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Lotavath Balu Nayak

Lotavath Balu Nayak

YSRCP Leader, Seethammathanda, Peapully, Dhone, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP


Lotavath Balu Nayak is the YSRCP Leader, Seethammathanda. He was born on 01-05-1979 to Somu Nayak and Shankaramma.

He started his political journey with the Indian National Congress(INC) party in 2004. Balu Nayak did so many Social Activities for the village people he provided houses to 108 homeless people, provided employment to them. He donated 10,000 rupees to Sevalal Temple. He left the Congress party and joined the YSRCP and he was the Leader.






Recent Activities

  • In 2010, He built a high school in Burugula village, donated 10,000 rupees to Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi idoles.
  • He helped the farmers financially for bore well. Laid CC roads in the whole Seethammathanda village.
  • Balu paved a 5km road from Seethammathanda village to the fields. He facilitates Bore wells with the help of SPY Reddy.
  • Balu has done many development activities with the help of RTD.
  • In 2017, He gave crop loans to the farmers through banks. He assisted Animal husbandry, types of equipment to farmers through RTD.
  • Balu gave 10,000 for the Community hall. In 2021, He gave Home documents to poor people. Balu provided a Water facility from Durgamma Temple to Seethammathanda.

Seethammathanda, Peapully, Dhone, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Mobile: 9515550083

Recent Activities

సీఎం గారితో


Born in Seethammathanda


Joined in the Congress party


Joined in the YSRCP


YSRCP Leader


Social Activist

in Seethammathanda