Pothula Suneetha

Pothula Suneetha

MLC, Kothapeta, Vetapalem, Chirala, Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP.

Pothula Suneetha is a Member of the Legislative Council(MLC) elected by MLA’s. She was born on 06-06-1967 to Easwaraiah and Anasuyamma.

She completed Intermediate in 1984 from Govt. Junior College Pattikonda, Kurnool Dist. Suneetha married Pothula Suresh who is also a Politician.

She started her political journey with the Telugu Desam Party(TDP). She elected as ZPTC from Alampur.

She was appointed as President of BC Women’s Welfare Association, AP. She was served as in Incharge of Chirala from the TDP party.

In 2017, She was elected as a Member of the Legislative Council(MLC) by MLA’s. She joined the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party(YSRCP).


Recent Activities:

  • Donated Safety kits to frontline workers in Chirala.
  • Street lights were set up.
  • Distributed Essential Needs in Pandemic COVID-19 time.
  • Awareness was created on how to practice social distance.
  • The village was sprayed with sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • Sand roads were paved in the village.
  • Wet and dry bins were distributed to households. We have also created awareness of wet garbage and dry garbage.

 H.No.2-232,IITD Colony Kothapeta, Vetapalem (M), Chirala (Constituency), Prakasam (Dist), Andhra Pradesh (State)

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number:+91-9440962378

Recent Activities 

రోడ్ షో

చీరాల లోని రోడ్ షో లో పాల్గొని మాట్లాడుతున్న ఎమ్మెల్సీ పోతుల సునీత గారు

బిసి ఉమెన్స్ వెల్ఫేర్ అసోసియేషన్ ప్రెసిడెంట్‌గా నియమించబడ్డ సందర్భంగా ఫారం ని అందుకుంటున్న ఎమ్మెల్సీ పోతుల సునీత గారు

Election Campaign

వర్ధంతి సభ

టీడీపీ వ్యవస్థాపకుడు పరిటాల రవి గారి వర్ధంతి సభకు హాజరై ఆయనకు నివాళులర్పించిన ఎమ్మెల్సీ పోతుల సునీత గారు

నిరాహార దీక్ష


Born in Kothapeta



from Govt. Junior College Pattikonda, Kurnool Dist


Joined in the TDP



from Alampur



for BC Women’s Welfare Association – AP



of Chirala



Member of the Legislative Council


Joined in the YSRCP