Kollu Balraj

Kollu Balraj

OBC Morcha District Spokesperson, Medchal Malkajgiri, Telangana, BJP.


Kollu Balraj is an Indian Politician of the BJP Party and OBC Morcha District Spokesperson of Medchal Malkajgiri, Telangana.


On the 17th of July 1978, Balraj was born to the couple Mr. Kollu Sugunamma and Mrs. Kollu Ilaiah and resided at Uppal of Medchal-Malkajgiri district in the Indian state of Telangana.

In the year 1994, Balraj obtained his Secondary Board of Education from Srinivasa High School located at Uppal in Medchal-Malkajgiri and completed his Intermediate course from Mehboob Junior College placed at SD Road, Secunderabad in 1996.


Beginning at a young age, he had a passion for working in the public service. Kollu Balraj has been accustomed to service since childhood. He also conducted many service programs while continuing his studies.

He debuted in active politics through the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) in 1999 and has been a Party Activist working all day for the party development by attending every scheduled meeting.

In 2000, he was appointed BJP Kisan Morcha General Secretary owing to his ideological commitment and generous honesty, which enabled him to contribute to the welfare of society by performing his duties efficiently and by its rules and regulations.

In 2004, as Division Vice President of Uppal, he exhibited his dedication to the people by consistently working for their well-being, division growth, and their advantage.

Balraj served as the Constituency Election incharge of Huzurabad during the General and Local Body Elections by addressing illicit practices and ensuring the proper functioning of the electoral process.

He preserves the reliance reposed in him by the people and continues to serve and consider the present welfare of the people while focusing on the growth of the Party.

In 2021, he reinforced his service and work as the OBC Morcha District Spokesperson of Medchal-Malkajgiri by strengthening his responsibilities, constantly considering their well-being, and gaining the esteem of the population.

Since the beginning of his career as a politician, he has worked extensively for the success of the city, fully committed to the party’s and society’s prosperity and devoting passionate service to society via the roles given to him.

Activities Performed Recently:

  • On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, BJP BC Morcha Medical District Spokesperson Kollu Balraj actively participated in the Sri Sitaramula Kalyana Mahotsavam that’s been held at a majority of the colonies that form a part of the Uppal Division.
  • Kollu Bal Raj played an active role in a pooja held close to Ganesh Mandapam in several different colonies on the Ganesh Navratri. On the fifth day of Ganesh Navratri, Kollu Bal Raj took part in the pooja program held near the Ganesh Mandapam in several different colonies as well as the Annadanam program. Both events were held in celebration of Ganesh Navratri.
  • On the festival of Krishnashtami, events were organized in Uppal.
  • Kollu Balraj, who serves as the spokesperson for the BJP OBC Morcha Medical District, and Bandi Sanjay Gari, who serves as the president of the BJP, both took part in the public campaign.

Party Activities:

  • A dharna was held to protest on behalf of the farmers demanding the abolition of the contributory pension scheme and diminishing the usage and consumption of alcohol as well.
  • Balraj came out in support of an amendment to the Lokpal bill by Collector siege to preserve evidence of corruption against specific public officials, as well as things related to or incidental to such review.
  • He set up and engaged in every Mandal level, and Village level meetings at his own cost and delivered speeches by motivating the youngsters and the upcoming leaders.
  • BJP leaders staged a Maha Dharna, appealing to the central government to declare its stance on the procurement of grain just so appropriate justice can be granted to the farmers.
  • He was extensively engrossed in many social service activities and worked hard to bring numerous state and central government schemes to the public’s attention and support them in receiving benefits, as well as maintain strong and cordial relationships with individuals from all walks of humanity and leadership.
  • He conveyed that the development of party ideologies relies on unemployment and not between religions and castes and he was attracted to the ideologies of the party and works for the party.

Social Activities:

  • Every year, on the anniversary of the birth and death anniversaries of national leaders and freedom fighters, Balraj and the BJP Party Leaders commemorate the anniversary and express gratitude to them for their contributions to the country.
  • He continues to fight for eradicating the idea of caste and religious differences in society and doing his part for human equality and is fighting with the government to provide proper employment to the unemployed who are worried about getting a proper job even after graduation.
  • He Provided moral support to the villagers and created employment for the graduated students who were unemployed after the conclusion of their education.
  • He is contrary to the state government abolishing new agricultural laws and other beneficial factors that would support farmers in their efforts to survive in the modern world.
  • His diligent efforts to improve the plight of farmers during his reign were rewarded by receiving a substantial sum in return for the commodities generated by the farmer.
  • A fund-raising drive has been announced for the construction of a holy Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. As part of the construction of an unprecedented Sri Rama Mandir in Ayodhya, he, along with his party members helped raise funds for the entire city.
  • Balraj strenuously criticized and protested the assaults on temples. A petition was also addressed to the relevant authorities, proposing that they take immediate action.
  • As the Ayodhya controversy and disputes center on the sovereignty of a monument revered by Hindus as the early history of their deity Rama.
  • He is on the path of development by providing his share of financial assistance for the renovation and reconstruction of temples.
  • Balraj has participated in a variety of community activities in the village, including supplying meals to the elderly and orphan children, as well as delivering mineral water to the villagers.
  • Balraj was primarily concerned with issues about students, such as fee reimbursement and scholarship grants, and he worked tirelessly to ensure that scholarships were awarded to students as soon as possible.
  • He fulfills his obligations while also looking after the welfare of the people that live in the village and zone by resolving concerns relating to water, sanitation, and any other minor problems that may arise.
  • He served the elderly and needy people in the community by supplying them with the necessities of life and by assisting them through times of financial hardship.
  • Organizing an awareness seminar to enlighten students about the significance of education in school was one of the most significant contributions Balraj made to ensure the students’ bright future.
  • Many service activities, such as blankets for beggars, clothing for the destitute, and meals for orphaned children, were planned during the event.
  • He fights for the people’s concerns and the welfare of the people, and many of the colony’s development plans have been a resounding success as a result of his efforts.

Pandemic Services:

  • Balraj sneaked forward to assist people who had been affected by the lockdown by giving vegetables and fruits to villages, the homeless, and Municipality employees while following the procedures in place.
  • He helped the poor by distributing items such as masks, hand sanitizers, and food, as well as monetary assistance.
  • An awareness demonstration was performed to raise awareness about social distance and the need of taking precautionary steps in an attempt to eliminate the Corona Epidemic from occurring.
  • When the coronavirus was finally exterminated, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed across the whole village to ensure that the villagers were not exposed to any harmful effects.
  • News reporters and police officers were honored and given shawls by Balraj as a token of appreciation for their efforts in keeping the great news rolling while not jeopardizing their own lives throughout the epidemic and lockdown.
  • The Covid Immunization Drive was organized in response to Prime Minister Modi’s plea order to increase awareness among the general population about the need of acquiring a free corona vaccination.
  • During the pandemic, A door to door survey was organized and raised awareness about the virus covid and provided precautions to be followed.

Village&Mandal: Uppal, District: Medchal-Malkajgiri, Constituency: Uppal, State: Telangana, Zipcode: 500039.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 88868 11153


Biography of Kollu Balraj
Full Name Mr. Kollu Balraj
Date of Birth 17-07-1978
Birth Place  Uppal
Qualification  Intermediate
Nationality Indian
Father Name Mr. Kollu Ilaiah
Mother Name Mrs.Kollu Sugunamma
Sibbilings -Not Allowed-
Marital Status Married
Profession Politician
Constituency Uppal
Political Party BJP
Designation  OBC Morcha District Spokesperson
Permanent/ Residential Address Uppal, Medchal-Malkajgiri,Telangana
Mobile Number 88868 11153.

From a young age, he had a strong ambition to engage in politics and humbly serve the people in a humble way.

Even though he is a student, he embraces politics at such a young age and earns the people’s adoration by fearlessly pressing ahead in the face of any deception.

As a Social Worker, he serves society humbly serve the people by raising awareness among the poor via creative livelihood activities, working for a corrupt-free society, and assure the objective of humbly serving the people by raising awareness among the poor via creative livelihood activities, working a corrupt-free society, and assuring order and accountability in all efforts aimed at uplifting the weaker parts.

Recent Activities

75 వ స్వతంత్ర దినోత్సవం

ఉప్పల్ లో స్వాతంత దినోత్సవాన్ని పురస్కరించుకొని జాతీయ జెండా ఎగురవేసిన కోళ్లు బాలరాజు గారు పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది.

అన్నదానం కారిక్రమం లో

కోళ్లు బాలరాజు గారు పేద పిల్లలకి అనాధ ఆశమం లో భోజనాలు ఏర్పాటు చేశారు

ఫలహారబండి ఊరేగింపు

కోళ్లు బాలరాజ్ గారి అద్వర్యంలో ఉప్పల్ లో ఘనంగా ఫలహారబండి ఊరేగింపును ప్రారంభస్తున్న ఎమ్మెల్యే రఘునందన్‌రావు గారు మరియు మాజీ ఎమ్మెల్యే ప్రభాకర్ గారు పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది .


ఆర్థిక సహాయం

జన్మదిన వేడుకలో

కూరగాయల పంపిణి

కరోనా ఆపద సమయం లో కోళ్లు బాలరాజు గారు కూరగాయలు పంపిణి చేశారు .

విజయ సంకల్ప సభ

హైదరాబాద్ పరేడ్ గ్రౌండ్ లో జరిగిన బీజేపీ సభకు భారీగా కార్యకర్తలు తరలి వచ్చారు. మేడ్చల్ మల్కాజ్గిరి జిల్లా ఓబీసీ మోర్చా అధికార ప్రతినిధి కోళ్లు బాలరాజు గారి ఆధ్వర్యంలో బీజేపీ విజయ సంకల్ప సభకు బీజేపీ నాయకులు హాజరవ్వడం జరిగింది.

శ్రీ సీతారాముల కళ్యాణ మహోత్సవం

శ్రీరామ నవమి సదర్భంగా ఉప్పల్ డివిజన్ పరిధిలో వివిధ కాలనిల్లలో శ్రీ సీతారాముల కళ్యాణ మహోత్సవంలో పాల్గొన్న బీజేపీ బీసీ మోర్చా మేడ్చల్ జిల్లా అధికార ప్రతినిధి కొల్లు బాల్ రాజ్ గారు.

గణేష్ నవరాత్రుల మహోత్సవం

గణేష్ నవరాత్రుల సందర్భంగా 8వ రోజు వివిధ కాలనీలలో గణేష్ మండపాల దగ్గర పూజ కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొన్న కొల్లు బాల్ రాజ్ గారు

అన్నదానం కార్యక్రమం

గణేష్ నవరాత్రుల సందర్భంగా 5 వ రోజు వివిధ కాలనీలలో గణేష్ మండపాల దగ్గర పూజ కార్యక్రమం, అన్నదానం కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొన్న కొల్లు బాల్ రాజ్ గారు.

కృష్ణాష్టమి వేడుక

కృష్ణాష్టమి సందర్భంగా ఉప్పల్ పరిధిలో కృష్ణాష్టమి వేడుకలు నిర్వహించడం జరిగింది.

ప్రజా సంగ్రామ యాత్ర

బీజేపీ పార్టీ అధ్యక్షులు బండి సంజయ్ గారితో కలిసి బీజేపీ ఓబీసీ మోర్చా మేడ్చల్ జిల్లా అధికార ప్రతినిధి కొల్లు బాల్ రాజ్ గారు ప్రజా సంగ్రామ యాత్రలో పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది.

ఎన్నికల ప్రచారం

ఎన్నికల ప్రచారంలో భాగంగా పార్టీ అభ్యున్నతి కోసం మరియు పార్టీ అభ్యర్థిని అత్యంత మెజారిటీతో గెలిపించడం కొరకు గ్రామంలో ప్రతి ఇంటికి వెళ్లి పార్టీ యొక్క నియమాలను వివరించడం జరిగింది.

ఆర్థిక సహాయం

దేవేందర్ నగర్లోని బీజేపీ మహిళ కార్యకర్త సునీత గారి యొక్క భర్త ఆక్సిడెంట్లో గాయపడి ఆసుపత్రిలో చికిత్స పొందుతున్న విషయం తెలుసుకుని వారి కుటుంబనికి అండగా ఆసుపత్రి ఖర్చుల నిమిత్తం బీజేపీ సీనియర్ నాయకులు కొల్లు బాలరాజు కురుమ గారు 25000 రూపాయలు ఆర్థిక సహాయం చేయడం జరిగింది.

Mr. Kollu Balraj with Eminent Leaders

కలిసిన సందర్భంలో

భారతీయ భారతీయ జనతా పార్టీ రాష్ట్ర అధ్యక్షుడు మరియు కరీంనగర్ నియోజకవర్గానికి ప్రాతినిధ్యం వహిస్తున్న లోక్ సభ సభ్యులు “బండి సంజయ్ కుమార్” గారిని మర్యాదపూర్వకంగా కలవడం జరిగింది.

Honor  Ceremony

Election Campaign

Party Activities


News Paper Clippings


Born in Uppal

of Medchal-Malkajgiri, Telangana


Studied SSC Standard

from Srinivasa High School, Uppal


Completed Intermediate

from Mehboob Junior College, Secunderabad


Joined in BJP


Party Activist

of BJP


Kisan Morcha General Secretary

of Uppal, BJP


Division Vice President

of Uppal, BJP


Constituency Election incharge

of Huzurabad, BJP

2021-Till Now

OBC Morcha District Spokesperson

of Medchal-Malkajgiri, BJP