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Kotha Jaipal Reddy

Party Activist, Laxmidevipally, Gangadhara,Karimnagar, Choppadandi, Telangana


Kotha Jaipal Reddy is an Indian Politician and current Party Activist from Laxmidevipally Village of Karimnagar District, Telangana.

Early Life & Education:

Kotha Jaipal Reddy was born on the 01st of October 1977 to the couple Mr.Kotha Satyanarayana Reddy and Mrs.Kotha Sarojana and resided in the village Laxmidevipally.

In the year 1993, Jaipal Reddy obtained his SSC Standard from Sri Saraswathi Vidya Pitam located in Hyderabad. He completed his Intermediate course at Vaaninikethan Junior College at Karimnagar in the year 1994.

In 1997, He acquired his graduation Degree at Karimnagar in the state of Telangana.


He is the Managing Director of My3 Channel present in Hyderabad and Karimnagar.

Early Career in Politics:

In the year 1996, Jaipal Reddy was drawn into politics through the Telugu Desam Party(TDP) to address the people’s political requirements while also presenting a modest service.

As a part of TDP, Jaipal Reddy expresses keen interest and performs every activity as a Party Activist by discharging his duties with a code of conduct and also for the recognition of the respective party.

From 1999 to 2001, he served as the  President of the Telugu Yuvatha Gangadhara Mandal and served in that capacity to alleviate the plight of the people.

He was the Secretary of the State Telugu Youth Organization from 2006 to 2007, always being at the forefront of the people, facing problems, and working for the development of the organization.

When Nagam Janardhan Reddy left the TDP in 2011 to create the Nagara Samithi party, the new Jaipal Reddy who backed him also left the TDP to join the Telangana Nagara Samithi party.

His sense of Service was exposed by being appointed as the Single Window Chairman for his work on 23rd  October 2005 and provided services by continuing his duties for four years and serving people all the way.

After working as single-window chairman for four years resigned on 18th  February 2010 demanding a separate Telangana state. He was the first Telangana person to sign the agreement in the year 2010.

Later on the 26th of January  2013, again contested and won as Single window Chairman and again resigned for the emergence of a separate Telangana state.

In 2013, Telangana Sadhana Samithi Party merged with BJP and  Kotha Jaipal Reddy joined BJP.

He was a Telangana Activist, During Telangana Movement, He played an active role and fought for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India

He joined the Congress party in 2018 and supported Medipalli Satyam when he contested for the assembly.

Jaipal Reddy resigned from the Congress party considering the defeat of Madipalli Satyam Gary as his defeat

He has been constantly working for the people, thinking about their welfare, and gaining immense admiration from the people.

The Kotha Jaipal Reddy has been awarded a doctorate in recognition of his 25 years of public service since 1998 and his services during Corona.

He performed every activity as his responsibility for the welfare of the people, and continues his service, thinking for the welfare of the people and dealing with the activities for the development of the Society.

Social Activities:

Jaipal Reddy has performed many developmental programs and social activities for the welfare of the people.

He helped the poor people financially and also fights over the problems of the people, for the welfare of the people.

Jaipal Reddy on behalf of the Allies helped over 1000 families of the poor people.

He helped the death-affected family in the village by providing the essentials to them for survival and also assisted them during financial crises by giving about 5000 rupees.

He distributed food, clothing, and Bedsheets to the Orphan Children and helped them by donating a certain amount whenever required.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic:

During the first and second waves of Corona, he provided financial and humanitarian assistance to people who were affected by the lockdown.

During the crisis, and acted with compassion, assisting those in need and extending further support to those who had been affected by the lockdown.

He donates rice bags, vegetables, and medicine to covid victims who are suffering from covid and cannot go out to fetch food. He also supported the poor financially by providing essential goods for those who could not find employment or food due to the lockdown

He assisted the impoverished by providing masks, hand sanitizers, food, and Carona Kits as well as financial support.

Jaipal Reddy snuck across to help those who had been impacted by the lockdown by distributing veggies and fruits to communities, the homeless, and Municipality workers according to the established protocols.

A gathering was organized to raise awareness about social distance and the need of adopting preventative measures to prevent the Corona Epidemic from spreading.

Personal Life:

Balancing his Political Life Jaipal Reddy also successful in his personal life. He married Swetha Reddy. The couple had one daughter Rithwika Reddy.

H.no : 1-1,Village: Laxmidevipally, Mandal :Gangadhara , District : Karimnagar, Constituency :Choppadandi,  State : Telangana, Pincode : 505445

Email : [email protected]

Mobile : 9849188880

Bio-Data of Jaipal Reddy

Kotha Jaipal Reddy | Party Activist | Laxmidevipally | Gangadhara | the Leaders Page

Name: Kotha Jaipal Reddy

Date of Birth: 1st October 1977

Father: Mr. Sathyanaraya Reddy

Mother: Mrs. Sarojana

Present Designation: Party Activist from Laxmidevipally Village, Karimnagar District

Education Qualification: Graduation(Degree) at Karimnagar

Profession: My3 Channel MD

Permanent Address: H-No: 1-1, Village: Laxmidevipally, Mandal: Gangadhara, District: Karimnagar, Constituency :Choppadandi,  State: Telangana, Pincode: 505445

Contact No: 9849188880


Recent Activities

తిరుమల తిరుపతి దేవస్థానం చైర్మన్ YV. సుబ్బారెడ్డి గారితో మన జైపాల్ రెడ్డి గారు

 2018 లో  గంగాధర లో రేవంత్ రెడ్డి గారి ఆధ్వర్యంలో కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ లో జాయిన్ అవుతున్న సందర్భంలో   జైపాల్ రెడ్డి గారు

కలిసిన సందర్భంలో...

ముప్పవరపు వెంకయ్య నాయుడు గారిని గౌరవప్రదంగా కలుసుకున్నారు మరియు ఆయన ప్రజలకు చేస్తున్న సేవలకు కృతజ్ఞతలు తెలూపుతు పుష్పగుచ్ఛమును అందచేయయడం జరిగింది.

పార్టీ సమావేశంలో..

పార్టీ సమావేశం లో రేవంత్ రెడ్డి గారిని కలిసిన కొత్త జైపాల్రెడ్డి గారు..

ప్రారంభోత్సవ కార్యక్రమంలో బాగంగా..

ప్రారంభోత్సవ కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొన్న కొత్త జయపాల్ రెడ్డి గారు తదితరులు…

సత్కరించిన సందర్భంలో ..

ప్రజలకు చేసిన సేవలకు గాను కొత్త జయపాల్‌రెడ్డిని కృతజ్ఞత రూపంలో గజమాలతో సత్కరించిన సందర్భంలో ..

Kotha Jaipal Reddy have attended meeting with various Prominent Leaders


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Born in Laxmidevipally

From Karimnagar, Telangana


Studied Schooling

From Saraswathi Vidhya Pitam, Hyderabad



From Vaaninikethan Junior College, Karimnagar


Graduation Degree

at Karimnagar


Joined in the Politics

From TDP


Party Activist

From Laxmidevipally, Gangadhara


Single Window Chairman

From Laxmidevipally, Gangadhara

since -1998

Party Activist

From Laxmidevipally, Gangadhara