Kathi Ananda Kumar

Kathi Ananda Kumar

Senior Constituency Leader, Thirupathi MLA Aspirant, Andhra Pradesh, TDP.


Kathi Ananda Kumar, a senior Constituency leader and MLA aspirant for the Thirupathi Constituency from the TDP party, boasts a rich and diverse background encompassing political, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic endeavors. Born on 5th July 1966, with 57 years of experience, he is deeply rooted in the Balija community’s cultural fabric. An educational achiever, Ananda Kumar transitioned from being an APSRTC Bus Conductor to a Union Leader, showcasing strong leadership in labor advocacy. His foray into entrepreneurship with the Gangotri Water Plant and subsequent ventures in the packaged drinking water industry exemplify his business acumen. A dedicated leader of the TDP since 2004, he actively engages in party activities. Ananda Kumar’s commitment extends beyond politics; he actively participates in community development initiatives, infrastructure projects, and philanthropy, demonstrating a selfless and holistic approach to leadership. His diverse contributions, from supporting employee rights to venturing into the spices industry, reflect a comprehensive commitment to the welfare and progress of the community he serves. As he aspires to contest for the MLA position in the upcoming 2024 elections, Ananda Kumar’s journey embodies a harmonious blend of leadership, entrepreneurship, and genuine community service.

Kathi Ananda Kumar, born on 5th July 1966, is a seasoned candidate with 57 years of experience. Hailing from the Balija community, his roots are deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the region.

Family Ties:

In the sphere of personal connections, Kathi Ananda Kumar is a family man. His life is interwoven with the presence of his wife, Cheruku Manjula. Together, they form the foundation of a household that includes their daughter, Kathi Nikitha. Nikitha is happily married to Kamisetty Narendra Srujan who is the grandson of D Venkatesham Ex-MLA belongs to Gandla Caste , residing in Kuppam.

Family Background and Upbringing:

Kathi Ananda Kumar, born into a joint family, shares his life with around 110 family members. His father, Venkatramulu, held a significant role as a Janatha Deposit Collection Agent at the State Bank of Mysore in Madanapalli. Revered for his business acumen, Venkatrayulu served the community selflessly.

Marriage and Diversity:

Kathi Ananda Kumar entered into an intercaste marriage with Cheruku Manjula. Hailing from the Balija Community himself, Ananda Kumar united with Manjula, who belongs to the Reddy Community. This union not only symbolizes love but also bridges the gap between diverse communities.

Manjula’s Family Background:

Manjula comes from a family deeply rooted in agriculture and business. Her family is renowned for owning and operating a floor mill known as Karunakar Reddy Floor Mill, showcasing their prominence in both agricultural and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Leadership Journey:

Kathi Ananda Kumar has been a unanimously respected leader from his intermediate to degree years, earning admiration for five consecutive years. His leadership extends beyond academics, as evidenced in 1985 when he captained the hockey team at B.T. College in Madanapalli, showcasing his prowess in sports leadership.

Educational Background:

Kathi Ananda Kumar’s educational journey is a testament to his commitment to knowledge. In 1981, he completed his schooling at ZPHS in Madanapalli, followed by intermediate studies at B.T. College in the same town in 1983. Moving forward, he pursued a degree in commerce at B.T College, Madanapalli, graduating in 1986. The pinnacle of his academic achievements came in 1988 when he secured a postgraduate degree in commerce, earning the prestigious S.V University Gold Medal. Kathi Ananda Kumar’s educational achievements reflect his dedication to continuous learning and academic excellence.

Dedication to Public Service:

Following the completion of his academic pursuits, Kathi Ananda Kumar embarked on a journey of public service, marking the onset of a commendable professional career. In 1990, he commenced his service as an APSRTC Bus Conductor at Kuppam, showcasing his commitment to being an integral part of the community he served. It was during this period that he also emerged as a strong voice for the RTC employees, assuming the role of a Union Leader.

Leadership in the RTC Employees Union:

From 1991 to 1992, Kathi Ananda Kumar demonstrated his leadership prowess by serving as the RTC Employees Union Secretary at the Kuppam Depot. This stint was a testament to his ability to navigate the complexities of labor relations and champion the rights of his fellow workers. 

Subsequently, in 1993, he earned a promotion to the position of Regional Joint Secretary for the Thirupathi, further solidifying his presence in the realm of labor advocacy.

Community Engagement:

Expanding beyond his role in the RTC, Ananda Kumar’s dedication to community welfare became evident in 1995 when he assumed a pivotal role as a Delegate Member for the Cooperative Credit Society (CCS), shouldering responsibilities with an 80% majority. This move showcased his versatility and deep connection to the local populace’s needs.

Ascending the Ranks:

In 1995, Ananda Kumar achieved a significant milestone by transitioning to the position of APSRTC Junior Assistant in the Finance Department for the Kuppam Depot, where he diligently served until 2004. His unwavering commitment and efficiency led to his promotion in 2002 as the TNTUC Secretary (Telugu Nadu Trade Union Congress) for the same depot. This appointment highlighted not only his administrative acumen but also his continued dedication to the welfare of the working class.

Kathi Ananda Kumar’s journey from a Bus Conductor to a Union Leader and, later, a Secretary is a testament to his selfless nature and strong leadership skills. His commitment to public service and the well-being of his community underscores his suitability for a political role dedicated to the betterment of society.

Entrepreneurial Ventures:

In addition to his notable roles in the professional sphere, Ananda Kumar demonstrated entrepreneurial understanding by establishing the Gangotri Water Plant in 2004. This venture, inaugurated by KADA Projects Director Mr. Sharath, marked the beginning of his journey as a businessman. 

In 2006, he expanded his business to Tirupathi, engaging in the packaging and supply of drinking water under the brand name BIOAQUA. An active figure in the industry, Ananda Kumar served as the President of the Chittoor District Packaged Drinking Water Association and became a South India member of FIPMA.

Rotary Club’s Impact on Kuppam Constituency Development

In the year 2000, Ananda Kumar and his colleagues came together to form the Rotary Club in Kuppam. Within this community-driven initiative, Chandra Sekhar took on the role of Constituency President, while Ananda Kumar assumed the responsibilities of Constituency Secretary.

Their primary goal was to contribute to the overall development of the Kuppam Constituency. Through the Rotary Club, Ananda Kumar and his associates have actively engaged in various social and welfare activities aimed at improving the lives of the people in the region.

At the helm of the Rotary Club in Kuppam, Chandra Sekhar has been instrumental in steering the club towards meaningful initiatives. As the Constituency President, he has worked tirelessly to lead the club’s efforts to positively impact the local community.

Ananda Kumar, as the Constituency Secretary, has played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Rotary Club’s activities. His dedication and organizational skills have contributed significantly to the club’s ability to implement and sustain various projects.

Social and Welfare Activities

The Rotary Club, under the leadership of Ananda Kumar, has been at the forefront of executing a range of social and welfare activities. These initiatives are designed to address the needs and challenges faced by the people of Kuppam Constituency, focusing on areas such as education, healthcare, and community development.

The establishment of the Rotary Club in 2000 by Ananda Kumar and his associates has proven to be a catalyst for positive change in the Kuppam Constituency. Through its commitment to community development and various social initiatives, the Rotary Club continues to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the people it serves.

Support for Employee Rights:

Ananda Kumar’s commitment to the welfare of workers extended beyond his roles in the water industry. In 2008, he assumed the position of Chittoor District President of the Package Drinking Water Association, where he fervently advocated for employee rights. 

His expertise and dedication led to his appointment as the South India Member of the Federation of Indian Package Drinking Water Association in 2016. In this capacity, Ananda Kumar fought for employee rights, organized protests, and actively engaged with the government to address the concerns of workers.

Diversification into the Spices Industry:

In the pursuit of diversification, Ananda Kumar ventured into the spices industry in 2016, establishing the RED and YELLOW BRAND Spices factory in Madanapalle. Taking on the role of Chairperson, he ensured the production of A-grade quality products. Expanding further, he initiated a SPICES unit in Madanapalli under the brand name Red and Yellow, situated in the Valasapalli industrial estate. The company specializes in crafting natural chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garlic paste, chicken masala, mutton masala, and more.

Political Commitment:

Throughout his entire career, Ananda Kumar has been a dedicated leader of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). Actively participating in party meetings and activities, he has consistently proven himself as an engaged and proactive member. Recognized as an Active Leader of TDP, he participated in Janma Bhoomi Programs and his commitment to the party’s principles and goals has been unwavering.

Aspiring for Political Leadership:

Looking ahead to the general elections in 2024, Ananda Kumar expresses his willingness to contest for the esteemed position of MLA for the Thirupathi Constituency, representing the Telugu Desam Party. His decision reflects a continuation of his longstanding dedication to public service and his aspiration to contribute significantly to the betterment of the community through political leadership.

Community Development Initiatives:

Ananda Kumar has actively engaged in various developmental and social activities, exemplifying the qualities of a responsible leader. Notably, in Jurugu Village of Kuppam Constituency, he has played a pivotal role in educating the backward sections of the community. This initiative underscores his commitment to uplifting marginalized populations and promoting educational opportunities.

Infrastructure Improvement:

Ananda Kumar, as a leader, understands the importance of basic infrastructure. Utilizing party funds, he has contributed to the improvement of local infrastructure by spearheading projects such as the paving of damaged roads. This practical approach demonstrates his dedication to enhancing the living conditions of the constituents.

Connectivity and Health Services:

Recognizing the need for accessible services, Ananda Kumar has taken steps to provide bus services to rural areas within the constituency. This effort not only addresses transportation challenges but also facilitates connectivity for residents in remote regions. Moreover, his commitment to public health is evident through the organization of blood donation camps, showcasing a holistic approach to community welfare.

Philanthropy for Vulnerable Groups:

Ananda Kumar’s philanthropic endeavors extend to supporting mentally disabled individuals through Abhaya Kshetram at Renigunta. For a decade, he has contributed by providing daily required groceries. This sustained effort demonstrates his enduring commitment to the well-being of vulnerable segments of society.

Humanitarian Response to COVID-19:

During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ananda Kumar stepped forward with compassion and practical support. Engaging in charitable activities, he ensured the distribution of essential items such as sanitizers, gloves, vitamin tablets, and daily necessities to those in need. Additionally, he played a crucial role in addressing the immediate needs of migrant workers, providing food and drinks to alleviate their hardships.

Ananda Kumar’s selfless nature is epitomised through his multifaceted involvement in community development and social welfare initiatives. His leadership skills are evident in the thoughtful and impactful ways he addresses the diverse needs of the people he serves. These actions reflect not only a commitment to public service but also a genuine concern for the holistic well-being of the community.

In a commendable act of generosity, he supplied water bottles to COVID centers at a nominal margin, demonstrating a commitment to assisting those in need during the challenging times of the pandemic. The total expenditure incurred in this benevolent effort has reached nearly 10 lakhs. However, despite the invaluable service rendered, the bill for the supplied water bottles is still pending with the government.

H.No: 21-9-107/A, Street Name: Vijapuram Jeevakona, Mandal: Thirupathi, District: Thirupathi, Constituency: Thirupathi, Parliament: Thirupathi, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pincode: 517501.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9391821488

A Strong Connection with the Community: A Commitment to Public Service

“Born from humble roots, I’ve forged a path of service and leadership. With 57 years of experience, I aspire to be the voice of Thirupathi. From bus conductor to union leader, each step shaped my commitment. Entrepreneur, activist, and family man, I seek to uplift, inspire, and serve. The journey is a testament: dreams fueling dedication create a legacy of positive change.”

-Kathi Ananda Kumar

Residing in Kranthi Nagar, Jeevakona village, I am deeply rooted in the community, having established emotional ties with the nearly 30,000 voters in the Jeevakona area. Every household knows me, fostering a unique and personal connection. As the proprietor of “Bio Aqua,” a water plant, I have been steadfast in my dedication to community welfare. For a 18 years, I have selflessly provided free water supply—approximately 25 cans per day, totaling around 500 liters—to Jeevakona Elementary and High School, benefiting countless students from past 10 years.

Despite being a native of Jeevakona, the constituency has not had representation from within its community. If given the opportunity to stand as a candidate, I am confident that the voters will perceive me not just as a political figure but as a family member representing their concerns. Having built strong relationships, I anticipate that 90% of the voters will rally behind me, recognizing the genuine dedication I bring to the table.

Belonging to the Balija Community, with a significant voting population of approximately 2,70,000 in the Thirupathi constituency, I am poised to make a substantial impact. Projections indicate a minimum of 80,000 votes from the Balija community. In his assurance, he pledges to secure a minimum of 1.5 lakhs votes through his dedicated service to the constituency. Furthermore, he actively engages in serving the pilgrims at the revered Lord Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam in Thirupathi. This dual commitment underscores his dedication to both the electoral process and community welfare. Through my unwavering service and commitment, I aim to garner widespread popularity and secure maximum support across the Thirupathi constituency. Together, we can work towards a future that reflects the collective voice and aspirations of our community.

A Visionary Leader for Thirupathi Constituency’s Bright Future

Kathi Ananda Kumar’s aspiration to become the MLA for the Thirupathi Constituency stems from his deep-rooted commitment to the well-being of the community. With a career spanning over 57 years, he has dedicated himself to public service, showcasing leadership qualities and a selfless nature. Having actively engaged in political, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic endeavors, Ananda Kumar envisions the role of an MLA as a platform to bring about positive change and progress. His extensive background, from grassroots activism as a Union Leader to entrepreneurial ventures and community development initiatives, reflects a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted needs of the constituency. Ananda Kumar aims to leverage his experience and commitment to uplift the lives of the people in Thirupathi by addressing infrastructural challenges, enhancing connectivity, promoting education, and advocating for the rights of the marginalized.

Ananda Kumar’s desire to represent Thirupathi as an MLA is grounded in a community-centric approach. Throughout his journey, he has actively participated in various facets of community development, recognizing the importance of holistic progress. His decision to enter politics and vie for the MLA position is a natural extension of his dedication to serving the people. Ananda Kumar envisions a Thirupathi Constituency where every individual, irrespective of their background, has access to quality education, improved infrastructure, and essential services. His multifaceted involvement, from supporting employee rights to philanthropy and humanitarian responses during crises, underscores his commitment to the holistic well-being of the constituency. Ananda Kumar’s candidacy represents a promise to bring positive change, foster development, and continue his unwavering commitment to public service as a trusted representative of the people in the upcoming 2023 elections.


Born in Thirupathi

of Andhra Pradesh


Studied SSC Standard

 from ZPHS, Madanapalli


Completed Intermediate

from B.T. College, Madanapalli


Attained Graduation

 from B.T. College, Madanapalli


Finished Post Graduation(M.Com)

from S.V. University


APSRTC Bus Conductor


RTC Employee Union Leader


RTC Employee Union Secretary

for Kuppam Depot


Regional Joint Secretary

for Thirupathi Depot



 for the Cooperative Credit Society


APSRTC Junior Assistant

of Finance, Kuppam


TNTUC Secretary

for Kuppam Constituency


Gangothri Water Plant


Constituency Secretary

of Rotary Club, Kuppam


District President

for Package Drinking Water Association, Chittoor


Gangotri Industries Preform Manufacturing for Bottles


South India Member

for Federation of India Package Drinking Water Association

Since 2016


 for Red and Yellow Brand Spice Factory


Joined in TDP


MLA Aspirant

for the Thirupathi Constituency