Pamidi Pamula Nirekshana Rao

Ration Dealer, Pamidimarru, Nagaram, Andhra Pradesh


Pamidi Pamula Nirekshana Rao was the Ration Dealer of Pamidimarru. He was born in 1965 to Saloman and Satyavedamma, in Pamidimarru. From 1989-1991, he completed Intermediate at Ambedkar college of Tenali. He hails the Agriculture family.

From 1980-1992, Nirekshana Rao’s father was served as a Sarpanch.  Rao joined the Congress Party and Contested as a Sarpanch from Pamidimarru, From 1999-2004. He working as a Ration Dealer in Pamidimarru village of Nagaram Mandal, Guntur Dist.

Social Activities:

  • Nirekshana Rao has done so many Social Activities. He Participated in Haritha Haram, Swachh Bharath programs.

Pamidimarru, Nagaram, Guntur

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Born in Pamidimarru



In Ambedkar college


Joined in the Congress


Ration Dealer