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Mr. Bhupal Nanavath Naik – A LEADER WITH VISION & MISSION

Mr. Bhupal Nanavath Naik is a distinguished and visionary business leader recognized for his profound influence on the global business landscape. As the Founder of Kisaan Parivar, he has exhibited relentless dedication, creative vision, and a commitment to excellence, leading to significant accomplishments for both himself and his organization.

In his role as the Director of SL Group of Companies, Mr. Naik has spearheaded transformative changes across various ventures, integrating innovation and strategic growth initiatives. His leadership has been crucial in driving the expansion of the organization and making key decisions that shape its growth trajectory.


Nanavath Bhupal Naik‘s journey from humble beginnings to pioneering corporate leadership epitomizes relentless determination and visionary acumen. Rising from modest roots, his early career at a petrol bunk sparked a fervent entrepreneurial spirit that led him to diversify and excel across global business verticals.

As Chairman and Managing Director of Shares Bazaar and S.L. Agro, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik has not only transformed these ventures into thriving entities but also revolutionized industry standards with innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. His leadership style blends strategic foresight with operational excellence, fostering a culture of growth and empowerment within his organizations.

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s passion for innovation is evident in his groundbreaking initiatives, from developing advanced trading solutions to pioneering sustainable agricultural practices at S.L. Agro. His ethos of continuous improvement and customer-eccentricity has garnered acclaim, with Shares Bazaar boasting a clientele of over 3000 satisfied clients through word of mouth alone.

Beyond business, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik champions a holistic approach to leadership, emphasizing the integration of corporate success with community welfare and environmental stewardship. His initiatives at S.L. Agro exemplify this commitment, aiming to enhance agricultural productivity while ensuring ecological sustainability.

With a visionary outlook and a track record of transformative leadership, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik continues to set new benchmarks in corporate governance and innovation. His dedication to excellence and ethical business practices define him as a modern-day leader, driving not only business success but also societal impact and sustainable growth.

Explore the transformative vision of Nanavath Bhupal Naik and experience firsthand his commitment to innovation, integrity, and inclusive growth across Shares Bazaar and S.L. Agro. Join us on our journey to redefine possibilities and create a future where innovation meets impact, guided by Mr. Naik’s unwavering passion and purpose.

Nanavath Bhupal Naik

Mr N.B. Naik, Director of S.L. Group of Companies.

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik is a distinguished and forward-thinking business leader who has left an enduring impact on the global business stage. Born on April 8, 1983, in Kandikonda Village, Kuravi Mandal, of Mahaboobabad District, in Telangana State, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovative vision.

The foundational values and principles instilled by his parents, Shri Nanavath Punya Naik and Smt. Nanavath Chanda has significantly influenced his personal and professional journey, shaping him into the remarkable leader he is today.

Nanavath Bhupal Naik pursued his education with determination and commitment, starting with his schooling at Jharkhand State Open School in Ranchi, where he completed his studies in 2014. Following this, he enrolled at Monad University in Uttar Pradesh and successfully obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree in 2016. Eager to further enhance his academic credentials and business acumen, Mr. Naik later pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at Hindustan University of Technology & Science, which he completed in 2022. His educational journey reflects a continuous pursuit of knowledge and a strong foundation in both commerce and business administration.

Strategy, Planning, and Execution

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik possesses a profound understanding of the economy and financial sector, which are crucial for the nation’s development and growth. His expertise in formulating sound policies and laws benefits both the people and businesses in his constituency and across the country. He has a proven track record of delivering results and achieving goals in competitive and dynamic environments. His ability to manage risks, optimize resources, and create value for clients and stakeholders is noteworthy. Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik applies these skills to implement effective programs and projects that address the needs and challenges of his constituency and India.

Passionate about innovation and technology, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik believes these elements are essential for India’s progress and prosperity. He has invested in developing algorithmic trading, money management, and diversified market strategies, enhancing performance and efficiency. He leverages these innovations to improve the quality and accessibility of public services and infrastructure in his constituency and nationwide.

Committed to excellence and professionalism, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik upholds the highest standards of ethics and compliance in business operations and dealings. He brings this commitment to his duties in the Lok Sabha, ensuring transparency and fairness in all actions and decisions.

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik respects diversity and pluralism, which helps build bridges and foster harmony among different groups and communities. He values different opinions and experiences gained through his work with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

The Visionary Leadership of Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik: Pioneering Growth and Innovation Across Industries-

SL Group of Companies

Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, SL Group is renowned for its world-class ventures and trusted brands across diverse industries. With a rich legacy, SL Group has established itself as a name synonymous with reliability in the business world. The company is committed to development, excellence, and unity, operating responsibly through its various affiliates and subsidiaries.

As the parent entity, SL Group consistently strives to deliver excellence in its key sectors, which include agriculture, finance, technology, research, and real estate. More than just an emerging leader, SL Group is a brand that embodies integrity and accountability. The group continues to expand its reach while actively engaging in sociology-corporate initiatives, further solidifying its reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking business conglomerate.

As Chairman of SL Group, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik has led the company to new heights by integrating innovative strategies and promoting growth across various sectors. His leadership has been pivotal in making crucial decisions that have driven the organization’s expansion.

Sampoorna Vyapaar Pvt. Ltd. (NBFC), Hyderabad-2012

Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

In his role as Chairman, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik has transformed Sampoorna Vyapaar Pvt. Ltd. into a leading non-banking financial company. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have ensured the company’s robust performance and growth.

Chairman, Richirich Inventures Ltd. (Aggro Trade), Hyderabad-2016

Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s leadership in Richirich Inventures Ltd. has been instrumental in advancing agro-trade initiatives. His innovative strategies have enhanced the company’s performance and contributed to the agricultural industry’s growth.


Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Nanavath Bhupal Naik is a distinguished leader and visionary who has made significant strides in the corporate farming industry. As the Founder and Chairman of Kisaan Parivar, he has played a pivotal role in establishing the company as one of the premier corporate farming enterprises in the modern agricultural era in 2016. Under his guidance, Kisaan Parivar has become a highly driven and dedicated organization, with a strong focus on organic farming as a foundational asset.

Founder and Chairman, Parivar Ltd.- Mr. Naik’s strategic vision has been instrumental in shaping Kisaan Parivar’s growth trajectory. His foresight and innovative thinking have positioned the company at the forefront of the corporate farming industry.

He is responsible for developing and implementing effective agricultural procedures and best practices. His strategic plans ensure the company achieves high-quality yields through sustainable and organic farming methods.

Under his leadership, Kisaan Parivar has assembled a team of highly qualified professionals, boasting over 60 years of combined experience in organic farming, agricultural land investments, and other critical areas. Mr. Naik ensures that the team operates cohesively to drive individual and company growth.

Recognizing agricultural land investment as a safe and stable long-term investment, Mr. Naik has spearheaded efforts to optimize this avenue, providing passive income opportunities while enhancing the company’s asset base. Mr. Naik has been a strong advocate for incorporating innovative techniques and technologies into farming practices. His commitment to continuous improvement has led to the adoption of cutting-edge methods that increase efficiency and productivity.

He places a significant emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship. By promoting organic farming practices, Mr. Naik ensures that Kisaan Parivar not only produces high-quality products but also contributes positively to environmental conservation.
Under Mr. Naik’s leadership, Kisaan Parivar has grown to be one of India’s largest and most successful corporate farming companies. Ensuring the highest standards of quality, Mr. Naik and his team have dedicated significant time and resources to produce top-tier products for customers. This commitment to excellence has solidified the company’s reputation in the market.

Impact and Vision

Mr. Naik’s initiatives have profoundly impacted the lives of many individuals and families, reflecting his commitment to social responsibility and community development. His leadership at Kisaan Parivar exemplifies a blend of innovative thinking, strategic planning, and unwavering dedication to sustainable agriculture. As a result, Kisaan Parivar stands as a testament to Mr. Naik’s vision of creating a thriving, sustainable agricultural industry that benefits both individuals and the broader community.


Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Nanavath Bhupal Naik is the esteemed Founder of Bazaar, a renowned stock market research and hedge fund management company in India. His visionary leadership and innovative strategies have positioned Shares Bazaar as a leader in the financial services industry.

As the founder & Chairman, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik has been the driving force behind the company’s growth and success. His strategic insights and forward-thinking approach have established Shares Bazaar as a prominent player in the stock market research and hedge fund management sector.

Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s leadership at Shares Bazaar exemplifies his dedication to innovation, strategic development, and operational excellence. His contributions have not only driven the company’s success but also set a benchmark in the stock market research and hedge fund management industry. Through his visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik continues to lead Shares Bazaar toward a prosperous future.

President, Kisaan Parivar Seva Dal (NGO), Hyderabad-2021

In his capacity as President of Kisaan Parivaar Seva Dal, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik has demonstrated a strong commitment to social service and community welfare.

My Hub Technologies Ltd -2023


Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page



As Chairman of My Hub Technologies Ltd. since 2023, Nanavath Bhupal Naik has been instrumental in steering the company towards technological innovation and strategic growth. Under his leadership, My Hub Technologies has advanced in developing cutting-edge solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. His visionary approach ensures the company remains at the forefront of the technology sector, driving impactful change and efficiency. Through his guidance, My Hub Technologies has strengthened its market position and expanded its influence within the industry.

Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s exemplary leadership, innovative thinking, and commitment to excellence have made him a distinguished figure in the global business landscape. His diverse roles and responsibilities across various companies highlight his ability to drive growth, foster innovation, and uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Mr. Naik’s dedication to sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility further underscores his vision of creating a better future for his constituency and the country.

Free Bus Pass

Free Bus Passes

With significant authority comes substantial duty – Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik stands as a paragon of generosity, dedicating himself to enabling countless students to follow their aspirations. His vast compassion drives him to offer assistance by providing free bus passes, and effortlessly navigating bureaucratic hurdles to ensure no one is left behind. Like a steadfast guide in the dark, he tirelessly works through the intricacies of administrative processes, leaving no effort undone to maintain education’s accessibility for everyone. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s deeds resonate louder than any declaration, embodying an exemplary standard of benevolence for others to emulate. He deeply believes that knowledge is the ultimate strength and that every student should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. For him, distributing free bus passes is more than a charitable gesture; it’s a crucial step towards a brighter future for those he helps.


Free Health Camps

Free Health Camps – Well-being is prosperity

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik, a genuine humanitarian, has committed himself to actively organizing free medical camps for the underprivileged in his community. He doesn’t just make promises; he delivers on them, providing essential healthcare services to those often neglected by the system. Offering unconditional support, he extends both compassion and assistance to those in desperate need, demonstrating that deeds are far more impactful than words. Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s unwavering commitment to this honorable cause truly stands out, as he goes above and beyond to ensure no one is abandoned when it comes to their health. His altruistic actions exemplify how one individual’s dedication can profoundly transform the lives of those facing hardship.



Social Services

Social Services- Give ur hands to Serve & heart to help

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik, a dedicated and empathetic leader, has been deeply engaged in a variety of social initiatives aimed at supporting farmers and students within his community. With a keen awareness of the difficulties faced by local farmers, he launched a program to equip them with vital resources and expertise to enhance their agricultural techniques. Understanding the critical role of education for the youth, he also established a scholarship program for disadvantaged students. This initiative has empowered many young individuals to pursue higher education and break free from the cycle of poverty. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s steadfast dedication to improving the lives of both farmers and students has had a significant and enduring influence on his community, promoting growth and development for all.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment- Empower Women, Transform the World

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik, driven by passion and dedication, has devoted his life to championing women’s empowerment. Through relentless efforts, he endeavors to dismantle societal obstacles and uplift women from diverse backgrounds. Firmly believing that gender equality is not only a moral necessity but also essential for a just and thriving society, he engages in initiatives ranging from education and economic empowerment to advocating for women’s rights. Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s consistent work in these areas aims to help women achieve their full potential and participate actively in decision-making processes. His steadfast commitment to this cause inspires many, fostering positive change and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable world.


Poitical Entry

Politics is the Craft and discipline of managing and shaping Society.

By working together, compromising, and committing to the common good, we can create a political system that mirrors the aspirations and values of our nation, promotes progress, and tackles the urgent challenges of our era. United, we have the power to forge a brighter and more just political future for everyone.

Celebrated for his remarkable foresight and analytical acumen, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik is recognized as the foremost economic strategist, continually steering a path toward prosperity in a dynamic financial environment.

Cricket Tournament

Cricket Tournament-Sports bring together and motivate.

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik took the initiative to organize a cricket tournament specifically tailored for the youth in their community. This endeavor not only highlighted their love for the sport but also underscored their dedication to nurturing the talents and dreams of the younger generation. By offering a platform for aspiring cricketers to display their abilities and compete in a supportive yet competitive environment, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik fostered opportunities for personal growth, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Beyond the cricket grounds, this tournament imparted valuable life lessons and served as a source of motivation for the participating youth. His efforts significantly contributed to the holistic development and welfare of the community’s budding talents, illustrating the transformative influence of sports in shaping future leaders.

Faculty Development

Faculty Development-Teachers motivate, instruct, and mold our future

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik, a rising figure in politics, has consistently shown strong support for programs aimed at enhancing faculty development. His deep-seated commitment to education and his efforts to elevate its standards in the community have set him apart in the political arena. With a background in shaping education policies, he recognizes the pivotal role educators play in shaping young minds. He has actively promoted initiatives that provide educators with essential resources, training opportunities, and incentives, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in their roles. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s steadfast focus on faculty development not only bolsters the educational framework but also empowers teachers to inspire the future generation of leaders. As he continues to advance in his political journey, his advocacy for enhancing faculty capabilities promises to drive meaningful improvements in education and community welfare.

Women on Run Program

Women on Run Program

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik is a distinguished figure who has dedicated himself to spearheading the “Women on the Run” initiative. This transformative program aims to empower and uplift women as they pursue their goals and careers with resolute determination. Recognizing the potential of highly motivated women across diverse fields such as entrepreneurship, politics, and sports, Nanavath Bhupal Naik provides them with essential tools, mentorship, and resources to thrive. With unwavering dedication to gender equality, he is dismantling barriers and enabling women to excel in traditionally male-dominated arenas. The impact of Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s “Women on the Run” initiative extends beyond individual success stories, serving as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration. It encourages women to pursue their aspirations vigorously, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone.


By working together, finding middle ground, and committing to the greater good, we can establish a political framework that embodies our nation’s aspirations and values, promotes advancement, and tackles the urgent issues of our era. United, we can forge a more just and promising political future for everyone. – Nanavath Bhupal Naik.


Economic Strategist

to Develop growth strategies, support businesses, and promote financial advancement.


Innovative Governance

to leverage technology to improve public services and enhance infrastructure access.


Ethical Leadership

to champion openness, equity, and excellence in legislative endeavors.


Sustainability Advocate

to promote an eco-friendly economy, foster unity, celebrate diversity, and ensure equitable progress.

Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Nanavath Bhupal Naik | Kisaan Parivar Founder & President | Dornakal | Telangana | the Leaders Page | the Leaders Page

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik‘s life story resonates deeply with the values of determination, empathy, and community service. Born into poverty, he faced adversity head-on, forging a path that would see him rise from humble beginnings to become a notable corporate leader and influential politician.

From his early days as a petrol boy, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik displayed an innate entrepreneurial spirit and a keen understanding of the value of hard work. With a vision for business and innovation, he navigated challenges in the corporate world, eventually making significant contributions to both economic growth and community welfare. His leadership in business not only created opportunities for local employment but also fostered a culture of innovation and sustainable development.

Driven by a strong sense of social responsibility, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik transitioned into politics to further his impact on a broader scale. Known for his integrity and visionary approach, he has advocated tirelessly for policies that promote economic empowerment, social equity, and environmental sustainability. His initiatives aim not only to improve living standards but also to empower marginalized communities and ensure inclusive growth for all.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik remains deeply committed to community upliftment and empowerment. He has championed numerous social causes, including education reform, healthcare accessibility, and environmental conservation. His dedication to public service has earned him respect and admiration, inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and contribute positively to society.

As Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik continues to shape the landscape of both business and politics, his journey serves as a powerful example of resilience, compassion, and leadership. He remains a guiding force in driving meaningful change and fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s Impactful Advocacy for Youth, Women, and Farmers

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik, a dynamic politician, has made a significant impact in the media with his impactful political debut, thought-provoking interviews, and compelling advocacy on crucial issues such as youth employment, women’s empowerment, and farmers’ development. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these groups, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik has emerged as a vocal advocate for transformative change. His media appearances not only showcase his passion but also highlight his innovative ideas and practical solutions to address these pressing concerns.

Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik’s commitment to creating opportunities for youth employment, promoting gender equality, and empowering women resonates strongly within his constituency. He is dedicated to uplifting farmers and rural communities, advocating for initiatives that enhance livelihoods and ensure sustainable development. Through his advocacy and leadership, Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik inspires others to join him in building a more inclusive and prosperous society.

As Mr. Nanavath Bhupal Naik continues to gain prominence, his steadfast dedication to these critical issues promises to bring about positive change and inspire others to contribute to the movement for a better future for all.

Nanavath Bhupal Naik

Politician, Entrepreneur, Social Activist

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