Namana Naga Bhushanam

Namana Naga Bhushanam

Founder & Chairman of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi, Sakhinetipalli, Konaseema, Razole, Andhra Pradesh


Namana Naga Bhushanam is the Founder & Chairman of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi from Sakhinetipalli Mandal, Konaseema District of Andhra Pradesh.

Early Life & Education-

Namana Naga Bhushanam was born on the 4th of August 1982, to the couple Mr.Namana Venkatesh Mrs.Namana DhanaLaxmi and resided in the Sakhinetipalli village.

He completed his Secondary Board of Education from ZPHS, Sakhinetipalli village in the year 1998. He acquired his Intermediate from MVM College and resided at Mulkapura.

Professional Life-

Naga Bhushanam’s occupation is Business and he feels that A successful Business requires one simple thing “Passion” with that passion he started Coconut Business in the year 1998.

Early Career-

Naga Bhushanam is a Social Worker who focuses on the person within his environment and recognizes the importance of family, community, culture, legal, social, spiritual, and economic influences that impact individuals, families, groups, and communities.

He is a great fan of Megha star Cheeranjevi and follows his principles, his Social work applies a strengths-based perspective in that perspective he established Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi in the year 1999.

Principles of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi-

→ Respect for persons’ inherent dignity and worth, the pursuit of social justice, and culturally responsive practice that applies an anti-oppressive lens to all areas of practice and is grounded in ethics, values, and humility are central works.

→ Responding to the needs of individuals, families, groups, and communities and addressing barriers and injustices in organizations and society.

→ Focusing on improving health and social well-being using the social determinants of health framework when delivering services, navigating systems, and advocating for equitable access to and improvement of the multiple dimensions that impact health and well-being.

→ Engaging people and communities to address life challenges and traumatic events, create change and build resiliency.

→ Collaborating with other professionals, communities, and organizations to provide services, improve conditions, and create growth, recovery, and personal development opportunities.

→ Naga Bhushanam tried to improve society by performing his tasks correctly and sticking to Samithi’s laws and regulations.

→ He upholds the trust that the people have placed in him and maintains his service, concentrating on the welfare of the people at the moment and dealing with the activities that will encourage them to advance.

He becomes the President of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi. After receiving the authority as President of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi he performed every activity as his responsibility for the welfare of the people, and continues his service, thinking for the welfare of the people and dealing with the activities for the development of the Society.

Developmental Activities :

  • Naga Bhushanam Feels Planting more trees makes the environment pollution free. If the present generation cuts down trees, their children will have to pay the fees so in that prospect he participated in the Harithaharam program and did the plantation.
  • He donates food, fruits, vegetables, Blankets, and Sarees to the orphans, and old age people on the occasion of every Megha Family Heros Birthday, and he will be at the forefront of helping the problems of the people.
  • He spent about two lakhs on Water Tankers and distributed the water where the places with water scarcity.
  • During Floods, Naga Bhushanam distributed the food who are in need.

Blood Camps-

  • He organized blood camps about 12 times and helped the people who have Medical Emergencies.
  • He helps people with blood requirements at least one person a day through the blood camps.

Pandemic Activities-

  • During the first and second waves of Corona, he offered daily needs for about 12000 thousand people.
  • He donated about eight oxygen cylinders and helped the people who have Medical Emergencies during the pandemic.
  • During the crisis, and responded with compassion, assisting those in need and extending further support to those who had been victimized by the lockdown.
  • Throughout the crisis, he responded selflessly, supporting those in need and offering special attention to those who had been afflicted by the lockdown. Face masks, hand sanitizers, and lunches were handed to the least fortunate, as well as cash assistance.
  • When the coronavirus was ultimately eradicated, villagers were sprayed with sodium hypochlorite solution to guarantee that they were not exposed to any negative consequences.
  • The Covid Immunization Drive was conducted in response to Prime Minister Modi’s call to raise public awareness about the need of receiving a free corona immunization.

H.No :  7-19, Village & Mandal : Sakhinetipalli, District : Ponaseema, State : Andhra Pradesh, Pincode : 533251

Mobile : 9704415578
Email : [email protected]

The best way to find yourself is to see yourself in the service of others!!

Namana Naga Bhushanam

-Founder and Chairman of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi

Recent Activities


రాజోలు నియోజకవర్గం లో చిరంజీవి అభిమానులకు సిని డైరెక్టర్ చే గారు కరోనా టైం లో ఆక్సీజన్ సిలేండర్లు ,వాటర్ ట్యాంకర్ ద్వారా చేస్తున్న సేవాలకు చిరుపవన్ సేవా సమితి నామన నాగభూషణం గారికి చిరంజీవి బ్లడ్ బ్యాంకు నందు రవణం స్వామినాయడు గారి ఆద్వర్యంలో డైరెక్టర్ మెహర్ రమేష్ గారి చే చిరు సత్కారం చేశారు.

త్రాగునీరు అందజేత

జనసేనపార్టీచిరుపవన్సేవాసమితి ఆద్వర్యంలో ఏర్పటుచేసిన వాటర్ ట్యాంకర్ ద్వారా, కేశవదాసుపాలేం కూనాపాలేంలో నీరు అందక ఇబ్బందిపడుతున్న వారికి ఉండపల్లి అంజీగారు (ట్రాక్టర్ డిజల్ )ఖర్చులతో కేశవదాసుపాలేం జనసైనికుల ద్వారా త్రాగునీరు అందించడం జరిగింది. ఈ కర్యక్రమంలో కేశవదాసుపాలేం జనసేనపార్టీ అధ్యక్షులు మండేల బాబీనాయుడు గారు, జీల్లేల్ల నరశింహరావు గారు, కడలి శ్రీరామ చంద్రమూర్రీ గారు,బేల్లంకోండ పుత్రయ్య,నామన సూర్యనారాయణ గారు, బళ్ళ శ్రీను గారు, యేరుబండి చిన్ని గారు,బళ్ళ సురేష్ గారు,పోలిశేట్టిి గణేష్ గారు,బన్ను గారు,ప్రసాద్ గారు, మరియు జనసైనికులు పాల్గోన్నారు

మెగా రక్తదాన శిబిరంలో..

మెగా స్టార్ చిరంజీవి గారి పుట్టినరోజు సందర్బంగా సఖీనేటిపల్లి సమత కళ్యాణమండపం వద్ద నిర్వహించిన మెగా రక్తదాన శిబిరంలో పాల్గొని నాగ భూషణం గారు  రక్తదానం చేయడం జరిగింది

నాగ భూషణం గారి అభిమాన నటుడు మెగాస్టార్ చిరంజీవి గారితో నాగ భూషణం గారు

త్రాగునీరు అందించడం..

చిరు పవన్ సేవాసమితి ఆద్వర్యంలో ఏర్పటుచేసిన వాటర్ ట్యాంకర్ ద్వారా సఖీనేటిపల్లిపాలేం దోడ్డావారిపేట ప్రాంతాలలో త్రాగునీరు అందక ఇబ్బందులు పడుతున్న వారికి నాగ భూషణం గారు త్రాగునీరు అందించడం జరుగుతుంది

ఆక్సీజన్ సిలేండర్ పంపిణీ

చిరుపవన్ సేవాసమితి  ఆద్వర్యంలో ఆక్సీజన్ అత్యవసరం ఉన్న వారికీ  ఆక్సీజన్ సిలేండర్ ఇవ్వడం జరిగింది

Social Service by Naga Bhushanam through Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi


Born in Sakhinetipalli



from ZPHS, Sakhinetipalli



from MVM College, Mulkapura

1999-till now

Founder & Chairman

of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi



of Chiru Pavan Seva Samithi


Social Activist

in Sakhinetipalli village