Mahankali Suresh

Mahankali Suresh

Mandal General Secretary, Damercherla, Nalgonda, Miryalaguda, Telangana, TRS.


Mahankali Suresh is an Indian Politician and the Current Mandal General Secretary of Damercherla in Nalgonda District from the Political Party TRS.


On the 25th of June 1985, Suresh was born in the Village of Miryalaguda in Nalgonda District of the Indian State of Telangana to the couple Mr. Mahankali Sarvayya and Mrs.Mahankali Yellamma.

In the year 2000, Suresh acquired his Secondary School of Education from Government High School located at Miryalaguda and completed an Intermediate course from Saketha Junior College placed at Miryalaguda in 2004.

He attained his Graduation degree with B.Sc in 2009 from Global Para Medical College located at Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh and finished his Post Graduation of M.Sc Micro Biology from Nagarjuna University at Guntur in 2012.


After the completion of his Education, In the year 2012, he worked as Emergency Medical Technician in GVK EMRI(Emergency Management and Research Institute)108.


Shortly after the end of his Education, Suresh began his Political Career in 2012 by joining the Telangana Rashtriya Samithi(TRS) which was founded by K. Chandrasekhar Rao who is the chief minister of Telangana.

As a Party Activist, he worked exceeding his capabilities for the party’s advancement and invest a lot of exertion for the party’s victory from day he enrolled.

Suresh was a Telangana Activist, During Telangana Movement, he played an active role and fought for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Although growing Professionally on the one hand, simultaneously he Re-entered Politics through the TRS party in 2017 under the auspicious of MLA Bhaskar Rao, to be closer in terms of service to the people on the other and continued his Social work to the People.

The day he joined the Party, he worked beyond his means for the development of the party and performed very hard for the victory of the party.

Despite being handed over the responsibilities, the party was dazzled by his dedication and appointed Suresh as the Village SC Cell President in 2019 so that he could stay closer to the people and carry out programs that would benefit them.

In the year 2021, he was appointed as Mandal General Secretary for Miryalaguda in Nalgonda District from TRS to tackle the issues raised in society.

From the day he entered politics to the present date, he has worked diligently for the well being of the people, ceaselessly seeking the progress of the party and society, and giving passionate service to the society through the positions he has been entrusted to.


Suresh has been used to being served since he was a teen. While pursuing his academics, Suresh also participated in numerous development initiatives.

 In the year 2018, He established Ambedkar Youth Committee to serve the people in any way possible. Since the day of establishment, Suresh has been serving as the Founder and Chairman of the respective Organization by providing services to the people by satisfing the requirements of everyone who appealed to him for assistance.

In the year 2020, he served as the Revenue Department Employee for Bangaru Thalli Temple at Kallepalli village, by looking after the Temple Revenue and maintaining the temple infrastructure for the convenience of the devotes.

Social activities:

  • The circumstances related to Pension money from the government were cleared by providing pensions to the respective holders in the village.
  • He fought for the issues related to Handicapped Pensions, Widow Pension, Old age Pension, and also the problems of Ration Card and Health cards of the villagers.
  • He offered financial support as well as other kinds of relief to the village’s needy people. Suresh will be accessible to the village’s residents during their tough times.
  • He was instrumental in guaranteeing support programs for the poor and assisting them in surviving.
  • He provided financial assistance to the village’s impoverished residents as well as other forms of assistance. Suresh will be accessible to the residents of the village through their difficult times.
  • He took an active part in ensuring assistance programs for the impoverished and aiding them in surviving their life.
  • Suresh is very supportive of the women’s welfare in the village and works hard for their growth and the development of the societies.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic Covid:

  • During the first and second waves of Corona, Suresh offered financial and humanitarian assistance to people who were impacted by the lockdown.
  • Suresh acted humanely during the crisis, assisting individuals in distress and providing additional assistance to those afflicted by the lockdown.
  • During the crisis, Suresh responded generously, aiding those in need and giving special support to those impacted by the lockdown.
  • He offered masks, sanitizers, and meals to the underprivileged, as well as financial assistance.
  • With the association of the Foundation members, Suresh distributed mask and sanitizers at the Constituency level government offices.
  • For the public’s protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to eliminate the corona outbreak.
  • Suresh and his fellow members distributed Vegetables and food to the poor and needy people in the Village and quarantined people as well by following certain precautions.
  • During the corona epidemic, B.Complex and Multi-Vitamin medicines were distributed free of charge, raising awareness of the need to be careful before contracting corona disease.


Village&Mandal: Damercherla, District: Nalgonda, Constituency: Miryalaguda, State: Telangana, Zipcode: 508355

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 97044 44996

A Genuine Leader Is Self-Assured Enough To Stand Alone, Courageous Enough To Make Difficult Decisions, And Compassionate Enough To Listen To The Concerns Of Others.

Mahankali Suresh

Mandal General Secretary

Recent Activities


నిరుపేదలకు డబుల్ బెడ్ రూమ్ ల స్థలాన్ని వెంటనే మంజూరు చెయ్యాలంటూ కళ్లేపల్లి గ్రామ ప్రజలు ప్రధాన రహదారి పైన ధర్నా చెయ్యడం జరిగింది.


కళ్లేపల్లి గ్రామంలో అర్హులైన నిరుపేద కుటుంబాలకు డబుల్ బెడ్ రూమ్ ఇండ్ల కొరకు స్థలాన్ని మంజూరు చేయాలనీ నిరసన వ్యక్తం చేసిన తెరాస నాయకులు. 

వృదులకు సహాయం

గ్రామాలో అనారోగ్యానికి గురై తీవ్ర ఇబ్బందులు పడ్తున్న వృద్దులను ఆసుపత్రికి తరలిస్తున్న యువ నాయకులు .

ప్రారంభోత్సవ కార్యక్రమం

సురుష్ ప్రథమ చికిత్స క్లినిక్ ను ప్రారంభోత్సవ కార్యక్రమానికి విచ్చేసిన గౌ “NBR ఫౌండేషన్ చైర్మన్ శ్రీ నల్లమోతు సిద్దార్థ గారికి మిర్యాలగూడ మున్సిపాల్ వైస్ చైర్మన్ కుర్ర విష్ణు గాఋ ముఖ్య అతిధిగా విచ్చేయడం జరిగింది.

కలిసిన సందర్భంలో

గణతంత్ర దినోత్సవం సందర్భంగా జాతీయ పతాకాన్ని ఎగరవేసి వేడుకలు గ్రామంలో ఘనంగా నిర్వహించడం జరిగింది.

గణతంత్ర దినోత్సవ వేడుక

గణతంత్ర దినోత్సవం సందర్భంగా జాతీయ పతాకాన్ని ఎగరవేసి వేడుకలు గ్రామంలో ఘనంగా నిర్వహించడం జరిగింది.

అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమం

భారత రాజ్యాంగ నిర్మాత ప్రపంచ మేధావి బడుగు బలహీన వర్గాల ఆశాజ్యోతి మహిళల అభ్యున్నతి కోసమై కేంద్ర న్యాయశాఖ మంత్రి పదవికి రాజీనామ చేసిన మహిళల హక్కుల కోసం నిరంతరం కృషి చేసిన మానవతావాది మనుధర్మ శాస్త్రాన్ని మంటలో కాల్చి భారత రాజ్యాంగాన్ని దేశానికి అందించిన సంఘ సంస్కర్త డాక్టర్ బాబాసాహెబ్ అంబేద్కర్ 130వ జయంతి సందర్బంగా వేడుకను నిర్వహించి అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమం ఏర్పాటు చెయ్యడం జరిగింది.

ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం

నల్గొండ జిల్లా మిర్యాలగూడ నియోజకవర్గంలో కల్లేపల్లి శ్రీ బంగారు మైసమ్మ తల్లి ఆలయంలో దేవాదాయ ధర్మాదాయ శాఖా తరుపున మొదటిసారిగా నూతన ఆలయ కమిటీ ప్రమాణ స్వీకారం చేయించారు. 

DR B.R అంబేడ్కర్ గారి 130వ జయంతి

పూజ్యనియుడు గౌరవనియుడు DR B.R అంబేడ్కర్ గారి 130వ జయంతి పురస్కరించుకొని సామాజిక విప్లవ జోహార్లు తెలుపుతూ వారి విగ్రహానికి పూలమాలను వేసి వారియొక్క సేవలను స్మరించుకోవడం జరిగింది. 

మాస్కులు మరియు శానిటైజర్ ల పంపిణీ

కల్లేపల్లి, తిమ్మాపురం, నరసాపురం, శాంతినగర్, ఉమ్మడి పంచాయతీ మాజీ సర్పంచ్ కామ్రేడ్ శ్రీ భగ్గునాయక్ గారికి Dr BR అంబేద్కర్ గారి విగ్రహం వద్ద ఘనంగా అశ్రునివాలి ఘటించి గ్రామ సేవలో భాగంగా అంబేద్కర్ కాలనీ లో మాస్క్ లు, సానిటర్ కిట్ ను పంచడం జరిగింది. 

Services Performed through the Ambedkar Youth Committee

 Party Activities 


Born in Damercherla Village

of Nalgonda District


Studied SSC Standard

from Government High School, Miryalaguda


Completed Intermediate

 from Saketha Junior College, Miryalaguda


Attained Graduation(B.Sc)

from Global Para Medical College, Vijayawada


Telangana Activist


Finished M.Sc Micro Biology

from Nagarjuna University, Guntur


Emergency Medical Technician



Joined the TRS


Party Activist

of TRS

2018-Till Now

Founder and Chairman

of Ambedhkar Youth Committee


Village SC Cell President

of Damercehral, TRS

2020-Till Now

Revenue Department Employee

for Bangaru Thalli Temple, Kallepalli

2021-Till Now

Mandal General Secretary

of Miryalaguda, TRS