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Mudavath Yobu Chinna Naik

MPTC, Ganeshpalem, Vinukonda, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP


Mudavath Yobu Chinna Naik is the MPTC of Vinukonda Mandal. He was born in 1972 to Govindhu Naik and Mothi Bai Nayak. He completed 7th standard at Yerragondapalem.

Yobu Chinna Naik entered into Politics with the YSRCP. He elected and serving as MPTC, Vinukonda Mandal. He worked as a Party Activist. He has participated in Samaikyandhra Movement, Special Status, Y.S Jagan’s Padayatra.

He participated in every party meeting, conducted bike rallies, election campaigns.







Social Activities

  • He has done many Social Activities as an MPTC. He did Padayatra on farmer’s issues. He laid CC roads, put street lights, provided a water facility.
  • He solved drainage issues.
  • Yobu Chinna Naik has been provided food, dresses to the orphanage people, to the old age people.
  • He gave financial assistance to the village people for funeral programs.
  • He has been celebrated freedom fighter’s birth and death anniversaries every year and distributes fruits to the poor people.
  • Wet and dry bins were distributed to households also created awareness of wet garbage and dry garbage.
  • Yobu Chinna Naik made people aware of the dangers of using plastic and completely avoided the use of plastic.

    Service During Pandemic Covid-19

  • Yobu Chinna Naik served in the Covid-19 period also.
  • He distributed Essential things, Masks, and Sanitizers in the village during the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown period.
  • He also provided Food&Vegetables to Poor people in lockdown time.
  • Provided free food service to the migrants, municipal workers, to the police who served a lot in the pandemic time.
  • Awareness was created on how to prevent Covid-19, how to maintain social distance.


Ganeshpalem, Vinukonda, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Mobile: 8688261372


Born in Ganeshpalem village


Completed 7th standard

at Yerragondapalem


Joined in the YSRCP



of Vinukonda Mandal


Social Activist

in Ganeshpalem