Radharapu Srinivas Rao

Mandal Convener of BC-Cell, Narasaraopeta, Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP

Radharapu Srinivas Rao is currently working as Mandal Convener of BC-Cell of Narasaraopeta from YSRCP.

He was born in Isappalem, Andhra Pradesh on 30 November 1979 to Venkateshwarlu.

He completed his early education at Municipal High School from Narasaraopeta, Andhra Pradesh in 1994.

He has been very accustomed to political traits since childhood. He fights in the forefront to bring justice to the people. So even in college he would stand by every single individual and be their companion.

Srinivas Rao was drawn into politics in 2004 through the INC and elected as the Village Leader of Isappalem and performed activities for the growth and development of the Party and Village.

He worked as the Ration Dealer for 10 years in his village which is established by the Government of India which distributes rations at a subsidized price to the poor.

In 2014, Srinivas Rao joined the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP or YCP), an Indian regional political party in the state of Andhra Pradesh founded by Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy in 2011.

Since the date of joining the Party, He has been working as an Active Member worked all day and involves in every organized Party meeting and works for the growth and development of the Party and Village.

For his excellent performance during the process of his service, in 201, Srinivas Rao was Designated for the position as a Mandal Convener of BC-Cell of Narasaraopeta.

From then until now, he has been serving in the honorable positions that were assigned and doing his part to better society by carrying out his duties properly and following the rules and regulations of the party.

simultaneously he is fulfilling his family responsibilities and proportionally balancing the multiple works.

He is a dedicated follower of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Participated in the Samaikyandhra Movement to prevent the division of the state-separating the Telangana districts of the state into a separate Telangana State.

During the movement, The people of Narasaraopeta Mandal took part and completely played a key role in the foot march (padayatra) organized by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

During the continuous Samaikyandhra Movement, Srinivas went on a District wise padayatra against started his padayatra from Narasaraopeta, and continued his journey to Guntur District to prevent the division of the state-separating the Telangana districts of the state into a separate Telangana state.

 Recent Activities

  • He organized the blood camp and medical camp in the village and donated the blood for the needy people.
  • Srinivas Rao financially assisted the poor people in the village and helped them in all possible ways.
  • He distributed fruits and medicines to the village’s unhealthy students and needy people.
  • He fought and solved the issues like pensions, Ration cards, Health cards, and also the issue relating to Aadhar cards.
  • Distributed Books, pads, and Stationary things to High School Students and motivates them to score high marks.
  • He provided his financial support to the poor people in the village and also donated a certain amount to the merit students for their higher education.
  • He conducted Village development activities in the village like laying of CC Roads, Digging of Borewells, Putting up Street Lights, Clearance of Drainage systems, and Solving water Problems.
  • Conducted many party meetings and development activities for community development.
  • He stood up for the poor and ensured the development of welfare. He always raises his hands to serve the poor.
  • Conducted Annadhanam Program, which is served and satisfied many hungry people and Chalivendra centers were set up for the people during the summer
  • Money was donated to the families of the poor during the wedding to support their families financially.
  • Srinivas Rao assisted the death-affected family financially for their survival.
  • If anyone in the village encounters any problem, he will be at the forefront of the problem.
  • he conducted Cultural and Traditional programs and he noticed every student’s talent and he gave the best advice for their future career.
  • Every Year he celebrates Freedom Fighters Birth anniversaries and distributes food packets to the villagers.
  • He will assist those who come to him for help and provide the essential things that they require.
  • Srinivas’s main motto is that the people should be better off, He played an active role and raised his voice to eradicate social evils in the society and unconditionally helped them to survive their lives. The small aspiration made him big wonders for the people.

Party Activities:

  • In the past, Srinivas Rao deposed and fought against the antigovernmental policies of the government Nara Chandrababu.
  • Srinivas set up booth lane committees to strengthen the YSRCP party at the field & District level.
  • Being a Scheduled Caste and having vast knowledge about the problems of the downtrodden, Srinivas strives to effectively serve the downtrodden communities people to put best of the efforts and to improve the living conditions for the upliftment of backward people (BC People) and work hard for the socio-economic development of downtrodden and contribute the maximum in drawing more and more strength of weaker sections towards the party to further strengthen the BC People.
  • In the time when Chandrababu did injustice to BC People, The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Jagan Mohan Reddy government gave priority to 50% BCs and solved the issues.
  • Srinivas encouraged and motivated about politics to the youth students and spell out about the politicians.
  • Under the auspicious of Prominent Politicians, Srinivas was actively involved and played a key role in the programs organized by YSRCP Party.
  • He conveyed and explained to the people about the greatness of the YSRCP Party, the symbol and ideology of the YSRCP Party to the party leaders.
  • The main objective of the YSRCP political party is to constantly fight for the country and always wake up for society.
  • He always woke up and stood up at the forefront for the party and solve any issues raised on any problems.
  • He played an active role in strengthening up the YSRCP Party. On this aspect, He conducted many party meetings in the Guntur dist.
  • He set up and engaged in every Mandal level, Village level meetings and delivered speeches by motivating the YSRCP party to the upcoming leaders.
  • He organized and was involved in YSRCP Political Party Joining meetings. He has been serving and assisting the party members whenever they are in need.
  • Many party development programs were carried out in the village for the growth of the party and said the implementation of Jagan welfare schemes is ideal for the country.

Services Rendered During Pandemic Covid:

During First Wave of Corona-

  • Srinivas came forward to help the needy who have been affected by lockdown and distributed vegetables and fruits to the villagers, needy ones, and Municipality workers by following the precautions.
  • Food item packets for drivers and migrant laborers were distributed whose livelihood has been affected during this lockdown period.
  • Srinivas came forward with humanity to help those in dire straits during the corona and provide financial assistance to the people who are affected by the lockdown.
  • He apportioned Masks, Sanitizers, and delivered varieties of food to the poor, and also contributed to them financially.
  • To spread awareness about social distancing and following precautionary measures to prevent the Epidemic Corona an awareness program has been conducted.
  • As part of the drive to eradicate the corona epidemic, Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for safety of the village.

During the Second Wave of Corona-

  • Srinivas visited the hospitals and asked the hospital staff to provide oxygen cylinders for the corona victims who were seriously ill.
  • Srinivas also provided free masks and sanitizers to people with corona deficiency symptoms at the hospital.
  • He worked all days(Day and Night) during the covid period and looked after the people.
  • He contributed Beds, Proper medicines in public and private hospitals. Srinivas Talked to the doctors and said to provide better healing. He constantly prays for the corona victims that they should get well soon in these critical periods.
  • He is constantly available mainly to the poorest people in the zone.

 Isappalem, Narasaraopeta, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Email: [email protected]

Mobile:7285973739, 9885597348


Born in Isappalem


Finished Schooling

at Municipal High School, Narasaraopeta


Joined in INC


Village Leader

of Isappalem


Joined in YSRCP


Active Member


Mandal Convener

of BC-Cell, Narasaraopeta