Ariga Balasubramanyam

Mandal Executive Member, Puligadda, Avanigadda, Krishna, YSRCP


Ariga Balasubramanyam is the Mandal Executive Member of Avanigadda from the YSRCP. He was a young dynamic leader who has great leadership values.

Early Life:

Balasubramanyam was born on 27-02-1984 in Puligadda. His parents were Krishna Murthy and Muthyalamma.

Education Background:

In 2001, He has completed his schooling at ZPHS and completed Intermediate in Avanigadda. In 2008, Balasubramanyam graduated with a Degree from RC degree college located at Repalle, Guntur. In 2010, He get into higher education and attained his Post Graduation(PG) from RC PG college, Repalle, Guntur.

Political Career:

In 2003, Balasubramanyam started his political career with the Indian National Congress(INC) party and gave his contributions to every activity in the party. Balasubramanyam left the Congress party and joined the YSRCP in 2015 under the auspicious of Avanigadda constituency MLA Simhadri Ramesh Babu.

He become an Party Activist and took part in “Gadapa Gadapa ki YSR” program, he made people aware of YSRCP schemes such as Jagananna Amma Vodi, Jagananna Chedodu, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, Illa Pattalu, YSR Arogya scheme, YSR Bima, YSR Pension Kanuka, YR Rythu Bharosa, YSR Sunna Vaddi Pathakam, YSR Vahana Mitra etc. He made the Navaratnalu scheme available to everyone. Balasubramanyam is an active leader who constantly brings public issues to the attention of authorities and makes them solved.

He has been strengthened by the Party at the field level.

Balasubramanyam participated in the YS.Jagan Padayatra in which YS.Jagan launched his 3,000-km-long walkathon named Praja Sankalpa Yatra, popularly called Padayatra, on 06-November-2017 at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district.YSR Congress party coined the slogan “Raavali Jagan, Kaavali Jagan for the foot march that took him across 125 Assembly segments all over the state in 430 days.

Balasubramanyam also arranges a special “Mukhamukhi” with the CM. Jagan during Padayatra. He fought for Special Status and also.

He told the people that the decision of the three capitals introduced by CM Y.S Jagan was for the decentralization of development. For the welfare of the state, in terms of governance, Kurnool, Visakhapatnam, and Amravati were made the capitals.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court was shifted to Kurnool by CM Jagan for ease of administration.

During Samaikyandhra Movement:

Samaikya Andhra Movement (United Andhra Movement) was a movement organized to keep the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh united and to prevent the division of the state – separating the Telangana districts of the state into a separate Telangana state.

Balasubramanyam played a key role in the movement and held rasta rokos, protest programs to prevent the division of the state.

The people of Puligadda appreciated Balasubramanyam’s contribution to the village and the services he rendered to the party and he was elected as Mandal Executive Member of Avanigadda from the YSRCP.

Service During Covid First Wave:

  • Balasubramanyam provided his service in the pandemic tough times also.
  • He distributes essential commodities, Masks, Sanitizers to the village and poor people.
  • Provided food packets, water bottles to the migrants, arranges buses to go to their villages.
  • Conducted awareness programs to prevent Covid-19.
  • Gave financial assistance to Covid-19 victims.
  • He provided free food service to the municipal, police, front-line workers who worked a lot during Pandemic Covid-19.
  • Distributes Rice, Vegetables to the Masks, Sanitizers to the Covid victims, and to the village people.

Service During Covid Second Wave:

  • Balasubramanyam served during the Covid second wave also.
  • He provided rice packets, water bottles, Masks, Sanitizers in the lockdown time to the poor and the elderly who live near the parks on the road cannot find anything to eat.
  • He delivered food by home delivery to the people who are suffering from Covid.
  • He donates food and clothes to poor and orphaned children during the Second Wave Corona and satisfies the hunger of many orphans.
  • Balasubramanyam says covid-19 can be conquered with courage and corona victims should not lose courage.
  • He arranges oxygen cylinders for the Covid Victims.

Village: Puligadda, Mandal&Constituency: Avanigadda, District: Krishna State: Andhra Pradesh

Mobile: 9948941395, 8331892656


Born in Puligadda village


Joined in the Congress party



with a Degree from RC degree college located at Repalle, Guntur


Post Graduation

from RC PG college


Joined in the YSRCP


Party Activist



Mandal Executive Member

of Avanigadda from the YSRCP