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Poreddy Srinivas

Vice-MPP, Dehgaon, Bazarhatnoor, Boath, Adilabad, Telangana, BJP


Poreddy Srinivas is the Vice-MPP of Bazarhatnoor Mandal, Adilabad district. He was born on 02-01-1978 in Dehgaon Village, Bazarhatnoor Mandal. His parents were Gangaiah and Narsamma.


In 1995, Srinivas completed his schooling at Asrama high school located at Jatarla. He earned an undergraduate from GJC college, Boath in 1997. In 2001, Srinivas graduated with a Degree from Giriraj degree college.


Basically, he hails from an Agricultural family.


With great ambition and determination of serving people, Srinivas entered into politics with the Indian National Congress(INC) party. In 2019, He was elected as MPTC from Dehgaon village. As an MPTC, Srinivas has been providing all kinds of services to the people and within a few days, he has earned the trust of the people.

Shortly after winning the MPTC, Srinivas was appointed as Vice-MPP from Bazarhatnoor Mandal, Adilabad district currently serving in the position. Srinivas switches over from the Congress party and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) in 2020. After joining the party, within a few days the party recognized Srinivas’s hard work and perseverance and appointed him as the BJP’s Spokesperson. Srinivas also dutifully fulfilled his responsibilities while respecting their faith.

He took charge as SMC(School Management Committee) Chairman and worked for 4 years.

As a party activist, Srinivas gained a reputation among the people. He has been promoted to the designation Mandal Official Spokesperson from the BJP.


  • At the call of state president Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar, Srinivas took part in the “Telangana Raitu Gosa BJP Pooru Deeksha” program.Demands1) Grain purchases should be made based on war.
    2) Support price should be paid for stained, discolored grain.
    3) Stop harassing farmers in the name of talu and tarugu.
    4) Immediately release Farmer funds
    5) Farmer bond funds should be released immediately.
  • Srinivas did “Bikshayatana” on the orders of the BJP state department on unemployment issues, for the immediate release of job notifications.
  • He has been distributing fruits and milk on the occasion of PM Narendra Modi’s, Shyama Prasad Mukharji, birthdays every year. Also conducts blood donation camps on that day.
  • He gave awareness of the “New Agricultural Act” to the farmers.
  • Srinivas worked hard to bring the BJP to power in Telangana under the leadership of Narendra Modi.
  • A petition has been filed by Srinivas with the MRO in Mandal that cows should be equated with gods and the killing of cows should be ban.
  • Srinivas fought over the problems of the Sorghum farmers and was arrested during the agitation.
  • He has been providing stationery things to the students on August 15th every year.


  • Srinivas worked as a Social Activist in the village and always took immediate action on people’s issues.
  • He protests and holds dharnas against the decisions taken by the government against the people and seeks justice for the people.
  • He engaged in programs like Palle Pragati, Harithaharam, and Swachh Bharath.
  • Srinivas along with part leaders organized the blood camp and medical camp in the village and donated the blood for the needy people.
  • He distributed fruits and medicines to the unhealthy students and needy people in the village.
  • He fought and solved the issues like pensions, Ration cards, Health cards, and also the issues relating to Aadhar cards.
  • Organized awareness programs on Education and motivates students to score high marks.
  • Provided financial support to the poor people when they are in trouble.
  • Planted plants in the surrounding areas of Dehgaon and told regarding the use of Environment Protection.
  • He stood up for the poor and ensured the development of welfare. He always raises his hands to serve the poor.




-Srinivas served even during the pandemic also. He provided essentials, food to the Jatarla, Bosara, Gargapur villagers during the pandemic.

-He provided essential commodities, Masks, Sanitizers, Face Shields to the village and poor people.

-Provided food packets, water bottles to the migrants, arranges buses to go to their villages.

-Arranged free food service to the municipal, police, front-line workers who worked a lot during Pandemic Covid-19.

-Set up tents to provide seating for those who came to the hospital for the covid test.

-Conducted awareness programs to prevent Covid-19. Gave financial assistance to Covid-19 victims.

-Distributes Rice, Vegetables to the Masks, Sanitizers to the Covid victims, and the village people.

-He says covid-19 can be conquered with courage and corona victims should not lose courage.

-He provided food packets, water bottles, Masks, Sanitizers in the lockdown time to the poor and the elderly who live near the parks on the road cannot find anything to eat.

-He donates food and clothes to poor and orphaned children during the first Wave Corona and satisfies the hunger of many orphans.



-During the second wave of the corona, he distributed fruits, food packets, and water bottles to the road siders and also distributed blankets to them.

-He financially helped covid victims by providing vitamin tablets, masks, Sanitizers, and fruits.

-Created awareness on the maintenance of Physical distance and following precautionary measures to prevent the epidemic in Corona.

-Distributed food and rice bags to the migrants and also contributed to them financially.

-Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for the safety of the village.

-Awareness camps and seminars were organized on the Covid-19 vaccine and about the effects of the virus.

-Conducted Annadhanam Program for poor people which is served and satisfied many hungry people.

-Arranged oxygen cylinders for the covid victims and saved many lives.


Village: Dehgaon, Mandal: Bazarhatnoor, Constituency: Boath, District: Adilabad, State: Telangana

Mobile: 9701554269


Born in Dehgaon village



from GJC college, Boath



with a Degree from Giriraj degree college.


Joined in the Congress party



from Dehgaon village

2019-at present


 from Bazarhatnoor Mandal


Joined in the BJP


BJP's Spokesperson


SMC Chairman

worked for 4 years


Mandal Official Spokesperson

from the BJP


Party Activist

of BJP