Nunavath Rajashekar

Nunavath Rajashekar

Village Vice President, Devagiripatnam, Mulugu, Telangana, TRS


Nunavath Rajashekar is the Village Vice President of Devagiripatnam from the TRS party.

Born and Education:

He was born on 05th April 1992 in Devagiripatnam village.

In 2009, Rajashekar earned his Board of Secondary Education from ZPPHS in Devagiripatnam and completed Intermediate from Nalanda junior college.

Rajashekar was a Civil Contractor by his profession. He was a National level Sportsperson.

Political Career:

Rajashekar entered politics with a clear determination to transform society by addressing social injustices. He joined the Telangana Rashtra Samiti(TRS) in 2011. He has a strong interest in politics, and he was involved in politics while still a student. He has participated in sports organized at Goa, Nellore, Mahaboobnagar, Kadapa, Warangal, Kakatiya University, Punjab University, Indore University.

Telangana Movement:

The Telangana movement refers to a movement for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India. After several years of protest and agitation, the central government, under the United Progressive Alliance, decided to bifurcate the existing Andhra Pradesh state, and on 07-February-2014, the Union Cabinet unilaterally cleared the bill for the creation of Telangana. Lasting for almost a decade, this has been one of the most long-lasting movements in South India.

Rajashekar played an active role during the late 2000s Telangana Separate State Movement and took part in Hunger Strikes, Rally, Protest Programs, Chalo Hyderabad, Vanta-Varpu, Bike Rallies, as a part of the Telangana Movement. During the agitation, he was Lati-Charged by the police.

For the Mulugu district, he went on a Padayatra from Eturunagaram to Mulugu.

He was succeeded as the Mandal Youth Leader from the TRS party. During the tenure of the Mandal Youth Leader, he became more active in politics and has constantly strived for the people’s welfare.

Rajashekar has a special interest in solving students’ issues. When injustice was done to students, he took part in dharnas, demonstrations, and protests and battled until justice was served. As a result of his active involvement in addressing student difficulties, he was appointed as College Youth Leader from 2012 to 2014.

The party officials offered him the post of District Youth General Secretary in 2018. On his appointment as District General Secretary Rajashekar promises as he duly satisfies his roles and responsibilities. At present Rajashekar serving as Village Vice President of Devagiripatnam from the TRS party.

Social Service: 

  • Rajashekar is always at the forefront in doing social service. He gave his helping hand in his unique ways.
  • He engaged in programs like Palle Pragati, Harithaharam, and Swachh Bharath and made the surroundings clean.
  • Organized the blood camp and medical camp in the village and donated the blood for the needy people.
  • Rajashekar financially assisted the poor people in the village and also helped them in all possible ways when needed.
  • He distributed fruits and blankets in the orphanage and old age homes.
  • He has been conducting freedom fighters’ birth and death anniversaries and motivates students by telling them about their sacrifices.
  • Distributed stationery things, books to the students and financially supported them with the intention of no student can illiterate due to lack of money.
  • Wet and dry garbages were distributed and gave awareness on how to use them.
  • Rajashekar informed the villagers about the dangers of plastic use and prohibited its use in the village.
  • He educated the villagers on current technology and how to use smartphones.

Pandemic Services:

-Being a TRS leader Rajashekar provided his service even during the pandemic period. He distributed essentials, masks, sanitizers to the village and the poor.

-Distributed vegetables and fruits to the village people and needy people in the covid-19 lockdown period.

-Conducted awareness programs on the maintenance of Physical distance and following precautionary measures to prevent the epidemic in Corona.

-Rajashekar along with the party leaders honored Municipal staff, the front-line workers who provided a lot of services to the public.

-Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for the safety of the village.

-Rajashekar put his effort to serve people even during the covid second wave.

-Awareness camps and seminars were organized on the Covid-19 vaccine and about the effects of the virus.

-The area infected with the coronavirus has been declared a red zone and people have been given proper precautions and instructions.

-Delivered food, supplements for the covid victims by home delivery.

-Arranged oxygen cylinders for the covid victims where they are being treated.

H-No: 2-201, Village: Devagiripatnam, Mandal&Constituency&District: Mulugu, State: Telangana, Pincode: 506352

Mobile: 7997134135
Email: [email protected]

15th April 1992

Born in Devagiripatnam village


Completed SSC

at ZPHS near Devagiripatnam



from Nalanda junior college


Joined in the TRS party


Mandal Youth Leader

from the TRS party


College Youth Leader


District Youth General Secretary

2021-till now

Village Vice President

of Devagiripatnam from the TRS party