Dasaratha Maharaju Swamy Devasthanam

Dasaratha Maharaju Swamy Devasthanam

Surabhi, Chakrayapet, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh.


Swamy Dasaratha Maharaju Devasthanam is India’s only Temple, placed in Devaraguttapalli, Chakrayapet Mandal, Kadapa District, Telangana. 

Dasharatha (also named Dasrath, Dasharath, and Dashrath) was the ruler of Ayodhya during the Ikshvaku dynasty, whose story is mostly recounted in the Hindu epic Ramyana. According to Hindu belief, he was a descendant of Raghu and the father of Lord Rama, the heroic prince of the Ramayana and an Avatar of the deity Vishnu.

 Purpose to Construct the Temple:

The Devasthanam of Dasharatha Maharaja was built in Devaragattupalli village of Chakrayapet mandal, Kadapa district, so that the people of today recognize the services rendered by Dasharatha Maharaja. The members of the Devasthanam Trust are engaged in preserving the Indian culture, briefly detailing the importance of the Ramayana, the characteristics of the characters in it, the rituals and traditions of the Devasthanam.

Somu Subbayar is the Founder of the Dasaratha maharaju Swamy Devasthanam and Somu Dasaratha is the Chairman of Dasaratha Maharaju Swamy Devasthanam at Devaraguttapalli in Chakrayapet Mandal of Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh.

Activities Performed:

  • Celebrations for Dasaratha Maharaja Swamy were organised at Kadapa District Chakrayapeta Mandal. Marga Devaraguttapalli Nagula Gutta Palli Sri Ramachandran’s parents, Kausalya Sumitra Kaikeyi and Sri Dasaratha Maharaj Swami Devasthanam, celebrated the occassion in the middle of the day. Homa Sudarsana Kandula Chandra Obulu Reddy’s Sitaramula Kalai Nani Garu 5 meals had been scheduled. BTech MLC Ravi Gary initiated the bullfight at 2 p.m. Chabalamarri Mandal took the first bet on Chinna Obul Reddy bulls, and the first prize winner, Chalapathi Naga Mallya, contributed Rs 50,000. Maidukuru Mandal organised the second race. Shiva Photo Studio NTR Circle Kadapa Bhaskar Reddy Bulls Prize Giver Bulls Poddutur Mandal Mallikarjuna Yadav is the third contender and the donor Sane Subramaniam, former Sarpanch 21000, presented the third reward.
  • Every week on Saturday, as part of the Ramayana and Annadana programme, Valmiki will recite the story of the Putrakameshti Yagam, which is recounted in the Ramayana. This will take place under the auspices of the Dasaratha Maharaja Swamy Trust. Putrakameshti Yagam narrative of Valmiki Ramayana was recited at Sri Dasaratha Maharaja Swamy Temple in Rayachoti.

  • In addition, every Saturday there is a charity event that is carried on with the support of contributors. Chakrayapeta Mandal’s devoted followers showed up in huge numbers to witness Valmiki’s retelling of the Ramayana.

  • On behalf of the Dasaratha Maharaja Swamy Temple, BJP state president Somu Veerraju was honoured at Kadapa. Somu Veerraju Gari was informed that there is no Dasaratha Maharaja Swami Temple in India. Somu Veerraju was invited to visit Sri Ramanavami to participate in the two-day festivities of Dasaratha Maharaja Swami. Somu Veerraju stated that he would speak with Prime Minister Modi about the temple and that performing so will contribute in its development.


On the 01st of April 1992, Dasaratha was born to the couple Mr. Somu Subbayyar and Mrs. Somu Ramalaxmamma resided at Devaraguttapalli Village of Chakrayapet Mandal in Kadapa District in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

In the year 2007, Dasaratha completed his Secondary Board of Education from Zilla Parishad High School located at Devaraguttapalli Village and completed his Intermediate course from S.V. Junior College Tirupati, in 2009.

He attained his graduation a degree from SV Degree College placed at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh in 2012.


soon after the accomplishment of his Education, Dasaratha turned into Social Activist as a Darmakartha for Dasaratha Maharaju Swamy Devasthanam in Devaraguttapalli of Chakrayapet Mandal.

According to the Dasaratha, Maharaj’s mission is to create human beings and to maintain their faith in God. Those who care about others and do good will invariably receive God’s blessings, even though they have not served God.

Dasaratha has had a sense of service since childhood and intends to be able to do all services to God by setting up a Samithi named Dasaratha Maharaju Swamy Trust in 2020 he becomes Founder and Chairman of it.

From generation to generation, they have assumed the obligations of temple trustees and have been influential in the favor of the Lord in the execution of temple operations in a manner that really is humble.

Dasaratha as a Chairman of the Trust organized many activities like Sri Rama Kalyanam, Morning services to the god, In determining the new temples and many more like organizing Annadanam, Charity Events, and many more.


Vempalli, Landmark: Raichoti Mainroad, Village: Devaraguttapalli, Mandal: Chakrayapet, District: Kadapa, State: Andhra Pradesh, Zipcode: 593476.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 97018 47849, 95504 55068

Recent Activities


బిజెపి రాష్ట్ర అధ్యక్షుడు సోము వీర్రాజు గారిని దశరథ మహారాజు స్వామి దేవస్థానం తరఫున కడపలో సన్మానం చేసాము సోము వీర్రాజు గారి తో మాట్లాడుతూ దశరథ మహారాజు స్వామి దేవస్థానము భారతదేశంలో ఎక్కడ లేదు దేవస్థానం చివరికి అయోధ్యలో దేవస్థానము కూడా లేదు స్వామి వారి గురించి తెలపడం జరిగినది వచ్చే నెలలో శ్రీరామనవమి కి దశరథ మహారాజు స్వామికి రెండు రోజులు ఉత్సవాలు ఉంటాయి సోము వీర్రాజు గాని రమ్మని ఆహ్వానించాము సోము వీర్రాజు గారు మాట్లాడుతూ ఈ దేవస్థానం గురించి ప్రధాని మోడీ గారి తో మాట్లాడతాను అని దేవస్థానానికి అభివృద్ధికి తోడ్పడుతనని తెలిపారు


వాల్మీకి రామాయణం మరియు అన్నదానం జరిగింది అలాగే వాల్మీకి రామాయణం చెప్పే గొందిపల్లి నారాయణరెడ్డి బృందానికి దశరథ మహారాజు స్వామి ట్రస్ట్ తరఫున చిన్న సన్మానం చేశారు.


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Dashrath is an ancient name that means “ten chariots.” Asserted as the master of 10 chariots. King Dasharatha of Ayodhya is the main protagonist in the Puranas as well as the Ramayana.

King Dashrath’s competence as a monarch was centered at Ayodhya. The fifth canto of Valmiki’s Ramayana provides a detailed description of Ayodhya Puri. According to the Ramayana, Vaivaswat Manu Maharaj, son of Vivaswan (Surya), established this city on the banks of the river Saryu.

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