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Danani Indrasena

Mandal President, Kothur, Rangareddy, Telangana, BSP.


Danani Indrasena is an Indian Politician of Bahujan Samaj Party and Mandal President of Kothur in Rangareddy, Telangana.


On the 10th of May 1987, Danini Indraasena was born to the couple Mr Danani Chandraiah and Mrs Danani Maisamma and raised in Penjerla Village in Kothur Mandal in Rangaredddy District in the Indian state of Telangana.

In 2003, Indrasena acquired his Secondary Board of Education from Zilla Parishad High School located in Penjerla and completed his Intermediate course of ITI from ITI College in Fathimapur in 2005.


After completing his studies, Indrasena started his social service by joining the Ambedkar Yuavajana Sangham in 2008 by following the inspirational way of Dr B.R. Ambedkar and began providing his services to the people.

As soon as he joined the community, he was designated as the Community President of Ambedkar Yuavjana Sangam, concentrating on the people’s welfare and dealing with the activities that would encourage the community to advance.


Indrasena became a Politician by joining the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) as a Member in 2010 and started rendering service to the people irrespective of their Caste, Race, Gender, and Religion for the growth and development of Backward Classes along with religion.

He was designated as BSP Party Member in 2010. He provided services to bring a solution to the problems faced by people and to continue his duties and serve people all the way.

Given the efforts being made for the development of the Party, in 2012, the Party offered him the post of Village President of Penjerla from the BSP Party. It discharged its duties by being very cautious while performing the activities of the Party.

For his perseverance, dedication, and service, Indrasena was appointed District Secretary of Rangareddy from BSP in 2014. He has been in the position assigned and helped many through his kind heart by fulfilling the assigned tasks and winning the people’s admiration.

After receiving the authority and performing every activity as his responsibility for the welfare of the people, Indrasena was appointed as the Constituency Incharge of Shadnagar in Telangana from BSP in 2015 by doing his part to mitigate the difficulties experienced by people.

As a result, he was appointed by the BSP as the Mandal President of Kothur in Rangareddy District in Telangana in 2022, where he served solely for the benefit of the people and has not betrayed the trust that the Party has placed in him for this day. He has earned the support of the Party and the people by carrying out the responsibilities, duties, and powers assigned to him.

From the moment he was given the position till now, he has been using all his resources for the people, pursuing his happy life of public welfare, and briefly outlining and following the rules and regulations for the betterment of the Party and the interest of the people.

Party Activities:

  • Indrasena has been working on the idea of Dr B.R Ambedkar and Kanshiram. Many of the Party’s programs were successful under the guidance of former Telangana IPS officer R. S. Praveen Kumar. Many of the programs under their direction were successful.
  • Many party development programs were carried out in the village for the growth of the Party, and he respectably accepted the work assigned by the higher authorities. He is wholly involved in sorting out the issues raised on any topic.
  • During Telangana Movement, Indrasena played an active role and fought for the separation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh and to form Telangana as a separate State He lent significant support to the Telangana Statehood Movement by providing academic support.
  • Indrasena is actively involved in the programs organised by the BSP. He conveyed to the people the greatness of the Party all over the constituency.
  • Indrasena also carries forward organising BSP Cader camps and holding meetings to discuss the functions and Performance of the BSP. If anyone in the village encounters any problem, Indrasena will be at the forefront of the problem.
  • Indrasena is not limited to his services to the village but also to the people of the entire district; he favours those who work in line with the ideals of Ambedkar and Phule.
  • Indrasena collaborated for the welfare of the farmers throughout his reign, despite the high price of the farmer’s crops.

Social&Developmental Activities:

  • Every Year On the occasion of B.R. Ambedkar and Kansiram’s Birth and Death Anniversaries, Indrasena Celebrates the event by recalling the services he provided to the nation.
  • He carries out his responsibilities while looking after the welfare of the people living in the village and zone by clearing the issues related to Water, drainage and every minute problem to the individual.
  • Indrasena has participated in various community activities in the village, especially on his Birthday. He supplies meals to the elderly and orphan children and delivers mineral water to the villagers.
  • He provided financial and humanitarian assistance to the victims of fires in the villages who the fires themselves had assaulted.
  • He served the elderly and needy in the community by supplying them with the necessities of life and assisting them through times of financial hardship.
  • He fights for the people’s concerns and welfare of the people, and many of the colony’s development plans have been a resounding success due to his efforts.

Pandemic Services:

  • Indrasena came forward to help the needy affected by the lockdown and distributed vegetables and fruits to the villagers, needy ones, and Municipality workers by following the precautions.
  • Food item packets for drivers and migrant labourers whose livelihood has been affected during this lockdown period were distributed. Indrasena came forward with humanity to help those in dire straits during the corona and provide financial assistance to those affected by the lockdown.
  • He apportioned Masks, Sanitizers, and food to the poor and also contributed to them financially.
  • To spread awareness about social distancing and following precautionary measures to prevent the Epidemic Corona, an awareness program has been conducted.
  • Sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all over the village for the town’s safety as part of the drive to eradicate the corona epidemic.

H.No: 7-78, Landmark: Behind Government High School, Village: Penjerla, Mandal: Kothur, District: Rangareddy, Constituency: Shadnagar, Parliament: Malkajgiri, State: Telangana, Pincode: 509228.

Mobile: 99088 36665, 99487 88005

Biodata of Mr.Danani Indrasena

Danani Indrasena | Mandal President | Kothur | the Leaders Page

Name: Danani Indrasena

DOB: 10th of May 1987

Father: Mr. Danani Chandraiah

Mother: Mrs. Danani Maisamma

Education Qualification: ITI

Profession: Politician

Political Party: BSP

Present Designation: Mandal President

Permanent Address: Penjerla, Kothur, Rangareddy, Telangana

Contact No: 99088 36665, 99487 88005

Recent Activities

జై భీమ్ మిత్రులారా కొత్తూరు మండలంలోని తెలంగాణ భరోసా సభ వాల్పోస్టర్ అతికించడం జరిగింది అందులో భాగంగా నుండి తిమ్మాపూర్ స్టేషన్ తిమ్మాపూర్ చేగుర్ రోడ్డు కొత్తూరు వరకు కంప్లీట్ చేయడం జరిగింది అందులో భాగంగా కొత్తూరు మండల అధ్యక్షులు దానని ఇంద్రసేన మున్సిపాలిటీ అధ్యక్షులు గట్టు విష్ణు మండల కన్వీనర్ ఎర్రోళ్ల కృష్ణ మల్లాపూర్ సెక్టర్ అధ్యక్షులు దేశాల సుదర్శన్ పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది జై భీమ్ జై భారత్

 బహుజన్ సమాజ్ పార్టీ కొత్తూరు మండలం ఆధ్వర్యంలో బహుజన్ సమాజ్ పార్టీ జాతీయ అధ్యక్షురాలు మాయావతి గారి సభను విజయవంతం గోడపత్రికను విడుదల చేశారు ఈ సందర్భంగా కొత్తూరు మండల అధ్యక్షులు దానిని ఇంద్రసేన మాట్లాడుతూ మే నెల 7వ తేదీ ఆదివారం రోజున హైదరాబాదులోని సరూర్నగర్ స్టేడియంలో జరిగే మాయావతి గారి సభను విజయవంతం చేయాలని పిలుపునిచ్చారు .బీసీ ఎస్సీ ఎస్టీ మైనార్టీ అగ్రకుల పేదల అందరూ ఏకమై అవసరం ఉందని ఈ బహుజన రాజ్యానికి అందరు కంకణబద్ధులై తెలంగాణ విముక్తికై పోరాడి బహుజన రాజ్యం స్థాపనకు పాటు పడాలన్నారు తెలంగాణ భరోసా సభ పేరుతో జరిగే ఈ జనసభకు కొత్తూరు మండలం నుండి పెద్ద ఎత్తున తరలి విజయవంతం చేయాలన్నారు , అదేవిధంగా కొత్తూరు మండల ఉపాధ్యక్షుడు ఎమ్మె శ్రీశైలం కురుమ బీసీ నాయకుడు మాట్లాడుతూ సభను విజయవంతం చేయాలని , బీఎస్పీతో ఏర్పడే బహుజన రాజ్యం తప్ప బీసీలకు విముక్తి లభించదన్నారు అగ్రకుల పార్టీలైన బిజెపి కాంగ్రెస్ టీఆర్ఎస్ బీసీలను మోసం చేస్తున్న విధానాన్ని ఎండు కట్టారు


BSP రాష్ట్ర అధ్యక్షులు Dr Rs ప్రవీణ్ కుమార్ Ips (vrs) గారు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రంలో నిరుద్యోగ నోటిఫికేషన్ లో భాగంగా TSPSC ఇచ్చిన నోటిఫికేషన్లు 12 పేపర్లు లీక్ అయినట్లుగా మనకు తెలియడం జరిగింది. కనుక Bsp రాష్ట్ర కమిటీ ఆధ్వర్యంలో డాక్టర్ ఆర్ ఎస్ ప్రవీణ్ కుమార్ సార్ గారు 17/03/2023 రోజున ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్ష చేయడంతో Tspsc గ్రూప్ 1 తో సహా నాలుగు పేపర్లను రద్దు చేయడం జరిగింది.


సమ్మె ఏర్పాటు చేసి పార్టీ సభ్యులు అందరూ ప్రజల సమస్యల గురించి చేర్చించడం జరిగింది. ఈ కారిక్రమంలో ధనాన్ని ఇంద్రసేనా గారు కూడా పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది.

DR B.R అంబేడ్కర్ గారి జయంతి

పూజ్యనియుడు గౌరవనియుడు DR B.R అంబేడ్కర్ గారి జయంతి పురస్కరించుకొని సామాజిక విప్లవ జోహార్లు తెలుపుతూ వారి విగ్రహానికి పూలమాలను వేసి వారియొక్క సేవలను స్మరించుకోవడం జరిగింది.ఈ కారిక్రమంలో ఇంద్రసేనా గారు పార్టీ సభ్యులతో కలసి పాల్గొనడం జరిగింది.

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Born in Penjerla Village

of Rangareddy District, Telangana


Studied SSC Standard

from ZPHS, Penjerla


Completed Intermediate

from ITI College, fathimanagar



of Ambedkar Yuvajana Sangham


Joined in BSP


Party Member

of BSP


Village President

of Penjerla, BSP


District Secretary

of Rangareddy, BSP


Constituency Incharge

of Shadnagar, BSP

2022-Till Now

Mandal President

of Kothur , BSP