Mir Qurram Ali

Mir Qurram Ali

National President Vidyarthi Seva Dal, BRSV Student Wing Greater Hyderabad Coordinator, BMLC National Convenor, BRS.


Mr. Mir Qurram Ali is an Indian politician associated with the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) party and serves as the National President of Vidyarthi Seva Dal (VSD) in Telangana. Besides politics, Mir Qurram Ali has displayed entrepreneurial skills by managing a successful newspaper and news channel. Throughout his political career, he has exhibited exceptional leadership and a commitment to community development. He is actively involved in various organizations and unions.

His rise in politics began with joining TRSV in 2014, and since then, he has held several influential positions within the party. Additionally, he founded Vidyarthi Seva Dal in 2018, focusing on empowering students and promoting quality education. Recently, he attained the position of National Convenor in the Bharti Muslim Leadership Conference, further solidifying his prominence in the political landscape.


Mir Qurram Ali was born on January 8, 1998, in Hyderabad City, Telangana, India, to the couple Mr. Mir Zulfequar Ali and Mrs. Sakina Fatima and was raised within an upper-caste Muslim community in Hyderabad; he has traversed a remarkable educational journey, displaying academic excellence and leadership qualities.

His early education began at IZM Boys High School in Yakutpura, Hyderabad, where he studied until Class 9. Subsequently, he moved to Fountain Head High School to appear for the 10th SSC exam. His thirst for knowledge and leadership potential led him to Agarwal Junior College for his 11th and 12th grades.

Mir Qurram Ali’s pursuit of knowledge and academic achievements continued as he enrolled in ANU (Andhra University) for his B.Com degree in 2020, demonstrating his commitment to personal growth and intellectual development. 

Notably, the same year, he embarked on a rigorous academic journey at MGU, enrolling in the BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law) program. This five-year comprehensive law course prepares individuals for a multifaceted career in the legal field. He is in the final year of his BA LLB studies, honing his legal expertise and training to make a substantial impact in the legal realm.



Mir Qurram Ali is a multifaceted individual whose impressive endeavors extend beyond his academic and political commitments. Demonstrating remarkable entrepreneurial acumen, Mir Qurram Alihas has proven himself to be a driven and accomplished business leader. As a result of his enterprising spirit, he oversees the operations of a flourishing newspaper and is at the helm of a prominent news channel known as WNews. Furthermore, his professional affiliations span diverse sectors, as he maintains active involvement with numerous esteemed organizations and unions.

In addition to his academic pursuits and political engagements, Mr. Mir Qurram Ali’s entrepreneurial ventures exemplify his unwavering dedication and ingenuity. The successful management of his newspaper and news channel attests to his exceptional leadership abilities and keen understanding of the media landscape. Simultaneously, his contributions to various organizations and unions highlight his commitment to community development and constructive collaboration. As an individual passionate about political progress and business innovation, Mir Qurram Ali’s diverse range of activities underscores his well-rounded approach to effecting positive change in society.


During his pursuit of higher education, he demonstrated remarkable academic excellence while exhibiting early signs of exceptional leadership as he assumed the role of president of the Agarwal Junior College Student Union in 2014.

Throughout his political journey, Mir Qurram Ali has exhibited a unique blend of charisma, strategic thinking, and the ability to inspire others. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and keen understanding of the political landscape has allowed him to make informed decisions and foster a deep connection with the people he represents.

In the year 2014, Mir Qurram Ali took a significant step towards his political journey by joining TRSV (Telangana Rashtra Samithi Vidyarthi Vibhag), a prominent youth organization affiliated with the prestigious political party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (presently known as Bharat Rashtra Samithi, or BRS). 

Imbued with dedication and an unwavering commitment to the organization’s vision, he swiftly rose through the ranks, solidifying his position as a respected and influential figure within the party’s youth wing. In 2016, His relentless efforts and devotion to the party’s cause earned him the esteemed position of TRSV Charminar Constituency President, a remarkable achievement highlighting his exceptional leadership understanding.

Mir Qurram Ali’s journey from a young student leader to a prominent political figure exemplifies the qualities of a true leader who seeks to understand and address the needs of the people and work diligently towards their betterment. His ability to inspire, empower, and connect with individuals from all walks of life makes him an invaluable asset to the political landscape and a role model for aspiring leaders within the party and beyond.

During his tenure at the College of Commerce, Mir Qurram Ali actively engaged in student politics, showcasing his commitment to public service and leadership. Joining the TRSV (Telangana Rashtra Samithi Vidyarthi Vibhagam) on 31st July 2017, he emerged as a prominent figure. Recognizing his dedication and potential, he was appointed a delegate for the TRSV conference held in Hyderabad the following year.

A momentous achievement came in September 2015 when Mir Qurram Ali made history as the first TRSV member to ascend to president of the AJC (name of the college) students’ union. He accomplished this feat by securing victory over candidates from prominent student associations, including AISA, ABVP, SFI, and NSUI. His triumph demonstrated his ability to build a broad support base and communicate his vision for the student community.

Adding to his list of accomplishments, on 28 December 2019, Mir Qurram Ali attained another milestone by being elected as the TRSV Greater Hyderabad Coordinator for the TRSV. This appointment showcased his growing influence and prominence within the political landscape, solidifying his position as a rising leader with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi party. Mir Qurram Ali’s journey in student politics exemplifies his dedication to serving his peers and the larger community, making him an important and promising figure in the political sphere.


In 2018, the distinguished leader took a significant step by founding the Vidyarthi Seva Dal (VSD), a proactive organization dedicated to alleviating student challenges. Serving as the State President of the VSD since its inception, he has displayed exemplary dedication to the cause of empowering students and lightening the burdens they encounter in pursuit of their education.

Under his astute guidance, the Vidyarthi Seva Dal has emerged as a formidable force advocating for students’ welfare and rights nationwide. The organization’s commitment to promoting accessible and quality education has garnered widespread recognition and support from various leaders in the educational landscape.

Through strategic initiatives and innovative programs, the VSD has effectively contributed to creating a more conducive learning environment for students, enabling them to thrive academically and personally.

As the incumbent VSD National President in 2020, his vision and leadership have fostered a culture of inclusivity and empowerment within the Vidyarthi Seva Dal, inspiring countless individuals to engage in educational reform and advancement actively.

With a steadfast focus on student’s well-being and academic success, his tenure at the helm of the VSD has marked a transformative period, propelling the organization to the forefront of the educational discourse and leaving an indelible impact on the lives of numerous students across the nation.


From 2022 to 2023, Qurram Ali achieved a significant milestone in his political career by securing the position of National Convenor for the esteemed Bharti Muslim Leadership Conference (BMLC). This momentous election marks a notable development within the conference and underscores Ali’s emergence as a prominent leader in the political landscape. 

As the National Convenor, he now assumes a role in steering the direction of the BMLC, which is a platform for fostering dialogue, advocacy, and collective action within the Muslim community in India.

With this appointment, he bears the responsibility of articulating the collective aspirations and concerns of the Muslim community while engaging with various stakeholders and policymakers. As the BMLC strives to address pressing socio-political issues, Ali’s leadership is expected to play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity, promoting unity, and advocating for the rights and welfare of Muslims across the nation.

H.No: 17-3-433/134/1 Ganganagar,  Yakutpura, District: Hyderabad, Constituency: Charminar, Parliament: Hyderabad, State: Telangana, Pincode: 500023

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9700240600, 8886844472

Biodata of Mr. Mir Qurram Ali

Name: Mr. Mir Qurram Ali

DOB:  08th January, 1998

Father: Mr. Mir Zulfequar Ali

Mother: Mrs. Sakina Fatima

Marital Status: Not Allowed

Education Qualification: Pursuing B.A LLB

Profession: Politician and Businessmen

Political Party: Bharat Rashtra Samithi(BRS)

Present Designation: VSD National President, National Convenor of BMLC

Permanent Address: Ganganagar,  Yakutpura, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Contact No:  9700240600, 8886844472 

“Some people predict the future, but Leaders Create the Future. “

A Journey of Passion and Leadership in the TRS Party

Mir Qurram Ali's Devotion to the TRS Party

Qurram Ali has displayed unwavering dedication to the TRS party since the age of 12, driven by a childhood inspiration from KCR’s leadership and supported by his uncle, Mir Inayath Ali Baqi, a founding member of TRS. In 2012, while in the 9th grade, Qurram Ali became a student leader in the TRS Students wing, actively contributing to the Telangana Movement and striving to contribute to the state’s progress.

Over the years, Qurram Ali achieved significant milestones within the TRS party. In 2014, he was elected as the Class Representative of Agrawal Jr College in the Charminar Constituency, leading to the prestigious position of TRSV AJC President, where he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the party’s cause. Throughout his journey, Qurram Ali actively participated in various TRS party endeavors, serving as the TRSV Charminar Coordinator during the 2014 MLA elections and supporting Honorable Harish Rao in Siddipet.

His dedication and hard work earned him recognition, resulting in his appointment as the Greater Hyderabad Coordinator in 2018/2019. In subsequent elections, including the 2018 MLA elections in the Badhurpura Constituency and the 2020 GHMC elections in Yakutpura, Charminar, and Badhurpura, Qurram Ali continued to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the TRS party. Additionally, Qurram Ali actively participated in numerous programs and protests organized by the TRS party, advocating for social causes and the welfare of the people. His relentless pursuit of justice and progress for students and medical colleges led him to stand against the BJP government, even enduring over 50 arrests.

Throughout his political journey, Qurram Ali’s steadfast passion for politics, inspired by KCR’s visionary leadership, has remained unyielding. Committed to the principles of the TRS party, he looks forward to continuing his pursuit of betterment for Telangana and its people, serving the nation with dedication.

Mr. Mir Qurram Ali Honor Meet with Prominent Politicians

Mir Qurram Ali courteously met with “Mr. Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekhar”, the Chief Minister of Telangana State, the Founder of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Party.

Mir Qurram Ali recently made a courtesy visit to “Mr. Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao” , the Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development in the state of Telangana.

Mir Qurram Ali Presents Floral Wreath to Telangana Fire Department Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, “Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali”.

Mir Qurram Ali had a courteous meeting with “Mr. Koppula Eshwar”, the esteemed Welfare Minister and BC Welfare representative of Dharmapuri Constituency.

A Courteous Meeting Between Mr. Mir Qurram Ali BRSV GHMC Coordinator and State Sports Chairman “Allipuram Venkateshwara Reddy”.

Mir Qurram Ali, BRSV GHMC Coordinator  cordially had a meeting with “Mrs. Patholla Sabita Indra Reddy” , the Education Minister of Telangana State .

Mir Qurram Ali Holds Productive Discussion with GHMC Deputy Mayor, “Sri Mothe Srilatha” , on Voter ID Awareness Campaign at Telangana Bhavan, Hyderabad

Cordial Meeting Between Mir Qurram Ali and Telangana State Finance Minister and Siddipet Constituency Legislator “Mr. Thanneru Harish Rao” .

Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, engaged in a pleasant meeting with ” T. Padma Rao”, the Deputy Speaker of the Telangana Assembly.

Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad  had a friendly and cordial meeting with “Gellu Srinivas Yadav” , the Chairman of TSTDC.

Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, engaged in a cordial meeting with Thungathurthi MLA “Gadari Kishore”. 

Official Meeting between the Minister of Sports and “Mr. Srinivas Goud”, the Legislator representing the Mahbubnagar Constituency, and Mr. Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad.

In a display of utmost honor, Mr. Mir Qurram Ali had a distinguished meet with TSTS Chairman, “Patimeedi Jagan Mohan Rao” .

Amberpet Constituency Legislator “Kaleru Venkatesh” Receives Heartfelt Wishes from Mir Qurram Ali on Indian Constitution Day”

 In the year 2021, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator for BRSV Greater Hyderabad, had a cordial meeting with the Chairman of TSWC “Late. Veda Sai Charan”

Mir Qurram Ali and leaders from BRSV came together to convey their heartfelt birthday wishes to M. Krishan,” the Chairman of the Telangana State Mineral Development Corporation (TSMDC).

In a productive meeting, Mir Qurram Ali, the Coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, had a valuable discussion with TSIIC Chairman, “G. Balamallu”.

Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, involved in discussions with “Y. Sathish Reddy”, the esteemed Chairman of Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation.

Mir Qurram Ali, accompanied by BRS Leaders, recently had a meeting with “Sri Errolla Srinivas”,  the Chairman of the Telangana State Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation.

GHMC Coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali, extended congratulations to “Mr. Chinta Prabhakar” on assuming the esteemed role of Telangana State Handloom Development Corporation Chairman

In a pleasant time , Mr. Mir Qurram Ali was warmly congratulated for the newly appointment  to “Anil Kumar”  as a chairman of TSFDC.

Party Activities

Vidyarthi Seva Dal Announces Key Appointments in Telangana State

Under the guidance of Mir Qurram Ali, Vidyarthi Seva Dal has appointed Jinukala Navaneeth as the Telangana State General Secretary, Gaddamidi Mahesh as the Telangana State Secretary, and Kataravath Ramesh Nayak as the President of VSD in Telangana state. These strategic appointments have been made with the overarching objective of fortifying student empowerment and championing their rights within the region.

Strengthen Student Empowerment and Rights Advocacy

In a significant development, Vidyarthi Seva Dal, led by the esteemed guidance of Mir Qurram Ali, has made a momentous decision to appoint Ramesh as the Telangana state president. The primary objective of these strategic appointments is to bolster the movement for student empowerment and actively champion their rights and welfare.

Discussion on District Hostel Concerns

A cohort of students hailing from Kakatiya University intends to organize a gathering with Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator for BRSV Greater Hyderabad, to address pressing concerns related to district hostels. With utmost courtesy, the students kindly request that the meeting be held in Hyderabad, providing a conducive environment for productive discussions.

Vital Discussion on Youth Issues

In a significant event, a prominent youth leader from Nizamabad, in the company of BRS Youth leader Mir Mosin Ali, convened a meeting at the Santosh Nagar office in Hyderabad with Mir Qurram Ali, the BRSV Greater Hyderabad coordinator. This gathering aimed to delve into and address a range of crucial youth-related matters.

Vital Meeting with State President and TSTDC Chairman

In an essential gathering, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, convened with Gellu Srinivas Yadav, the State president of BRSV and also the Chairman of TSTDC, to delve into a range of topics concerning students and colleges. The meeting transpired at the prestigious TSTDC Office located in Hyderabad.

Productive Healthcare Meetings with Key Ministers and Officials

In a remarkable display of collaborative efforts for healthcare, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV (an organization dedicated to promoting better healthcare initiatives), recently engaged in significant meetings with prominent dignitaries in Hyderabad. Among those present were Minister Harish Rao garu, Home Minister Mahmood Ali, and respected bureaucrat Smt. Smita Sabharwal IAS. The crucial discussions took place at Nilofer Hospital

Productive Meeting to Address Scholarships and Enhance Minority Education

In a productive gathering, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Hyderabad, recently met with Tareq Ansari, the Chairman of Telangana State Minority Commission. The primary focus of the meeting was to deliberate on strategies to promote educational opportunities for minority students. Discussions primarily centered around scholarships for deserving students and the improvement of minority schools in the region.

New Martyrs Memorial with Impressive Bike Rally

In an impressive show of unity and respect for the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, led a grand bike rally from Charminar to Necklace Roads. The event, organized in honor of the inauguration of the new Martyrs Memorial, saw an overwhelming participation of BRSV activists and supporters. The rally served as a poignant tribute to the brave individuals who have laid down their lives for the country’s cause.

Bike Rally Celebrating Telangana's 10th Formation

In honor of Telangana’s 10th formation anniversary, a lively bike rally was organized by Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRS Student Wing Greater Hyderabad. The rally commenced at the iconic Charminar and culminated at the Ambedkar Statue’s Nickel Road in Hyderabad, creating a jubilant and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Greater Hyderabad Meeting

A gathering of notable leaders from the Bahujan Republican Socialist Party (BRSV) took place at Telangana Bhavan in Greater Hyderabad. The event showcased the presence of distinguished individuals, including MLC Prabhakar Rao, BRS Badhurpura incharge Mir Inyath Ali Baqri, BRS Student Wing Greater Hyderabad coordinator Mir Qurram, as well as esteemed Mahila Leader Manjula Rani and Veeramani.

Collaboration and Innovation at the Wake Up Telangana Awards Meeting

During a meeting held to discuss the esteemed Wake Up Telangana Awards, Editor-in-Chief Mir Qurram Ali and Gellu Srinvad, the Chairman of TSTDC (Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation), found themselves engaged in a significant moment of collaboration and innovation.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat

In a significant event symbolizing new beginnings, Mir Qurram Ali actively took part in the inauguration ceremony of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Telangana Secretariat. This momentous occasion served as a powerful emblem of progress, unity, and hope for a promising future.

Shia Muslims Rally in Medina

In the holy city of Medina, a fervent rally was organized by Shia Muslims, who passionately protested and called on Saudi Arabia to undertake the reconstruction of Jannat-ul-Baqi, the revered graveyard of great significance in Islam.

BRS Party Foundation Day with Iconic Charminar Celebration

Mir Qurram Ali, the GHMC Coordinator of BRSV, orchestrated a grand celebration to mark the Foundation Day of the BRS Party. The event took place in the presence of the historic Charminar in Hyderabad. The occasion was made even more special as former SETWIN Chairman Ali Baqri joined the festivities and had the honor of cutting the celebratory cake.

BRS Plenary Meeting

GHMC Coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali, and former Setwin chairman, Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, took center stage at a public meeting during the BRS plenary gathering in the Bahadurpura constituency of Hyderabad. The event was graced by the presence of Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali. Delving into a range of pertinent issues concerning the constituency, the esteemed speakers passionately called upon the public to actively engage in the upcoming elections.

Atmiya Sammelan Program

Mir Qurram Ali, who holds the position of BRSV Greater Hyderabad Coordinator, was present at the Atmiya Sammelan Program, which took place at the Hyderabad Function Hall in Kishan Bagh. This event was organized by the esteemed BRS Bahadurpura Incharge, Mir Inayath Ali Baqri. Notable figures who graced the occasion included Dr. Dasoju Sravan, the BRS Hyderabad Incharge, Mohammed Azam, BRS Malekpet Incharge, as well as several other contested corporators and leaders.

Gratitude to TSTS Chairman JAGAN

The Coordinator of BRS Greater Hyderabad extends sincere appreciation to TSTS Chairman JAGAN for his invaluable support in empowering the youth and students through his generous donations.

Youth Issues Discussed

 The coordinator of Greater Hyderabad’s BRSV (Better Representation for Students’ Voice), Mir Qurram Ali, along with student leaders from the organization, recently held a constructive discussion on youth-related matters. The special guest at this event was Nougula Bhagath, the youngest Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in Telangana. The meeting aimed to address various issues concerning the youth and explore potential solutions for a brighter future.

Inauguration of New Secretariat

Mir Qurram Ali had the privilege of participating in the momentous celebration of the inauguration of a new secretariat, where he was in the esteemed company of Telangana Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR). The event marked a significant milestone in the governance of Telangana, as the state’s top administrative office was unveiled.

Protest for the Reconstruction of Jannat-ul-Baqi

In a display of solidarity, Shia Muslims organized a rally and staged a peaceful protest, advocating for the reconstruction of Jannat-ul-Baqi, the revered graveyard located in the Islamic holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. The demonstrators voiced their demand for the restoration of the sacred site, which holds immense religious significance to the Islamic community.

BRS Party Foundation Day Celebration

On a notable occasion, Mir Qurram Ali, the esteemed GHMC Coordinator of BRSV, successfully orchestrated a momentous celebration commemorating the BRS Party Foundation Day. The event took place in front of the iconic Charminar, an emblematic monument of Hyderabad.

Atmiya Sammelan Program

the Atmiya Sammelan Program took place at the esteemed Hyderabad Function Hall in Kishan Bagh, Hyderabad. The program was successfully organized by the BRS Bahadurpura Incharge, Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, and saw the esteemed presence of Mir Qurram Ali, the BRSV Greater Hyderabad Coordinator. Distinguished attendees at the event included Dr. Dasoju Sravan, the BRS Hyderabad Incharge, and Mohammed Azam, the BRS Malekpet Incharge, alongside various other contested corporators and prominent leaders.

Students Protest

The BRSV leaders have protested against the government’s tentative introduction of the Front of Raj Bhavan in response to the Governance Tamilsai Pendency Bills.

Urgent Call for Governor's Prompt Approval

The expeditious endorsement of the University Common Recruitment Board Bill by the Governor is imperative. A protest led by representatives from BRSV and various other student unions took place in front of Raj Bhavan as a means to advocate for the bill’s immediate approval

Formal Induction of Student Leaders and Youth into TRS Party

A group of student leaders and youth recently joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party in a formal ceremony held in the esteemed presence of Mir Inayath Ali Baqri and Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad. The event marked the official integration of these enthusiastic young individuals into the TRS party, symbolizing their commitment to contribute actively to the party’s vision and objectives.

Second Day Highlights of BRS Proteins in Hyderabad

The present article focuses on the key highlights of the BRS Proteins’ Low-Pressure Gas (LPG) pricing on the second day of its launch in Hyderabad. This report encapsulates the major events and noteworthy aspects that unfolded during the second day of the LPG price hike. The discussion provides valuable insights into the implications and reactions from various stakeholders in Hyderabad following the LPG pricing adjustment.

Protest against Gas Cylinder Price Hike

In Hyderabad’s Charminar, activists representing the BRS Bahadurpura Constituency, joined by the BRS Bahadurpura Incharge and former Setwin Chairman, Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, organized a protest to voice their opposition against the recent gas cylinder price increase imposed by the central government.

Special Prayers at Dargah Yousufain

Mir Qurram Ali, along with the BRS Leaders, gathered at Dargah Yousufain in Nampally to observe a special prayer ceremony commemorating the birthday of the esteemed Chief Minister, Sri KCR. The event was organized to offer their heartfelt wishes and blessings for the Honorable CM on this auspicious occasion

Joyous Birthday Celebration for Hon'ble Chief Minister KCR

Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad, a birthday celebration was organized to honor the revered Chief Minister KCR. The event was graced by the presence of Mir Qurram Ali and prominent BRS leaders, who gathered to commemorate this special occasion

Inauguration of Dudh Boli Office

The inauguration of the Dudh Boli Office in Bahadurpura was joyfully celebrated by the BRS Party, graced by the presence of esteemed leaders. Among the distinguished attendees were Mir Inayat Baqri, the BRS Incharge of Bahadurpura, along with Mir Qurram Ali, the GHMC Coordinator for BRSV.

Flag Hosting Event at Delhi

On 14th December 2022, the honorable Chief Minister of Telangana, Sri. Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao Garu, graced the occasion of the inauguration of BRS Bhavan Office and the flag hosting ceremony at Delhi. This event marked the birth of BRS Bharat Rashtriya Samithi, and in attendance were esteemed BRS founder member, Janab Ma Sattar Gulshani Sahab, BRS senior political leader, Janab Baba Ahmedhussain Sahab, BRS senior most leader, Janab Mohd Abdul Lateef Sharfan Sahab, as well as Mr. Mir Qurram Ali Trsv and other prominent BRS leaders.

Celebration of BRS Party Formation

Mir Qurram Ali, together with prominent BRS leaders, took part in the joyous celebration of the establishment of the BRS party at Telangana Bhawan.

"Commemorating KCR's Fast: Thirteen Years of Deeksha Diwas"

For the past thirteen years, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has been organizing Deeksha Diwas on November 29 to remember the sacrifice of Mr. KCR. During the event at Gun Park in Hyderabad, TRSV GHMC Coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali, paid tribute to the Telangana Martyrs. Participants, including J Panduranga (DVMC Member SC/ST Hyderabad), TRSV leaders Karthik, D Dhanraj, M V Prasad, Shiva, Ahmed Ali, and others, gathered to pray for KCR’s long life. As part of the ceremony, they also offered a milk bath to a portrait of KCR.

Hyderabad City Leaders' Meeting

Mir Qurram Ali took part in a significant gathering of Hyderabad city leaders held at Telangana Bhavan, located in Hyderabad.

Celebration of Indian Constitution Day

In commemoration of Indian Constitution Day, Hyderabad Mayor Gadwel Vijaya Laxmi was bestowed with heartfelt wishes and presented with a copy of the Indian Constitution book. The special event took place at the GHMC office in Hyderabad, where esteemed SC/ST Leaders were also honored for their contributions to society.

Protestors Rally Near Charminar

In opposition to the visit of Prime Minister Modi to Telangana, a demonstration took place near Charminar Hyderabad, led by TRSV Greater Hyderabad coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali. The protestors expressed their disapproval by displaying placards with the message “Go Back Modi” and chanting slogans such as “Down down Modi” and “Modi go back.” Subsequently, the police intervened and arrested the demonstrators, relocating them to Charminar police station.

Youth Minority Leaders and Social Worker Unite with TRSV

In Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad, a significant event took place where youth minority leaders and a dedicated social worker joined forces with the Telangana Rashtra Samithi Vidyarthi (TRSV). The gathering was graced by the presence of Mir Qurram Ali, the esteemed GHMC coordinator.

Nationwide Postcard Campaign

In an impactful move, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi Vidyarthi Vibhag (TRSV GHMC), has thrown his support behind a nationwide postcard campaign aimed at urging the government to exempt handloom products from the Goods and Services Tax (GST). This campaign, which is gaining momentum across the country, seeks to address the challenges faced by the handloom industry and preserve the rich heritage of traditional handwoven fabrics

Damera Bhimannapalli By-Election

In support of TRS party candidate Koosukuntla Prabhakar Reddy, an active campaigning event was held today in the scenic village of Damera Bhimannapalli, situated in the Marriguda mandal. Notably, the campaign was graced by the presence of Gellu Srinivas Yadav, adding momentum to the electoral proceedings.

Miladunnabi at Hyderabad's Charminar

In a momentous occasion of unity and reverence, distinguished Indian Muslim leaders convened to celebrate the joyous occasion of Miladunnabi at the iconic Khadam e Rasool (sws) Charminar in Hyderabad. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of National President, Maulana Mohammed Khairuddin Qadri Sahab, who graced the celebration with his participation.

Bike Rally Commemorates National Unity Day

In honor of National Unity Day, a bike rally was organized in Bahadurpura, Hyderabad, led by the former Setwin Chairman and TRS Bahadurpura constituency in-charge, Mir Inayat Ali Baqeri, alongside party cadre. The event saw the active participation of TRS state Youth President, Mohammed Fathe Affan, TRSV Greater Hyderabad coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali, as well as the presence of Jahanuma division Contested corporator, Veeramani, and other esteemed individuals.

Mir Qurram Ali, Strongly Condemns Attacks on MLC

TRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali Condemning the attack of BJP leaders on the residence of MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha and BJP MLA Raja Singh’s remarks on prophet muhammad he said Iam Strongly condemning the attack on the residence of Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who played a key role in the movement and established the Telangana Jagruti and made Telangana Bathukamma global, the attacks are against democracy.

Har Ghar Tiranga Initiative

In a momentous event held within the Yakutpura, Charminar, and Bahadurpura constituencies, Mr. Mirs Qurram Alir commenced the inspiring “Har Ghar Tiranga” program. The esteemed initiative, led by the visionary Chief Minister of Telangana, Kalvakuntla Chandra Shekar Rao, aims to instill a sense of patriotism and unity by distributing the national flag to every household.

Muslim Youth Rally

In Hyderabad, a passionate demonstration led by Muslim youth has erupted against the BJP, specifically targeting Nupur Sharma and MLA Raja Sing. Seeking justice and accountability, they have filed formal complaints with SHO Hussain Salam. Notably, the protest witnessed the participation of prominent figures, including former Setwin chairman Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, Trsv GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali, and influential youth leader Adnan Mirza, alongside other supporters.

Kukatpally Hyderabad Cycle Rally

In celebration of World Environment Day, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of TRSV Greater Hyderabad, actively engaged in an impactful awareness rally at Charminar, Hyderabad. The event, organized by NHF (Nature’s Hope Foundation), saw the participation of esteemed individuals, including the National President, Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, and various other environmental enthusiasts

BRS Plenary meeting

Showing great responsibility, Mir Qurram Ali attended the BRS Plenary meeting with other BRS leaders.

Social Activities

Collaboration with GHMC Fogging Team for Mosquito Fogging

Mr. Mir Qurram Ali, serving as the BRSV Greater Hyderabad coordinator, engaged in a collaborative effort with the GHMC fogging team to conduct mosquito fogging operations in the Ganganagar Yakutpura locality.

Bonalu Festival at Sri Lakshmi Jagannath Narasimha Swamy Temple

TSTDC Chairman, Gellu Srinivas Yadav, was joined by prominent local figures, including BRSV Greater Hyderabad Coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali, and BRS Mahila leader, Veeramani, among others, as they made an appearance at the Bonalu Festival held at the picturesque City College premises near the revered Sri Lakshmi Jagannath Narasimha Swamy Temple in Hyderabad.

Recognized and Presented with Traditional Honors at Bonala Jatara

During the lively festivities of the Bonala Jatara, organized by the Charumahal Rajaka Sangam at the Sri Lakshmi Jagannath Narasimha Swamy Temple in City College, Hyderabad, the Chairman of Telangana Tourism Corporation, Mr. Gellu Srinivas Yadav, was bestowed with an esteemed shawl by the revered leaders of the Rajaka Sangam. In return, he was graciously presented with a special memento as a token of appreciation from the Rajaka Sangam, marking a memorable moment of cultural exchange and honor.

Grand Celebration of National Doctor's Day

Mir Qurram Ali, the BRSV Greater Hyderabad coordinator, participated in commemorating National Doctor’s Day at the DME Office in Koti, Hyderabad. The event served as a unifying platform, gathering diverse healthcare professionals with a particular focus on doctors, who were warmly recognized and celebrated for their exceptional commitment and service. This joyous occasion provided a heartfelt chance to extend well-deserved congratulations and express profound gratitude for the invaluable contributions made by these esteemed doctors.

Join Hands to Promote Clean and Hygienic City

In an inspiring collaboration, Mir Qurram Ali, BRSV Greater Hyderabad coordinator, Gunti Manjula Rani, BRS Mahila leader, and Traffic Police Sub-Inspector Anuradha have come together to distribute garbage bags to those purchasing sacrificial animals to encourage responsible disposal of animal waste, playing a crucial role in creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment within the city.

Meeting to Envision a Joyous and Clean Eid ul-Adha Celebration

Mir Qurram Ali, the Coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, recently convened a crucial meeting to strategize for the upcoming Eid ul-Adha festivities and address the city’s cleanliness. The primary focus of the gathering was to ensure a memorable and all-embracing celebration of Eid ul-Adha, marked by compassion, generosity, and a pristine environment.

New Martyrs Memorial with Impressive Bike Rally

In an impressive show of unity and respect for the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes, Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, led a grand bike rally from Charminar to Necklace Roads. The event, organized in honor of the inauguration of the new Martyrs Memorial, saw an overwhelming participation of BRSV activists and supporters. The rally served as a poignant tribute to the brave individuals who have laid down their lives for the country’s cause.

Osmania University Celebrates Minister Harish Rao's Grand Birthday

The atmosphere at Osmania University was filled with excitement as Mir Qurram Ali and other leaders came together to commemorate the magnificent birthday celebration of Minister Harish Rao. The event served as a remarkable showcase of unity, education, and the unwavering spirit driving Telangana’s path towards progress.

Babasaheb Ambedkar's 132nd Birth Anniversary at Iconic Statue

Mir Qurram Ali, the coordinator of BRS Student Wing Greater Hyderabad, marked the 132nd birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar with a heartfelt tribute. The commemoration took place at the renowned 125 feet Ambedkar statue, located at the picturesque Tank Bund, Hussain Sagar x road in Hyderabad.

Formal Greetings Exchanged on Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration

At the MLA Quarters in Hyderabad, Mr. Gellu Srinivas Yadav, Chairman of TSTDC (Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation), conveyed his warmest Eid-ul-Fitr greetings to Mr. Mir Qurram Ali, the Greater Hyderabad Coordinator of BRSV (Bharatiya Rashtravadi Samanta Vidyarthi), and esteemed members of the BRSV leadership, including Mr. Rohith Sharma and Mr. Hafez Hussain. The occasion was marked by the presence of various dignitaries who joined in the celebration.

Jashn e Maulood e Kaaba Event

KCR Seva Dal hosted a remarkable event, Jashn e Maulood e Kaaba, in Chanchalguda, Hyderabad. The occasion was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including Mir Qurram Ali, the BRSV Grater Hyderabad coordinator, Moula Sofi, the All India Muslim President of BMLC, along with Rohan Khana, Mohd Sarfaraz, Mohd Saleem, Mesum Hussain, and other distinguished individuals.

Special Prayers at Dargah Yousufain

Mir Qurram Ali, along with the BRS Leaders, gathered at Dargah Yousufain in Nampally to observe a special prayer ceremony commemorating the birthday of the esteemed Chief Minister, Sri KCR. The event was organized to offer their heartfelt wishes and blessings for the Honorable CM on this auspicious occasion

Joyous Birthday Celebration for Hon'ble Chief Minister KCR

Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad, a birthday celebration was organized to honor the revered Chief Minister KCR. The event was graced by the presence of Mir Qurram Ali and prominent BRS leaders, who gathered to commemorate this special occasion

Ghilaf-e-Mubarak to Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Leaders representing the Bhavan Rashtra Sevika (BRS) minority community sent a Ghilaf-e-Mubarak to the sacred Ajmer Sharif Dargah. The event took place at Telangana Bhavan in Hyderabad and was attended by esteemed guests, including Home Minister Mahmood Ali, Qurram Ali, coordinator of BRSV Greater Hyderabad, as well as prominent SR Leader Lateef Sharfan, Fateh Affan, and other respected leaders.

Graces Opening Ceremony of TX Groups of Hospitals

Mir Qurram Ali was present at the grand inauguration of the TX Groups of Hospitals in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. The opening ceremony was a momentous occasion, and attendees were excited to witness the commencement of this state-of-the-art healthcare facility in the heart of Hyderabad.

Honors BR Ambedkar on His Death Anniversary

Mir Qurram Ali, the GHMC coordinator, commemorated the death anniversary of BR Ambedkar at the Ambedkar Statue located near Hussain Sagar in Hyderabad. He paid heartfelt tributes to the great leader, honoring his significant contributions to the nation

Floral Tributes to Telangana Martyr Dasoju Srikanth Charry

Leaders from TRSV gathered at Gunpark in Hyderabad to honor the memory of Telangana martyr Dasoju Srikanth Charry on his death anniversary. The event saw heartfelt floral tributes being offered to his portrait. Among those present were TRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qurram Ali, P Pandu Ranga DWC Member ST/St Hyderabad, TRSV Hyderabad Vice President Karthik, as well as TRSV Leaders Shiva, Ali Nauman, and other participants.

Invitation to the Marriage Ceremony

TRSV Leader Hussain Pasha cordially invites Nihal from Mahbubnagar district, along with TRSV Coordinator Qurram Ali, to join us in celebrating the joyous occasion of Qurram Ali’s marriage ceremony.

Fruit Distribution Program

In a heartwarming gesture to celebrate the birthday of Health Minister Thanneru Harish Rao, TRSV Hyderabad Coordinator, Mir Qurram Ali, spearheaded a fruits distribution program. The event brought together prominent figures, including Ex Setwin Chairman Ali Bariq, TRS Youth leader Fatha Affan, and many others, who were seen actively participating in the noble initiative.

International Women's Day Celebrations

GHMC Deputy Mayor Mutha Srilatha Reddy and TRS Bahadurpura In-Charge Mir Inayat Ali Baqri Extend Honors to Women at Urdu Maskan on International Women’s Day. TRSV GHMC Coordinator Mir Qarram Ali and Distinguished Guests Attend the Event.

Professional Activities

Prestigious Awards Ceremony

To mark its second anniversary, Wake Up Telangana English Daily hosted a grand celebration, the “Wake Up Telangana Awards,” at Hyderabad’s esteemed Harihara Kala Bhavan. The event witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including Jagan Mohan Rao, Chairman of TSTS; Gellu Srinivas Yadav, chairman of TSTDC; Mir Inayath Ali Baqri, former Chairman of SETWIN; Mir Qurram Ali, Editor-in-Chief of the publication; and Fatha Affan, President of BRS Youth.

'Wake Up Telangana' - English Daily

In a notable gesture, Mir Qurram Ali, the presenter of ‘Wake Up Telangana,’ a daily English newspaper, presented copies of the publication to prominent figures in the Telangana government. Among the recipients were the esteemed Governor, the respected Assembly Speaker, distinguished Ministers, and accomplished Chairpersons. This act of sharing the newspaper aimed to keep these key officials informed about the latest happenings and developments in the state.

Involvement in Various Activities

BRSV Leaders Express Dissatisfaction with BJP Government’s Actions

BRSV Leaders paid respect to Asha workers in Charminar premises

Commemorating Jashan Moula Ali (a.s) and Mehfil-e-Naat in Hyderabad

Minister K.T. Ramamrao Uneveiled Calender-2020 of TRSV

21 Years of BRS Party Formation Day Celebrations

BRSV Leaders Protests against the rise of Petrol, Diesela and Gas Price

candlelight rally on the occasion of 50 years of George Reddy’s immortality

BRSV Leaders Pay Tribute to General Bipin Rawat and Other Martyrs at Charminar

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 130th Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Mir Qurram Ali attended CM KCR’s Iftar at LB Stadium

Mir Qurram Ali, GHMC  Coordinator of TRSV, Joins Eminent Dignitaries in Mahadharna Program to Support Telangana Farmers

Protest Against BJP MLA Raja Singh and Submit Complaints to Shohussainialam

Party Activities

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