Mondi Vijay Kumar

Mondi Vijay Kumar

Social Media Incharge, Rajapur, Mahbubnagar, Jadcherla, Telangana, TRS


Mondi Vijay Kumar is the Indian Politician and current Social Media in Incharge of Rajapur Mandal of Mahbubnagar district in the Indian state of Telangana.

Early Life & Education :

On the 8th of January 1989 in Rajapur of Mahbubnagar District, Vijay Kumar was born to the couple Mr.Mondi Laxmaiah & Mrs.Mondi Buchamma.

In 2004, he earned his secondary school Education from Nagarjuna Residential School resided in Jadcherla, Telangana.

In 2008, he finished his Intermediate at BRR Boys College Jadcherla, Telangana.

Later he acquired graduation with a Degree from Ambedkar Open University and resided at Jadcherla, in Telangana. He has done Multimedia coaching for one and a half years.

Early Career in Politics :

He has been interested in politics since he was a child, and his determination has led him to become a politician who wants others to benefit from his efforts.

In the year 2015, Vijay Kumar commenced his political career by joining Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

His unrelenting dedication and genuine effort earned him the post of Mandal General Secretary in 2015, where he has relentlessly fought for the Party and the people.

Vijay Kumar changed the party and joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in the year 2019 founded by Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao who is the Indian politician serving as the first and current Chief Minister of Telangana.

He demonstrated his leadership abilities by serving as the Party Activist and working ceaselessly for the sake of humanity. As a part of TRS, he expressed a keen interest and performs every activity for the recognition of the respective party.

In 2021, for his persistence, he was upgraded to Social Media Incharge from TRS and swore to perform his tasks for the public’s sake without risking the party’s confidence in him.

From the start of his political career till now, he has fought tirelessly for the welfare of the people, always striving for the party’s and society’s progress, and providing desperate service to society via the positions he has been appointed to.

Party Activities :

  • He actively engages in the door-to-door election campaign throughout the election season and works hard to win the party in his area.
  • For many years Vijay Kumar worked tirelessly to promote several state and federal government programs to the general public, as well as build good and cordial connections with people from all walks of life, both in the private sector and in the public sector.
  • The formation of party ideas is dependent on unemployment, not on religious or caste divisions, as he said, and he was drawn to the party’s ideals, therefore he now works for it.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic Covid :

  • During the epidemic, he provided basics to roughly 24 village Panchayats twice, taking all necessary procedures.
    He presented rice and oil to journalists and social media professionals, as well as Rupees 2500 to each of them.
  • He distributed masks, sanitizers, and food to the impoverished, as well as financial assistance, and an awareness demonstration was held to raise awareness about social distance and the need of adopting cautious measures to avoid the Corona Epidemic.
  • For the villagers’ protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to exterminate the corona infection.
  • In response to Prime Minister Modi’s call, Vijay Kumar organized a Covid Vaccination Drive to raise awareness among the general public about the need of receiving a free corona vaccination.


H:No: 8-47, Land Mark: Government Hospital Road, Village & Mandal : Rajapur, District : Mahbubnagar, Constituency : Jadcherla, State : Telangana, Pincode : 509202

Email : [email protected]

Mobile : 9652752820, 9542848792

Recent Activities

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బాలల దినోత్సవ వేడుకల్లో భాగంగా మొండి విజయ్ కుమార్ గారు పిల్లలకి బహుమతులు ఇస్తున్న సందర్భంలో..

పోలియో చుక్కలు

గ్రామ పంచాయతీలో చిన్న పిల్లలకి పోలియో చుక్కలు వేస్తున్న మొండి విజయ్ కుమార్ గారు..


పేద ప్రజలకు అవసరమైన వాటిని అందించడం ద్వారా వారికి సహాయం చేశాడు మరియు ఆర్థిక సంక్షోభాల సమయంలో కూడా వారికి సహాయం చేసిన మొండి విజయ్ కుమార్ గారు..

Party Activities


Born in Rajapur


Studied Schooling

From Nagarjuna Residential School,  Jadcherla


Acquired Intermediate

From BRR Boys College Jadcherla


Obtained Graduation Degree

From Ambedkar Open University, Jadcherla


Joined in the BJP


Mandal General Secretary

From BJP


Joined in the TRS Party


Party Activist

From Rajapur, TRS Party

Since 2021

Social Media Incharge

From Rajapur, TRS Party