Gandikota Sudhakar Sharma

RSS Activist Mandal Convenor, Eddulapalli, Pamidi, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh.


Gandikota Sudhakar Sharma is the RSS Activist Mandal Convenor in Pamidi Mandal, Anantapur Dist. He was born on 07-03-1970 to Subramaiah and Krishnavenamma in Eddulapalli Village. In 1986, He completed SSC Standard from SriLalithamba. Sudhakar Sharma’s father is an RSS activist.

He started his political journey with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS) and was the Party Activist from the RSS. He fought for development works of SC, ST, BC in his Village of Pamidi Mandal.

In 2019, He independently contested as MPTC. He has helped those in the agricultural sector. He was served as the RSS Activist Mandal Convenor in Pamidi Mandal, Anantapur Dist.

Social Services:

  • Sudhakar Sharma distributed many kits like Essential things, Masks, and sanitizer in most of the villages of Pamidi Mandal during the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown period and He was Provided food&Vegetables to Poor people during lockdown time.
  • He involves in many social activities like Harithaharam, helping poor people in his village, and also fought for the development activities like CC Roads, Drainage, Street lights, and Water Problems in his village.
  • Sudhakar Sharma Distributed fruits, books (Water Mineral) to BC Welfare Schools, and was Conducted Motivational Speech to Students in Eddulapalli Village.
  • He has Sponsored the Sports Kit (Cricket kit Carroms) to the Students in his Village and was Given Prizes on Independence day.

Eddulapalli Village, Pamidi Mandal, Anantapur Dist

Email: [email protected]



Born in Eddulapalli


Completed SSC Standard


Joined in the RSS


Party Activist


RSS Activist Mandal Convener

Pamidi Mandal, Anantapur Dist.