George Babu

George Babu

Social Activist, Vijayawada Rural, Vijayawada, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh


George Babu is a Social Activist of Vijayawada in Krishna District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

Early Life and Education:

On the 01st of June 2006, George Babu was born to the couple Mr. M. Babu and Mrs. M. Harika Devi resided in the village of Vijayawada in Krishna District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

George Babu pursuing his Secondary Board of Education from Oxford High School located at Satyanarayanapuram.


From an early age, he had a strong desire to work in public service. George Babu has been in service since he was a child. He has participated in several service activities while pursuing his education.

he has been serving as a Social Activist and has participated in welfare and developmental initiatives, as well as awareness campaigns, for the benefit of society’s people.

He is the first responder to everyone in need of assistance in the area around him. He continues to help society by assisting individuals who seek assistance without reservation.

By assisting those in need, he earned the adoration of the whole society. His early commitment to social work gained him a reputation as an educated man.


  • He distributed fruits and medicines to the village’s unhealthy students and needy people.
  • Conducted the Annadhanam Program, which served and satisfied many hungry people in his village.
  • Money was donated to the families of the poor during the wedding to support their families financially. He assisted the death-affected family financially for their survival.
  • If anyone in the village encounters any problem, he will be at the forefront of the problem. He will assist those who come to him for help and provide the essential things that they require.
  • The circumstances related to Pension money from the government were cleared by providing pensions to the respective holders.
  • A free Health Camp and Blood Donation camp have been conducted under the auspicious of the National Leaders Birth Anniversary in the areas of the weaker section.
  • The tribute is paid in recognition of the sacrifices made by the police martyrs and the services rendered to the country.
  • Babu mainly focused on students like Fee reimbursement Scholarships, Free seats, and worked hard to ensure that scholarships were granted to students immediately.
  • babu laid a big platform for the students’ bright future by organizing an awareness seminar to inform them about the importance of education in College.
  • Money was donated to the families of the poor during the wedding to support their families financially.
  • He always fights against anti-corruption. He said that making money in terms of corruption is a disgrace to our country and that such money is equivalent to scrap paper and that those who make money in such a corrupt manner do not deserve respect in society.


  • During the first and second waves of Corona, Babu offered financial and humanitarian assistance to people who were impacted by the lockdown.
  • Babu acted humanely during the crisis, assisting individuals in distress and providing additional assistance to those afflicted by the lockdown.
  • During the crisis, Babu responded generously, aiding those in need and giving special support to those impacted by the lockdown.
  • He offered masks, sanitizers, and meals to the underprivileged, as well as financial assistance.
  • For the public’s protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to eliminate the corona outbreak.


H.No: 43-106/1-25A, Venkateshwari Nilayam, Landmark: New Rajarajeswari Peta Way, Gacchjum Backside, Colony: P & T Colony, Village: Vijayawada Rural, Mandal: Vijayawada, District: Krishna, State: Andhra Pradesh, Zipcode: 520015.


Mobile No: 9866221569.


Bio-Data of Mr. George Babu

Name: George Babu

DOB: 01-06-2006

Father: Mr. M. Babu

Mother: Mrs. M. Harika Devi

Present Designation: Social Activist

Education Qualification: Acquiring SSC

Permanent Address: Vijayawada Rural, Vijayawada, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh

Contact No: 9866221569.

“Leadership is the creation of an environment in which others are able to self-actualize in the process of completing the job.”


Recent Activities

అన్న దానం

అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమంలో భాగంగా భోజనం తయారు చేస్తున్న బాబు గారు.

అన్న దానం

అన్న దానం మహా గొప్ప కార్యం  కాని ఆకలితో ఉన్నవారికి అవసరం ఉన్నవారికి పెట్టడం పుణ్యఫలమని విశ్వచై అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమమును గ్రామంలో ఏర్పాటు చేసి పేదవాలి ఆకలిని తీర్చడం జరిగింది.

భోజనం పంపిణీ

జార్జ్ బాబు గారు పేదప్రజల కోసం భోజనం పంపిణి చేయడం జరిగింది.

అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమం

అన్నదానం కార్యక్రమం లో భాగంగా భోజనం తయారుచేస్తున్న జార్జ్ బాబు గారు

భోజనం పంపిణీ

జార్జ్ బాబు గారు పేదప్రజల కోసం భోజనం పాకెట్స్ పంపిణి చేయడం జరిగింది.

కలిసిన సందర్భంలో

బాపట్ల ఎంపీ నందిగమ్మ సురేష్ గారిని మధ్యపూర్వకంగా కలిసిన జార్జ్ బాబు గారు.

అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమం

అన్నదాన కార్యక్రమంలో భాగంగా భోజనం తయారు చేస్తున్న బాబు గారు.


Born in Vijayawada

In Krishna District


Pursuing SSC

From Oxford High School at Satyanarayanapuram.

Till Now

Social Activist

In Vijayawada at Krishna District