Devasoth Prem Kumar

Devasoth Prem Kumar

Sarpanch, Medak District ST Cell President, Rajya Thanda, Papannapet, Medak, Telangana, Congress


Devasoth Prem Kumar is the Sarpanch of Rajya Thanda and Medak District ST Cell President from the Congress party. He was born on 09th May 1988 to the couple Vasanth Rao and Vijaya Laxmi in Medak.

Education Background:

In 2004, Prem Kumar earned his Board of Secondary Education at Nagarjuna Model high school, located at Kukatpally. He completed Intermediate from Ramakrishna junior college, Kukatpally. In 2010, Prem Kumar attained his Graduation with a Degree(BA) from Ambedkar Open University. He received a Bachelor of Law(LLB) from Anantha law college from 2012-2015.

Professional Life:

Prem Kumar has started his own Business of Petrol Bank at Bodmatpally, Sangareddy.

Political Career:

In 2010, Prem Kumar started his political career with the Telangana Rashtra Samiti(TRS) party.

He left the Congress party due to some consequences. Prem Kumar switches over to the Indian National Congress(INC) in the year 2017. Prem earned a reputation for himself among the public shortly after joining the party by actively engaging in party events. He was chosen Mandal ST Cell President of Papannapet by party authorities who recognized his aggressive commitment.

He has actively participated in the MLA elections. The people of Rajya Thanda elected Prem Kumar as Sarpanch in recognition of his constant service for the well-being of the people. With the influence of his service, his mother Vijaya Laxmi contested for the post MPTC from Arkela but unfortunately, she lost with the least majority. In 2021, Prem was appointed and currently serving as the Medak District ST Cell President from the Congress party.

Telangana Movement:

The Telangana Movement refers to a movement for the creation of a new state, Telangana, from the pre-existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India. After several years of protest and agitation, the central government, under the United Progressive Alliance, decided to bifurcate the existing Andhra Pradesh state, and on 07-February-2014, the Union Cabinet unilaterally cleared the bill for the creation of Telangana. Lasting for almost a decade, this has been one of the most long-lasting movements in South India.

Prem Kumar played a major role during the late 2000s Telangana Separate State Movement spearheaded by now-CM, K.Chandrashekar Rao he took part in Hunger Strikes, Rallies, Million March, Protest Programs, Chalo Hyderabad, Vanta-Varpu, Bike Rallies, as a part of Telangana Movement.

Service being a Responsible Sarpanch:

-Prem Kumar tells people that there is a law called “Our Right” to bring every little issue to the attention of the police and that there is no need to be afraid of anything.

-He gave Legal Advices to SC, ST, BC people on their rights.

-He has been organizing health camps, blood donations camps in the village and made aware of it.

-He distributes Cricket Kits, Volleyball kits, stationery things, books to the students.

-Prem used to help poor families so that the marriage of their daughters would not be a burden to their parents.

-He conducted Village development activities in the village like laying of CC Roads, Digging of Borewells, Putting up Street Lights, Clearance of Drainage systems, and Solving water Problems.

-As part of Environment Protection he planted seedlings in the premises of Rajya Thanda.

-He stood up for the poor and ensured the development of welfare. He always raises his hands to serve the poor.

Prem Kumar’s Service to the Public during the Pandemic

-Pandemic hit the people’s lives very badly. Ordinary people suffered a lot to survive during the Covid.

-Even during the Covid crisis, Prem did his share to help the people.

-He provided essentials, fruits to the poor and in the old age home and in the Orphanage.

-During the Pandemic Period, he provided fruits, food packets, and water bottles to the road siders and also distributed blankets to them.

-Organized an annadhanam program for the Police, Municipal, front-line workers who served a lot during the corona crisis.

-Conducted awareness programs on the maintenance of Physical distance and following precautionary measures to prevent the epidemic in Corona.

-He financially helped covid victims by providing vitamin tablets, masks, Sanitizers, and fruits.

-Prem put his effort to serve people even during the covid second wave.

-He distributed vegetables and fruits to the village people and needy people.

-Awareness camps and seminars were organized on the Covid-19 vaccine and about the effects of the virus.

-The area infected with the coronavirus has been declared a red zone and people have been given proper precautions and instructions.

-Organized awareness programs on precautions to be taken to prevent covid and said no need to panic.

H NO:- 7-27, Village: Rajya Thanda, Mandal: Papannapet, Constituency&District: Medak, State: Telangana, Pincode: 502302

Mobile: 8500100006, 7799552566
Email: [email protected]

Bio-Data of Prem Kumar

Name                                   : Devasoth Prem Kumar

Father                                  : Mr. Vasanth Rao

Mother                                  : Mrs. Vijaya Laxmi

Qualification                        :  Bachelor of Law(LLB) from Anantha law college

Professional                          :  Business(Petrol Bank)

Present Designation             : Sarpanch and Medak District ST Cell President

Religion & Nationality         : Hindu- Indian

Permanent Address              : HNo: 7-27,

Village: Rajya Thanda, Mandal: Papannapet, District: Medak, State: Telangana, Zip Code:502302

Recent Activities

క్రికెట్ బ్యాట్స్ పంపిణీ

యువకులకు క్రికెట్ బ్యాట్స్ అందజేస్తున్న రాజ్యతండా సర్పంచ్ మన ప్రేమ్ కుమార్ గారు 

బతుకమ్మ చీరల పంపిణీ

గ్రామ ఆడపడుచులకు బతుకమ్మ చీరలు పంపిణీ చేస్తున్న ప్రేమ్ కుమార్ గారు

విద్యార్థులకు వాటర్ బాటిల్స్ అందజేస్తున్న ప్రేమ్ కుమార్ గారు

గ్రామ సమస్యల పరిశీలనలో

గ్రామ సమస్యలను పరిశీలిస్తున్న సర్పంచ్ మన ప్రేమ్ కుమార్ గారు 

ఆల్ ఇండియా బంజారా సేవ సంఘం ప్రెసిడెంట్ గారు ST సెల్ ప్రెసిడెంట్ మన ప్రేమ్ కుమార్ గారిని సన్మానిస్తున్న సందర్భం

Party and Social Activities

09th May 1988

Born in Medak



from Ramakrishna junior college, Kukatpally


Attained Degree(BA)

from Ambedkar Open University


Bachelor of Law(LLB)

from Anantha law college



of Petrol Bank at Bodmatpally, Sangareddy


Political Entry

through the TRS party


Participated in the Telangana Movement


Joined in the Congress party


Mandal ST Cell President

of Papannapet



of Rajya Thanda


Medak District ST Cell President