Gujjala Ramakrishna

Gujjala Ramakrishna

District Working President, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, PHPS


Gujjala Ramakrishna is a District Working President of Prajasena Hakkula Porata Samithi of Anantapur District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

Early Life and Education:

On the 03rd of January 1974, Ramakrishna was born to a couple Mr. Gujjala Narayanappa and Mrs: Gujjala Narayanamma resided in the village of Anantapur in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

In the year 1986, Ramakrishna acquired his Secondary Board of Education from Zilla Parishad High School in Anantapur District.

Professional Carrer:

Soon after accomplishing his education, Ramakrishna started his career by started doing as a Contractor(Railway), and ever since he started the profession he has simultaneously handled his family responsibilities.

Career in Community:

Gujjala Ramakrishna Joined Human Rights and started his service to the people as a Member by sorting out the issues with the assistance of the Organization.

He is a staunch believer that every individual should engage in social work that builds a sense of patriotism in their souls and one should constantly try to influence people around them by emphasizing that one is indebted to society.

As a Social Worker, he serves society with the mission of accumulating consciousness among the poor through innovative livelihood activities, striving for a corruption-free society, and ensuring order and responsibility in all actions aimed at improving the weaker sections.

Ramakrishna has been used to being served since he was a teen and with the sole idea of helping the poor, he joined the Prajasena Hakkula Porata Samithi at Anantapur District in the state of Andhra Pradesh. From the day of joining the imparted a sense of affirmation and a desire to serve the organization by constantly attempting for the well-being of society and articulating his views of service.

Recognizing Ramakrishna’s services to the people, he was appointed as the District Working President of Anantapur from Prajasena Hakkula Porata Samithi in 2021, to empower him to fulfill his obligations and tackle the issues.

Activities Performed Recently:

  • He is the first responder to everyone in need of assistance in the area around him. He continues to help society by assisting individuals who seek assistance without reservation.
  • Many social and welfare activities have been performed through the foundation for the needy and poor with a Motto to serve the People.
  • Ramakrishna has participated in a variety of community activities in the village, including supplying meals to the elderly and orphan children, as well as delivering mineral water to the villagers.
  • He served the elderly and needy people in the community by supplying them with the necessities of life and by assisting them through times of financial hardship.

Social Activities:

  • Ramakrishna expanded his efforts by supporting poor individuals and orphans who have been badly affected by the assassination of their families, as well as by providing a set sum for the well-being of death-stricken families.
  • He Participated in the Village development activities in the village like laying CC Roads, Digging Borewells, Putting up Street Lights, Clearance Drainage systems, and Solving water Problems.
  • Conducted many party meetings and development activities for community development. He stood up for the poor and ensured the development of welfare.
  • He solved many issues and gave Pensions like old-age pensions, Handicapped pensions, and also dispensed White Ration Cards from the Party.
  • Ramakrishna has helped the village by supplying food to the elderly and orphaned children, as well as mineral water to the residents.
  • Ramakrishna primarily focused on problems affecting students, such as fee reimbursement and scholarship disbursements, and worked effectively to ensure that scholarships were granted to students as soon as possible.
  • He aided the village’s elderly and needy residents by supplying them with the necessities for existence and by assisting them through financial troubles.
  • He fights for the people’s concerns, their welfare, and their rights. Many of the colony’s development initiatives were a huge success.
  • Conducted the Annadhanam Program, which gave food to a large number of people in his community and satisfied their needs.
  • Money was donated to the families of the poor during the wedding to support their families financially. He assisted the death-affected family financially for their survival.
  • If anyone in the village encounters any problem, he will be at the forefront of the problem. He will assist those who come to him for help and provide the essential things that they require.
  • The circumstances related to Pension money from the government were cleared by providing pensions to the respective holders.
  • A free Health Camp and Blood Donation camp have been conducted under the auspicious National Leaders Birth Anniversary in the areas of the weaker section.
  • The tribute is paid in recognition of the sacrifices made by the police martyrs and the services rendered to the country.
  • Ramakrishna laid a big platform for the students’ bright future by organizing an awareness seminar to inform them about the importance of education in College.
  • He always fights against anti-corruption. He said that making money in terms of corruption is a disgrace to our country and that such money is equivalent to scrap paper and that those who make money in such a corrupt manner do not deserve respect in society.

H.No: 1-992, Stalin Nagar, Naryanapuram, Landmark: Near Ravi Raja English Medium School, Village, Mandal&District: Anantapur, Constituency: Anantapur Rural, State: Andhra Pradesh, Pincode: 515001.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile No: 9666533482, 9533888979.

 Bio-Data of Mr. Gujjala Ramakrishna

Name: Gujjala Ramakrishna

DOB: 03-01-1974

Father: Mr. Gujjala Narayanappa

Mother: Mrs. Gujjala Narayanamma

Present Designation: District Working President 

Education Qualification: SSC Standard

Permanent Address: Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Contact No: 9666533482, 9533888979.

Seva is something that we do for society without expecting anything in return, not even a Thanku.

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Born in Anantapur

Andhra Pradesh


Studied SSC Standard

From Zilla Parishad High School at Anantapur District.



Of Human Resources


Joined in PHPS

Of Anantapur

2021-Till Now

District Working President

Of Anantapur from Prajasena Hakkula Porata Samithi