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Mogulagani Upender Goud

Mandal Youth President, Beerishettigudem, Danthalapally, Dornakal, Mahabubabad, Telangana, Congress


Mogulagani Upender Goud is the Mandal Youth President of Danthalapally from the Congress party. He was born on 29-04-1985 to Ramulu and Vijaya in Beerishettigudem village.

Education Background:

In 2000, He earned Board of Secondary Education from ZPHS, Yellampeta, and completed Intermediate at Ekasheela junior college located at Thorrur. Upender Goud received his Graduation(Degree) from Sai Ram degree college, Thorrur. In 2010, he attained B.Ed from TRR college. He gets into higher Education with M.A(Economics) from Nagarjuna University, Guntur.

Political Career:

In 2003, Upender Goud entered into Active Politics with the ABVP. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) is a right-wing all-India student organization affiliated with the  Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) he worked as a Party Activist. Upender Goud was elected and served as Division Publicity Secretary of Thorrur. As the Publicity Secretary, he was always at the forefront of knowing the problems of the people and solving them.

In 2005, Upender Goud joined the Telangana Rashtra Samiti(TRS) party.

In recognition of his hard work and, efforts the party promoted him as Mandal Youth President of Danthalapally in 2007. Upender Goud switches over from the TRS and joined the Indian National Congress(INC) party in 2015 and took part in each party program as an active leader since joining the party.

Telangana Movement:

The Telangana movement refers to a movement for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India. After several years of protest and agitation, the central government, under the United Progressive Alliance, decided to bifurcate the existing Andhra Pradesh state, and on 07-February- 2014, the Union Cabinet unilaterally cleared the bill for the creation of Telangana. Lasting for almost a decade, this has been one of the most long-lasting movements in South India.

Upender Goud played an active role during the late 2000s Telangana Separate State Movement spearheaded by now-CM, K.Chandrashekar Rao. He took part in Hunger Strike, Rasta Rokos, Dharanas, Million March and Chalo Hyderabad, Vanta Varpu, Bike Rallies as a part of the Telangana Movement.

Within a few days of joining the Congress party, Upender got the post of Village Vice-President of Beerishettigudem. He was selected as Youth Vice-President from the Congress party in 2018.

He has been successful in solving people’s problems in his political career. He has simplicity, flexibility and, transparency in the people under his leadership. In 2019 Upender Goud was re-elected as Mandal Youth President of Danthalapally from the Congress party in the belief that he will continue his services and currently serving in the position.

Social Service:

  • Upender often fought over the village people and youth issues.
  • When Anil Kumar came to Thorrur, Upender and all the leaders coordinated and discussed the party issues and then started the Prachara Yatra.
  • Upender fought for those who were eligible for double bedroom schemes and did not get them and sanctioned the scheme for them.
  • He also fought and solved the issues like pensions, Ration cards, Health cards, and also the issues relating to Aadhar cards.
  • He engaged in programs like Palle Pragati, Harithaharam, and Swachh Bharath and made awareness to the village people on Environment Protection.
  • He organized the blood camp and medical camp in the village and donated the blood for the needy people.
  • Upender financially assisted the poor people in the village and also helped them in all possible ways.
  • He conducted Village development activities in the village like laying of CC Roads, Digging of Borewells, Putting up Street Lights, Clearance of Drainage systems, and Solving water Problems.

Service During Covid First Wave:

-Upender served even during the pandemic also. He provided essential commodities, Masks, Sanitizers to the village and poor people.

-Provided food packets, water bottles to the migrants, arranges buses to go to their villages.

-He provided free food service to the municipal, police, front-line workers who worked a lot during Pandemic Covid-19.

-Conducted awareness programs to prevent Covid-19. Gave financial assistance to Covid-19 victims.

-Distributes Rice, Vegetables to the Masks, Sanitizers to the Covid victims, and to the village people.

-He says covid-19 can be conquered with courage and corona victims should not lose courage.

-He provided food packets, water bottles, Masks, Sanitizers in the lockdown time to the poor and the elderly who live near the parks on the road cannot find anything to eat.

-He donates food and clothes to poor and orphaned children during the first Wave Corona and satisfies the hunger of many orphans.


Service During Covid Second Wave:

-During the second wave of the corona, he distributed fruits, food packets, and water bottles to the road siders and also distributed blankets to them.

-He financially helped covid victims by providing vitamin tablets, masks, Sanitizers, and fruits.

-Created awareness on the maintenance of Physical distance and following precautionary measures to prevent the epidemic in Corona.

-Distributed food and rice bags to the migrants and also contributed to them financially.

-Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for safety of the village.

-Awareness camps and seminars were organized on the Covid-19 vaccine and about the effects of the virus.

-Conducted Annadhanam Program for poor people which is served and satisfied many hungry people.

Village: Beerishettigudem, Mandal: Danthalapally, Constituency: Dornakal, District: Mahabubabad, State: Telangana

Mobile: 95427771244, 9959691323
Email: [email protected]


Born in Beerishettigudem village



from Sai Ram degree college, Thorrur


Completed B.Ed

from TRR college



 from Nagarjuna University, Guntur


Joined in the ABVP


Division Publicity Secretary

of Thorrur


Joined in the TRS party


Mandal Youth President

of Danthalapally


Joined in the Congress party


Village Vice-President

of Beerishettigudem


Youth Vice-President

from the Congress party

2019-till now

Mandal Youth President

 of Danthalapally from the Congress party


Social Activist

in Beerishettigudem village