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State Youth Congress Spokesperson, Vepagunta, Puttur, Nagari, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh


Dr.Bhagyaraj is an Indian Politician and current State Youth Congress Spokesperson from Andhra Pradesh. He was born on 10th July 1981 to the couple Arjunudu and Rani in Vepagunta village.

Education Background:

In 1996, Bhagyaraj completed his Board of Secondary Education at ZP high school, located at Vepagunta. From 1996-to 1998, he earned his Intermediate at Govt junior college, Puttur. In 2001, He acquired his Graduation(Degree) at Govt degree college, Puttur. From 2006-to 2008, Bhagyaraj attained his Post Graduation(PG) at KIDS College, Puttur. Bhagyaraj gets into his higher education with his PH.D. In 2010, He acquired his PH.D. from the SVU Department of Management&College, which resided in Tirupati.

A career in Politics:

Bhagyaraj is enthusiastic about social service and is always eager to contribute to the progress of the nation. His passion to serve others prompted him to enter politics. He joined the Politics and began his Political Career as a Member of the Indian National Congress (INC) Party which is ruling under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi.

He eagerly engaged in the party programs by participating in each activity as soon as he entered. Authorities chose him as an Active Leader because they recognized his abilities to serve the people in whatever manner feasible at any given moment as a social worker and party worker.

His humble service captivated the minds of the people, hoping that they would connect with him. Later on, in the same year, Bhagyaraj was appointed and took charge as State Youth Congress Spokesperson from Andhra Pradesh a post he still holds today. During his term as State Spokesperson, he was more active in Politics and continuously strived for public welfare.

He took part in many party meetings. As part of the party’s activities, Bhagyaraj attended various public welfare gatherings. Being in support of the party’s growth agenda, he participated in dharnas and bike rallies.

Bhagyaraj has been successful in solving people’s problems in his political career he made him always available for the people of Vepagunta to solve their needs irrespective of time.

Establishment of Dr.Vijayakar Foundation:

  • Being serving in Politics, on the other hand, Bhagyaraj gave his contributions as a Social Activist. He established The NGO Dr.Vijaykar Foundation aiming to provide social service to the people. The Foundation has served the poor and needy in many ways.
  • Dr.Vijayakar Foundation was founded with the intention of supporting the people on a public scale. Dr.Bhagyaraj Vijayakar Foundation has provided assistance to the needy and impoverished in several ways.
  • On behalf of the foundation, Bhagyaraj oversees initiatives including setting up medical clinics, planting trees, and promoting environmental conservation.
  • He focused special interest on Education. He conducted awareness programs on Education and said what a crucial place it creates in every human being’s life.
  • He staged dharnas, and rallies on the immediate release of fee reimbursement and scholarships.
  • Bhagyaraj offered financial assistance to the needy people in the village and also contributed a specific amount to merit students for their further education. No student should be illiterate due to a lack of money.

H.No: 8-24, Vepagunta village near Ambedkar circle, Mandal: Puttur, Constituency: Nagari, District: Tirupati, State: Andhra Pradesh, Zipcode: 517584

Mobile: 8019224208
Email: [email protected]

10th July 1981

Born in Vepagunta village



at Govt junior college, Puttur



at Govt degree college


Post Graduation(PG)

 at KIDS college, Puttur


Attained PH.D

from SVU Department of Management&College


Political Entry

through the Congress party


Party Activist

of the Congress party


Established Dr.Vijayakar Foundation


Founder and Chairperson

of Dr.Vijaykar Foundation