Maidam Ashokudu

Maidam Ashokudu

Mahila Sangala Resource Person, Warangal, Kila Warangal, Warangal East, Telangana


Maidam Ashokudu is a Social Activist from Kila Warangal, Telangana state and Mahila Sangala Resource Person.

Born and Education:

On 21st July 1970, Ashokudu was born to the couple Anandam and Lakshmi. He was raised in Kila Warangal.

In 1987, Ashokudu completed his SSC Standard from Relly Buchaiah Govt School, located at Kila Warangal. From 1987-1989, he obtained Intermediate at Lal Bahadur College, Warangal. Ashokudu graduated with a Degree from Arts&Science college. From 1994-1997, he attained his Bachelor of Law(LLB) from Akhila Bharatha Law college, situated at Hanmmakonda. He gets into high education with his Post Graduation. In 2008, Ashokudu acquired his PG at Kakatiya University, Warangal.

Ashokudu being a Social Activist:

Where people hesitate to tread their steps toward service, Ashokudu initiated voluntary efforts to serve the needy people. He firmly believes that “Helping hands shine more than praying lips”.

Ashokudu took a step toward Social Service to ensure that no one goes hungry owing to a lack of money. He had a strong desire to serve others since he was a youngster, which led him to become a Social Worker who hoped to bring happiness to others through his work. He is at the forefront of anyone needing help in his surroundings. He continues to serve the people by doing his part to help those who ask for help without even thinking.

Ashokudu actively participated in projects such as lending to women’s organisations, Swachh Bharat, Harita Haram, Urban Development, Corona Survey, and assisting Asha workers.

He used to participate in all official functions where women’s organisations were present.

Ashokudu’s contribution to the welfare of women’s organisations is immeasurable. He is instrumental in providing them with timely loans, funds, and women empowerment initiatives. His active involvement for the Women welfare promotes him to the designation of Mahila Sangala Resource Person  and he effectively  serving in the position.

Social Service:

  • Ashokudu is always at the forefront in doing Social Service. Many welfare activities have been implemented during his reign.
  • Ashokudu protests and holds dharnas against the decisions taken by the government against the people and seeks justice for the people.
  • He engaged in Haritha Haram, Swachh Bharath programs and keep the surroundings clean.
  • He set up Chalivendram in his village.
  • Conducted health cammps such as blood donation, eye camp in the village and donated blood for the needy.
  • Ashokudu has been organizing free food service for the orphanages, poor people every year.
  • Ashokudu have demanded that the government reduce petrol, diesel, and groceries prices.
  • He organized dharnas and protested for the immediate release of fee reimbursement and scholarships.
  • Conducted Annadanam Program for the poor every year.
  • He gave pensions, loans to the deserving people.
  • Ashokudu played a vital role in recovering loans, organizing meetings and communicating government schemes to the people.

Service During the Pandemic Covid-19:

  • Ashokudu served in the Pandemic time also. He distributes Covid kits to the village people. Provided essential commodities, Masks, Sanitizers to the village and poor people.
  • Distributed food packets, water bottles to the migrants, arranges buses to go to their villages. Conducted awareness programs to prevent Covid-19.
  • Gave financial assistance to Covid-19 victims.
  • He provided free food service to the municipal, police, front-line workers who worked a lot during Pandemic Covid-19.
  • Distributes Rice, Vegetables to the Masks, Sanitizers to the Covid victims, and to the village people.
  • He says covid-19 can be conquered with courage and corona victims should not lose courage.
  • Ashokudu gave his contribution during the Second Wave of Covid also.
  • He provided a packet of rice, pulihora, water packets, Masks, Sanitizers in the lockdown time to the poor and the elderly who live near the parks on the road cannot find anything to eat.
  • He donates food and clothes to poor and orphaned children during the Second Wave Corona and satisfies the hunger of many orphans.


H-No:16-3-1108, Near by Khammam Road, Petrol Bunk Opposite Near by Eadga, Village: Warangal, Mandal: Kila Warangal, Constituency: Warangal East, District: Warangal, State: Telangana, Pincode: 506005

Mobile: 9515095642, 9700634116
Email: [email protected]


 Bio-Data of Ashokudu

Name: Maidam Ashokudu

Date of Birth:  21st July 1970

Father: Mr. Anandam

Mother: Mrs. Lakshmi

Education Qualification: PG at Kakatiya University

Profession: Social Activist

Present Designation: Mahila Sangala Resource Person

Permanent Address: H-No:16-3-1108, Near by Khammam Road, Petrol Bunk Opposite Near by Eadga, Village: Warangal, Mandal: Kila Warangal, Constituency: Warangal East, District: Warangal, State: Telangana, Pincode: 506005

Contact No: 9515095642, 9700634116


Recent Activities

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Ashokudu at various Activities

Ashokudu has participated in 75th Independence day celebrations

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21st July 1970

Born in Warangal


Completed SSC

from Relly Buchaiah Govt School



at Lal Bahadur college, Warangal



 from Arts&Science college


Post Graduation

at Kakatiya University, Warangal


Social Activist

from Warangal


Mahila Sangala Resource Person