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Dharani Naidu Tirumala

Party Activist, Gudimellanka, Malikipuram , East Godavari, JSP.


Dharani Naidu Tirumala is an Indian Politician of JSP and a Party Activist of Gudimellanka, Malikipuram Mandal, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

Early Life And Education:

On 02nd June 1996, Dharani Naidu was born to the couple Mr.Tirumala Veeravenkata Satyanarayana and Mrs.Tirumala Rajeshwari in the village of Gudimellanka, Malikipuram Mandal, East Godavari District in the Indain State of Telangana.

He acquired his Secondary Board of Education from AFDT High School located at Malikipuram in the year 2011 and completed his Intermediate in AFDT Junior College located at Malikipuram in the year 2012.

He finished his ITI at Lakshmi ITI College located at Gannavaram in the year 2014.

Early Career In Politics:

Dharani Naidu is drawn into politics at a very young age through the Janasena Party(JSP), as he was highly inspired by the party founder and the Tollywood Actor Pawan Kaylan’s sense of service and a passion for serving the people.

As a part of JSP, Dharani Naidu expresses keen interest and performs every activity as a Party Activist by discharging his duties with a code of conduct and also for the recognition of the respective party.

He maintains the trust placed in him by the people and continues his service, thinking for the welfare of the people for the moment and dealing with the activities for the development of the Party.

He has served conscientiously for the prosperity of the people from the party’s inception to the present day, consistently aspiring for the party’s and society’s advancement, and performing desperate service to society and for the goodness of the people.

Party Activities:

  • Dharani Naidu obediently follows and adheres to seven essential concepts for the change and the development of the Nation known as JanaSena Sidhanthalu:

– Without religious bias in politics.

– Gratitude for the richness of language expression

– The preservation of our cultural and linguistic heritage

– Without ignoring regional desires, nationalism

– Combating corruption with tenacity and vigor

– Environmentally friendly advancements

  • Many party development programs were carried out in the village for the growth of the party and he respectably accepts the work assigned by the higher authorities and is completely involved to sort out the issues raised on any topics.
  • He informs the people and party workers that it is the 0 budget political policies run by Pawan Kalyan
  • Protests are being held on behalf of the JSP party strongly condemning and opposing the decisions of the three capitals.
  • Dharani Naidu will always be there for the JSP party workers in case of any mishap, providing them with appropriate assistance and encouragement.
  • He briefed the youth on the development programs being carried out by the JanaSena Party and encouraged the youth to join the party by informing them that the JanaSena Party has decided to do zero-budget politics.
  • JanaSena Party campaigned for the party symbol Glass to be re-launched at the field level and to make the party symbol known to the people.
  • He responds to any grievances raised by the people in the village and brings them to the notice of the concerned authorities or ministers and works towards a speedy solution.
  • Jana Sena’s major purpose is to examine any sort of corruption in government functions and organizations, as well as to safeguard people’s fundamental rights.
  • The elderly ladies of Eluru town, West Godavari district, Eluru town were promised by Janasena leaders Tathapudi Dharani Naidu and Janasena troops, as well as Janasena state secretary Ghantasala Venkatalakshmi, that they were in desperate need of government pensions.

Social Activities:

  • With the association of Nethaji Yuvajana Sangam, Dharani Naidu donated blood to the needy people in the locality and financially assisted them in their survival.
  • His diligent efforts to improve the plight of farmers during his reign were rewarded by receiving a substantial sum in return for the commodities generated by the farmer.
  • He provided financial and humanitarian assistance to the victims of fires in the villages, who had been assaulted by the fires themselves.
  • He fulfills situations while also looking after the welfare of the people that live in the village and zone by resolving concerns relating to water, sanitation, and any other minor problems that may arise.
  • He served the elderly and needy people in the community by supplying them with the necessities of life and by assisting them through times of financial hardship.
  • Many service activities, such as blankets for beggars, clothing for the destitute, and meals for orphaned children, were planned during the event.
  • He fights for the people’s concerns and the welfare of the people, and many of the colony’s development plans have been a resounding success as a result of his efforts.

Pandemic Services:

  • Dharani Naidu sneaked toward to assist people who had been affected by the lockdown by giving vegetables and fruits to villages, the homeless, and Municipality employees while following the procedures in place.
  • He helped the poor by distributing items such as masks, hand sanitizers, and food, as well as monetary assistance.
  • An awareness demonstration was performed in order soreness about social distance and the need of taking precautionary steps in an attempt to eliminate the Corona Epidemic from occurring.
  • When the coronavirus was finally exterminated, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed across the whole village to ensure that the villagers were not exposed to any harmful effects.
  • News reporters and police officers were honored and given shawls by Dharani Naidu as a token of appreciation for their efforts in keeping the great news rolling while not jeopardizing their own lives throughout the epidemic and lockdown.
  • The Covid Immunization Drive was organized in response Minister Modi’s plea to increase awareness among the general population about the need of acquiring a free corona vaccination.
  • During the pandemic, A door to door survey was organized and raised awareness about the virus covid and provided precautions to be followed.

H.NO: 5-169, Village: Gudimellanka, Mandal: Malikipuram, District: East Godavari, Constituency: Razole, State: Andhra Pradesh, Zipcode: 533253.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9640895346.

Alternative No: 9912932430.

 Bio-Data of Mr Dharani Naidu Tirumala

Dharani Naidu Tirumala | Party Activist | Gudimellanka | JSP | the Leaders Page

Name: Dharani Naidu Tirumala

DOB: 02-06-1996

Father: Mr. Tirumala Veeravenkata Satyanarayana

Mother: Mrs. Tirumala Rajeshwari

Present Designation: Party Activist

Education Qualification: Graduation

Permanent Address: Gudimellanka, Malikipuram, East Godavari.

Contact No: 9640895346.

Alternative No: 9912932430.

                                                              “The Leader knows the Way, Goes the Way, and Shows the Way.

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Born in Gudimellanka

Malikipuram , East Godavari.


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AFDT High School, Malikipuram.



AFDT Junior College, Malikipuram.



Lakshmi ITI College, Gannavaram.


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Party Activist

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