J.D Kumar

S.C Morcha (Municipal Corporation ) president, Meerpet (Jillelguda), Balapur, Ranga Reddy , Telangana, BJP


J.D Kumar is an Indian politician working in the designation as S.C Morcha (Municipal Corporation ) president from BJP Political Party at Meerpet village of Ranga Reddy District.

Early Life & Education:

He was born on 10th-November-1978 to J.D Danaiah & Radamma and raised up in Meerpet(Jillelguda) Village of Balapur Mandal in the state of Telangana.

In the year 1995, He studied higher Secondary Board Examination from Zilla Parishad High School situated at Saroor Nagar. Since a younger age, He has been shown a keen interest in Studies to change someone’s life by showing love and humanity to the peoples.

Professional life:

Being born into a rural middle-class family, He never believed in Fancy education. After the accomplishment of his Studies, He expected to provide professional and courteous service to all the passengers and he achieved his expectations and implemented that proposal by setting up a bussiness of his own named Kumar Tours & Travels in 2006.

He has been served for years by protecting the passengers by giving them a safe and fabulous journey. As habitually his work is heaviest at rush hours, in bad weather, and on holidays he took initiation to drop the passengers at their safe place.

On the one hand, J.D Kumar is fulfilling his family responsibilities and proportionally balancing the multiple works. But financial difficulties and family problems prevented him to fulfil his dream.

Early political Life:

Since childhood, J.D Kumar has shown a keen interest in politics. In the time of his educational career, Kumar highly inspired by the service rendered by the Indian politicians. This made him fortunate as this would provide him a path to do service to more people.

At that moment she preferred to do service selflessly to the people in any situation and by extending his service and work by accepting the honorable positions. In a Head of Time, Kumar has begun his political career by joining Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) which is an Indian right-wing, Hindu nationalist, paramilitary volunteer organization.

From the moment he has begun the Political Career he has been served as an RSS Party Activist by using all his resources for the people and pursuing his happy life of public welfare.

In a short duration, Kumar Left over the RSS Political Party and in the presence of swapped his political party into BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) which is Congress’s current ruling political party of the Republic of India.

From the date of joining the Party, He has been worked as a BJP Party Active Member by actively participating in every program related to the political party. and worked his way up in the BJP Political party. soon after joining the party in the year 2004, He appointed and served as the Village President for Ambedkar Nagar from BJP at Ranga Reddy District in the state of Telangana.

From then until 2006, he has been served in the honorable position that was assigned and doing his part to better society by carrying out his duties properly and following the rules and regulations of the party.

In addition to his primary responsibilities, For his commitments and Trustworthiness towards the work in the year 2006, the BJP Party appointed him in the position as District Working Group Member from Ranga Reddy District of Telangana State. From the date of joining the assigned position, He has been worked constantly for the BJP Party by actively participating in every program related to the political party for few years.

In Duration 2020, For Diligence and true heartedness of his work towards the commitment, the people living in Meerpet village in Ranga Reddy district appointed him to serve as S.C Morcha (Muncipal Corporation ) President from BJP Political Party. Since then he has been monitoring the respective designations by solving the issues.

Being serving in the assigned positions, Kumar has been performed many social and welfare activities for the people. From the moment he has begun his early life till now he has been using all his resources for the people and pursuing his happy life of public welfare.

In view of the efforts being made for the development of the party, His efforts and proposals boosted up and in the past 2020, He constantly contested for the position as Co-operator for 2nd Ward in Meerpet, and with 50 majorities of votes made him lost.

In that situation, he never stepped back for the honorable position and strongly stepped forward and discharged his duties by being very cautious during performing the activities of the Party.

Since, Under the leadership of Indrasena Reddy, Kumar has been working as an active activist and rendered services to many through his kind heart by fulfilling the tasks assigned to him and won the admiration of the people.

BJP Party Activities

  • Kumar encouraged and motivated about politics to the youth students and spell out about the politicians.
  • Under the auspicious of Bandi Sanjay, Kisha Reddy, Kumar actively involved and played a key role in the programs organized by BJP Party.
  • He conveyed and explained to the people about the greatness of the BJP Party, the symbol and ideology of the BJP Party to the party leaders.
  • The main objective of the BJP political party is to constantly fight for the country and always wake up for society.
  • He always woke up and stood up at the forefront for the party and slove issues raised on any problems.
  • In a democracy, the BJP is being promoted as the ruling nation in the state. He played an active role in strengthening up the BJP Party. On this aspect, He conducted many party meetings in the Ranga Reddy dist.
  • Kumar involved and played a Primary role to develop the party.
  • He always woke up and stood up at the forefront for the party and slove issues raised on any problems.
  • He set up and engaged in every Mandal level, Village level meetings and delivered speeches by motivating the BJP party to the upcoming leaders.
  • By taking the work as his responsibility he took initiation to serve as BJP Activist.
  • He organized and involved in BJP Political Party Joining meetings.
  • He organized and involved Rasta Roko from a distance from Meerpet.
  • He participated in many social Programs and involved in Million March, Bike Rallies, and Dharan’s for the recognition Party.
  • He set up a Vanta Varpu during the period of Rasta Roko and in programms of Sakala Jamula Samme, Bahiranga Saba, and in Chalo Hyderabad held at Clock Tower.
  • On that aspect, He went to jail on the issues raised about BJP Political Party.
  • He has been serving and assisting the party members whenever they are in need.
  • Many party development programs were carried out in the village for the growth of the party.

Social Services:

  • Kumar’s main motto is that the people should be better off, He played an active role and raised his voice to eradicate social evils in the society and unconditionally helped them to survive their lives. The small aspiration made him big wonders on the people.
  • Kumar fought and solved the issues raised on Anti-law decisions of government about the three capitals.
  • He involved in the development of Temples in Meerpet and gave complete equipment required for the temples. and also he financially donated to the temples for the construction and for development of the temples.
  • నిధుల సేకరణ కార్యక్రమం ( Fundraising Event): He set up a fundraising event and donated the amount collected from the event for the construction of Rama Janma Bhoomi in Ayodhya Mandhir.
  • On the aspect of this, Kumar has been distributed Bricks from every village for the construction of the sacred Ayodhya Ram Mandir shrine.
  • Kumar campaigned for the welfare of the people and developed all the activities.
  • As his view is to serve the people with humanity he came forward with gratitude by delivering food, and essential requirements for the people living in the Ranga Reddy District and also Kumar handed over a petition to the Collector to join and take care of the corona victims in Arogyasree to save the people from the cause of the epidemic.
  • He constantly strives to help the poor people and deliver speeches about the service and inspire those who are willing to assist the people helplessly. And he always brought People’s problems to the notice of the concerned authorities and resolved them in the presence of the elders.
  • Kumar, constantly demands that Central Government Schemes should be implemented in the state of Telangana Which improves the livelihood of the people and provides security for leading a better life.
  • The inauguration was organized under the auspices of the District BJP Party and A public awareness seminar was held on new agricultural laws that will be organized with the initiations of the farmers.
  • Kumar explained to the people that there is no issue occurs to farmers in the new agricultural laws.
  • on that aspect, Kumar was arrested in the central of Gayatri Nagar Chowrasta and he played an active role to overcome that issues.
  • He fought for the farmers that the government should provide agricultural land to cultivate and survive and to give dry fertilizers. And in that aspect, he held dharnas and completely played a Key Role.
  • He will assist those who come to him for help and provide the essential things whatever they require.
  • He assists Orphans, disabled people, senior citizens and gave his hands to serve them by providing whatever they need.
  • Kumar set up and implemented many district-level Social Activities and served the people who are in need.
  • He formed and involved in many Social Services and Charity Programs and eradicated hungriness for the people and gave them fascinated life.
  • He constantly strives to help the poor people and deliver speeches about the service and inspire those who are willing to assist the people helplessly.
  • Kumar fights over every issue raised in the town and worked to solve the issues.
  • If anyone in the village encounters any problem, Kumar will be at the forefront of the problem.
  • He is constantly striving and fighting for the well-being of the people.

Developmental Activities:

  • Many dharnas and protests were held in front of the collector on the issues raised on fresh water in the village facilities.
  • In order to solve the water problem in every house of Meerpet Colony people Kumar installed taps and solved the water issue by providing pure drinking water.
  • As there is damage to the Pipelines of Water Tank in the village, he Renovated the pipelines with her own money.

Services Render For SC & ST People:

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes officially designated groups of people in India

  • Kumar fought and solved the issues raised on Anti-law decisions of people against the government.
  • Being a Scheduled Caste and having vast knowledge about the problems of the downtrodden, Kumar strives to effectively serve the downtrodden communities people to put best of the efforts and to improve the living conditions for the upliftment of backward people (ST & SC People) and work hard for the socio-economic development of downtrodden and contribute the maximum in drawing more and more strength of weaker sections towards the party in order to further strengthen the ST & SC People.
  • As his Passion is to serve the people unquestionably he gave his hands to serve and hearts to serve by rendering the service selflessly. And in that moment of time, A dharna was held near the Balapur MRO office for 3 acres of land that should be a makeover for SCs.
  • He fights over every issue raised for SC & ST People and persistently worked to solve the issues.

Ayushman Bharat health protection scheme:

  • Ayushman Bharat was initiated to be established in Telangana as Ayushman Bharat is a health protection scheme that provides health insurance to citizens, insurance coverage of up to Rs. 5 lakh on a family floater basis to beneficiaries every year in order to receive primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare services.

The bold decisions of the Narendra Modi government in the country have become a topic of discussion across the country:

  • As About New Agricultural Laws: which have been projected by the central government as major reforms in the agriculture sector.
  • CAA – NRC Act: The Citizenship Amendment Act is viewed in combination with the Modi government’s intention to compile a National Register of Citizens for India, which creates a situation where being a Muslim and document-less could deprive one of the citizenship rights.
  • Article 370 Embodied: Article 370 embodied six special provisions for Jammu and Kashmir. It exempted the State from the complete applicability of the Constitution of India.
  • Triple Talaq Bill: With the Narendra Modi government introduced a fresh triple talaq bill in Parliament for the contentious practice of instant divorce, practiced by some Islamic sects.

Services Rendered During Pandemic Covid:

During First Wave of Corona-

  • Kumar came forward to help the needy who have been affected by lockdown and distributed vegetables and fruits to the villagers, needy ones, and Municipality workers by following the precautions.
  • Food item packets for drivers and migrant laborers were distributed whose livelihood has been affected during this lockdown period. Kumar came forward with humanity to help those in dire straits during the corona and provide financial assistance to the people who are affected by the lockdown.
  • He apportioned Masks, Sanitizers, and delivered varieties of food to the poor, and also contributed to them financially.
  • To spread awareness about social distancing and following precautionary measures to prevent the Epidemic Corona an awareness program has been conducted.
  • As part of the drive to eradicate the corona epidemic, Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for the safety of the village.

During the Second Wave of Corona-

  • Kumar visited the hospitals and asked the hospital staff to provide oxygen cylinders for the corona victims who were seriously ill.
  • Kumar also provided free masks and sanitizers to people with corona deficiency symptoms at the hospital.
  • He worked all days(Day and Night) during the covid period and looked after the people.
  • He contributed Beds, Proper medicines in public and private hospitals. Kumar Talked to the doctors and said to provide better healing.He constantly prays for the corona victims that they should get weel soon in these critical periods.
  • He is constantly available mainly to the poorest people in the zone.

There is only one caste… “The caste of humanity”. There is one religion… “The religion of love”. There is only one language… “The language of the heart”…

I choose the religion that teaches – Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

- JD Kumar

S.C Morcha (Municipal Corporation ) president

Village: Meerpet(Jillelguda), Mandal: Balapur, Assembly: Maheshwaram, District: Ranga Reddy, State: Telangana

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9396461319


Born in Meerpet ( Jillelguda )

Balapur, Ranga Reddy


Accomplished Schooling

From ZPHS, Saroornagar


Joined in the RSS


Active Member

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Village President

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District Working Group Member

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SC Morcha President

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