Bukka Venugopal

Bukka Venugopal

Rajendra Nagar Constituency-51, BJP State Executive Member, Telangana, BJP.

Bukka Venugopal, a dedicated and experienced politician of the BJP from the Rajendra Nagar constituency in Telangana, has a remarkable journey marked by a commitment to his Society and ethical politics. Born into a family with a strong legacy of social activism and political engagement, Bukka Venugopal initially aligned with the BJP, influenced by his late brother’s dedication to the party. He later joined the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to serve his constituents, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills and securing electoral victories. He remained steadfast in his principles despite facing challenges and betrayals, ultimately rejoining the BJP. Bukka Venugopal’s contributions extend beyond politics, encompassing society development, youth empowerment, and social welfare initiatives. He has a clear vision for his constituency and aims to bring positive change through good governance.

Early Life and Family Background

Bukka Venugopal, the youngest child of the late Shri. Kishtaiah and Smt. Sakku Bhai was born on October 14, 1971, in the village of Narkhuda within the Shamshabad Mandal of the Rajendra Nagar constituency in Telangana. He possesses a strong political commitment and a deep-rooted connection to his people. He is a proud Indian by nationality and follows the Hindu faith, belonging to the Munnuru Kapu sub-caste (BC-D). 

Family Legacy:

His father was a dedicated freedom fighter and a committed social activist who actively worked to address their village’s various challenges and concerns. From a very young age, Bukka Venugopal imbibed the core values of truth, honesty, discipline, and loyalty played a vital role in shaping Bukka Venugopal’s character and guiding his path in life.


Inspired by Ideology:

 Late. Shri. Bukka Prabhakar with Hon’ble Atal Bihari Vajpayee(Former Prime Minister of India)

Bukka Venugopal’s elder brother, Shri Bukka Prabhakar, believed in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ideology. He played a pivotal role in mobilizing the youth in Shamshabad Mandal to join the party, inspiring Bukka Venugopal to follow suit. In 1990, Shri Bukka Prabhakar was elected as the Mandal General Secretary of the BJP, serving until 1996, when he tragically lost his life due to regional political conflicts. 

During his tenure, he organized various programs in the Mandal, partnering with prominent leaders like G. Venkaiah Naidu, Bandaru Dattatreya, Ale Narendra, Baddam Bal Reddy, G. Kishan Reddy, Dr K. Laxman, and Dr. Prem Raj Yadav to motivate the youth to embrace the BJP.

Active Participation: 

During his college tenure in 1987, Bukka Venugopal actively engaged as a participant within ABVP, demonstrating a fervent commitment to student activism. This involvement marked an integral phase in his journey, shaping his leadership and political acumen for the future.

Bukka Venugopal actively participated in significant party events, including the “Rath Yatra” movement led by Shri L.K. Advani. In 1992, his late brother, Shri Bukka Prabhakar, had the privilege of meeting Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee during his visit to Gyanavapi, Varanasi. However, Bukka Venugopal temporarily stepped away from politics after his brother’s tragic passing in 1996.

A Return to Politics:

In 2003, Bukka Venugopal joined the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which was in alliance with the BJP. He aimed to secure political support for his family and supporters. Over the years, from 2003 to 2023, Bukka Venugopal rendered selfless service to both the people and the party, undertaking significant efforts to strengthen the TDP within his constituency. His dedication and contributions earned him the trust and affection of the local populace.


Unanimously Elected as MPTC:

In 2001, at the young age of 30, Bukka Venugopal was unanimously elected as an MPTC for Narkhoda village. His early entry into politics was marked by a strong commitment to serving the people, and he dedicated himself to this role from 2001 to 2005.

Joining Telugu Desam Party (TDP):

In 2003, he made a strategic move by joining the ruling state party, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), which had allied with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This decision aimed to garner political support for his family and supporters as he continued his journey in the political landscape.


Elected as TDP Mandal President:

Bukka Venugopal’s leadership capabilities soon shone through. In 2005, he was unanimously elected as the TDP Mandal President for Shamshabad Mandal, a position he held for two consecutive terms from 2005-2007 and 2007-2009.

Key Role in Electoral Victories:

During his tenure as Mandal Party President, Bukka Venugopal was pivotal in securing victories for Sarpanchs, MPTCs, MPPs, and ward members in Shamshabad. His efforts and hard work did not go unnoticed. As proof of his dedication, Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu appointed him as the TDP State Secretary for an impressive ten-year period from 2009 to 2019.

Crucial Role in MLA Seat Campaign:

In 2009, Bukka Venugopal played a central role in the TDP’s campaign for the MLA seat in the Rajendra Nagar constituency. He was a Core Committee Member and worked tirelessly to ensure the party’s success.


2009 Elections and Local Rivalry:

During the 2009 elections, a powerful political battle unfolded in the Rajendra Nagar constituency. Notably, Borra Gyaneshwar from the Congress and T. Prakash Goud from the TDP hailed from Bandlaguda and Mailardevpally, boosting the local rivalry. As the Shamshabad Mandal counting table prepared to tally the votes, the Congress candidate initially held the lead over T. Prakash Goud, creating an atmosphere of anticipation.

A Victory of Skill and Local Impact:

However, Bukka Venugopal, regarded as the de facto TDP candidate in the public’s perception during the 2009 assembly elections for the Rajendra Nagar constituency, achieved a remarkable feat. With a native’s understanding of the pulse of Shamshabad, he secured an impressive 7485-vote majority over the leading Congress candidate. His skills, abilities, and the impactful presence he had cultivated within Shamshabad Mandal played pivotal roles in silencing local candidates from the BJP and AIMIM.

Wide-ranging Political Involvement:

Bukka Venugopal’s commitment extended beyond the constituency, as he also served as the Secunderabad and Mahaboobnagar TDP Parliament incharge, contributing his expertise to a broader political arena.


Contested MLC Elections:

In 2015, Bukka Venugopal demonstrated remarkable courage by contesting as an MLC candidate for Ranga Reddy district local bodies from T-TDP. This move was not without challenges, as he faced opposition from various quarters, including the ruling party led by Chief Minister KCR.

Internal Challenges and Ethical Values:

Despite internal challenges within T-TDP and political offers from rival parties, including TRS and Congress, Bukka Venugopal remained faithful to his commitment to ethical and moral politics. His refusal to compromise on his values ultimately led to his resignation from T-TDP in 2009.


Electoral Success in Ranga Reddy District:

In Ranga Reddy district, the T-TDP made essential inroads, winning numerous assembly segments, including the Rajendra Nagar constituency. Bukka Venugopal’s dedication and efforts contributed to this electoral success, solidifying his reputation as a formidable regional political force.

Alleged Political Maneuvering in Rajendranagar Constituency:

In the Ranga Reddy district, the Telugu Desam Party (T-TDP) secured victories in numerous assembly segments, including the Rajendranagar constituency. However, an unexpected political development emerged as TDP MLA T. Prakash Goud allegedly aimed to undermine Bukka Venugopal’s prospects in the next assembly elections. In a clandestine move, Prakash Goud reportedly collaborated with the opposition Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party during the Ranga Reddy local bodies MLC election and defeated Bukka Venugopal.


Tempting Offers and Principles:

Throughout his political journey, Bukka Venugopal found himself at the crossroads with tempting offers from the TRS and Congress presented directly by influential figures within these parties. However, his commitment to ethical politics and his dedication to being a value-driven leader led him to decline these offers. Even during the challenging times faced by T-TDP in Telangana, Bukka Venugopal’s principles remained steadfast.

Resignation from T-TDP in 2019:

As internal politics within the T-TDP continued to evolve, eventually culminating in a situation that challenged his core principles, Bukka Venugopal decided to resign from the T-TDP in 2019. His departure marked an effective chapter in his political journey, characterized by strength and goodness.

Bukka Venugopal’s political career reflects his ability to overcome tough challenges and his genuine commitment to ethical politics and the principles he holds dear. His journey continues to be marked by a dedication to serving the people and maintaining the highest standards of integrity in politics.

A New Chapter Begins:

Inspired by the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and driven by his desire to support the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Telangana, Bukka Venugopal decided to rejoin the BJP in 2019. 

An official ceremony in the presence of former “BJP National President Shri Amit Shah Ji” at Shamshabad, Rajendra Nagar Constituency, marked this move. Bukka Venugopal expressed his willingness to work tirelessly to uplift the BJP in the Rajendra Nagar constituency and continued his legacy of dedicated public service.

Appointment as BJP Telangana State Executive Committee Member:

In recognition of his exceptional contributions at the grassroots level and his dedication to the cause of public service, Bukka Venugopal was honoured with a significant appointment as a BJP Telangana State Executive Committee Member. This appointment reflects his political acumen and highlights the trust and confidence the party leadership has placed in him.


Prachara Vibhag Convenor for Praja Sangrama Yatra:

As the Prachara Vibhag Convenor of the Praja Sangrama Yatra, Bukka Venugopal demonstrated his leadership and organizational skills. He was pivotal in mobilizing local party workers from various constituencies covered during the yatra. His efforts were instrumental in organizing welcome meetings to effectively convey the party’s agenda as articulated by Telangana State Party president Bandi Sanjay.


Incharge of Ram Nagar Division (GHMC Elections):

During the recent GHMC Elections, Bukka Venugopal served as the Incharge for the Ram Nagar division His dynamic leadership inspired local youth to actively participate in the campaign, resulting in a significant victory for the BJP as K Ravi Chary secured the seat, and for the Mailardevpally, Attapur and Rajendranagar Divisions he organized election campaign by working hard for the victory of many contested candidates from BJP.

Incharge of Huzurabad and Munugode By-Elections:

In the Huzurabad and Munugode  Bi-Elections, Bukka Venugopal was entrusted with overseeing Katrapalli village, known for its historical election-related disputes. His diligent efforts involved mobilizing local youth and effectively communicating the party’s agenda. His work played a pivotal role in inspiring conflict-free campaign activities.

Incharge of Tirumalagiri Mandal (Nagarjuna Sagar By-Election):

During the Nagarjuna Sagar Bi-Election, Bukka Venugopal was appointed as the Incharge of Tirumalagiri Mandal. His dedication and strategic contributions significantly bolstered the BJP candidate’s campaign, effectively spreading the party’s message among the masses.


Aid to Communities in Shamshabad Mandal:

Bukka Venugopal’s commitment to public service extends beyond politics. During the challenging pandemic, he extended a helping hand to communities in various villages within Shamshabad Mandal under the Rajendra Nagar constituency. His efforts included distributing essential supplies such as food and medical resources to those in need, ensuring that assistance reached the people multiple times throughout the lockdown.

Community Outreach During Pandemic:

During the pandemic, Bukka Venugopal stepped up to serve the community. He distributed food and medical supplies to 5,000 families in the Rajendra Nagar constituency which amounted to a value of 25 lakhs without considering their caste, religion, or political beliefs. His dedication to the welfare of the people was particularly noticeable during the lockdown periods when he reached out to numerous people multiple times.

Bukka Venugopal’s contributions as a political leader and compassionate supporter show his commitment to the welfare of the people and the party’s objectives.

Inflow of New Members:

The party witnessed a significant inflow of members from various political backgrounds under the leadership of Bukka Venugopal. Many Sarpanchs, MPTCs, Ward Members, and Office Bearers of the TRS and Congress parties joined the BJP in the presence of prominent leaders such as Dr. K. Laxman and G. Kishan Reddy. This mass migration created enthusiasm and powerfully impacted the Rajendra Nagar assembly. Notably, it increased the party’s vote percentage during municipal elections, successfully electing several councillor seats.

Initiating and Leading Programs:

Bukka Venugopal took a proactive role in organizing various programs that resounded with the community. He led RTC, Dharani, LRS, 2BHK Dharnas, and Swachh Bharat initiatives. Furthermore, he encouraged trust and support among BJP activists and leaders in the Rajendra Nagar assembly whom the Police and the ruling TRS party had targeted.

Success in GHMC Elections:

During the GHMC elections, Bukka Venugopal played a pivotal role in securing victory for the BJP in three out of five divisions in Rajendra Nagar. He engaged with the local public leaders and actively participated in ticket selection, campaigning, public meetings, and gatherings to achieve this electoral success.

Showcasing BJP’s Strength:

Bukka Venugopal and the Rajendra Nagar BJP Active leaders presented the party’s power in the state to opposition parties, notably KCR. This was displayed by the resounding success of BJP National President Shri J.P. Nadda Ji’s roadshow in Shamshabad, Rajendra Nagar Constituency.

Strengthening Party Structures:

He successfully organized street corner meetings in all areas of the Rajendra Nagar constituency and coordinated with all Mandal and division presidents to complete booth committees.

MLA Pravas Yojana Workshop:

As part of the MLA Pravas Yojana in the Rajendra Nagar Constituency, a workshop was conducted to build a stronger party, featuring the guidance and leadership of Karnataka State MLA Shri K. Gopalaiah and other BJP leaders from the Rajendra Nagar assembly. Bukka Venugopal’s dedication to the party and the community has left a lasting mark on the political landscape of Rajendra Nagar.


Promoting Hindutva and Lord Hanuman Devotion:

45 Feet Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy

Bukka Venugopal’s deep devotion to Lord Hanuman and his commitment to Hindutva is evident through his remarkable initiative in building a towering 45-feet statue of Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy in front of the Sri Ammapalli Temple, an ancient and historical site in Shamshabad—this effort aimed to strengthen the presence of Hindutva values throughout the Rajendra Nagar Constituency.

Donation Towards Sri Ram Mandir Construction

In a gracious gesture, Sri Swami Govind Giri Ji, the Treasurer of the Ayodhya Sri Ram Mandir, presented a memorial to Bukka Venugopal, a prominent BJP State Leader, in recognition of his generous contribution of 11 lakhs (eleven lakh rupees) towards the construction of the revered Sri Ram Mandir and participated in Shri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyaan. This noble act reflects the devotion and aspirations of Hindus worldwide, who share the dream of witnessing the creation of this magnificent temple.


Fostering Youth Talent and Community Upliftment:

Under the leadership of Bukka Venugopal, numerous district-level competitions have been organized across various fields, such as bodybuilding, cricket, and volleyball. These initiatives aim to encourage youth participation in sports and uplift those in need within the community.

Aiding the Physically Challenged:

In the Rajendra Nagar Constituency, Bukka Venugopal has extended his support to many physically challenged people by providing the necessary funds to establish businesses for their livelihoods. One such heartwarming example is ” Mr. Krishna from Shamshabad received financial assistance from Bukka Venugopal to start a pan-shop, enabling him to lead a dignified life”.

Community Health and Welfare:

Bukka Venugopal‘s commitment to the well-being of the people is presented through his organization of blood donation camps, where he encourages individuals to contribute blood for those in dire need, particularly during critical situations such as the Dilsukhnagar bomb blast.

Furthermore, he has actively contributed to education, school renovations, and the construction of places of worship, including temples and mosques, in the Shamshabad Mandal, thus fostering educational and spiritual growth.


Empowering Villages and Fisherfolk:

During the tenure of the Congress government, Bukka Venugopal recognized the need for development in many villages and took proactive steps to address these challenges. Initiatives included the installation of Hi-Max lights in select streets in Kavvaguda village from Shamshabad Mandal and providing high-quality fishing nets to support the fishermen of Kotwalguda village. These measures have significantly improved the quality of life for the residents of these areas.


Championing Equality for BC Community:

Bukka Venugopal is a promoter of the equality and welfare of the Backward Classes (BC) community in Telangana State. Currently serving as the Working President for TEMKAJAC (Telangana Munnurkapu Joint Action Committee), his dedication to the upliftment of the BC community is unwavering. In the past, he was elected as the District President for the MUNNURU KAPU Community in Ranga Reddy District, further underscoring his commitment to community welfare.

Dedicated Leadership for Constituency:

Bukka Venugopal’s dedication to the people of Shamshabad is well-known and deeply appreciated. He enjoys amicable relations with his family, friends, party workers, and business partners in the Rajendra Nagar Constituency. His consistent efforts for the welfare and progress of the constituency reflect his steadfast commitment to serving the people.

Community Engagement and Philanthropy:

Bukka Venugopal’s commitment to the welfare of his constituency extended beyond sports. He organized blood donation camps, encouraging party members and youth to contribute to this noble cause. Additionally, he has actively supported education for students, facilitated the renovation of government schools, and played a pivotal role in constructing temples in the Shamshabad Mandal area.


Initiating Development in Neglected Villages:

During the tenure of the Congress government, when certain villages in the region experienced neglect, Bukka Venugopal took it upon himself to initiate development efforts. This included the installation of much-needed street lights at the centre of these villages, improving the living conditions and safety of the residents.

Empowering Munnuru Kapu Community:

Bukka Venugopal has maintained strong ties with the Munnuru Kapu community, the largest community in Telangana state. He has organized medical camps specifically for women, providing free health check-ups, medicines, and necessary treatments, thereby enhancing the well-being of community members.


Serving as the People’s Representative:

Bukka Venugopal‘s dedication and commitment to the people have made him the go-to person for the residents of Rajendra Nagar when they face challenges and have various needs. People bypass elected MLAs and other public representatives due to their perceived irresponsibility, turning to Bukka Venugopal as a trusted and reliable figure to resolve their problems during trying times.


Grand Batukamma Celebrations:

Year after year, Bukka Venugopal organizes grand Batukamma celebrations in Shamshabad, bringing together the community’s women and elders to celebrate Telangana’s rich cultural heritage. These festivities promote unity and cultural exchange among the residents.

Through his dedication to community development, youth empowerment, and his commitment to his constituents, Bukka Venugopal has carved a notable presence in the political and social landscape of the Rajendra Nagar Constituency. His tireless efforts and community engagement continue to impact the lives of the people he serves positively.


Clear Strategy Based on Experience:

With extensive three-term experience in assembly and parliament elections, Bukka Venugopal brings a clear vision and a well-thought-out plan for every booth in the Rajendra Nagar constituency. His comprehensive understanding of the electoral landscape positions him as a formidable candidate.

Native Influence in Shamshabad:

As a native of Shamshabad, Bukka Venugopal possesses a unique advantage. He can secure over 45,000 votes from Shamshabad regardless of party symbols. This local influence is a testament to his deep-rooted connection with the constituency.

Wide-reaching Alliances and Support:

Bukka Venugopal‘s extensive network extends across the state and within the Rajendra Nagar constituency, where he enjoys healthy relationships with members of all political parties. He anticipates securing 25,000 votes from all party members, an additional 30,000 votes from the Munnuru Kapu community, 15,000 votes from Andhra Kapus, 20,000 votes from the BC community, 25,000 votes from SC/ST communities, 15,000 votes from OC, and 5,000 votes from the Muslim community. Moreover, the BJP’s increased vote share, now at 40,000 votes, reflects the growing support of North Indian settlers in Rajendra Nagar.

Aiming for 1,75,000 Votes:

Bukka Venugopal‘s target is crystal clear: to bring a staggering 175,000 votes to the Bharatiya Janata Party from all sections of the public. His strategic approach and expansive support base position him to achieve this ambitious goal.

Building a Strong Team:

Under Bukka Venugopal‘s leadership, numerous political leaders, office-bearers, and public representatives in Rajendra Nagar have emerged. They eagerly await confirmation of his candidacy to join the Bharatiya Janata Party in large numbers. Bukka Venugopal‘s ability to mobilize top celebrities, youth icons, influencers, and others further strengthens his campaign. His commitment to Hindu ideology adds a unique dimension to his platform.

Two-way Battle in 2023:

The political landscape in Rajendra Nagar Constituency is set to witness a head-to-head battle between the Bharatiya Janata Party and AIMIM in 2023. Bukka Venugopal’s candidacy brings a dynamic element to this contest, promising to elevate the competition.

A Vision of Good Governance:

Bukka Venugopal’s vision is to unite party members and lead the Bharatiya Janata Party to victory in the 2023 Telangana elections. He believes that achieving this will usher in a period of good governance for the people. His mission is characterized by dedication and selflessness, driven by the desire to serve the public and bring positive change to the Rajendra Nagar constituency.


Humanitarian Effort: Essential Commodities Distributed in Nanajipur Village-

In the Rajendranagar Constituency’s Shamshabad Mandal, specifically in Nanajipur village, a commendable initiative was undertaken under the leadership of BJP and RSS, with prominent figure Bukka Venugopal at the forefront. Essential commodities, including oil, chili powder, eggs, tomatoes, and onions, were generously distributed to every family in the village. The program was carried out using personal funds, and Bukka Venugopal, a prominent BJP state leader, expressed gratitude by presenting shawls to the Gram Panchayat staff, recognizing their dedicated efforts in improving the village over time.

Generous Supplies Delivered: BJP Leaders’ Aid to Narkuda Village people-

Moving on to another area within the Rajendranagar Constituency, namely Narkuda Village in Shamshabad Mandal, several prominent BJP leaders, including Bokka Narasimha Reddy, Bukka Venugopal, Kumar Yadav, Narkooda Sarpanch Suniganti Siddhu, MPTC Gautami Ashok, Burkunta Gopal, Burkunta Sanjeeva, Kanakamamidi Vishnu, and Mende Kumar Yadav, were actively involved in a benevolent endeavor. Under the banner of the Bharatiya Janata Party, they distributed a substantial quantity of essential supplies, including rice, oil, pulses, sugar, onions, tea powder, soaps, salt, turmeric, chili powder, and eggs, to every family in the village.

Chevella’s Food Donation Program: BJP State Leader Bukka Venugopal Attends 51st Day-

In the Chevella Constituency, a heartwarming food donation program was organized at the Sri Sri Sri Nagalingeswara Swamy Panchayat Temple. This noble initiative, supported by the Bharatiya Janata Party, has been ongoing for 50 consecutive days during the lockdown period. The 51st day marked a special occasion, and BJP state leader Bukka Venugopal graced the event as the chief guest. The program’s success was a result of the collective efforts of several individuals, including members of the Shamshabad Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society and Kisan Kendra Telangana Vice Presidents.

Bandlaguda Jagir’s Needy Supported: BJP Leaders Join Distribution program-
In Bandlaguda Jagir, within the Rajendranagar Constituency, Corporator Bhupal Goud led an initiative to provide essential commodities to the poor and the needy. This humanitarian effort received participation from BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal.

These initiatives reflect the BJP’s commitment to serving and supporting communities in need across various constituencies in Telangana.!!!

H.N: 2-65, Village: Narkhoda, Mandal: Shamshabad, District: Ranga Reddy, Constituency: Rajendra Nagar, State: Telangana, Pincode: 501218.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9866191249

Shri Bukka Venugopal Ji’s Strong MLA Candidacy for Rajendra Nagar Constituency -51

Bukka Venugopal, also known as B.V.G., has several qualities that make him a strong candidate for the role of MLA in the Rajendra Nagar Constituency 51. His family background is steeped in politics, with his father being a freedom fighter and his elder brother actively involved in the Bharatiya Janata Party. This heritage gives him a solid foundation in the world of politics. Venugopal’s deep commitment and dedication to serving the people set him apart. He started his political journey young, becoming an MPTC in 2001. Over the years, he has shown his commitment to the constituency, even serving as the TDP Mandal President for two consecutive terms. His track record of electoral success, particularly in the 2009 elections, demonstrates his understanding of the local community and his ability to secure votes. Venugopal’s strong connection to the people is clear through his active participation in various initiatives, such as cultural celebrations, blood donation camps, and support for the physically challenged. These efforts underscore his commitment to the welfare of the people in the Rajendra Nagar Constituency.

Bukka Venugopal’s notable strength is his ability to build bridges across political divides. He has successfully attracted members from different political backgrounds, including those from rival parties like TRS and Congress, to join the BJP. This ability to form alliances and support from diverse constituents is a significant advantage. Furthermore, he has a clear vision and a well-thought-out strategy for the Rajendra Nagar Constituency. His understanding of local dynamics and his capacity to mobilize various voter segments make him a formidable candidate. Importantly, Venugopal upholds solid ethical values in his political career, refusing offers from rival parties and remaining committed to ethical politics. This commitment to integrity can resonate with voters who value honesty and moral leadership.

Overall, Bukka Venugopal’s combination of political experience, dedication, community engagement, and ethical values positions him as an effective candidate for the MLA role in the upcoming elections, and his ability to unite the community and articulate a clear vision further strengthens his candidacy.

“My mission is to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the pursuit of good governance, striving for equal development and welfare for all. I am committed to working tirelessly and selflessly towards achieving these goals, with the ultimate aim of ensuring the well-being and prosperity of our people.”

-Bukka Venugopal

BJP State Executive Member

Rajendra Nagar Constituency-51

Bukka Venugopal Participation in Political Activities

Made a Nomination at the RDO office of Rajendranagar

As per the wish of Rajendranagar BJP leaders who are disappointed with the decision of BJP leadership in the Rajendranagar constituency, the BJP state executive committee member Mr Bukka Venugopal, along with BJP workers, made a nomination at the RDO office of Rajendranagar with the determination to raise the flag of Bharatiya Janata Party in Rajendranagar.

Rejected the Nomination of all the Candidates

In order not to harm the Bharatiya Janata Party, Bukka Venugopal, a party loyalist, committed to the party’s decision to contribute to the party’s victory, rejected the nomination of all the candidates who had submitted nominations at the RDO office without doing the verification criteria that everyone must do.

Election Campaign

A large-scale campaign was organized in the villages of Shamshabad mandal along with Tokala Srinivas, the BJP MLA candidate for the Rajendranagar constituency.

Election Campaign

In support of “Karimnagar BJP Candidate, BJP National General Secretary Mr Bandi Sanjay Kumar”, campaigning for the Karimnagar Assembly was initiated.

Participated in the Campaign Road Show

Along with “Karimnagar BJP candidate Mr Bandi Sanjay Kumar” participated in the campaign road show of Karimnagar constituency Bahadurkhan Pet, Nagunur village and informed that BJP will win to fulfil BC CM’s intent.

Bukka Venugopal's Involvement in Vijayadashami Celebrations at Gadikota

It was a notable occasion as Bukka Venugopal actively participated in the Vijayadashami celebrations held at Gadikota. This event was meticulously organized by the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh Maheswaram Division.

Mission Telangana 2023

In the pursuit of Mission Telangana 2023, Bukka Venugopal actively engaged in a significant gathering of the Rajendranagar constituency BJP, which took place in Katedan. During this event, he had the opportunity to address the dedicated activists.

Expressing Appreciation for Central BJP Government's Initiatives

In the heart of Shamshabad at Ambedkar Square, the residents of Rajendranagar Constituency come together to celebrate the central BJP government’s unwavering support for the development of Telangana. This support has materialized in the approval of several crucial initiatives, including the establishment of a Yellow Board, Tribal University, Krishna Water Tribunal, Ujwala Gas Cylinder for ₹600, and the 33% Women Reservation Bill. The occasion was marked by a meaningful “Palabhishekam” ceremony, attended by prominent BJP leaders, to express gratitude for these progressive measures.

Successful "Raitu Gosa BJP Bharosa" Meeting in Khammam with Central Home Minister Amit Shah

Central Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah, graced the “Raitu Gosa BJP Bharosa” outdoor gathering held in Khammam over the last three days, alongside national and state BJP leaders, including BJP state executive member Mr. Bukka Venugopal. The event, dedicated to combatting corruption within the state, received immense support from the public. We extend special thanks to the national and state leaders for their vital role in organizing this significant gathering.

Bukka Venugopal Assist Eligible Poor in Applying for Gruha Lakshmi Scheme

In an effort to extend support to underprivileged citizens in the Rajendranagar constituency, Shamshabad town, and Narkuda booth no: 453, BJP State Executive Member, Bukka Venugopal has taken the initiative to facilitate applications for the Gruha Lakshmi scheme. These applications will be submitted during the BJP Shamshabad’s Maha Dharna program at the Mandal Office, where eligible homeless individuals will join in demanding access to the Gruha Lakshmi scheme. This program aims to provide housing assistance to the needy in the region.

BJP Appoints Bandi Sanjay as National Chief Secretary

In a significant development, the former President of the Telangana BJP and Member of Parliament for Karimnagar, Sri Bandi Sanjay, known for his dedication to the party and his advocacy for the poor and vulnerable, has been appointed as the BJP National Chief Secretary. This move underscores his valuable contributions in strengthening the party in Telangana. Sri Bukka Venugopal, a BJP State Executive Member, honored the occasion by presenting shawls and extending his best wishes to both leaders.

Telangana Applauds Modi's Development Initiatives


Bukka Venugopal, an active participant in the meeting with BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar, expressed his heartfelt endorsement for Prime Minister Modi’s development programs, referring to them as the true “Sanjeevani” for the people of Telangana. Venugopal’s sentiment underscores the positive impact of Modi’s initiatives in the region, marking them as vital lifelines for the state’s progress. .

BJP State Leader Celebrates Victory in North Eastern States

Bukka Venugopal, a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), celebrated the party’s resounding victory in the North Eastern states of Tripura and Nagaland alongside dedicated BJP workers from the Rajendranagar Constituency. He expressed confidence that the BJP would continue its winning streak, emphasizing that the party’s flag would soon fly high in the upcoming election in Telangana state. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the BJP in expanding its regional political influence.

Attapur Sainagar's Participation in BJP Street Corner Meeting

Attapur Sainagar recently participated in a street corner meeting organized by the Praja Gosa-BJP Bharosa group at Booth No: 244, 245, 246, and 247. The meeting, led by Shaktikendra Incharge Venkat Reddy, focused on strengthening the party and highlighting the failures of KCR’s leadership. During the gathering, Sainagar offered valuable suggestions to enhance the party’s effectiveness.

BJP Bharosa Street Corner Meeting in Rajendranagar Constituency

Under the leadership of Venkatesh Charigari, Chairman of Muchintal Shakti Center in Rajendranagar constituency, a street corner meeting was held as a part of the Praja Gosa – BJP Bharosa initiative. The meeting was attended by residents from booth numbers 527 and 528, where important discussions and interactions took place.

Meeting of Rajendranagar Constituency Leaders

A meeting of key leaders from Rajendranagar Constituency, organized by Palak Marri Sashidhar Reddy, was convened at Bandlaguda under the chairmanship of “Praja Gosa – BJP Bharosa” on February 10th. The meeting focused on discussing Shaktikendra level corner meetings throughout the state and yielded several valuable suggestions.

Workshop Program in Ibrahimpatnam Constituency

The BJP Bharosa Speaker participated in a workshop program held in Ibrahimpatnam Constituency. The event marked the commencement of Praja Gosa – BJP Bharosa Bhahiranga Sabhas, scheduled to take place from February 10 to February 25 across 11,000 Shakti Kendras in the state of Telangana.

Lotus Symbol Initiative in Telangana's Rajendranagar Constituency

In an effort to make the lotus flower symbol ubiquitous in Telangana households, India’s Home Minister, Mr. Amit Shah, drew inspiration to display the lotus symbol within the Rajendranagar constituency area prominently. In unison, all BJP members in the constituency proudly adopted the lotus symbol, rallying the Bharatiya Janata Party to redouble its efforts in connecting with the people.

Moinabad Mandal Working Group Meeting

Under the leadership of Mandal President Madhusudan Reddy, a meeting of the Moinabad Mandal Working Group was organized. The program featured BJP state leaders, with Bukka Venugopal, the Mandal BJP In-Charge, as the chief guest. During the meeting, Bukka Venugopal addressed a gathering of Mandal leaders, emphasizing the challenges related to agriculture, water supply, ongoing development initiatives by the government, and public expectations. He assured local residents of unwavering support from the state party and urged everyone to strive for the BJP’s future success

BJP Mobilizes Support for MLC Election

In preparation for the MLC election in the Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-Mahabub Nagar graduates constituency, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) orchestrated a gathering of 300 individuals in approximately 50 vehicles. The event at Bandlaguda within the Rajendranagar Assembly Constituency saw active participation from BJP district and mandal office bearers, Sarpanchs, MPTCs, and grassroots activists. The call for this spirited meeting came directly from BJP state leaders, with Bukka Venugopal from Shamshabad mandal taking a prominent role in its organization.

BJP State Leader Welcomes Dr. K. Laxman as President of National OBC Morcha

In a formal ceremony today at Shamshabad Airport, BJP state leader Bukka Venugopal extended a warm welcome to Dr. K. Laxman, who has recently assumed office as the President of National OBC Morcha. During the event, Mr. Venugopal paid his respects at the Ambedkar statue located at Shamshabad Ambedkar Square, acknowledging the profound legacy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. In a subsequent program, he conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Laxman for his new role.

Candidacies and Political Message in Malkaram Society Elections

In the Malkaram Society Elections, Neerati Chinna Narasimha filed his nomination in the 5th Ward, while Bukka Krishna Garu did so in the 8th Ward. During this event, a common message resonated among attendees, emphasizing the importance of bringing the BJP to power for the sake of good governance.

BJP Welcomes New Members from TRS Party

In Sathamrai, Bukka Venugopal warmly welcomed members who recently switched their allegiance from the TRS Party to the BJP. Among the newcomers is Ravi Naik, who previously ran as an independent candidate in the municipal election. Ravi Naik, along with 50 of his associates, has decided to join the BJP, departing from the TRS party to strengthen the BJP’s presence in the region.

Rangareddy District BJP Core Committee Meeting

Shri Bukka Venugopal participated in a significant gathering at Shamshabad, Rajendranagar. The primary focus of this meeting was to enhance the party’s grassroots presence and secure victories in all assembly segments within the Rangareddy district.

Bukka Venugopal's Active Participation in BJP Events

 Bukka Venugopal, a dedicated member of the BJP State Working Committee, recently took part in the BJP Vijaya Sankalpa Mahasabha in Warangal. His involvement encompassed numerous development initiatives, foundation laying ceremonies, and welfare programs. Additionally, he played an active role in the Warangal Mahasabha, joining forces with BJP workers from the Rajendranagar Constituency in Rangareddy District for a meeting led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

BJP's Mahajan Sampark Abhiyan: Door-to-Door Outreach

Bukka Venugopal, a BJP State Working Committee member, conducted a door-to-door campaign in booth numbers 453, 454, 455, and 456 of Rajendranagar Constituency’s Shamshabad Mandal. He distributed pamphlets detailing the government’s development and welfare initiatives led by Mr. Narendra Modi over the past nine years.

BJP State Leader Encourages Party Strengthening Efforts

BJP State leader, Shri Bukka Venugopal, participated as the Chief Guest at a meeting of OBC Morcha office bearers in Ranga Reddy district, held at Padmavathi Gardens within the Rajendra Nagar constituency. During the event, Bukka Venugopal emphasized the importance of wholehearted commitment from everyone present towards enhancing the party’s strength, urging a dedicated 100% effort in this endeavor.

Rangareddy District OBC Morcha Executive Committee Meeting

In a significant event, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state leader, Bukka Venugopal, graced the Rangareddy District OBC Morcha Executive Committee meeting as the chief guest. The gathering took place at Padmavati Gardens, situated within the Rajendranagar Constituency’s Shamshabad Mandal.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for Telangana's New National Highway

Union Minister of Roads and Transport, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, along with BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal, participated in the formal inauguration ceremony for the construction of national highways in Telangana. The event took place at the GMR Arena and marks a significant development in enhancing the state’s infrastructure.

Moinabad Mandal Executive Meeting

During the Moinabad Mandal executive meeting, BJP State Leaders, including Bukka Venugopal, participated as distinguished guests. Mr. Venugopal, serving as the chief guest, provided valuable guidance and directives to party leaders, outlining strategies to enhance and fortify the party’s presence and effectiveness in the region.

Warm Welcome for BJP National President J.P. Nadda in Telangana

During the BJP national executive meeting in Telangana, Mr. J.P. Nadda, the BJP National President, received a hearty reception. Leaders from Rajendranagar constituency, led by Bukka Venugopal, joined Telangana BJP dignitaries and approximately 15,000 supporters at Shamshabad Trident Hospital. They extended their warm greetings by presenting Mr. J.P Nadda with a shawl and showering him with flowers at every step of his visit.

Warm Greetings at Telangana Parade Grounds

During a massive public gathering at the Parade Grounds in Telangana State, the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, warmly welcomed attendees from the Rajendranagar Constituency. BJP State Leader, Bukka Venugopal, expressed his wishes for Mr. Modi’s victory and urged everyone to exercise caution on their journey back home.

Inauguration of Ujjain Mahakal Corridor

The Prime Minister of India, along with BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal, gathered at the residence in Rajendranagar Constituency to watch the special telecast of the inauguration ceremony of the “Mahakal Lok” in the Ujjain Mahakal Corridor. This event marked the inauguration of one of the Dwadasha Jyotirlingas by Shri Narendra Modi and was attended by fellow BJP leaders.

Bukka Venugopal involvement in Election related activities

Formal Request to Eliminate Fake Voters and Establish a Polling Station

Sri Bukka Venugopal, a BJP state executive member, has submitted an official application to ERO Mallayya, urging the removal of counterfeit voters in the Rajendranagar constituency. Additionally, he has proposed the establishment of a dedicated polling station at the Rajendranagar RDO office to cater to these voters. This initiative aims to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process in the constituency.

Voter Registration Drive in Rajendranagar Constituency

In an initiative led by BJP State Executive Member, Bukka Venugopal, a special voter registration program has been organized across various mandals, municipalities, and corporation divisions within the Rajendranagar constituency. This campaign has made voter registration easily accessible to the local residents, receiving commendation from fellow BJP state executive members. During his address, Bukka Venugopal emphasized the importance of everyone’s participation in this special voter registration program, which aimed to facilitate greater civic engagement in the region.

BJP State Leader Promises Unity Among BCs in Telangana

In a recent gathering at Nagol Subham Gardens, Telangana, BJP state leader Bukka Venugopal expressed his commitment to showcase the unity of Backward Classes (BCs) in the state. He emphasized the need to address the suppression of BCs, who have often been utilized solely as a vote bank by the KCR government. Bukka Venugopal announced plans for a significant BC mega meeting, aimed at highlighting the collective strength of BCs and supporting for their rights and representation.

BJP Aims to Secure Victory in Telangana Municipal and Corporation Elections

In a bid to revitalize stalled development in the state of Telangana, BJP candidates have submitted their nominations for various wards under the Shamshabad region. The party is determined to emerge victorious in the upcoming municipal and corporation elections, intending to conduct in progress and growth for the state.

Campaign Event in Tharedpally Village During By-election

During the by-election campaign, Bukka Venugopal, a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state, joined forces with the BJP candidate, Komati Reddy Rajgopal Reddy, for a campaign event held in Thared Pally village, located in the Gattuppal Mandal region.

Bukka Venugopal Supports Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy

Bukka Venugopal, a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) campaigned for the BJP candidate Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy. Known for his dedication to helping people during difficult times, Venugopal returned to his hometown in Velamakanne village, Ghattuppal Mandal, Gadapa Gadapa, to cast his vote. He endorsed Komati Reddy Rajagopal Reddy, symbolized by the lotus, in a show of support for the candidate.

BJP State Leaders Endorse Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy

Bukka Venugopal, a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led a campaign rally in support of the BJP candidate, Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy, in Velamakanne village of Ghattuppal mandal. On the third day of campaigning, they exercised their right to vote by choosing the lotus flower symbol (number 3) to support Rajagopal Reddy’s candidacy.

BJP State Leaders Engage in Door-to-Door Campaigning

In a concerted effort to support BJP candidate Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy in Munugodu Constituency, BJP State Leader Bukka Venugopal, in collaboration with state OBC Morcha BJP leaders, conducted a door-to-door campaign. This campaign reached out to residents in Velmakanne and Teret Palli villages of Ghattuppal mandal, encouraging them to cast their valuable votes in favor of the BJP, represented by the lotus flower symbol.

Social Services in Rajendra Nagar Constituency

Birth Anniversary

“Former Vice-President, Mr M. Venkaiah Naidu” and senior BJP leaders at the Gun Park to commemorate the services rendered by Indian freedom fighters at the statue of Iron Man Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who fought for national unity, on his birth anniversary.

Food Distribution Program in Shamshabad Mandal

In various regions of Shamshabad Mandal, within the Rajendranagar Constituency, Venugopal actively participated in a food distribution program following his visit to the shrine of Ammavari

Participation in Ganesh Utsavs

State BJP Executive Committee Member Bukka Venugopal, Jukal MPTC Bukka Praveen, and BJP Active members participated in many Ganesh Utsavs in the Mailardev Pali Division.

Participation in Rajendranagar Constituency Program

Bukka Venugopal, served as the esteemed chief guest during the Bharatiya Janata Party’s flag hoisting ceremony and ‘Our Soil, Our Country’ program in the Rajendranagar constituency. The villagers of Nanajipur warmly welcomed him and other BJP activists with wholehearted enthusiasm.  Another BJP State Executive Member, also graced the occasion to bolster the party’s presence in every corner of Rajendranagar. In a ceremonial gesture, Bukka Venugopal unveiled the BJP flag alongside Prem Raj and residents. Furthermore, as part of the ‘Na Soil Na Desam Abhiyan,’ Bukka Venugopal and fellow BJP activists participated in the ritual of pouring mud at several temples.”

Flag Hoisting and Distribution Event in Rajendranagar Constituency

In a patriotic event organized as part of the “Harghar Tiranga Abhiyan,” a prominent BJP state executive member, Bukka Venugopal, hoisted a massive national flag at the premises of Shamshabad Ammapalli Abhaya Anjaneya Swamy Temple. Mr. Venugopal also distributed national flags to attendees. This initiative was carried out at the Rajendranagar constituency, Ranga Reddy district party office, under the supervision of district president Bokka Narasimha Reddy, and at the Shamshabad Ambedkar statue, overseen by BJP municipal president Konamola Devendar. The program was a testament to the spirit of patriotism and community engagement.

Statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Inaugurated in Allikol Tanda

A statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was erected and inaugurated in Allikol Tanda of the Rajendranagar Constituency to commemorate his birth anniversary. The event celebrated the legacy of Sri Sri Sri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Event Launch of Dum Tea Services at Sanghiguda

Dum Tea Business was inaugurated at Sanghiguda in Rajendranagar Constituency, with a special invitation extended to Pashan Balwant and Pramod Kumar Gar, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The event witnessed the presence of prominent leaders and activists from the Rajendranagar Constituency BJP coming together to support this new business.

372nd Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Sri Sri Sardar Sarvai Papana Goud

On the occasion of the 372nd birth anniversary of Maharaja Sri Sri Sardar Sarvai Papana Goud, who ruled Golconda a few years ago, a notable figure revered by the Rajakars, shared a photograph with BJP state president Bandi Sanjay. This commemorative event pays tribute to the historical significance of Maharaja Sri Sri Sardar Sarvai Papana Goud and his enduring legacy.

Special Pujas for Shri Devi Navratri at Shri Mahashakti Temple

In observance of Shri Devi Navratri celebrations, prominent BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal and BJP state president Bandi Sanjay, took part in special religious ceremonies at the Shri Mahashakti Temple located in Karimnagar.

Bokka venugopal Expresses Gratitude to Students and Joins Seva Hi Sangatan Program

BJP state leader, Bukka Venugopal, extended his heartfelt thanks to the students who actively engaged in the Namo Quiz Contest program within the Seva Aur Samarpan Abhiyan. Subsequently, he actively participated in the Swachh Bharat program as a dedicated member of the Seva Hi Sangatan initiative.

Police Join Forces to Support Thalassemia Children

In a collaborative effort between the Dhatrutha Foundation and the Mailardevpally Police, a blood donation camp was organized in Sivarampally Raghavendra Colony for children with thalassemia. Prominent figures, including BJP state leader Bukkavenu Gopal, ACP Sanjay Kumar, CI Narasimha, SI Ravindra Naik Goparaju, and MD Nadim Dadruta, alongside community members Karthik, Shravan, Saikumar, and Dhanunjay, participated in the event. Notably, a blade was donated by Bvg Shiv Narasimha Chari Manne in response to Bukka Venugopal’s call for support.

Inauguration of Tea Park on Route to Maktal Sabha

Members of the BJP State Working Committee, led by Mr. Bukka Venugopal, along with Rajendranagar Constituency BJP leaders and BJP State President Mr. Bandi Sanjay, embarked on their journey to the Maktal Sabha in a substantial convoy. During the journey, BJP State President Bandi Sanjay officially opened a newly established Tea Park in Shamshabad Shahpur, as requested by Committee member Bukka Venugopal.

Bukka Venugopal Receives Uttam Sangha Sevakulu Award

In a ceremony held during the Chhatrapati Shivaji Jayanti Seva Puraskar-2022 program, organized by the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Seva Samiti in Quthbullapur, BJP state leader Bukka Venugopal was honored with the Uttam Sangha Sevakulu Award. The award was presented to him by Shri Perala Shekhar Ji, a member of the National Khadi Board.

Blood Donor Appreciation Festival Poster Unveiled

The Eye Foundation is pleased to announce that the poster for the upcoming 100 Blood Donor Appreciation Festival, scheduled for the 27th, was officially unveiled by the honourable Haryana Governor, Bandaru Dattatreya. Joining him were the BJP National Working Committee members, Dr. BJP state leaders Bukka Venugopal and Vivek Venkataswamy.

Warm Welcome for Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state leaders, led by Bukka Venugopal, extended a cordial reception to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan during his visit to Telangana. The occasion marked Chief Minister Chouhan’s visit to the Samatha Murthy statue located in the city of Sri Rama Muchinthal, situated at Begumpet Airport in Telangana.

Formal Invitation for the Inauguration of "Abhaya Anjaneya Swami Idol

BJP state leaders, Bukka Venugopal, extended a formal invitation to BJP MLA Rajasingh and former ministers Babu Mohan for the upcoming inauguration ceremony of “Abhaya Anjaneya Swami Vigraham.” They personally delivered the invitation card during a visit to their residence.

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri

BJP state leaders, led by BJP Rangareddy District President Bokka Narasimha Reddy, paid their respects to Mahatma Gandhi and former Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri, on the occasion of their birth anniversary in Ibrahimpatnam Constituency of Rangareddy District.

Unconditional Services during Covid Pandemic-19

Humanitarian Assistance Program in Bandlaguda Jagir

In the locality of Bandlaguda Jagir within the Rajendranagar Constituency, an ongoing humanitarian assistance initiative has been directed under the guidance of Corporator Bhupal Goud. This benevolent effort is led by the State President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Bandi Sanjay Kumar, who consistently distributes essential necessities to those in need. Notable BJP State leaders, including Bukka Venugopal, have actively participated in this respected program.

BJP and RSS Extend Aid to Nanajipur Village During Lockdown

During the lockdown period in Nanajipur village, located in Shamshabad Mandal under the leadership of Bukka Venugopal, a remarkable initiative took place. The BJP and RSS came together and distributed elementarysupplies, including oil, chili powder, eggs, tomatoes, and onions, to every household in the village, using their own resources. As a token of appreciation, Bukka Venugopal, a prominent BJP state leader, expressed his gratitude by honoring the Gram Panchayat staff for their ongoing efforts to improve the village’s well-being over time. This compassionate endeavor served as a testament to the community’s unity and resilience during challenging times.

Distribution of Essential Commodities in Narkuda Village

In Narkuda Village, located within the Rajendranagar Constituency of Rangareddy District, several prominent leaders from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including Mr. Bokka Narasimha Reddy (BJP Rangareddy District President), Bukka Venugopal (BJP State Leader), Kumar Yadav, Narkooda Sarpanch Suniganti Siddhu, MPTC Gautami Ashok, Burkunta Gopal, Burkunta Sanjeeva, Kanakamamidi Vishnu, and Mende Kumar Yadav, along with Nageswara Rao, collaborated to provide essential commodities to the community. These commodities included 7500 kilograms of rice, 1500 liters of oil, 1500 kilograms of pulses, 1500 kilograms of sugar, 3000 kilograms of onions, 15 kilograms of tea powder, 3000 kilograms of Santoor soaps, 3000 kilograms of XXX soaps, 1500 kilograms of salt, 15 kilograms of turmeric, 375 kilograms of chili powder, and 45000 chicken eggs (distributed in 1500 trays). These provisions were distributed to every family in the village to support their basic needs.

Unconditional Services during Covid Pandemic-19

In a collaborative effort, Bukka Venugopal distributed groceries to the residents of Shamshabad, in association with the President of the Rangareddy district BJP, Mr. Bokka Narsimha Reddy , along with other local leaders.

Bukka Venugopal along with the BJP State Secretary Dr. Premraj and local community leaders, distributed groceries valued at 10 lakhs to the residents of Chowderguda village in the Shamshabad Mandal.

Bukka Venugopal expresses heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated BJP workers who have selflessly provided assistance by distributing food, daily necessities, and face masks to needy, including dependents, migrant laborers, and vulnerable individuals as part of the “FeedTheNeedy” initiative.

Involvement in Protests and Demonstrations

Arrest of BJP State President and Leader in Telangana Paper Leak Protest

In a significant development, the police have apprehended Bandi Sanjay, and Bukka Venugopal from the Rajendranagar constituency. They were actively engaged in protesting against the Telangana government’s alleged involvement in the TSPSC paper leak, which has affected the state’s youth. Bandi Sanjay was taken into custody at Gun Park, while Hujurabad MLA Etala Rajender and Bukka Venugopal, both BJP state leaders, were detained at Nagol and Nampally police stations.

BJYM Leaders Protest Unemployment with Innovative Demonstration

The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) district branch, responding to a call from the state party branch, organized a unique protest on unemployment issues at Ambedkar Square in Shamshabad mandal center. BJYM Shamshabad mandal President Bukka Praveen Kumar expressed concern over the lack of job opportunities in Telangana despite seven years since its formation. He criticized the government for not releasing any job notifications while allegedly favoring their own family members with four jobs. He urged immediate action to fill the 1.94 lakh vacant job positions, citing the dire consequences of student suicides in universities. The protest resulted in the arrest of BJYM leaders.

Bukka Venugopal Urges Swift Government Action on Farmers' Concerns

Bukka Venugopal actively advocated for the expeditious resolution of farmers’ issues by the BJP-led government. He emphasizes the critical need for the government to directly purchase wet paddy from farmers rather than engaging in any collaboration with millers. Bukka Venugopal’s stance underscores a commitment to transparency and prioritizing farmers’ welfare as a fundamental concern.

Gandhi Sankalp Yatra in Shamshabad Town and Municipality

The Gandhi Sankalp Yatra took place in Shamshabad Town and Municipality, drawing enthusiastic participation from leaders such as Sri B. Janardhan Reddy, the BJP Chevella Parliament Candidate, and Sri Bukka Venugopal, esteemed senior leaders of the BJP along with their supporters.

Protest Against Telangana Government's Housing Promise Failures

Bukka Venugopal, a member of the BJP State Executive, participated in a Dharna led by Union Minister and Telangana BJP State President Shri Kishan Reddy Gangapuram, protesting the unfulfilled commitments of the BRS party government regarding Double Bedroom Houses for the underprivileged in Telangana.

Arrest of BJP Leaders in Telangana Amidst Land Protest

BJP leaders in Rangareddy district, including Bokka Narasimha Reddy, Bukka Venugopal, and Rajendranagar constituency BJP leaders, were arrested during a visit to protest the sale of Budvel lands in Rajendranagar Constituency. The activists were detained and taken to Rajendranagar Police Station. Notably, Bukka Venugopal expressed strong opposition, accusing the government of pursuing unchecked power and greed in Telangana under KCR’s leadership.

Arrest Alongside Party Eminent Leaders

Bukka Venugopal, a member of the BJP State Executive Committee, was apprehended along with Union Minister Shri Kishan Reddy Gangapuram, who also serves as the BJP Telangana president. They were joined by Raghunandan Rao Madhavaneni and other BJP leaders during their intended visit to the 2BHKs in Batasingaram.

BJP Leaders Pay Tribute to Ambedkar and Discuss Dalit Representation

BJP National Executive Committee Member Vijayashanthi, along with BJP State Leaders Bukka Venugopal, paid their respects to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s statue in Shamshabad town within the Rajendranagar Constituency. They also inaugurated a project named “Bheem.” During the event, Vijayashanthi emphasized the importance of genuine representation for the Dalit community, expressing concern that politicians like KCR might only seek their votes without addressing their needs. She called for the empowerment of weaker sections among the Dalit community to bring about meaningful change.

Constitution Protection Initiative Against TRS Government

Bukka Venugopal, a prominent state leader of the BJP, has actively engaged in the BJP’s Constitution Protection Initiative at the Indira Park Dharna Chowk. The initiative seeks to address concerns regarding the authoritarian tendencies of the TRS government and protest the undemocratic suspension of three BJP MLAs during assembly budget meetings.

Active Participation in Praja Sangrama Yatra

Acknowledgment of Achievement in Praja Sangrama Padayatra

Bukka Venugopal extends his sincere gratitude to those who have accomplished the remarkable feat of traversing one hundred kilometres in the Praja Sangrama Padayatra, an endeavor to challenge prevailing political authority.

Padayatra Continues in Karimnagar District

Karimnagar, Member of Parliament Bandi Sanjay, embarked on a padayatra in the Rajanna Sirisilla district, extending from Lingannapet to Mustabad. During this journey, he was joined by Praja Sangrama Yatra Prachara Convenor Bukka Venugopal. Additionally, Union Ministers of State for Railways and Coal Mines, Shri Raosaheb Dhanve, were present and honoured with a shawl to recognise their participation in the padayatra.”

Praja Sangrama Yatra with Chief Guest Etala Rajender

On the 15th day, Sanjay embarked on the Praja Sangrama Yatra, organized by the Prachara Vibhag Pramikh Bukka Venugopal and Rajendranagar Constituency leaders, alongside dedicated activists. Notably, Bukka Venugopal was among the participants, and the event was graced by the presence of former Minister Etala Rajender served as the chief guest.

21st day of the Praja Sangrama Yatra-2

On the 21st day of the Praja Sangrama Yatra-2, BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal and party president Bandi Sanjay, were present alongside numerous BJP supporters. During the event, Bukka Venugopal stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party is poised for victory in the forthcoming elections, citing the overwhelming support from rural residents and youth as they rally behind Bandi Sanjay’s leadership.

Meeting for Mahbubnagar Constituency Public Event

Prominent BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal, gathered at the padayatra camp near the Otkunta stage in Mahbubnagar Constituency, under the guidance of BJP State President Mr. Bandi Sanjay. The focus of the meeting was to ensure the success of a forthcoming public meeting, with directives from BJP National President JP Nadda.

Participation in Bandi Sanjay's Praja Sangrama Yatra- 2nd Day

In the Praja Sangrama Yatra led by Bandi Sanjay Kumar, MLAs Rajasingh and Babu Mohan actively participated from its second day. Bandi Sanjay Kumar and MLA Raja Singh extended a warm welcome to the campaign committee convener, Bukka Venugopal, who diligently assessed the arrangements for the yatra.

Second Phase of Praja Sangrama Yatra Padayatra

During the initiation of the second phase of the Praja Sangrama Yatra Padayatra in Rangareddy district, BJP State President Mr. Bandi Sanjay Kumar received a warm reception from fellow party leaders. Among those extending their welcome was BJP State Leader Bukka Venugopal, who joined the Padayatra alongside him.

Second Phase of Praja Sangrama Yatra in Rangareddy District

In honor of the commencement of the second phase of the Praja Sangrama Yatra led by BJP State President Mr. Bandi Sanjay Kumar in Rangareddy district, today’s Padayatra commenced with a grand ceremony. The event was chaired by BJP state leaders, with Bukka Venugopal at the helm.

Preparatory Meeting for 3rd Praja Sangrama Yatra

In a formal gathering held at Vivera Hotel in Bhuvanagiri District, BJP State President Bukka Venugopal actively participated in the preparatory meeting for the upcoming 3rd Praja Sangrama Yatra, hosted by BJP State President Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

Praja Sangrama Yatra Culmination Event

The concluding rally of the Praja Sangrama Yatra, led by BJP State President Mr. Bandi Sanjay Kumar in Hanmakonda, witnessed the presence of the BJP National President, Mr. J.P. Nadda, as the Chief Guest. The event, held in the Rajendranagar Constituency, attracted a substantial turnout of BJP State Leaders and party workers, including Bukka Venugopal.

Commencement of 4th Praja Sangrama Yatra

Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar, the State President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), initiated his 4th Praja Sangrama Yatra, commencing from the Kuthbullapur Shri Chittaaramma Devi Temple. During this significant event, esteemed BJP State leader Bukka Venugopal extended his support by presenting a shawl to honor Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar as he embarked on this padayatra.

4th Praja Sangrama Yatra Launch

Prominent leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) gathered to inaugurate Shri Bandi Sanjay Kumar’s 4th Vidutha Praja Sangrama Yatra. The event featured Central Rural Development Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti as the chief guest, alongside Union Ministers G. Kishan Reddy, Dr. Laxman, DK Aruna, Vijayashanti, Etala Rajender, and other key figures. The BJP leaders, under the guidance of Mr. Bukka Venugopal, state leaders of BJP, embarked on a grand public meeting from the Rajendranagar constituency, marked by a spirited rally and the waving of the BJP flag.

Closing Meeting of BJP State President's Yatra

BJP state leaders, including Bukka Venugopal, joined the closing meeting of the 4th Vidutha Praja Sangrama Yatra, led by BJP State President Bandi Sanjay Kumar, at Ibrahimpatnam Constituency Pedda Amber Peta in Rangareddy District. This event also saw the participation of activists from Rajendranagar Constituency.

Closing Meeting of 5th Praja Sangrama Yatra

BJP State leader including Bukka Venugopal, participated in the concluding session of the 5th Vidutha Praja Sangrama Yatra led by BJP State President Mr. Bandi Sanjay Kumar. The event took place at SRR College Grounds in Karinagaram. Additionally, Bukka Venugopal, along with other state leaders, joined a large convoy to attend a public meeting with BJP National President J.P. Nadda, along with constituency leaders and activists.

Praja Sangrama Yatra

Shri. Bukka Venugopal  Ji with Eminent Politicians

Executive Member Bukka Venu Gopal had a courteous encounter with Indian Prime Minister “Narendra Damodardas Modi”.

Executive Member Bukka Venu Gopal had a courteous encounter with Home Minister “Shri. Amit Shah Ji”.

State Executive Member Bukka Venu Gopal had a formal and respectful meeting with “Shri. Jagat Prakash Nadda Ji”, the National President of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, held a respectful meeting with “Shri. Bandaru Dattatreya Ji,” the Governor of Haryana.

Bukka Venugopal had the privilege of engaging in a meeting with Union Minister and BJP Telangana State President, “Shri. Gangapuram Kishan Reddy ji”, accompanied by a floral bouquet.

Bukka Venugopal, an Executive Member of the State, held a special meeting with “Shri. Dr. K. Laxman Ji”, the National President of the BJP OBC Morcha.

Bukka Venugopal, a member of the state executive Member, had a cordial meeting with “Shri. Bandi Sanjay Kumar Ji”, BJP National General Secretary and a Karimnagar MP.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, held a formal meeting with “Shri. Etela Rajender Ji”, Huzurabad Constituency MLA, BJP Telangana Election Management Committee Chairman.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, had a cordial meeting with “Smt. D.K Aruna Ji”, the National Vice President of the BJP.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, had a pleasant meeting with “Shri. Prakash Javadekar Ji”, a Member of the Rajya Sabha and the BJP’s Election Incharge for Telangana.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member had a formal meet with “Shri. Sunil Bansal Ji” -BJP National General Secretary

State Executive Member Bukka Venu Gopal had a respectful meeting with “Shri. Tarun Chugh Ji”, the National General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member had a formal and courteous meeting with “Shri. Aravind Menon Ji,” the BJP National Secretary and Telangana BJP Co-Incharge.

Bukka Venugopal, a BJP State Executive Member had a respectful meet with Former Chief Minister of Karnataka “Shri. B. S. Yediyurappa Ji”.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member had a formal and courteous meeting with the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, “Shri. Shivraj Singh Chouhan Ji”.

Bukka Venugopal had a formal meeting with “Shri. Pralhad Venkatesh Joshi Ji”, who serves as the Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Coal, and Mines.

Bukka Venugopal, a BJP State Executive Member honored obediently “Shri. Arjun Ram Meghwal Ji” the Minister of Law and Justice of India

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, held a prestigious meeting with “Smt. Vijayashanti Ji”, the BJP National Executive Member and Former MP.

Union Minister of Jala Shakti, “Shri. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat Ji”, was warmly greeted by BJP State Executive Member Bukka Venugopal at Shamshabad Airport 

As a part of the “Aatma Nirbhan Bharat” initiative, the Union Minister of Railways, “Shri. Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji,” visited the state of Telangana to demonstrate the indigenous “Kawachi” technology and inaugurate the Medha Railway Coach Factory.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, held a respectful and official meeting with the State Finance Minister, “Shri Anurag Singh Thakur Ji”.

State Executive Member Bukka Venugopal had a formal and honorable meeting with “Shri. Raja Singh Ji” the MLA representing Goshamahal Constituency.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, held a respectful and official meeting with the Nizamabad Member of Parliament “Shri Dharmapuri Aravind Ji”

State Executive Member Bukka Venugopal had a respectful meeting with Shri. Madhavaneni Raghunandan Rao Ji”, the MLA of Dubbaka Constituency.

Gathering of State Executive Member Bukka Venugopal with Union Minister and Telangana State President of BJP, “Shri. Gangapuram Kishan Reddy Ji”, Alongside BJP OBC Morcha National President “Shri. Dr. K. Laxman Ji”

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, handed over Bhagavat Gita  to “Shri. Satya Prakash Ji”, the National Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, had a courteous meet with “Shri. Mantri Srinivasulu Ji”, a Former BJP Telangana State Organising Secretary.

Bukka Venugopal had a formal meeting with “Shri. Pawan Yadav Ji”, the Legislator representing the Kahalgaon Constituency in the state of Bihar.

Bukka Venugopal, felicitated by “Shri Kishan Reddy Ji”  and “Shri. K. Laxman Ji” on playing pivotal role in winning 4 divisions in GHMC elections.

Former BJYM National General Secretary “Shri. Abhijat Mishra Ji” visited Hyderabad for divine darshan along with BJP state leader Bukka Venu Gopal and presented the new calendar of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.

Bukka Venugopal, a State Executive Member, held a cordial meeting with the esteemed former Member of Parliament from Bhuvangiri, “Shri. Dr. Boora Narsaiah Goud Ji”.

 Bukka Venugopal a state executive committee member, had a respectful meeting with the former MLA , “Shri. Komatireddy Raj Gopal Reddy Ji”.

State Executive Member Bukka Venugopal had a formal and honorable meeting with “Shri. Talloju Achari Ji”, a member of the BC Commission at BJP Central Office, New Delhi .

Newspaper Clippings

Party Pamphlets



Born in Narkhuda Village

of Shamshabad, Telangana


Joined in BJP


Active Leader

of BJP


Unanimously elected as MPTC

of Narkhuda


Joined in TDP


TDP Mandal President

for Shamshabad Mandal 


TDP Mandal President

for Shamshabad Mandal


TDP State Secretary

for Telangana


Core Committee Member


Election Incharge

of Secunderabad and Mahaboobnagar Parliament, TDP


Contested as MLC

for Ranga Reddy district, T-TDP


T-TDP State Secretary

of Telangana


Joined in BJP


Moinabad Mandal Prabari


Wanaparthy BJP Palak

Since 2023

State Executive Member

of Telangana, BJP

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