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Daggula Rajasekhar Reddy

Daggula Rajasekhar Reddy

Primary Agriculture Corporative Society Director, Khammam, Sathupally, Telangana, TRS


Daggula Rajasekhar Reddy is an Indian Politician and current Primary Agriculture Corporative Society Director from Khammam of Telangana State.


Rajasekhar Reddy was born on the 01st of October 1987, in Thallada village of Khammam District from the Indian state of Telangana to the couple Mr. Daggula Ramana Reddy and Mrs. Daggula Aruna Reddy.

Rajasekhar Reddy acquired his Secondary Board of Education from ZP High School located at Thallada in Khammam and completed his intermediate course from Government Junior College at Wyra, Telangana.

Later he holds graduation with a degree from Vikas Degree College and resided at Khammam, Telangana.


In the year 2012, Rajasekhar Reddy joined a news channel promptly after accomplishing his higher education in pursuit of suitable employment for his studies and has been working as a Reporter from CVR News ever since, gaining a summary of the challenges encountered by the people and simultaneously he is working as a Civil Contractor from Khammam in Telangana.


Rajasekhar has had a sense of service since childhood and intends to be able to do all services to the people politically. He was enchanted by the services rendered to the people by the and in 2013 he joined the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) founded by currently designated as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and President of YSRCP YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Since the date of joining, he has been working incredibly as a YSRCP Party Activist working hard for the welfare of the people, constantly striving for the development of the society, and has rendered desperate services to society.

His unwavering commitment and true effort gained him the position of Town Youth Leader of Thallada from YSRCP in 2015 and been constantly working for the people, thinking about their welfare, and gaining immense admiration from the people.

In the year 2016, Rajasekhar joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) founded by Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao who is the Indian politician serving as the first and current Chief Minister of Telangana.

He won the people’s respect by upholding the promises, duties, and powers bestowed upon him. As a consequence, in 2020 he was appointed as the Primary Agriculture Corporative Society Director from TRS.

After receiving the authority and performing every activity as his responsibility for the welfare of the people, and continues his service, thinking for the welfare of the people and dealing with the activities for the development of the Society.

In 2021, Rajasekhar Reddy was promoted as the Town Secretary of Thallada after receiving control and carrying out all operations as his dedication to the welfare of the people.

Social Activities-

  • Blood donation camps and Medical camps were set up in the village by donating blood and providing medicines free of cost to the needy people.
  • He fought for the issues related to Handicapped Pensions, Widow Pension, Old age Pension and also the problems of Ration Card and Health card of the villagers and distributes Handicapped certificated to the disabled people.
  • In case of an accident in his village, Rajasekhar provided Arogya sree cards and helps them by providing an amount for the treatment.
  • He fought for the immediate reduction of inflated petrol and diesel rates as the skyrocketing petrol and diesel costs would cause a lot of trouble for the common man.
  • Rajasekhar continues to fight for eradicating the idea of caste and religious differences in society and doing his part for human equality
  • He helped the old and poor people in the village by providing the basic essentials to them for survival and also assisted them during the financial crises.
  • Rajasekhar offered financial support as well as other kinds of relief to the village’s needy people. Rajasekhar will be accessible to the village’s residents during their tough times.
  • He took an active part in ensuring assistance programs for the impoverished and aiding them in surviving their life.

Services Rendered During The Pandemic Covid-19-

  • During the first and second waves of Corona, Rajasekhar offered financial and humanitarian assistance to people who were impacted by the lockdown.
  • Rajasekhar acted humanely during the crisis, assisting individuals in distress and providing additional assistance to those afflicted by the lockdown.
  • During the crisis, Rajasekhar responded generously, aiding those in need and giving special support to those impacted by the lockdown.
  • He offered masks, sanitizers, and meals to the underprivileged, as well as financial assistance.
  • For the public’s protection, sodium hypochlorite solution was sprayed all around the village as part of the effort to eliminate the corona outbreak.


HNO: 4-161, Colony: Ring Road Center, Village & Mandal: Thallada, District: Khammam, Constituency: Sathupally, State: Telangana, Zip Code: 507167

Email:[email protected] 

Mobile: 9849221181

Biodata of Rajasekhar Reddy

Name: Daggula Rajasekhar Reddy

DOB: 01st of October 1987

Father: Mr. Daggula Ramana Reddy

Mother: Mrs. Daggula Aruna Reddy

Present Designation: Primary Agriculture Corporative Society Director

Political Party: Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)

Education Qualification: Graduation

Profession: Politician

Permanent Address: Thallada, Khammam,Sathupally, Telangana

Recent Activities

బైక్ ర్యాలీ

తెరాస నాయకులతో కలిసి బైక్ ర్యాలీ లో పాల్గొన్న రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి గారు..

నిత్యావసర సరుకుల పంపిణీ

మహమ్మారి కరోనా సమయంలో ఇంటింటికీ వెళ్లి సామజిక దూరం పాటిస్తూ నిత్యావసర సరుకులు అందచేయడం జరిగింది.

స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సవ వేడుకలు

ఎంతోమంది త్యాగాల వల్ల మనకు స్వాతంత్రం వచ్చిందని స్వాతంత్రం కోసం పోరాడిన జాతీయ నాయకులను వారి పోరాట పటిమని పట్టుదలను గుర్తుచేసుకుంటూ స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సవ వేడుకను జరుపుకోవడం జరిగింది.


 పూజ్యనియుడు గౌరవనియుడు DR B.R అంబేడ్కర్ గారి 131 వ జయంతి పురస్కరించుకొని సామాజిక విప్లవ జోహార్లు తెలుపుతూ వారి విగ్రహానికి పూలమాలను వేసి వారియొక్క సేవలను స్మరించుకోవడం జరిగింది. ఈ కార్యక్రమంలో రాజశేఖర్ రెడ్డి గారు మరియు తదితరులు పాల్గొని నివలుళు అర్పించారు…

కలిసిన సందర్బంగా

ప్రముఖ తెరాస నాయకుడిని గౌరవప్రధానంగా కలసి మాట్లాడడం జరిగింది..


ప్రముఖ సీనియర్ నాయకుడిని మర్యాదపూర్వకంగా కలిసి సన్మానం చేయడం జరిగింది..

ఆవిర్భావ దినోత్సవం సందర్బంగా

తెలంగాణ పార్టీ ఆవిర్భావ దినోత్సవం సందర్బంగా, గ్రామంలో తెలంగాణ తల్లి కి పూలమాల వేసి నమస్కరించుకోవడం జరిగింది..

TRS Party Activities


Born in Thallada

Khammam, Telangana


Studied Schooling

From ZP High School, Thallada


Completed Undergraduate

From Government Junior College, Wyra


Finished Graduation

From Vikas Degree College, Khammam


Joined in the YSRCP


Party Activist



Town Youth Leader

From YSRCP, Thallada


Joined in the TRS


Party Activist

From TRS

Since - 2020


For Primary Agriculture Corporative Society


Town Secretary

For Thallada