Menda Sri Harsha

District Secretary, Nellore, SFI


“In 2018, my journey into student politics began with the heartfelt commitment to advocate for the rights and welfare of students, marking the initiation of a meaningful journey within the Student Federation of India (SFI). From assuming local leadership roles as Town Joint Secretary and Town Secretary in Kandukuru, I rapidly rose, laying the groundwork for impactful grassroots engagement. The pivotal year 2022 witnessed my elevation to the esteemed position of District President for Nellore and a simultaneous role as a State Committee Member for Andhra Pradesh, solidifying my presence in the broader political landscape. Building upon these experiences, in 2023, I undertook the crucial responsibility of District Secretary for Nellore, aiming to champion student rights and contribute significantly to the organizational strength of the SFI in the district.”

Menda Sri Harsha

Education and Personal Journey of Menda Sri Harsha:

Menda Sri Harsha, hailing from the picturesque city of Nellore in the vibrant state of Andhra Pradesh, is deeply rooted in his familial ties. Born to parents Shekaramma and Venkateshwarulu, his upbringing reflects the values instilled by his family. 

 Menda Sri Harsha laid the foundation of his educational pursuits at Zilla Parishad High School, Kandukuru, where he successfully acquired his SSC in the 2016-2017 academic year. Building on this, he ventured into the field of engineering, completing his diploma at Malineni Lakshmaiah Engineering College in Kandukur fr2017-201 2018.

Recognising the importance of vocational skills, he further honed his expertise by pursuing an ITI course at Government College, Kandukuru, in 2018-2019. Menda Sri Harsha’s academic journey took a diverse turn as he delved into Dairy Science, obtaining a valuable qualification from Ongole Ratnam Educational Institutes between 2019 and 2022.

Additionally, he enhanced his skill set by completing an ITI Welder course at Government Boys College in 2022. This multi-faceted educational background showcases his dedication to continuous learning. It positions him as a versatile and knowledgeable leader ready to contribute to the development of his community and beyond.

Political Authority: Menda Sri Harsha’s Journey with SFI

Initiation into Student Politics (2018):

 In 2018, Menda Sri Harsha embarked on his political journey by joining the Student Federation of India (SFI), marking the beginning of his commitment to advocating for student rights and welfare.

Local Leadership in Kandukuru (2018-2019):

Rapidly rising through the ranks, Menda Sri Harsha demonstrated his leadership administration as he assumed the role of Town Joint Secretary in Kandukuru in 2018, followed by the position of Town Secretary in 2019. These local roles laid the foundation for his impactful engagement in grassroots politics.

District Leadership in Nellore (2022-2023):

 The year 2022 proved pivotal for Menda Sri Harsha’s political career as he ascended to District President for Nellore within the SFI, showcasing his ability to lead on a broader scale. Simultaneously, he earned recognition as a State Committee Member for Andhra Pradesh, solidifying his presence in the broader political landscape.

Supervision as District Secretary (2023):

Building on his extensive experience and demonstrated leadership, Menda Sri Harsha assumed the crucial role of District Secretary for Nellore in 2023. In this capacity, he continues to champion the rights of students and contribute significantly to the organisational strength of the SFI in the district.

“I revolve around a steadfast commitment to student welfare and grassroots engagement. Starting with local leadership in Kandukuru, I believe in leading by example and progressively scaling up to district-level roles, aiming to champion student rights and strengthen the organisational fabric of the SFI. As District Secretary in Nellore, my leadership is centered on proactive advocacy and ensuring a resilient foundation for the empowerment of students.”

Cultural Integration and Social Advocacy: Menda Sri Harsha’s Impactful Initiatives

Festive Sporting Extravaganza (Annual Sankranthi Celebrations):

Menda Sri Harsha, recognising the importance of cultural integration and community engagement, annually spearheads the organisation’s efforts in conducting Cricket Tournaments, Volleyball Matches, and Rangoli Competitions during the Sankranthi festival. These events encourage a sense of fellowship and promote physical well-being and artistic expression among participants.

Advocacy for Educational Rights (Dharna for Fee Reimbursement and Scholarships):

Demonstrating his unwavering commitment to students’ welfare, Menda Sri Harsha actively participates in and leads dharnas, advocating for fee reimbursement and scholarships. His involvement in these protests underscores his dedication to ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder deserving students from accessing education.

Addressing Hostel and Student Issues:

Beyond festive celebrations and advocacy efforts, Menda Sri Harsha takes a hands-on approach to problem-solving. His commitment is evident in his motivated role in resolving hostel-related challenges and addressing a spectrum of student issues. By actively engaging with the concerns of the student community, he aims to create a helpful and supportive academic environment.

“I believe in leadership coordinating cultural richness with educational advocacy, creating a vibrant community collage. My approach ensures the organisation stands unwaveringly as an advocate for students’ rights and well-being, fostering a holistic environment for growth and prosperity.”

Street Name: Balaji Nagar, Ram Chandra Rao Bhavan, Landmark: Near Phule Bomma, Village: Nellore, Constituency: Kandukuru, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pincode: 524002.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile No: 6300363107


Born in Nellore

Kanduru, Andhra Pradesh 


Acquired SSC

from Zilla Paarishad High School, Kandukuru


Completed Diploma

 from Mallineni Laxmayya Engineering College 


Finished ITI

 from Government College, Kandukuru 


Obtained Dairy Science

from Ongole Ratnam Educational Institutes 


Completed ITI Welder

 from Government Boys College 


Joined in SFI


Town Joint Secretary

Kandukuru, SFI


Town Secretary

Kandukuru, SFI


District President

Nellore, SFI


SFI State Committee Member

Andhra Pradesh, SFI

Since 2023

District Secretary

 Nellore, SFI