatas ( Muthyala Haram) 5) Shataka Process in Telugu Literature (Motiramu Shatakam) 6) Literary lover Gnyaneshwar (Gnyaneshvarashatakam) 7) Gopagani Sataram (Sataram) who blossomed in the forest of literature. 8) Mitra Vayakam (Karadeepika of Electoral Reforms) 9) Dnyaneshwar was a lover of literature 10) Creative image poetry is the source of crime 11) Satyapala’s true century 12) Jhari of liberal literary movements 13) Azadika Amrita Mahotsava with the enthusiasm of Usawe poets 14) Let’s praise these Muthyala Haram 15) Urakaleshana Gadwala Children’s Songs 16) Virabusina Vanajamu in the forest of Telugu literature 17) Mathematics teacher is good at literature 18) Murali Madhuravani Kaithikalas 19) Gadwala Gaya are child waves 20) The comprehensive form of scripture is the mirror of our Adilabad 21) Banjara culture is one of the oldest culture 22) Muthyala Haramof moonlight horses 23) Gleaming Muthyala Haram in Adarsh Vidyalaya 24) Adivasi poet Ravi in Telugu literature Johars for heroes with 25 heroic poems. Awards 1) District Best Teacher (1998) 2) District Best Resource Person (2005) 3) District Best Teacher (2014) 4) Gandhi Sahitya Ratna (2020) 5) Kaithika Kavi Mitra (2020) 6) Akshara Ratna (2021) 7) Proficiency in Literature (2021) 8) Literary Service Spirit Award 2022 9. Sri Sant Sewalal Maharaj Kavi Ratna Puraskar 202

Awards and Recognitions

Throughout his distinguished career, Rathod Sravan has garnered numerous accolades and honors, each highlighting his profound contributions to literature, education, and community service.

Best Teacher Award (September 5th, 1998): Rathod Sravan’s journey in education began with the prestigious Best Teacher Award in Adilabad, Telangana. Presented by Sh. Ram Prakash Sisodia, IAS, this award recognized Sravan’s exceptional teaching skills and unwavering commitment to nurturing the academic and personal growth of his students at Ashram High School in Gadiguda. His innovative teaching methods and dedication to improving learning outcomes made him a revered figure among colleagues and students alike.

Best Resource Person Award (January 26th, 2005): Acknowledging Sravan’s expertise and dedication to the upliftment of tribal communities, the Best Resource Person Award from ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Agency) was a testament to his pivotal role in empowering marginalized groups. Presented by IAS officer Naveen Mittal, this accolade underscored Sravan’s tireless efforts in advocating for tribal rights and promoting sustainable development initiatives across Adilabad district.

Best Lecturer Award (January 26th, 2014): Sravan’s impact as an educator extended beyond primary education to the collegiate level, where he received the Best Lecturer Award in Adilabad district. Conferred by Sri A. Babu, District Collector IAS, this honor celebrated Sravan’s outstanding contributions to the academic community, characterized by his dynamic teaching style, mentorship, and dedication to fostering intellectual curiosity among students at Government Junior College, Utnoor.

Gandhi Sahitya Ratna Award (August 11th, 2020): Sravan’s literary prowess and commitment to promoting Gandhian ideals of nonviolence, social justice, and peace were recognized with the prestigious Gandhi Sahitya Ratna Award. Presented by Gandhi Gnan Pratishtan Litrachor Department Hyderabad, this award celebrated Sravan’s impactful literary works that inspire reflection on societal issues and promote harmony across communities.

Kaithika Kavi Mitra (January 17th, 2020): Sravan’s contributions to Telugu literature were honored with the Kaithika Kavi Mitra award, an accolade bestowed upon individuals who have made significant strides in poetry and literature. Presented by Gouskula Ramesh Secretary of Mandikatla Srinivash at Bhuvana Sahithi Vedika Huzurabad, Karim Nagar, this recognition underscored Sravan’s ability to capture the essence of cultural narratives and evoke profound emotions through his writing.

Akshara Ratna Award (February 28th, 2021): The Akshara Ratna Award celebrated Sravan’s excellence in literature, particularly his impactful contributions to Telugu poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Presented by Dr. Ganugula Ugenderachary, Chairman of Vagdevi Kala Petam at Vijayawada, this prestigious honor highlighted Sravan’s literary versatility and ability to provoke thought through his profound literary creations.

Proficiency in Literature Award (2021): Sravan’s exceptional command of literary studies, analytical prowess, and creative acumen were recognized with the Proficiency in Literature Award in 2021. This award underscored Sravan’s comprehensive understanding of diverse literary genres and his ability to engage readers with insightful perspectives and thought-provoking narratives.

Literary Service Inspiration Award (November 14th, 2022): Sravan’s enduring commitment to advancing literature and serving as an inspirational figure in the literary community was celebrated with the Literary Service Inspiration Award. This accolade highlighted Sravan’s role in motivating fellow writers and literary enthusiasts to explore new horizons in literature and contribute meaningfully to societal discourse.

Sri Sant Sewalal Maharaj Kavi Ratna Puraskar (2022): Recognized for his outstanding contributions to Hindi literature, Sravan received the prestigious Sri Sant Sewalal Maharaj Kavi Ratna Puraskar in 2022. This esteemed literary award honored Sravan’s dedication to promoting poetry and literature in Hindi, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences with his evocative storytelling and profound literary insights.

Sravan’s Contributions to Community Development and Social Service: 

  • Sravan has been actively involved in various social activities, which include helping people in village development activities such as building infrastructure, providing clean drinking water, and improving living conditions. 
  • He has also made generous donations to temples for their upkeep and development. Moreover, Sravan has been instrumental in community development by organizing programs promoting education, health, and social welfare.
  • In addition, Sravan has provided financial assistance to people in need, particularly during times of crisis. He has distributed rice and other essential commodities to society’s poor and vulnerable sections. 
  • Sravan has also been involved in various social service activities, such as organizing blood donation camps, conducting health awareness campaigns, and supporting the education of underprivileged children. His efforts have brought about positive changes in many people’s lives in his community.
  • Sravan has been actively involved in organizing and participating in various birth anniversary celebrations, including those of prominent leaders and social reformers. These celebrations often involve cultural programs, seminars, and discussions to educate people about the life and achievements of the person being celebrated. 
  • Death anniversary celebrations are a way to honor the memory and legacy of individuals who have passed away. These celebrations often involve cultural programs, literary discussions, and seminars to remember and reflect on the life and contributions of the person being commemorated.

Sravan’s Humanitarian Efforts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sravan actively participated in relief efforts to help those in need. As a member of the Sahitya Vedika in Utnoor, he distributed essential groceries, rice, and vegetables to underprivileged families and individuals severely affected by the pandemic.
  • Many families and individuals may have been impacted by the pandemic and lost their sources of income. To support them, Sravan may have distributed essential groceries such as rice, flour, lentils, and oil to ensure they had enough food.
  • Regularly sanitizing public places such as streets, parks, and government buildings is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus. Sravan may have helped distribute masks to people in the community and promoted the importance of wearing them correctly.
  • Sravan may have helped individuals and families in need by providing financial support or by connecting them to relevant resources that could help. Sravan may have been involved in distributing fruits and vegetables to people in the community to help promote good health.
  • Access to medical support is essential, especially during a pandemic. Sravan may have provided telemedicine or counseling services to people who could not visit a doctor in person.
  • Education and awareness are key to preventing the spread of the virus. Sravan may have conducted campaigns to raise awareness about COVID-19 safety protocols, prevention measures, and other important information.
  • The pandemic has disrupted education, and many children have been unable to attend school. Sravan may have helped provide educational support to children in the community to help them keep up with their studies.

H.No: 2-2/1, Street Name: Subash Nagar, Ibutnoor, Village: Sonapur, Mandal: Narnoor, District: Adilabad, Constituency: Asifabad, Parliament: Adilabad, State: Telangana, Pincode: 504311.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9491467715

Biodata of Mr. Rathod Sravan

Rathod Sravan | District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association | the Leaders Page

Name: Rathod Sravan

DOB: 21-08-1972

Father: Mr. Late Rathod Rathan Singh

Mother: Mrs. Late Rathod Jijabai

Spouse: Rathore Vijaybai (SA, Social Science)

Sons: Dr. Rathod Karthik Nayak, MBBS, Rathod Hruthik Nayak, Rathod Sathvik Nayak

Education Qualification: MA, B.Ed, UGC NET

Religion: Hindu

Profession: Social Activist and Writer

Present Designation: District Treasurer of Government Lecturer Association

Permanent Address: Sonapur, Narnoor, Adilabad, Asifabad, Telangana.

Contact No: 9491467715

The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour but without folly.

Active Participation in Various Activities

రాథోడ్ శ్రవణ్‌కు గొప్ప గౌరవం

ప్రముఖ రచయిత, అధ్యాపకుడు, ఉట్నూర్ సాహితీ వేదిక మాజీ అధ్యక్షుడు శ్రీ రాథోడ్ శ్రవణ్‌ను గాంధీ గ్లోబల్ ప్రతిస్థాన్ మరియు హైదరాబాద్ మహానగర్ జల మండలి వారి కవితలకు ఇటీవల ప్రపంచ జల సంరక్షణ దినోత్సవ అవార్డుతో సత్కరించారు. ఈ కార్యక్రమంలో సర్‌ రాథోడ్‌ శ్రవణ్‌ ప్రపంచానికి నీటి ప్రాముఖ్యతపై కవిత్వం చేసినందుకు ప్రముఖులందరూ ప్రశంసించారు. అతను అనేక పుస్తకాలతో సాహిత్య రంగానికి సంవత్సరాలుగా సేవ చేసాడు. కార్యక్రమంలో భాగంగా ఆయనకు శాలువా, జ్ఞాపిక, ప్రశంసా పత్రాన్ని డా.గున్న రాజేందర్‌రెడ్డి, డాక్టర్‌ యానాల ప్రభాకర్‌రెడ్డి కన్వీయర్‌ కె.గోపాల్‌జీ, సీనియర్‌ జర్నలిస్టు పాసం యాదగిరి, సీనియర్‌ రచయిత డా.నాగసూరి వేణుగోపాల్‌ అందజేశారు.

పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ

సాహిత్య రంగంలో ముత్యాల హారం పుస్తకం ఒక గొప్ప పుస్తకమని జిల్లా మా ధ్యమిక విద్యాధికారి రవీందర్ అన్నారు. మంగళవారం ముత్యాల హారం పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ కార్యక్రమంలో ముఖ్య అతిథిగా హాజరై మాట్లాడారు. ముందుగా భారత రాజ్యాంగ నిర్మాత డాక్టర్ బాబాసాహెబ్ అంబేద్కర్ వర్ధంతిని పురస్కరిం చుకుని ఆయన చిత్రపటానికి పూలమాలలు వేసి నివాళులర్పించారు. అనంత రం జూనియర్ కళాశాల లెక్చరర్ రాథోడ్ శ్రావణ్ రచించిన ముత్యాల హారం పుస్తకాన్ని ప్రముఖులతో కలిసి ఆవిష్కరించారు. ఈ సందర్భంగా ఆయన మాట్లా డుతూ ఒక పుస్తకం చదివితే జీవితంలో మార్పును తేవడానికి ఎంతో దోహ దపడుతుందన్నారు. కార్యక్రమంలో ఉసావే అధ్యక్షులు బంకట్ లాల్, జూనియర్ లెక్చరర్ల సంఘం రాష్ట్ర ప్రధాన కార్యదర్శి జాదవ్ బలిరాం, ప్రిన్సిపాల్ గణేష్, ముంజం జ్ఞానేశ్వర్, ఆత్రం మోతిరాం, ఉపాద్యాయులు పాల్గొన్నారు.

ఘన సన్మానం

తెలంగాణ సారస్వత పరిషత్ హైదరాబాద్ ఆధ్వర్యంలో ఆదిలాబాద్ జిల్లా సమగ్ర స్వరూపం గ్రంథావిష్కరణ ఆదిలాబాద్ జిల్లా ఉత్సవం సందర్భంగా ఆదివారం రోజున జిల్లా పరిషత్ సమావేశ మందిరంలో నిర్వహించారు. కార్యక్రమంలో ఆదిలాబాద్ జిల్లా సమగ్ర చరిత్ర గ్రంథంలో లంబాడీ గిరిజనుల చరిత్ర- సంస్కృతిలి అనే శీర్షికతో 16 పేజీలు వ్యాసాన్ని రచించిన కవి, రచయిత, ఉపన్యాసకులు రాథోడ్ శ్రావణ్ కు ముఖ్య అతిథిగా హాజరైన ఆదిలాబాద్ ఎమ్మెల్యే జోగు రామన్న, తెలంగాణ సారస్వత పరిషత్ హైదరాబాద్ ప్రధాన కార్యదర్శి డా. చెన్నయ్య, పుస్తక రూపకల్పన ఆదిలాబాద్ జిల్లా కోర్ కమిటీ కన్వీనర్ డా. మన్నె ఏలియా చేతుల మీదుగా శాలువాతో ఘనంగా సన్మానించి మెమెంటో అందజేశారు. ఈ కార్యక్రమంలో కోర్ కమిటీ సభ్యులు సుమనస్పతి రెడ్డి, వసంత్ రావు దేశ్ పాండే, బోరి మురళీధర్, సామల రాజవర్ధన్, నెరేళ్ళ


పద్మశ్రీ అవార్డు గ్రహీత శ్రీ కనక రాజు గారిని ప్రభుత్వ జూనియర్ కళాశాల జైనూర్లో ఘన సన్మానం కారిక్రమంలో రాథోడ్ స్రావం గారు.

పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ

రాథోడ్ స్రావం గారు రాసిన పండుగలు ముత్యాల హారాలు పుస్తకాన్ని కవులు మరియు రచయితల సమక్షంలో ఆవిష్కరించిన సందర్భం

పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ

ఉట్నూర్ సాహితి వేదిక లో రాథోడ్ స్రావం గారు రాసిన హరిత హారం కు ముత్యాల హారం పుస్తకాన్ని కవులు మరియు రచయితల సమక్షంలో ఆవిష్కరించిన సందర్భం

పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ

ఉట్నూర్ సాహితి వేదిక కారిక్రమంలో లో రాథోడ్ స్రావం గారు రాసిన మొదటి పుస్తకం “దేశ భక్తి కైతికాలు” మొదటి పుస్తకాన్ని కవులు మరియు రచయితల సమక్షంలో ఆవిష్కరించిన సందర్భం

మూడవ పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ

తెలంగాణ గిరిజన సంక్షేమం, స్త్రీ మరియు శిశు సంక్షేమ మంత్రి గౌ. శ్రీమతి. సత్యవతి రాథోడ్ మరియు నిర్మల్ నియోజకవర్గం శాసన సభ్యులు అల్లోల ఇంద్రకరణ్ రెడ్డి గారి చేతుల మీదుగా రాథోడ్ స్రావం గారు “పండుగలు ముత్యాల హారాలు” మూడో పుస్తకాన్ని ఆవిష్కరించిన సందర్భం.

Awards and Recognitions of Mr. Rathod Sravan

అదే సంవత్సరంలో 50 ప్రచురణలకు సర్టిఫికేట్

తేది. 21-19-2019 లెక్చరర్గా ఎంపికైన రాథోడ్ శ్రావణ గారిని సన్మానిస్తున్న జిల్లా కలెక్టర్ డా॥ అశోక్ గారు.

శ్రీ ఏ. బాబు ఐ.ఏ.ఎస్ జిల్లా కలెక్టర్ గారి చేతుల మీదుగా రాథోడ్ శ్రావణ గారికి ఉత్తమ అధ్యాపకుని అవార్డును అందుకుంటున్న సందర్భం.

ఉట్నూరు సాహితీ వేదిక ఆధ్వర్యంలో 2014 లో ఉగాది వేడుకల సందర్భంగా రాథోడ్ శ్రావణ్ గారిని సన్మానించిన కవి, కథా రచయిత , విమర్శకుడు 2013 ఇండియన్ అడ్మినిస్ట్రేటివ్ సర్వీస్ అధికారి వాడ్రేవు చిన వీరభద్రుడు గారిచే సన్మానం.

కవి సమ్మేళన కార్య క్రమంలో జిల్లా పాలనా ధికారి, గౌ, శ్రీమతి సిక్తా పట్నాయక్ ఐఎఎస్ గారి చేతుల మీదుగా సాహితీ వేదిక పూర్వ అధ్యక్షులైన రాథోడ్ శ్రావణ్ ను ఎంపిక చేసి అవార్డు ని అందిస్తున్న సందర్భం.

 రాథోడ్. శ్రవణ్ గారు శ్రీ నవీన్ మిట్టల్, ఐ.ఏ.ఎస్ ప్రాజెక్ట్ ఆఫీసర్ ఐ.టి.డి.ఎ గారి నుండి బెస్ట్ స్సెర్ప్ అవార్డ్ అందుకుంటున్న సందర్భం.

Assignments of Rathod Shravan

మొదటి పుస్తకం
దేశ భక్తి కైతికాలు

The first book

Patriotic songs

బంజారా భీష్మ అమర్
సింగ్ తిలావత్

Banjara Bhishma Amar

Singh Tilawat

బంజారా జాతి రత్నం
బానోత్ జలంసింగ్

Banoth Jalamsingh is the gem

of the Banjara race

హరిత హారంకు
ముత్యాల హారం
పుస్తక ఆవిష్కరణ

To the green denominator

A Muthyala Haram

Book launch



Muthyala Haram

ముత్యాలహారం రూపకర్త రాథోడ్
శ్రావణ్ ముత్యాల హారం
ప్రక్రియలో వెలువరించిన

Collections by Muthyala Haram designer

Rathod Shravan on

Muthyala Haram process.

Mr. Rathod Sravan Receiving Awards

Mr. Rathod Sravan Honor Ceremonies

Book Launching Ceremony

News Paper Clippings




Born in Sonapur Village

 from Adilabad Distict, Telangana


Completed SSC

from  A.P Residential High School, Bellam Pally


Obtained Intermediate

from  A.P Residential Junior College, Utnoor.


Government Teacher

of Integrated Trible Development Agent, Utnoor 


Secondary Grade Teacher

at Ashram High School, Gadiguda


Junior Assistant

from Dhakshana Railway



 at Dakshina Madya Railway, Secunderabad

November 1995

Finished Graduation

 from Osmania University, Hyderabad

August 1997

Obtained Bachelor of Education

 from Osmania University, Hyderabad


Best Teacher Award

 at Adilabad, Telangana 

August 1999

Acquired Master of Arts

 from Osmania University, Hyderabad


School Assistant

 at Government School, Adilabad

July 2004

Obtained MA Hindi

at Osmania University, Hyderabad.


Best Resource Person Award

 from ITDA 


Junior Lecturer

from Government Junior College, Utnoor


Junior Hindi Lecturer

 at Government Junior College, Utnoor


District Treasurer

of  GJLA Telangana, Adilabad



of Academic Administrative Coordinator, Government Junior College


Best Lecturer Award

of Adilabad


Junior Lecturer

at Government Junior College, Komaram Bheem


Junior Lecturer

from Government Junior College, Inderavelly



of Sahithya Vedhika, Utnoor 



 of Government Junior College, Jainoor



 of Sahithya Vedhika, Utnoor



of Tribal Welfare Teachers Union, Adilabad


District Vice President

 of Tribal Welfare Teachers Union, Adilabad


Gandhi Sahitya Ratna Award


Kaithika Kavi Mitra

of literature and poetry


Akshara Ratna Award

 at the Vagdevi Kala Pitam


Proficiency in Literature

 of excellent command in  literary 


Sri Sant Sewalal Maharaj Kavi Ratna Puraskar

 a prestigious literary award