Myaragalla Praveen

Myaragalla Praveen

Active Leader, Sangupet, Andole, Sangareddy, Telangana, TRS


Myaragalla Praveen is an Indian Politician of TRS and an Active Member of Sangupet in Andole Mandal at sangareddy District in the Indian State of Telangana.

Early Life and Education:

On 16th of August 1997, Myaragalla Praveen was born to the couple of Mr. Myaragalla Yellaiah and Mrs. Myaragalla Aruna resided in the village of Sangupet in Andole Mandal at sangareddy District.

Myaragalla Praveen acquired his Secondary Board of Education from Zilla Parishad High School at Sangupet in the year 2015 and completed his ITI from Sri Sai ITI College at Andole in Sangareddy District in the year 2017.

Professional Career:

Soon after achieving his studies, Myaragalla Praveen started his professional career in the field of Marketing at Glaze Trading Indian Pvt. Ltd(Gateway) in 2017, and ever since he started the profession he simultaneously handled his family obligations.

Career in Politics:

Having been greatly motivated by the effort and services offered to the people by the Kalvakunlta Chandra Sekhar Rao, the current Chief Minister of the State of Telangana, Myaragalla Praveen started his political career in 2013 by becoming a member of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS).

He exposed his leadership skills by serving as the Active Member and working comprehensively all the time for the welfare of humankind by citing code of conduct and disciplinary issues.

Ever since he started rendering services to the people with the assigned authority, he has been constantly working for them, thinking about their welfare, and gaining immense admiration from the People.

Activities Performed Recently:

Praveen took part in a demonstration with the assistance of the Secunderabad Railway Station.

His diligent efforts to improve the plight of farmers during his reign were rewarded by receiving a substantial sum in return for the commodities generated by the farmer.

Party Activities:

  • He set up and engaged in every Mandal level, and Village level meeting at his own cost and delivered speeches by motivating the youngsters and the upcoming leaders.
  • If anyone in the village encounters any problem, Praveen will be at the forefront of the problem and he is not limited to his services to the village but also extends to the people of the entire district.
  • Praveen has performed many social activities in the village such as providing food to the Old aged and Orphan Children, Mineral water to the Villagers.
  • He carries out his responsibilities while looking after the welfare of the people living in the village and zone by clearing the issues related to Water, drainage, and every minute problem to the individual.
  • He helped the old and poor people in the village by providing the essentials to them for survival and also assisted them during the financial crises.
  • Many service activities were organized such as blankets for beggars, clothes for the poor, and food for orphaned children.

Pandemic Activities:

  • Throughout the crisis, he responded selflessly, supporting those in need and offering special attention to those who had been afflicted by the lockdown. Face masks, hand sanitizers, and lunches were handed to the least fortunate, as well as cash assistance.
  • He also provides Medical Camps and distributes free medicines to the poor people in their villages.
  • During the first and second waves of Corona, Rama Krishna offered financial and humanitarian assistance to people who were impacted by the lockdown.
  • Praveen acted humanely during the crisis, assisting individuals in distress and providing additional assistance to those afflicted by the lockdown.
  • During the crisis, Praveen responded generously, aiding those in need and giving special support to those impacted by the lockdown.
  • For the public’s protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to eliminate the corona outbreak.
  • Praveen sneaked aside to help those who were impacted by the lockdown by distributing vegetables and fruits to villagers, the destitute, and Municipality personnel while abiding by the precautions.



H.No: 2-34, Landmark: Near Machine Bhageeradha New Water Tank, Village: Sangupet, Mandal: Andole, District: Sangareddy, Constituency: Andole, State: Telangana, Zipcode: 502273.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile No: 8008776150.


Born in Sangupet

Andole, Sangareddy, Telangana


Studied SSC Standard

From Zilla Parishad High School at Sangupet


Completed ITI

From Sri Sai ITI College at Andole at Sangareddy District


Joined in TRS


Active Member